Chapter 6

Odyssey class vessel USS Velocity B

Upper Pylon 3 Starbase Deep Space 9

Bajor Sector

Stardate 89198.65

If there was one thing that could be attributed to Velocity, it would be her versatility. With the increasing threat of the Borg and Klingons, the Odyssey class ship was thrust into completion by Starfleet Command in order to make use of her multi-purpose design and four subclasses; one such sub-class was made specifically for the next Enterprise. However, when it was decided agencies such as DSI and Omega Force needed their own vessels in order to operate more efficiently, a new sub-class was created. Velocity, being the first in this class, was aptly designated NX 93731-B and assigned to Omega Force under the command of then Captain Timothy Clark. With Velocity now the flagship of DSI, it was only practical that it would serve as an effective ship to retrieve the Admiral from the Iconians, or so was the thinking of Tuusan Madrae T'lyrander.

The crew could only speculate on his intentions for their ship. Most were nervous and rightfully so as more and more 31 agents kept boarding and making modifications to the Strategic Operations Cruiser. All major sections of the ship had been turned upside-down including engineering, and Telford did not like it one bit.

"I don't know if you're aware, but it's standard procedure to let the chief engineer know before you start making overhauls to his engine room and nearly half the ship!" The CE yelled at one of the technicians who was working diligently, and annoyingly well, at his job

"I have direct orders from Commander T'lyrander sir; you'll have to take it up with him." He replied calmly and curtly, keeping his eyes on the huge device sitting just next to the warp core.

"I'll do that!" Just as Munroe turned he looked into the gaze of the black suited commander who was about his size. The look on the commander's face was still in its stone faced cast with only steady, normal breaths offering any indication he was more than idle.

"Can I help you Mr. Munroe?"

"Why yes you can, I'd like an explanation for why this ship has been torn apart without any advanced notice."

"If I thought it was important to let you know, you would know. Sufficed to say, we're making modifications in the best interest to the mission."

"Oh, and you didn't think it beneficial to have the Chief Engineer in charge of this vessel helping you out with these modifications?" Munroe was growing more and more volatile by the second while the Commander simply stared at him thinking briefly.

Letting out a sigh he responded "Very well, you may assist Ericson in connecting our 'modification' to your power grid."

Not entirely satisfied, yet still glad to feel useful, he nodded and moved to assist the agent. The commander headed out the door into the corridor taking mental notes along the way about the layout of the ship, double checking against the schematics he had read and memorized before. He made his way into the cylindrical shaped Turbolift and called for it to take him to the bridge on deck one.

Being as the lifts were working at diminished capacity due to repairs, Tuusan started thinking about the time he had met the Admiral on the slow ride up. It was a busy night at Quark's bar, rather was busier than normal, when the Commander had come in from a routine mission. He was trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to read his PADD and drink his drink in peace when he overheard a small confrontation between a human loudmouth and a Gorn officer. The loudmouth, whose eyes were somewhat bloodshot and cheeks a distinguishable shade of red, had started going on about the cold heartlessness and 'lizard mentality' of the Gorn. The Gorn, whose name he later learned was S'lithis, had tried to ignore the human drunk and continue about his business as though he said nothing, however the inebriated individual wouldn't leave well enough alone. When the Gorn had stood up to retaliate, a captain had stepped in to break up the fight. The Captain, who had blue eyes, blue skin, blue spots, and a blue uniform, showed his anger through the antenna on his head telling the guy to end the argument and go back to his quarters. The plastered man had decided he didn't like what the officer had to say and took a swing which impacted his target's side. He then decided to step in and help stop the bar fight before it started, pinning his arm behind his back and escorting him out. The Officer, Andorian-like in appearance, thanked him to which he replied "I didn't want to see your face pounded in needlessly."

The lift halted at its intended destination, and the Commander stepped onto the chaos which at one point was the bridge. As was the same with the rest of the ship, a majority of the bulkheads had been torn off their normal spots to allow access to the engineers modifying the EPS system. The main bridge staff had gathered at the still functional science station, where Dr. Belop was informing them on how monotonic particles worked in the grand scheme of the universal fabric.

Dr. Belop was tall and aquatic in appearance. He had beady eyes towards mid-section of his head which arced towards a top to a smooth apex that arched backwards. His clammy scaly skin that had a bluish-aquamarine hue to it which may have looked a little rough to the touch had an unusual smoothness to it, almost as though it had been submerged in the depths of the sea for centuries; that wasn't far off from how they found him. He was found on a planet that had suffered some sort of catastrophic orbital bombardment eons before the ships had arrived, operating on a course heading from the ship Beamer and his brother T'Nell were found in. Because of this reason, he had been in regular contact with the Admiral and DSI for quite some time.

"-And so these particles are like the seams in the fabric of the universe. The Iconian portal allows them to undo those seems and stitch them back together." At this point the aquatic humanoid had a lot of bored but understanding expressions on the collective faces of his 'class'.

