Title: Dark Waltz

Game: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Characters: Prompto, Noctis, Stella

Pairings: Noctis/Stella

It was a usual, dark night in Lord Noctis's kingdom. "You excited?" Prompto asked, sneering at his friend and lord.

"Shut up," he growled, gently pushing his companion aside as he head down the grand staircase and into the glorious front room. He was settling some "political affairs" with Lady Stella, his known rival. But, of course, this was not the case—entirely.

Noctis and Stella were quite in love, but kept it a secret from their kingdoms. Their love afraid began after meeting at a royal ball and speaking about "the light". Since that fated night, they had been meeting "in secret". As Noctis headed for the front door, Prompto called after him: "Don't get caught!"

The dark and handsome prince shot his friend a nasty glare before disappearing into his car and heading for the arranged spot where they would meet. Eventually, he arrived and parked his car before walking a short distance. He could see the beautiful blonde already there, awaiting for his arrival. He snuck up on Stella, before wrapping his arms around her waist and whispering, "Got you," in her ear.

Stella let out a started gasp before turning in his arms and giving him a tiny glare. "You frightened me, Lord Noctis!"

Noctis chuckled and kissed her on the forehead. "Stella, I will say it again: Call me Noct."

She pulled away from his and sighed, "Yes, yes..I know!" Then she smiled, "Forgive me, Lord Noct."

He took his arms about her and announced, "C'mon. We shouldn't be out in the open. Let's stop somewhere for dinner."

She nodded as he lead her back to his car where they drove to a beautiful restaurant filled with delicious scents and plenty of waltzing. They took a private area to sit, ate and talked about political matters. As they were eating did Stella look up and seem to be staring past the crystal chandelier and out into the sky. "What are you looking at?" Noctis asked, studying her eyes.

"The light…" she mumbled.

"Then let's get a better look," he announced, grabbing her hand and pulling her out onto the dance floor—despite his hatred for ballroom dancing. They swayed gently to the beautiful music, Stella continuing to look up at the night sky. Noctis stared at her as he led her around the room, waltzing about.

"Do you…see the light?" Stella asked, looking back at Noctis.

"Yes…," he said in a quite tone; staring deeply into her eyes, "I do."