Hi, just for anyone who doesn't know yet you need to go back and read chapter 10 as I made the mistake of posting chapter 9 twice, I have now fixed it thanks to the point out from dragonlover44 :D Anyway I think that this should be finished in around five chapters so please keep reading! Xxxxxxx PS a little language later on.3

Abby stood over Ziva's body she had been dead for almost three days and she hadn't even shopped to mourn her.

"Oh, Ziva" Abby put her hand on Ziva's cold heard.

"Why does this keep happening?" Tears started to fall from Abby's eyes.

"Abby?" Abby turned to see the former Mossad officer and now another lost NCIS agent stood at Ducky's desk.

"Ziva, Why?" Abby turned back to the autopsy table.

"There is no reason, Abby. It is life we don't get to choose when it is our time" Ziva went and stood just behind Abby.

"But what about Family and the people who love and care about you Ziva? You can't just leave them!" Abby turned to look Ziva in her cold lifeless eyes.

"I know and I won't, Abby I will always be around" Ziva smiled.

"But what do we do now Ziva?" Ziva took Abby's hands in hers and with one last smile began to fade.

"You move on" And then she was gone.


"Rachel I know you're not telling me something!" Daniel stood up from the corner where he was sat as Rachel re-entered the room.

"Daniel, have I ever lied to you?" Rachel gave another one of her devilish smirks and narrowed her eyes.

"W…well I…I don't know I mean you…you" Daniel put his hands on his head and pulled at his hair.

"Daniel please, it's all going to be ok" Rachel pulled Daniel into a hug.

"We can let her go now right?" He pulled away from her grip and looked at a monitor with a live video feed of Beth and Tim.

"Daniel don't you see, this isn't about her!" Rachel was losing her patience.

"Then why can't we let her go?" Daniel could feel the tears in his eyes building up.

"Because she is part of the game, Daniel. We can't just let her go!" Rachel brushed her hair out of her face and leant against the wall.


"No! She came to us, it was meant to be" Rachel's voice calmed.


"Tim?" Beth had finally caught her breath and started to stop sobbing.

"Beth I'm so sorry I…" Tim kept his eyes closed.

"What? Tim no" Beth took Tim's hand in hers.

"You don't need to be sorry, I'm alive. You saved me and you did it because your strong Tim" Beth leant over and gently kissed Tim on the lips before sitting up beside Tim and keeping his hand In hers.


Abby stood still for a moment in silence, had seen really just seen Ziva?

"Come on Abby pull yourself together" Abby turned and looked at Ziva's body and smiled as she wiped her tears.

"At least she can move on in peace" Abby told herself.

Ducky could see that Abby had finished and was about to head to her lab.

"Abigail!" Ducky shouted from down the hall.

"Ducky?" Abby asked quietly.

"I believe that Jethro is ready to see you now my dear" Ducky stood at the door to autopsy.

"Ok" Abby tried to smile but couldn't.



"Yeah Tim?"

"Were they any close to finding us?" Beth looked down into his emerald green eyes and began to tears up again as she shook her head, although she wasn't sure how she even had any tears left to cry, she hadn't really stopped since she had got there.

"There gunna find us and when they do those sons of bitches will be sorry"


Abby was back in her lab waiting for Gibbs, her music was on low and was less likely than her normal music.

"Ducky said you got something Abs" Gibbs rushed into the lab with a caf-pow and his coffee in hand.

"Ok well once we could go back to work after that guy contacted us I traced Beth's cell and pulled a video from her last know location" Abby brought up a video from the bar that Beth met up with Rachel in.

"Please say you got an ID on that woman" Gibbs turned to Abby.

"I did, Rachel Zoe Moss 29 years old born and raised in Texas with her parents and foster brother"

"Did you get an ID on them?"

"Yep, Anne and George Moss and the foster brother waaaassss… Daniel Moss however they never officially changed his name" Abby sighed she hadn't slept in days and she was starting to feel its affects.

"And his original name?"

"Ummm, Daniel Martin" Gibbs froze and Abby noticed.


"Agent Beth's name is Martin"

"You think there is a connection?" Abby looked at Gibbs with her tired eyes.

"Well if not then it's one hell of a coincidence"

"But Gibbs you don't believe in coincidences"

"Exactly" Abby's mouth opened as if she was going to say something but instead turned and began to work on her computer looking for a connection.


"I don't want to kill her Rachel" Daniel's voice was almost a whisper but it was loud enough for Rachel to hear him.

"God Daniel, why can't you just shut the hell up and stick to the plan" Daniel could hear the strain in her voice.

"But she's my sister, the only family I have left" Daniel said in a whimper behind his light sobbing.

"I am your family Daniel! We have each other. Mom and dad told you to protect me and keep ME happy not her, she doesn't care about you I love you your my little brother but you need to listen to me when I say this" Rachel knelt down next to Daniel as he had retreated back to the corner of the room. He looked her in the eye and listened.



They had been in silence for the past hour, neither of them could even think about what to say. Tim was fighting to stay conscious.

"Beth" Tim gazed up at the ceiling and thinking about what the team were doing and if Ziva had made it, he couldn't bare it if he had got her killed.

"Yes Tim" Beth looked at Tim but he didn't return at look at her.

"Remind me never to work with the FBI again" Beth smiled but Tim didn't notice.

"I understand what you mean, I've lost so much to this case but it's not just time I've lost friends too" Beth moved closer to Tim and rested her head gently on his shoulder.

"Jude?" Tim finally looked down at her studying her face.

"Uh, you know I met her when I was 14"


"Yeah we went to a boarding school in Scotland, you see I was living with my friend Wendell and his Aunt in Vegas and she had a friend who worked in the school she pulled some strings and got me in now questions asked."

"I'm sorry that you lost her"

"It's ok, you know I think about that day and all the things I could have done to save her but then I think that maybe it was destiny also she did it to save a nine years old boy he was called Kevin Cullen"

"You should be proud"

"I am"


Gibbs sat there head in hands, the case was really going nowhere. He knew that Tim was running out of time, he needed more help. Tony! Gibbs had forgotten all about him, he went for the phone but the Abby burst into the bullpen.

"GIBBS!" He looked up hoping she had good news.

"What Abby?"

"He's Beth's biological brother and he own an old car repair garage just outside Hollywood"

"Do you think that's were they are?"

"Gibbs I know that's where they are, I pulled some videos from around the area and I got a hit. Gibbs its them in sure of it"