Author's Note: These one shots have nothing to with series I 'm currently writing about. These one shot are in a different AU Universe.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone but the female demon, the mutant bull, the demon snake and demon dog.

The Ordeal of Leadership

Lesson 1- Balance

"What the hell is going on? How did I get here? The last thing I remember is trying to stop the pretty demoness and Leo… Where's Leo? Damnit! This whole thing started off wrong starting with our stupid ass fight when Leo kicked my ass in training." Yusuke says thinking about what happened before then.


"I'm stronger than you, Leo." Yusuke says to Leo.

"I doesn't matter how strong you are, Yusuke, you still lack the brains to be leader."

"What did you say?"

"You heard me."

"I'm going to kick your ass!"

Before Yusuke can grab Leo, Leo flips over Yusuke and he trips Yusuke making the spirit detective fall down. Yusuke growls angrily and gets and shoots his spirit gun. He shoots his spirit gun and it hits Leo knocking the turtle over. Yusuke soon grabs Leo. Yusuke smirk in a cocky manner thinking he won. Leo, however, grabs Yusuke shoulders and flips him on his head making the spirit detective growl in pain and curse loudly.

"Damnit! I'm stronger than you but you still kicked my ass."

"Yusuke, you sound like Raph it's all not about strength."

"I know that! But I have more spirit energy as well!"

"Yusuke, yes you have more and it grows more when someone who you know in danger is threatened but it's about having a calm mind and balanced spirit."

"Damnit! I'm still pissed!"

"You know we can go out and clear our minds so we can concentrate on this training lesson Genkai gave us."

"Sure, why not."

The two boys walk to the outside of Genkai's dojo and they take a train back to the city. Yusuke and Leo get to a ramen shop and eat at the ramen shop. Soon they hear an explosion and they both run toward the explosion. They soon see two guys one is a bull mutant and the other is snake demon. The two creatures soon see Leo and Yusuke and they both laugh. Yusuke and Leo are confused.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" Yusuke asks.

"The Spirit Detective and the blue masked ninja turtle." The bull mutant says. "You two don't scare us."

"What do you mean?"

"He means that I'm the only one that scares him." A female voice says.

"Whoa! She's hot?" Yusuke says looking at the female.

"Yusuke, remember Keiko, your girlfriend!"

"Shut up, Leo."

"I see, you two, are strong but one of you is stronger." The female says making her eyes glow blue

Yusuke soon feels strange and his eyes start to glow blue. Yusuke soon starts to attack Leo and Leo starts to attack back his eyes glowing blue as well. Both fight but as with their training Yusuke is defeated again. The female smirks and she takes Leo and leaves Yusuke on the ground.

End of Flashback

"Damnit! That bitch controlled us to make us fight to see who strongest. Leo's right I may be the strongest but I lack balance in strength and mind." Yusuke says annoyed. "How will I find them? That female demon was hot. Leo would kick my ass for saying that again. Keiko would yell at me and maybe break up with me. Why am I thinking of this instead of focusing where Leo and the hot demoness is at."

Yusuke walks around but soon feels familiar demon energy. Yusuke run to the area. He sees the mutant bull, demon snake and Leo fight against a demon dog. Yusuke runs toward the demon dog and pushes him out the way. The female demon smirked and stared toward Yusuke.

"Well, Yusuke, you want a rematch." The female demon says.

"Yeah, against Leo." Yusuke says to the female demon.

"Well, Leonardo, show him defeat again."

Leo takes out his swords. He charges at Yusuke but this time Yusuke dodges Leo's sword. He punched Leo in the plastron making the blue clad fall to the ground. Leo gets up again when Yusuke grabs him. Leo does the same thing he did in the training he grabs Yusuke shoulders again but this time Yusuke put slam Leo on the ground. Yusuke smirks confidently. Leo wakes up and looks up at Yusuke.

"What happen?" Leo asks.

"I figured out the balance between strength and mind." Yusuke says.

"And you defeated me. Yusuke, the female demon she escaped."

"What! Damnit! That bitch! We have to find her!"

"No, Yusuke, she's already gone but she'll return so we'll get her if she comes back."

"I wonder who she's is."

"Yusuke, don't you have date with Keiko."

"Shut up, Leo."

Leo chuckles at his friend embarrassment.

The End…

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