Intro- I've decided to redo this entire story, because of plot errors, and mistakes in grammar. Hopefully, this version will turn out a lot better.

Chapter 1

"Come on Doc, are you absolutely sure that you want to do this?" asked Marty Mcfly, a young teenage boy who had befriended the scientist Dr. Emmitt L. Brown, who had discovered the secret of time travel, "The first Delorian was destroyed by that train, why did you go and build another time machine?"

"Because, Marty, I wanted to explore the unknown..." Dr. Brown replied with a big smile on his face, "I'm going to see what the Earth will be like in the FAR future, say, oh, two million years down the road from now.."

"What, are you crazy or something, Doc?" Marty gasped, "Two million years? Do you think humans will even be around by then?"

"That's what I intend to find out.." nodded the scientist, as he opened the door of the new Delorian time machine. "Besides, Clara, Jules and Verne are on a trip themselves to the Grand Canyon, by the time they get back in a week, I'll have already come back from the future... or should I say, WE, Marty.."

"Oh, no!" exclaimed the teen, "I have a date with Jennifer this afternoon, I'm not going on a trip with you two million years into the future.."

"Again, you're not thinking fourth-dimentionally.." said Doc Brown, "The two of us will simply return to this very time and date, after we take a look at our planet's distant future.. or are you too scared, hmmm?"

"What, who, me, scared?" Marty huffed, "Alright, that does it, I'll go with you just to prove to you that I can face the unknown just like you, Doc.."

"That's the spirit!" the scientist exclaimed, as the teenager got into the passenger seat of the Delorian, "I must tell you though that I'm not exactly certain that the Delorian will be able to go that far into the future, Marty.."

"Huh, w-what do you mean.." he gulped.

"The time circuits could fry, and we might be sent into a black hole instead.." shrugged Dr. Brown, not looking at the horrified expression on his companion's face.

"Wait, on second thought, let me out of here!" Marty gasped, "AHHHHHHHHHH!"

Suddenly, the Delorian took off, and Dr. Brown excellerated it to 88 miles per hour. Marty closed his eyes tight in fear, not wanting to see the black hole that might engulf them if the circuits failed. But just a few moments later, the teenager opened his eyes very slowly when Doc shouted, "Eureka, it worked, according to the time vehicles coordinates, we're now in the year of two million A.D.!"

"We... are?" Marty replied, looking out the window, "Huh, but check it out doc, the sky is green instead of blue, what do you suppose could have happened?"

"I'm not entirely certain.." said Emmitt, "But it could be the result of fallout caused by a nuclear war. But the vehicles' sensors say that the air is quite breathable. Besides which, take a look straight ahead, isn't that a large city in the distance?"

"Oh yeah, cool!" exclaimed the teen, "So there are still people living on Earth! Say, maybe time travel is common now, so why don't we land in the city, and check out the sites!"

"Your supposition may be correct, but just in case, we'll set the Delorian down in an inconspicuous place.. like that junkyard right below us.."

Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong were sitting in their garage after a long day of fixing cars. As usual, Chance was laughing his head off as a Scardy Kat marathon was playing on T.V. Jake could only roll his eyes, as he got up to retrieve two cans of milk from the fridge.

"Buddy, aren't a little old to be watching that stuff?" he sighed. "You've seen these episodes twenty times already!"

"Sorry bud, I just can't help it.." snickered Chance, "Hey look, watch as Scardy opens the door.."

"Uh, no thanks.." sighed Jake, as he walked into the kitchen. He was just about to open the fridge, when a peculiar sound, much like a jet engine, caught his ears. Glancing out the window, Jake gasped in astonishment, as he saw what looked like a flying car landing in the yard!

"Holy Kats!" he exclaimed. Quickly, he went back into the living room, and before Chance could react, Jake picked up the remote, and turned off the television.

"Hey, what the crud did you do that for?" growled his friend. "I know you don't like Scardy kat, but.."

"No offense, but this is a lot more important than a cartoon!" Jake said, "We've got company!"

"Oh, who, Ms. Briggs?" grinned Chance, "Did you see her car pull into the yard?"

"No, but somebody ELSE is here, and they just landed in a FLYING car!" Jake exclaimed.

"What?", Chance replied, "Are you pulling my tail, buddy? I've heard of a flying car, but it's experimental. Pumadyne developed it last year, but they haven't tested it yet!"

"Well, apparently they have, because it just landed in the yard, only 100 feet from the garage!"Jake said, "Come on, I want to see the nutcase of a kat who decided to pick our place to test it!"

Making their way outside, Jake and Chance slowly approached the futuristic-looking vehicle, which suddenly made a hissing sound, as cold steam blew out the back tailpipe. This caused the kat mechanics to jump back a few feet, and take refuge behind one of the junked cars.

"Kats alive, what a contraption!" exclaimed Chance, "Come on, let's see what the driver is up to..."

He and Jake were just about to walk up to the vehicle, but then the side doors suddenly opened... but instead of a kat getting out of it, something ELSE did, followed by another one. Jake and Chance quickly hid behind the junked car again, as the two obviously alien visitors looked around at the scenery. The kat mechanics kept as quiet as possible as they listened to the aliens speaking to each other.

"Woah, what a trip that was, doc!" Marty exclaimed, "I can't wait to get back and tell Jennifer about this place!"

"Well Marty, we've only been here for five minutes, so what do you say we do some exploring?" smiled Emmitt, "Perhaps we could ask the ones who operate this facility where the good places to eat are, and so on.."

"I wonder what kind of video games they have?", Marty pondered, as they walked in Jake and Chance's direction. Realizing that they had nowhere else to hide, the two mechanics looked at each other for a moment, and then nodding their heads, they stepped out from behind their hiding place.

"What the.." Doc Brown said, "GREAT SCOTT!"

"HOLY..." Marty gulped, "RUN Doc!"

As the two aliens began to flee in the opposite direction, Jake yelled, "Hey, wait, don't be afraid, we're not gonna hurt you!"

Chasing after them, the kat mechanics, who were obviously much faster than Doc and Marty, quickly passed the aliens, and stood in front of the flying car so they wouldn't try to escape. Jake and Chance had no idea what these furless creatures were, but they would find out soon enough. Doc and Marty gulped, as they saw the giant cats standing right in front of the Delorian. All they could do was stand still in fright, as one of the creatures muttered, "Going somewhere?"

"Y-Yeah, back to where we were before!" exclaimed Marty, "Away from you freaks!"

"Who, us?" laughed Jake. "You're the alien freaks to us pal, what are you doing on our planet, huh?"

"Actually, this is our planet, too!" said Doc Brown, who suddenly realized something, "Marty, this is unbelievable! In two million years, the human race won't exist anymore, but the feline population will evolve into an intelligent species!"

With those words, Dr. Emmitt Brown, overcome with astonishment, fainted on the spot.