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"LEX LUTHOR?" both reporters exclaimed at the same time. Perry White only nodded in confirmation.

"Where did you get this information from?" Clark asked. The chief leaned back in his chair.

"As I told you, we've only got hints. Apparently Lex Luthor was seen by someone and the person reported it to the police. They are investigating the case now and therefore wouldn't tell us anything. But one policewoman let slip some information. She told us Lex had to be somewhere here" He pointed on a map. A circle was drawn around one area.

"This is the old industrial area" Lois observed. The old industrial area was an area where earlier all sorts of things were produced but then the factories moved to other cities and one after the other closed. Now this once so lively area was nothing but a place full of abandoned houses. "It would be the perfect place to hide"

Clark nodded in agreement but his mind was somewhere else. Was Lex Luthor really back? What was he planning? Would he be able to stop him this time?

Lois now was really into the whole thing. She even got her writing pad from somewhere and was taking notes. "What is the name of the policewoman?" She asked.

"Her name is Amanda Niddons-"

"And who is the person who claims to have seen Luthor?"

"This is something we don't know. Niddons wasn't willing to give us more information... But I am sure you'll find out something useful" Perry smiled at her. Lois smiled back but then went back to business. "Would that be all or is there anything else you want to tell us?"

"That would be all" Perry handed them the map and said "As much as I'd like you to get on this story, please be careful and don't get yourself into trouble" He looked at Lois and added "Especially you"

After the two reporters left Perry's office Lois began to speak "Where do you think should we start? Should we look if we can find something at the factories that can help us?"
"Sounds good. I'll pick you up tomorrow... Listen, I have to go and... uhh... do some stuff" With those words Clark ran off.

Lois watched him disappear and sighed. She'd liked to talk to Clark but they had been interrupted by Perry before the conversation had even started. And now Clark was gone again and she still hadn't talked to him. She would have to wait... again.

The reporter hurried back to her desk and grabbed her things before she went down. She was lucky and quickly found a cab. Lois was glad about that as she sat down in the back of the cab.

She might have seemed very calm back in the office but she was nearly panicking.
What was Luthor up to? Was he looking for her? And the most important question: Did he know about Jason?

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