Chapter one late?

Ziva winced as she woke up, her eyes where un-focused. She took a deep breath and shut her eyes and re-opened them. As her eyes focused she realised that she was tied to a chair, it was in the middle of a dark room it appeared to be a log cabin. Just as she began to analyse her surroundings the door opened , a tall figure walked towards her.


Ping the elevator door opened tony walked in and head to his desk, he stopped "where the hell is everyone? "

Both McGee and ziva where not at their desks, it was odd. ziva late but not McGee he was never late.

He sipped his coffee and carried on to his desk. It was silent not even Gibbs was there but that didn't last long " diNozzo where McGee and Ziva ?"

"I dunno boss , it's weird like in that movie gun down when martin goes to work and his team is not there , it's funny really because in the end …" tony trailed off as he could see that Gibbs was giving him the all famous look. " I'll call them now boss."


Tim woke up for a moment he was dazed and confused he tried to sit up but a pain in his back stopped him he flumped back down. For a moment he did not know where he was , then as he looked around he realised he was in a hospital bed.

" What the..." he trailed of as the nurse walked in

"Morning, how are you feeling? "

"Yeah could I see my doctor?"

"Sure he should be in soon. Is there anything else you need?"

Tim just wanted to talk to the doctor , he could not remember how he got here or what had happened.

"Umm, no thanks"

"Ok ill just get the doctor "she smiled as she left the room.


"No answer boss "

"Did you try both of them, diNozzo?"

"Yeah, twice … you don't think there, you know together?" tony said with slight hesitation.

Gibbs sat in his chair and lent his head back.

"Rule 12 "

"Of course and you know its McGee, I mean come on as if it could ever … "

"Just figure out where they are diNozzo."

"Right, on it boss."