"Dr. Belop, how goes the sensor calibrations?" The Section 31 agent inquired

Turning his focus to the commander he replied "Oh it's going pretty well, the only thing we need to do if tune the sensors to a subspace frequency of 432 Hz. That will track back the 'seam' that the Iconians opened and closed." The aquatic Doctor was noticeably talkative only when it had to do with a subject at hand; a true marriage of the 'chatterbox' and 'silent type' mentalities that was showing quite perceptibly when he spoke.

Overhearing the conversation from the Science station, Ginglerx chimed in. "How do we find the Admiral and Lt. Once we catch up to the vessel?"

"You'll be scanning for this isotope," he responded, crossing the room and handing him a PADD, "it will allow us to get a lock on them and retrieve them."

Having advanced degrees in chemistry and subatomic physics, Ginglerx had no idea what to make of the scans of the isotope that was on the black colored PADD. For that matter the bipedal feline had no idea what to make of the Commander himself. Certainly he was from Section 31 and secrets were their thing, but there was something just beneath he just couldn't put his claws into. The single man had seemed to keep to himself about such things and didn't socialize much, but still one could not fault him for his dedication to the job. Then again, 31 would've demanded no less, right? He decided he save his personal inquiries until after they had the Admiral and Lieutenant back safely.

"I've never seen an Isotope like this, I'm not certain sensors will be able to track it efficiently." Stating plainly handing the PADD back.

"Then I would suppose it's fortunate that the sensors are being upgraded to handle it for the duration of our mission," The Commander stated flatly. He headed to the Command Chair and started looking over his black PADD. The PADD itself had been a curiosity being as the Commander had it everywhere he went, never letting it out of his sight. From his constant usage of the handheld device, many on the crew assumed it was possibly requisitioned from Section 31 in order to keep him up-to-date. However as it was not permitted to inquire about Section matters, the crew kept that shared opinion to themselves.

Tuusan couldn't care less about their shared opinion of his tech or himself, because in the end, it was irrelevant. He had a mission to rescue the Admiral which he would carry out, and that was that. No questions asked, no answers answered.

The two blue skinned men looked at the Scottish woman standing in front of them. She looked just like the friend they had buried not just two days earlier; the friend who had died a week ago at the hands of a time displaced Jem'hadar. How this was possible was way beyond them, which would explain the immense skepticism they were feeling at seeing this….ghost.

"I assure ya I am in fact Karen Andrews." She said in an Irish accent. "Admiral I-"

"How do I know you're really her? Commander Andrews died a week ago from impalement of the heart, followed by massive cardiac failure." Beamer said as calmly as he could under the circumstances.

"Ye were on the Planet Vega when the Borg attacked it in 2409. It was your home planet, thus ya took extensive action in violation of your orders to protect it. Those actions led to the death of several people and almost cost ya your career."

"But everyone knows that." Thell said in response, having a tougher time holding his emotions as his older brother could.

"But not everyone knows that Admiral T'Sla pulled ya out of it and gave ye command of Velocity B by yelling at a room full of Admirals for being 'heartless vek'sha that had no sense of familial ties.'"

Beamer immediately smiled at the word vek'sha, which literally translated into rust buckets. He looked at her realizing she was indeed who she said she was. "It's really you? Isn't it?" he said with his voice breaking and tears forming in his eyes. Nodding back, Beamer moved to embrace her. Covering what seemed like a vast distance between the two, he finally reached her open arms and hugged her tightly not wanting to ever let go of her again. He looked for the right words to express how happy he was that she was alive, yet the flood of tears and the continual breaking of his voice blocked the path of the verbal expressions he wished to convey to his protégé.

"I know Beamer," she said obviously touched by how much he cared for her; even though she was only 2 years under him he still considered her his responsibility. "I thought I'd never see ye again either if those bloomin' Iconians had anything to do with it.

Chuckling slightly Thell remained his distance, knowing how much his brother needed to deal with her without interruption from him. He too had been embraced in a similar way after Vega when both of them had needed it. Robbing him of the opportunity to express that to Karen would have been tantamount to taking her away from him again. His embraces weren't considered clingy in nature, but more like a reassurance for both parties that it wouldn't happen again if he could help it. As soon as his brother let go he asked what would seem a logical question to ask, "Why do the Iconians want us?"

Karen gave him an almost apologetic look "Apparently ye two betrayed them."

"Betrayed? But we've never had direct contact with the Iconians"

"That ye know of for certain. Ya two don't remember anything before Starfleet found ye two, do ya?"

Beamer replied realizing the implication "No, we don't. You think we were somehow involved with them?"

"I don't think, I know. The guards here are of ye people.

Beamer and Thell both stopped in a moment of pure reality shattering shock. Their people work for, quite possibly, the greatest enemy they could ever face. Saying it was a lot to take in was an understatement in this case, as the information they had received had barely been able to compute to Beamer or Thell. Beamer slumped to the floor in disbelief with the knowledge overwhelming him. They sat there in silence, in the small rudimentary room, that was their cell.