Arya was hiding from Sansa, yet again. Just because her sister wanted to be a pretty little lady who smiled and simpered over lemon cakes it didn't mean that Arya did as well. She wished Sansa could understand that, and her lady mother, too.

Neither of them knew the joy of running barefoot through the mud. Or of watching Robb, Jon and Theon practise their fighting in the yard. The thrill of excitement as their wooden swords banged together. The adrenaline as she watched Jon fight Theon and hoped he'd win. There was so much to do around Winterfell, so many different people to watch and so many sights to see. Arya would never understand why you would choose to lock yourself away in a room with some boring old sewing instead.

"Arya! Arya, are you out here? Septa Mordane is looking for you." Arya grimaced as Sansa's voice rang out from outside the stable. Then she grinned. If she was going to be found, she was at least going to have some fun first. She clambered up the hay bales that were leant against the wall so as to hide amongst the rafters, thinking that Bran would have been impressed by her climbing skills.

"Arya, I know you're in here!" Sansa shouted as she flounced into the stable. Arya waited until her sister was underneath her and then jumped towards her, so that they both fell face-first into the muddy floor.

Arya quickly disentangled herself from Sansa's wriggling body, ignoring her sister's muffled shouts of disgust, and ran as fast as she could away from the stable, laughing loudly as she did so.

She had got almost to the weirwood when she heard Sansa screaming her name behind her. She kept running, trying to go even faster. She didn't stop even when she heard the boys' laughter ringing out from the yard.

Out of breath, she stopped once she got to the base of big heart tree. Sansa found the tree creepy and preferred to pray in their lady mother's Sept, but Arya liked the Old Gods. There was something inherently more wild and free about them. She found the heart tree fascinating with its sad face.

Recognising that there were no footsteps running towards her, Arya realized her sister must have done as she usually did and gone running to either Septa Mordane or their lady mother. No doubt Arya would be in trouble once she went back up to the castle.

But for now she was free and she choose to jump into the pond opposite the heart tree, trying to create the biggest splash possible.