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SUMMARY: After Lois tells Clark that she's still in love with Superman, he decides to tell her the truth but Lois doesn't believe him. She is determined that Clark only thinks he's Superman and doesn't even consider it an option that he's telling the truth.

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"CLARK KENT!" Lois shouted. "I can't believe you are doing this to me! I told you how I feel and you go and make jokes about it. I never thought you'd be capable of doing such a thing. I always considered you my friend even though you've left me for five years, but now I see how-"
Clark was getting anry: He had told Lois the truth about himself and she didn't believe him.
So he decided to cut her off: "Lois, you have to believe me. I am Sup-"
"Don't you dare to say it again!" she yelled. "How could someone like you possibly be Superman?"
She knew, that she was being mean but she didn't care. "You are nothing but a liar."
To know that she thought of him like that hurt. He'd thought that the moment was right to tell her about who he was after she told him, that she loved Superman. But apparently he had been wrong. Even if she didn't believe him, she was behaving unfair. He had enough.
"Believe it or not" he said. As Clark turned and walked away, he heard Lois yelling "You are sick!", but he tried to ignore it. Those three words hurt more than kryptonite ever could.

After Clark was gone, Lois was alone on the roof. She was angered, hurt and sad at the same time. Could it be true? Could Clark be Superman? Lois shook her head. No, it couldn't be. Clark was clumsy, weak and vulnerable. She had seen how two men had beaten him and he hadn't had the strength to defend himself. Superman on the other hand was confident, ivulnerable and the most powerful being ever walked the earth. There was no way that Clark was Superman.
She felt so stupid thinking about that. She had told him everything about her feelings for Superman and the reasons why she broke with Richard. Clark hadn't been taking her serious. After all she'd thought that she could trust him but he had been joking about her.
Maybe Clark just thought that he was Superman. It was possible that he'd seen and heard too much about Superman since his returning and now he thought that he was Superman. Yes, it had to be like this. After all they were friends; she could help him to understand that he wasn't Superman before he did something stupid like jumping out of a window and break his neck just because he believed he could fly.
But Lois wasn't sure if Clark still wanted her as his friend. She had seen how hurt and angered he was. Maybe he won't even talk to her anymore.
What if I just lost my best friend? She didn't want to think about it.
Lois noticed the tears streaming down her face and wipped them away. She made her way back to the elevators and back into the office. As she fetched her bag she shot a glance towards Clark's desk. She had to talk to him.
But it was empty which wasn't suprising. Hoping that he'd left recently she shouldered her bag and hurried to the elevators. On the way she ran into someone. Lois looked up and saw that it was Jimmy.
"Oh, hi Lois. Why so hasty?" he asked but Lois ignored the question.
"Have you seen Clark?" she asked instead.
Jimmy nodded. "Yes, he left several minutes ago. Do you know what happened to him? He seemed to be very furious. I never saw him like this before"
Lois quickly decided that it was the best not to answer. She only muttered "Thank you" and left the confused Jimmy behind. If Clark had left a few minutes ago she had to be quick if she wanted to catch up with him.
She got into an elevator. Finally she reached the first floor. She practically ran out of the building, hoping to find Clark. She even called his name but he was nowhere to be seen.
Lois sighed. Since she didn't know where Clark lived nor what his number was she would have to wait till tomorrow until she could talk to him.

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