Chapter 7

"Destroy them!", Dark Kat growled to his ninjas, "Except for the SWAT Kat, I wan't to take care of him PERSONALLY!"

"Take cover!" exclaimed Commander Feral, as the ninjas started to fire their weapons at the group, including Marty and Doc Brown. Einstein started to bark at the kat ninjas, but Doc quickly grabbed onto his leash and pulled him into the next room. Razor used the protection of a turned over desk to protect himself while firing back at Dark Kat, while Feral and his troops were engaging the ninja kats. Luckily, even though Feral and his soldiers were outnumbered 2 to 1, they were much better shooters than Dk's minions. After about fifteen minutes, about half of the ninjas had been roasted by laser fire, while only a few of Feral's troops had suffered the same fate. Commander Feral exclaimed, "Keep it up, we've got them reeling!"

As the Enforcer leader and his cohorts forced the remaining ninjas into the back of the facility, Razor continued his confrontation with Dark Kat. His glovatrix was running out of ammunition, and he clearly wished that his partner would show up soon.

"Come on T-bone, where are you when I need you?" he grumbled, as he ducked yet again as a laser blast went over his head.

"Give it up SWAT Kat, I've got you pinned down, and there's nowhere you can run!" Dark Kat exclaimed. From his vantagepoint in the other room, Doc Brown watched as his kat friend was fighting the mega criminal, and not making much progress.

"Damn, I wish I still had my scope rifle from the old west!" said the scientist.

"How about this thing Doc, will it do?" smiled Marty, as he gave the object to Emmitt. Doc Brown stared at the device, which appeared to be another glovatrix!

"Marty.." sighed Doc, "Did you steal this from the SWAT Kats hangar?"

"Well, no, I just sort of borrowed it.." shrugged the teenager, "Just in case of an emergency, which appears to be right now, don't you think so?"

"Yes, but if we do manage to get out of here ALIVE, you are going to give this back to Razor and T-bone, and apologize to them!" replied doc, as he attached the glovatrix to his forearm. "Hmm, now all I have to do is figure out how to operate it.."

Glancing over at Razor, Doc brown watched as Razor, with a flick of his wrist, was able to fire a barrage of what appeared to be cement slugs at Dark Kat, but the Omega was using a shield he had made of a metal alloy to block the projectiles.

"Hah, so that's how it's done!" said Emmitt, grinning from ear to ear. The scientist took aim, and pointing the glovatrix directly at Dark Kat's head, he fired. The Mega Criminal had been paying attention to Razor, so he had absolutely no idea that someone else had him in his sights. So when the cement slug hit him directly in the forehead, Dark Kat was taken completely by surprise. The force of the impact was so great, that it knocked the Omega off his feet, and he landed with a huge thud on the floor.

"What the...!" gasped Razor, who quickly spun around, and saw Emmitt blowing the end of the glovatrix in satisfaction.

"Oh yeah, nice shot Doc!" exclaimed Marty, as he ran over the the unconscious omega, "Just like you did to Biff in the alternate 1985 with the door of the time machine, you knocked that sucker out cold!"

"It's all in the wrist, my boy.." said the scientist, who had a big smirk on his face. "You alright Razor?"

"Yes, thank you, you saved my nine lives Doctor Brown.."said the stunned SWAT Kat, as he took the glovatrix from the human scientist, "I had no idea you were such a good shot.."

"I have had some practice, I'll admit that.." Emmitt shrugged, "But I'm still upset that Marty took the device from your hangar without your permission. Marty, what do you have to say to our kat friend, hmm? Come on, apologize!"

"Sorry, Razor.." muttered the human teen.

"Hey, that's alright, it came in handy, didn't it?" grinned the SWAT Kat. Just then, as if on cue, T-bone came into the facility with Lieutenant Felina Feral. Staring at the unconscious torso of Dark Kat, Razor's partner gasped, "Gees, what the crud happened, buddy? Sorry we couldn't get here quick enough, but DarK Kat's force field was impenetrable! But then we found that hole in the ground which went underneath it!"

"It's all Doc Brown and Marty's doing.." smiled Razor. "Emmitt used one of my spare glovatrixes to flatten that creep!"

"Hey, don't forget Einstein, he was the one that started to dig the hole before the Enforcers took over, right boy?" said Marty.

"Ruff Ruff!" answered the sheep dog, as Commander Feral and his troops came into the room. Whatever kat ninjas that hadn't been killed by laser fire were being led out of the facility in handcuffs.

"But what about the bomb?", exclaimed Emmitt in concern.

"Have no fear, we're dismantling it.." replied a very relieved Dr. Lieter Greenbox, who came up to both SWAT Kats, and shook their paws. "Razor, T-bone, thank you again for your help, you've saved us and the city from that diabolical omega yet again.."

"You should thank our human friend here, Doctor Brown, he was the one who knocked Dark Kat out.." answered Razor, pointing at Emmitt, who blushed a bit.

"Think nothing of it, I was glad to help.." he smiled.

"Nothing, oh I think not! If you hadn't done what you did, we would still be making that megabomb for Dark Kat.." said DR. Greenbox, "So, if there's anything that you want in return, just name it..."

"Well.." said Doc, "Marty and I were originally coming here to ask for a supply of plutonium to fuel our spaceship, which is parked just outside. It can still fly, but we need the plutonium to break through the boundaries of this galaxy, and return to our homeworld.."

"Amazing.." smiled the kat scientist, "I knew aliens existed after those giant Cikatia, and the Spce pirates invaded our planet, but I'm so glad that there are peaceful aliens too. So of course, you can take as much plutonium as you want.."

"Just a small amount, three or four cases is enough.." replied the doc, "Then, we will be on our way SWAT Kats, Marty is very eager to get home and have his date with Jennifer.."

"Hey, good luck kid, it was cool to meet you and doc!"T-bone said, patting Marty's shoulder.

"You too guys!" smiled the human teen, "And do me a favor, ask Ms. Briggs out the next time you see her, maybe she will say yes.."

"Yeah buddy, how about it?" grinned Razor.

"Oh, alright, just take that big smirk off your face.."T-bone growled, as they walked to the back of the facility to help Doc and Marty retrieve the plutonium. However, they had no idea that by this time, Dark Kat had come out of unconsciousness...but the Omega had kept his eyes closed, so as not to alert his enemies. There was nothing that he could do to get his revenge now, because the Enforcers had tied up both his arms and legs with thick rope. But after hearing just who had caused him to be knocked out, the Omega thought to himself, "Accursed alien creatures, I don't care how long it takes me, once I break out of prison, I will find out where they come from, and destroy them!"

End, Part One.
Part Two coming soon!