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Days passed and Vivi's family is still in the demon world, they did not expect that the previous demon king came back and gave Vivi a surprise attack.

As a matter of fact, Vivi was heavily wounded that it would take 1 week to kill some time, Yamabuki decided to read books in the library while Anzu decided to have a tea party at Moritz place and obviously that's where the previous king stayed.

Yamabuki is the only one inside the library, while roaming around, he found a thick worn out book. He decided to read it maybe he'll learn something about demons. For how many years, he only knew that his father is a high ranked demon and his mother is a human. He sometimes visits the demon world with his father to train because it is decided that he'll be the next successor in Vivi's family. Even though he is half human, he is still powerful that he can defeat Eleanor's brother.

Yamabuki started to read the book, for how many hours of reading, he notice something. The content is all about the demon's principles, once the demon makes a contract it would do anything not to betray the trust of the person he/she in contract. But once the contract is finished, the demon will take something precious as a return.

Yamabuki is so pre-occupied in reading the book that he didn't even realize that someone is walking towards him. Then suddenly;

"ehem, Yamabuki-kun likes books very much eh?"

Yamabuki stopped reading and turned his head to check who it was.

"I'm Anna, Moritz-sama's secretary"

Yamabuki was shocked to see the woman that really looked like his mother and he just realize that this woman was the same he saw last time near the flower shop.

"wait, she's a demon right? How can she pick up the flowers easily without withering away?" Yamabuki was in deep thought.

"is something wrong?" Anna asked

"You're a demon right? Last time at the flower shop you easily picked up the flowers without withering. What are you?"

"oh about that, I'm wearing gloves at that time"

"EH? You're kidding" Yamabuki in shock

"I am not, so how is Vivi-sama right now?"

"He's fine; he said that he's used in that kind of attack"

As time passed by, the two began to talk normally like they know each other. It reminded Yamabuki that he's not used in talking to other people, also demons, but when it comes to Anna he's comfortable to talk with. Also he just realized that if their topic is about his father, Anna's eyes seemed to be sparkling like she's interested on Vivi.

"and you know Anzu really hate's lightni-" Yamabuki was shocked to see Anna in pained so he moved right next to her "are you okay?"

"My head hurts every time I remember something very important but I don't know what it was."

"Would you like me to escort you back in your room?"

"No need, I can walk by myself and also it would be troublesome if those elders saw us. They'll make stupid rumors to bring you down." Anna stands up and walked away.

"she really looked like mother, I wonder if father was shocked too to see her,"

Yamabuki returned to his room while carrying all the books he found in the library.

Anzu is so happy to see the previous demon king (young version) in Moritz place. She keep on talking to Lucifer and that make Moritz so jealous between them because it seems like Lucifer takes a liking towards Anzu too (according to Moritz). Anzu's eyes been sparkling all the time and Lucifer already notice Moritz reactions so he decided to go with the flow and he started flirting Anzu. Moritz notice it and he keep on throwing piercing glares towards Lucifer, he's been mumbling why can't Anzu take a liking towards him. As he keeps on thinking negative things, he just makes his heart more miserable. With the things happened, Lucifer's keep on smirking because he enjoyed playing around with the brats.

Vivi is in his room resting, and he's been reading some books to kill some time. He can't go out in his room because he made a promise to Anzu that he'll be resting for the rest of the day. Someone knocked on the door, and Vivi let the person enter. Shockingly, the person who entered is no other than the previous demon king.

"What are you doing here old man?"

"hohoho! You keep on calling me an old man while your daughter was all sparkly seeing me a while ago." Lucifer said with a teasing voice.

"ha- even if Anzu likes you, I really won't accept you as my daughter's lover, you're too old for her anyway." Vivi said with a pissed off face.

"Now, now, I never said that I'm interested to Anzu and also I would choose Hana rather than your daughter even though they do really look alike a little."

"Don't talk nonsense, my wife is already dead." Vivi answered him while clutching the blanket. Hearing Hana's name would make Vivi's heart in pained for she no longer in this world.

"ohh- is she?"

"what do you mean by that?" Vivi asked with a questioned face. Lucifer stared at Vivi's face for how many minutes showing it like "you're kidding". Then suddenly he answered Vivi with a wicked smile "nothing."

"Nothing? You say it's nothing while wearing that kind of creepy smile of yours?"

"hahaha! That really is insulting you know, want me to stab you again so that you can no longer fill your stomach with foods?"

"even if you stab me many times, that won't kill me. So let's go back to what I just asked you. There's something fishy about you, why don't you spill it out?"

"it's nothing much, I just made a promise to Hana-" Lucifer answered back

"YOU DID WHAT? YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS RIGHT?" Vivi asked with a very serious tone.

"aa-! Opsie Daisy… I shouldn't have said that thing. Hahaha!" with just that, Lucifer ran off.

"That damn old man, what kind of contract did he make to Hana"


On the other hand, back to the human world

"where's Anzu and Yamabuki? a college professor asked.

"sensei, according to Anzu they're having a tea party at their relatives place"

"it's almost 1 week, what kind of tea is that?" the professor just scracthed his head because he know he can't do anything about it and they got no problems in their grades since they are one of the top students.