WOW Remote. Additional challenge - use it twice in two different contexts.

Sam comes back from the pizza run a bit earlier than expected ...

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Congratulating himself on finding a decent takeout so easily in this remote one-horse burg, Sam juggled the pizzas as he unlocked the door. Stepping into the room, he hesitated on hearing a brief scuffle and the TV being turned off.

Dean greeted him awkwardly, wide-eyed guilt pasted across his tight-lipped face.

Sam froze, frowning in concern; "dude, are you ... CRYING?"

"No!" Dean snuffled indignantly, palming wet cheeks.

Sam lunged for the remote and turned on the TV.

'... tune in tomorrow for more news on Muffin the abandoned kitten in 'St Mungo's Animal Hospital ...'.

Sam beamed.

Thanks to Muffin, his life was suddenly awesome.