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Wally groaned in pain as Zucco bashed him in the head with the bowling pin (1).

"Where's circus boy? Run away and left you has he?" When Wally didn't respond, Zucco hit him again.

"Answer me!" He bellowed.

"I'm right here Zucco!" Zucco turned and grinned evilly. Robin stood at the entrance of the circus tent that he was hiding at.

"Circus boy! How glad I am to see you! But, do you really think that you can stop me?"

"Nope, but they can." Batman, Flash, and the whole Young Justice team appeared behind him. Flash looking very angry. Zucco paled as he stepped in front of Wally.

"Now, you don't want this to end tragically, do you Dick?" Zucco asked as he pulled out a gun.

"Don't you dare!" Robin growled as he ran forward at Zucco, Batman right beside him.

"Kid, hang back. We don't want you getting hurt." Flash said as he sped to Zucco. Robin looked hurt, but nodded in understanding as he ran back towards Superboy.

Wally's going to be fine, he's a tough kid. Superboy said encouragingly as he prepared to charge Zucco. Batman punched Zucco in the face, sending him flying across the room. Flash appeared behind him and threw him into a pillar.

"Miss M, now!" Superboy yelled at his girlfriend. Megan nodded once as she lifted Zucco off the ground and slammed him back into the ground a mere two feet away from where he was the first time.

"Superboy, now's your chance!" Artemis, who appeared on the rafters, yelled at the raven haired boy. Superboy gave an animalistic cry and charged Zucco, who was just getting up.

"I was going to play nice circus boy, but now you've ruined another life." And with that, Zucco pulled out another gun, and pulled the trigger while it was pointed at Wally. Wally's eyes flew open and he screamed loudly.

"Wally!" Megan shrieked as she flew towards him. Robin gasped, unable to move. Superboy roared and threw Zucco into the air. He smashed down to the dirt, unconscious.

"He's losing a lot of blood. Flash, get over here now!" Megan screamed as the scarlet speedster raced towards his nephew.

"Wally, you're going to be ok kid." Flash said his voice breaking. Wally only whimpered in response.

"Here, use my cape as a tourniquet." Robin said as he ran towards the small group, finally snapping back into reality.

"U-uncle Barry?"

"Yeah kid?"

"Tell Dick this wasn't his fault, and that I wouldn't have done anything different." Flash nodded as tears flooded his vision. Wally took one last raspy breath, before going limp. Wallace Rudolph West had just died.

"Wally!" Robin sobbed as he tried to get past Aqualad and Superboy.

"Come on, you're going back to the Bio-Ship." Superboy said as he tried to lead the thirteen-year-old out of the tent.

"No! This was my fault! If it wasn't for me, Wally would still be alive!"

"Richard John Grayson, don't you ever think that." Batman said as he walked towards his foster son. Robin just flung himself into Batman's arms in response.

"Wally's dead, just like my family." Robin sobbed. Flash got up from his dead nephew's side and went straight to Robin's.

"He wouldn't want you to blame yourself Dick. None of this was your fault."


The funeral for Wally was held at the mountain. His parents came, and so did his aunt Iris. Everyone said all the things they loved about Wally, and then they buried him outside under a place where a piece of the mountain hung over a patch of grass.

"Wally, I'll never forget you buddy." Robin said as the team began to walk away after the burial.


"Hey dad?"

"Hmm?" Dick Grayson looked up from his paper at his son.

"Where did I get my name? It's so weird compared to my friend's names. They're all named Ethan or Ryan, or Zack, but me? I'm Wallace Grayson, Wally for short."

"You're named after a very special friend of mine. Who died a long time before you were born. He was very brave." Zatanna Grayson smiled at her husband and son as she cradled her infant daughters, Sindella and Mary, to sleep.

A/N: CRIES LOUDLY INTO PILLOW. I killed Wally, yes I know. But it added emotion into the story even more. Sorry the funeral scene was so….nonexistent. I don't know how to write them and they are very depressing and I want to be happy when my step mom and sisters come thank you! And I thought the part of Robin naming his son after Wally would be cute. A nice little tribute. Hope you guys enjoyed this story, because it is officially done!