So this will be a series of drabbles about a variety of different ASOIAF characters. First up, Ned considers telling his wife the truth (If you don't believe in L+R=J just bare with me on this one!)

Not for the first time, Ned wondered if he should tell his wife the truth. Then she would know he had never dishonoured her and perhaps she would learn not to hate his nephew, if only she knew that Jon was his nephew and not his son.

He recalled the boy's face earlier, when Ned had found him crying in the stables. How he had shuffled his feet and looked ashamed when Ned asked him what was wrong.

"Where's Robb?" Ned asked. He was both pleased and proud that his eldest son got along with his supposed bastard brother.

"With his lady mother. She didn't, I mean, I didn't want to join them." Ned watched the boy stumble over his words, well aware what he had been going to say. He had never expected his wife to take to the bastard he had brought home from war, but he wished she could hide it better.

"Well, would you prefer to spend the day with me then instead?" Ned asked. Jon's face lit up with a smile and he chattered happily as he followed Ned out of the stable. "Ser Rodrik tells me you're getting good with your sword."

"I beat Theon yesterday!" Jon told him proudly and Ned couldn't help but chuckle slightly.

He had confronted Catelyn in the evening, but it had just turned into the usual argument until he had declared that he did not wish to discuss it no more.

If only he could tell her the truth.

He had barely known the woman he had returned to after the war, but he knew her now. He loved her now. Surely he could trust her with the truth?

"Cat?" he called softly to his wife at the opposite end of the bed.

Half-asleep, she muttered an affirmative response.

I have to tell you something…

There's something you have to know…

Jon isn't my son…

Jon's my nephew…

I never betrayed you…

When I found Lyanna she made me promise…

"Ned?" Catelyn muttered, sitting up. She rubbed her eyes sleeply.

"Bloody Targaryens! I'll kill everyone of them! Every Seven-cursed one!"

"Well, go to Dragonstone, find the boy and the babe, and bring me their bodies!"

As always, it was the image of Robert smiling at the bodies of Rhaenys and Aegon Targaryen that flashed into Ned's mind and made his decision.

"Nothing, dear. Go back to sleep."