Ducky, Abby and Gibbs sat in there private waiting room that Gibbs had demanded as they were gunna be there awhile. Abby sat with her head on Ducky's shoulder her breathing still ragged from her crying. Gibbs was being inpatient wanting to know how his agents were. Every now and then he would ask the nurses or a passing doctor if they had any information but non did.

Tim had been ruched of somewhere straight away, both Beth and Tony had been taken by nurses to be checked on and hadn't returned yet. It was gunna be a long night.

They sat in silence.


Beth sat on the bed, finally she had time to process everything. Daniel was her brother? How did all this happen and why? All through the investigation they had never really found much of a motive. Even the craziest sickening cases she had worked on had some sort of twisted motive but this.

Beth was so lost in her thoughts she didn't even see the doctor come in.

"Miss Martin? Hello? Ma'am?" He leant over to try and see her face when she snapped back.

"Yes, yes" She answered quickly.

"Are you okay?" He sounded concerned.

"Oh, yeah I …ummm I was just thinking" Beth tapped her head.

"Well from what I've seen and heard out there I imagine that there's a lot to think about" He smiled.

"Sorry but is there a reason that you're here?" Beth rubbed her temple and sighed, she was so tired.

"Of course, Doctor Belton. I was just hoping to check your bandage before you leave" He tilted his head to the side and looked at her neck. The nurse had very much to Beth dis-pleasure insisted on having it bandaged up.

"But the nurse said I was good to be discharged and anyway I don't think I'll be going home tonight anyway"

"You'll be joining Gibbs and his team?" Dr Belton checked the bandage and looked at the surrounding areas.

"Yeah" What's left of it, she thought.

"Any discomfort or pain anywhere else?" He backed away and wrote something down.

"No, do you know anything on Tim McGee?" She was eager to know about his condition.

"No sorry, but if I do" He smiled and was returned with a smell hint a one.

"So I can go now?" She slid of the bed.

"Well since you're going to the waiting room you can go now and I'll go get you the papers"

"Ok thanks" Beth hurried past him and to the waiting room.

Ducky broke the silence.

"Anyone for coffee? I was just about to make a run" He gently nudged Abby off and got up.

"Sure, why not" Gibbs stretched and rubbed his eyes.

"I'll return in a few moments" Then Ducky left for the coffee.

"You should go home and rest" Gibbs turned to a sleepy Abby.

"What? No I can't" She was wide awake now.

"Look Abby you haven't slept yet and…"

"You haven't slept yet either and I want to be here when Timmy comes out!" She told Gibbs.

"Abby even when he come out we can't see him until his family gets here"

"But we are his family" They were all family.

"I know Abby but he's been here before they know who his blood relatives are and until they get here and give permission we can't go in"

"But what if Tim wants us to go in and you're Gibbs you'll find away"

"Abby please, McGee will be unconscious for at least 24 hours and there's gunna be a lot of paper work on this one and no doubt the FBI will be involved" Abby sat and thought about it for a while , she really was tired .

"Okay, but but you have to call me the second he gets out and especially if he wakes up, okay?" Abby widened her eyes and looked at Gibbs.

"I promise" Abby gave him a hug before very slowly making her way out and stopping at the nurses' station before she left, Gibbs could tell that they didn't have any news when she carried on walking.


Ducky stood looking into the coffee machine, he too like everyone else had been at one point lost in his thoughts while he waited for the coffee.

"Ducky ?" Beth peered from the corner.

"Oh, Beth there you are. How are you feeling?" Ducky turned around still checking the coffee every so often.

"Well it's been a really long few days. Tired I guess "She looked at Ducky hoping he'd drop it, he didn't.

"Tired? Is that all?" He took the coffee and questioned her.

Beth sighed. "Yes Ducky tired, I'm tired of all this craziness and surprises and pain and all the thoughts that are going through my head but you know what?" They paused, ducky waiting for her to finish.

"Above all that I am just tired, I need sleep because I can't even process all that right now" She stopped and took a breath.

"Okay, Jethro got us a private waiting room you can sleep in there but he may want to speak to you first.

"Hello Agent DiNozzo" Nurse Collar was a young woman with brown eyes and short red hair, she stood at the door.

"Hey, so how I looking?" He said starting to sound like the real Tony at last.

"well your still a little dehydrated and probably hung-over so we want to keep you here for a while just to make sure you get rehydrated and don't show any signs of alcohol poisoning"

"Ok thanks, do you have any news on my team?" He tried to not look worried.

"Well there all in the waiting room and the other agent should be out of surgery now" She smiled and begun to head to the door.

"Tell me when he can have visitors, please?"

"Sure, anything else I can do for you?" Tony smiled.

"You wouldn't happen to have any movies?"