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Once you break your heart It's hard to put it back together - Quote of the Day.

(Caroline POV)

Klaus, Rebecca, Stefen, Kol, and I were sitting in the Mikaelson Mansion on October 30,2012. Rebecca, Kol, Stefen, and I have this great idea to go to a haunted house but Klaus thinks it's stupid. But it's NOT! "Come on scaredy cat!" Rebecca exclaimed. Klaus scoffed.

"I'm not a scared cat. I just think it's stupid to go to a 'abandon' house and let humans 'scare' us", Klaus said using air quotes.

"We just want to check it out you don't have to come!" Kol said. Klaus glared at him.

"Fine Let's go freak out some trick-or-treaters", Klaus said standing up. We all rolled our eyes and walk out with him. Klaus, and I sat in the front, While Rebecca, Kol, and Stefen took the back.

"So why isn't Damon or Elana joining us?" Kol asked Stefen holding in laughter.

"I don't want to talk about it!" Stefen said glaring at Kol.

"Whatever", Kol said sloughing back in his seat with a smug smile on his face.

"Which way am I even suppose to go?" Klaus asked.

"Why are we even driving anyway?" Kol asked.

"Because One if we just appeared there and someone saw us they would lose it-" I said then Kol interrupted.

"We could compel them not to", Kol answered.

"What if there was a lot of people? We couldn't compel them all!" I answered.

"No one told me where we're going! I'm just going to drive" Klaus said starting up the car and began to drive.

"We could kill them all", Kol responded. I rolled my eyes.

"Kol! We can't result in KILLING people every time something comes up", I exclaimed. "Second it's pretty far away!" I finished.

"So! We have Vamp. Speed we could get there faster then Klaus driving", Kol answered.

"Caroline! Where am I even driving too?" Klaus asked.

"Oh Holon Restored Avenue", I answered. I heard a bang from the backseat. I heard Kol laughing.

"Stefen!" Rebecca exclaimed.

I turned around to see Stefen knocked out one of the windows. "STEFEN", I exclaimed.

"It's not my fault I'm Just PISSED", Stefen exclaimed hitting the door which made a dent.

"You really think driving is a good idea?" Kol smirked. I glared at him and turned around and sat back in my seat laying my head on Klaus shoulder. They are going to give me major headaches if you can get them? Being a vampire and all. Klaus kept driving till the road ended.

"Well this isn't the way", Klaus said then turned the car around.

"I could WALK there faster", Kol complained.

"STEFEN!" I heard Rebecca exclaim again. I don't want to know! I looked out the window the sky turned a green color? I paid no mind and focused on where we were headed.

(Rebecca POV)

Stefen was getting on my LAST nerve. He kept denting the door. "If you don't stop I'm ripping out your Heart!" I exclaimed. He rolled his eyes but stopped none the less.

"I don't think You would do that to him Your in love with him", Kol mocked. I scoffed. Yeah right! I grabbed my purse and pulled out a pencil and stabbed Kol in the side. He rolled his eyes and grunted as he pulled it out.

"Mature", he said sarcastically. Before throwing the pencil out the window.

"KOL", I exclaimed annoyed.

"What?" he asked clueless.

"That was white oak!" she exclaimed. Kol looked taken back. Klaus slammed on the brake.

"Why do you have WHITE OAK!" he exclaimed. (Klaus)

"For when I get mad at you guys", I answered simply. Kol opened the door and sped and got the pencil and got back in the car.

"You brought an original KILLING machine WITH you!" Klaus said angrily.

"At least I didn't give it to some psycho trying to kill EVERYONE!" I exclaimed looking at Caroline.

"She didn't give it to him Stefen and Damon did", Klaus defended Caroline.

"I didn't know it would kill every vampire", Stefen defended himself.

"Klaus just start the car", Caroline said. Klaus muttered something under his breathe and turned around and continued driving. I smirked WHIPPED. Kol gave me a confused look.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing", I laughed to my self which caused him to give me a confused face. Then he rolled his eyes and stuffed the pencil under his seat. I rolled my eyes. Stefen spoke up soon after.

"Are you sure we're going in the right direction?" he asked as we passed another dead end sign. Klaus hit yet another dead end trail. He grumbled and turned around.

"Would have been faster to walk", Kol complained again.

"Klaus just let Caroline drive", I said annoyed.

Caroline smirked and Klaus scoffed. "I'm going to get us there", he stated then went down yet Another road. I hope we aren't on the roads all day because it was only suppose to be a hour drive!

(Kol POV)

SO BORED! Stefen is annoying with his girlfriend/brother issues. Klaus KEEPS getting us lost! AND REBECCA keeps trying to take the pencil back from me. I hatched a great idea. "How about Stefen, and I race you to the place!" I said.

"There is only one car?" Caroline said confused.

"No We will walk and you guys drive" I answered. Klaus laughed.

"Sure". he answered.

"I don't want to run", Stefen complained. I rolled my eyes and pushed him out the door causing the door to fall off in the process. Rebecca glared at me.

"KOL", she exclaimed then I jumped out. Stefen ran over to me.

"Do you even know where we're going?" he asked annoyed.

"Of course", I said using my vamp. Speed to run toward the destination. Two hours later I looked around. Alright I guess I don't. Stefen scoffed.

"Do you know where we are at?" he asked. I didn't hear anyone for miles.

"Of course", I said running straight till we hit a road. "FOUND IT", I exclaimed. I looked at it to see Caroline, Klaus, and Rebecca sitting there.

"What took so long?" Rebecca smirked.

"Had to stop for a bite. Figured you would be here for a few decades", I answered.

"Kol! We've been here for a hour", Rebecca laughed.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to them. "Whatever", I muttered under my breathe and we walked up to the door. "How does this work anyway? We walk in? Knock?" I asked.

Caroline pushed the door open and walked in, "Guess the owner is dead". she said. I walked in after Klaus and Rebecca with Stefen behind me.

"This place is weird looking. I never remembered houses like this a thousand years ago", I answered.

"Might have been because you were stuck in a casket for more then haft your life", Stefen joked. I ran and grabbed a armrest off a chair and stabbed him in the stomach. He fell to the floor in pain for a minute then pulled it out. "And you think your mature", he grunted. I rolled my eyes and went up the stair case, Then the front door slammed shut, causing Rebecca, and Caroline to jump. I ran to the door and tried to knock it down. The door knocked off but I couldn't walk out. What the fuck? I tried to run through it again NOTHING.

"What the HELL?" I screamed trying to get out again. Klaus ran over and tried to walk out.

"Why can't we Leave? There is NO door", I exclaimed.

"A witch probably spelled this place", Klaus answered as Caroline and Rebecca walked over to us.

"So we're stuck here?" Caroline exclaimed.

"We are going to STARVE!" I exclaimed.

"Why are you so worried you did just eat Nik, Caroline, and I haven't ate today", Rebecca complained.

"Right", I said then ran to look for more doors to get out there has to be some way out!