Bruce ran a finger over the thin cut on his cheek one more time to ensure no more blood was escaping before he re-entered the foyer. Taking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, he strode towards Barbara, Dick, and Tim who were standing together in a corner talking. "What happened to you?" Barbara gasped noticing the cut right away. "The Assassin, I heard something upstairs so I went to check and she surprised me." Bruce explained.

Tim gave him a quizzical look. "She? Isn't the Assassin male?" he asked. "That's what I thought too, until she gave a little speech before lunging at me." Bruce said. "Is she still here?" Barbara asked, her green eyes turning hard. "No, I punched her on the side of her head and she disappeared out the window into the woods." Bruce said taking a drink. "Do we get details?" Dick asked carefully. Bruce turned to look at his first Robin and glanced around carefully. "Later, I promise." He said as the director of the hospital walked up to him. The three younger people glanced at each other before dispersing amongst the crowd.

Kagome let out a whine as she yanked her fingers through her hair. "That did not go as well as I'd hoped it would." She sighed hoping her hair looked somewhat better. 'That's going to hurt tomorrow.' She thought touching the lump that was starting to form under her dark hair. Making sure her assassin clothes were safely stored in the bag that held her dress earlier, she smoothed down the cream colored dress and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. "At least I know his security sucks." She said, propping the bag against a tree, under a bush.

Checking to make sure no one was watching she made her way around from the back of the house and walked out of the woods in front and towards the brightly lit manor. Smiling to the people that stood around as she walked in, she spotted Dick walk out of the double doors that led to the back. Glancing around, she glared at Bruce Wayne slightly, feeling the place he punched her begin to start throbbing. 'Ass.' She thought before following after the young man.

"Is it really so bad that you needed to escape?" she asked walking up behind him. Dick turned his gaze from the stars and stood up straight, turning around quickly. "Alfred said you weren't coming." He said. Kagome smiled and walked over to the railing and jumped up onto it, crossing her legs and bracing her arms by her side so she wouldn't fall. "I changed my mind." She stated. Dick smiled and held out his hand to help her down. "Would you like to go for a walk?" he asked. Kagome arched an eyebrow but let him help her down.

"You can let go of my hand." She said as he walked across the spacious backyard. "I don't want you to fall." He said. Kagome rolled her eyes before widening her eyes in horror. Her bag was visible, and they were walking towards it. 'Damn! I have to stop him before he sees it.' She thought frantically. "Hey, do you think we could go back? I'm starting to get really cold." She said crossing her arms and rubbing the bare limbs. Dick stopped and unbuttoned his coat. "It's not really that cold, but here, take my jacket." He said draping it over her shoulders. Kagome shoved her arms through the sleeves and shot her arm out, grabbing his.

Dick squinted and leaned a little forward, his brows furrowing. "Do you see that? Is that a bag?" he asked confused. Kagome blanched and turned her head in the direction he was looking before turning back to the man next to her as he took a step towards the woods. Seeing no other options, Kagome firmly yanked him back to her and pressed her lips to his in a last ditch effort to distract him.

Dick pulled back from the kiss and stared at her deer in a headlight face before bringing his hand up to thread it through her hair. Kagome gulped her eyes wide as he brought his face back down to hers and gently pressed their lips together. Kagome's eyes widened in shock before she noticed a big white figure move in and out of her peripheral vision, only pausing in the area her bag was in before disappearing again. Pulling back, she licked her lips and glanced towards the woods.

"I have to go." She said before turning and running back towards the manor. Dick watched her retreating form, his face going from happy to crestfallen. 'What the hell.' he thought before slowly following the way Kagome had ran, forgetting all about the bag he had seen moments before.

Kagome made a noise in the back of her throat as she dashed into her apartment, out of breath and sweaty from running the entire way. Kicking off her heels, and ripping Dick's jacket off, she ran into her room and saw her bag sitting innocently on her bed. Sighing, she turned to the framed picture of her and Ezio sitting on her nightstand. "Thank you." she said to it before falling onto her bed and letting sleep claim her.

Kagome's Dream

"Have I taught you nothing in the time you were with me?" a sharp voice with a thick Italian accent asked. Kagome shot her gaze to the owner of the voice and narrowed her eyes. "Of course you have! 'We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins.' 'Where other men blindly follow the truth remember… nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality and law, remember… everything is permitted.'—"

Ezio held his hand up to silence the female in front of him. Kagome quieted down and lowered her head. "I did not ask you for a lesson, Kagome. You are not following the rules set forth by the assassin's before us. And you left your bag in plain sight." He chastised crossing his arms over his chest. Kagome blushed and nodded meeting his gaze before turning her head away. "Sorry… it's just… Souta's getting worse." She whispered.

Ezio's gaze softened before placing a hand on her shoulder. "I understand you wish to help him, your intentions are good, you're just going about it the wrong way." He said. Kagome nodded and gave him a sad smile. "I miss you il mio mentore*." She said softly. "Ed io lei, mio protégé*." Ezio said kissing her forehead.

End Dream

Kagome sat up in bed and immediately turned to the picture on her nightstand. "The rules of the assassin's: 1. Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent. 2. Hide in plain sight. 3. Never compromise the brotherhood. Don't worry Ezio, I know what I have to do." She mumbled with a slow smile spreading over her face.


il mio mentore-my mentor

Ed io lei, mio protégé-and I you, my protégé