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"I wish you wouldn't do this to us."

"Live a little Ver." Her sister replied with her usual perky grin.

Currently the two sisters were stuck up in a tree, well one was anyways; the younger sister, the one who had got her older sister into this mess, was currently smiling up at her from a lower branch.

"I didn't think you could climb down." Verra scowled down at her sister who just shook her head in reply, "These ventures of yours are getting ridiculous."

"I do stuff like this all the time." Her sister said, "You should know better, really."

"I was being a good sister Rece, and getting your ass out of this tree." Verra replied tartly, "I didn't think you could get down."

Rece frowned, then smiled, "Want me to get a ladder? Or maybe Seoul?"

"Hardy har har." Verra rolled her eyes. Rece liked to pick on her, because of her crush on a local boy, a tall dark haired man named Seoul, who lived in the next village. Verra didn't want him to see her in this state; playing damsel in distress was not an optional icebreaker. Luckily Rece knew that she would kill her for doing such a thing, and climbed up after her.

"I'm coming up!"

"Just hurry." Verra sighed, "I think my foot is falling asleep."

When both of their feet touched the ground, Verra let out a whoosh of breath in relief. She hated heights, but knew her mother would kill her if something happened to her sister. Verra was also a bit over protective, she was the older sibling after all, and held the most responsibility in the family, besides mother of course.

Rece looked up at the wide leafy green canopies above them and sighed happily. She just loved the forest; it was one of her favorite places to be. One of her top hobbies was bird watching, she had already discovered twelve new species, but no one in the village was willing to climb after her, everyone was always busy.

"You get your adventurous spirit from your father." Her mother had told her one night, after scolding her for coming home late, "He would have been overjoyed to know you are just like he was at your age."

Father had died when Rece was a four, Verra was seven at the time, and even at that age was still the older sister. Rece could still remember Verra leading her around the meadows, always telling her to be wary of jungle beasts and creepy things that crawled.

"No time for day dreaming." Verra snapped her out of her musing, and Rece looked at her.

"Why not?" Rece asked her, "It's not like there is anything else to do."

"How about work? There is much you can do to help out."

"Like what? Pull water from the well? Move things around? Lift stuff that's as heavy as two of me." Rece made a face, "No thank you."

Verra shook her head and continued walking through the trees, Rece following after once she realized she was being left behind. The younger girl walked faster to keep up with her long legged sister, "Hey Verra." She started as they walked, "Want to go swimming with me later? I'll show you where to find shells."

Verra sighed, "Rece I don't have time to play games with you, I have to help mother with the house, and help Trestle carry in pots."

"You mean the old lady who gives me the stink eye every time I walk by?" Rece wrinkled her nose in remembrance.

"She does that to everyone." Verra stepped over a log, Rece hopping over it.

"No, she gives me special treatment." Rece popped in front of her sister suddenly, and scrunched up her face, trying to bug out her eyes and glare at the same time. Verra couldn't help herself, and laughed at the silly face her sister gave her.

"Okay Trestle, no sister of mine." Verra smiled, "Time to go home and help your non mother with sweeping."



Serenna turned as the wood door creaked open, "Verra. Rece. Where have you two been?"

"Verra got stuck up in a tree." Rece snickered, earning a glare from Verra.

"Not true." Verra snorted, "I was only resting."

"Yeah right." Rece laughed.

Serenna shook her head, and gave the girls a stern look, hiding a smile, "Okay you two, start carrying these dishes out. Yanou is having a fest tonight, his daughter is going to be with child."

"Willow?" Rece blinked, "She's showing? I didn't know she was even planning that."

Verra rolled her eyes, "People don't plan it, things like that just happen. You'll find out when you're older."

"I'm fifteen." Rece retorted, "I'm no child."

"Your very immature." Verra said, "it's not age as much as maturity where you are lacking."

"Mother!" Rece complained, "Verra's criticizing me."

Serenna groaned and left the room, "Dishes. Now. Don't forget the stew." She called over her shoulder as she went.

Rece quickly reached for the lightest dish, the one with the vegetables, Verra rolling her eyes as her sister ran out of the room.


"My daughter." Yanou took Willow's hand and led her out near the crackling fire. Everyone smiled at her as she went, Rece waving slightly with her hand.

Yanou turned to gaze at everyone, a rich smile on his old tanned face, "Willow has been blessed by the earth with a child. Soon we will have another face in this village, another part of our great family."

After the village head finished his speech, everyone stood up and sang a song of growing and life to Willow, who flushed at the attention, a hand rubbing her newly swelled belly. Afterwards everyone sat down and wooden bowls were passed around with food.

"I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl." Rece wondered as she scooped a helping of nut mash, a local dessert, into her bowl.

"We won't know until it comes out." Verra said after swallowing.

When Rece finished up her meal she sat the bowl aside and watched the flickering fire. It was beautiful and warm, little figures dancing in its waves of orange and red, occasionally a blue flicker appearing. The girl loved nature; fire was no exception to this. Though it could destroy, fire was an alluring and mysterious thing, and there was nothing the girl liked better than that mystery. The forest was of the same nature, a mysterious part of the world that seemed to have its own personality.

"I wonder what trees would say if they could talk." Rece wondered aloud.

"That's a silly question." Verra scoffed, "Where did that come from?"

"I'm not sure." Rece sighed, brushing back a strand of her brown hair, "I guess I'm just tired. I think of strange things when I'm tired."

"That's oddly unusual for you." Verra frowned, "Are you feeling sick?" In no time the girl's hand was on Rece's forehead, searching for signs of a fever. Rece pushed her hand away, an annoyed look on her face.

"I'm not sick Verra!"

"Okay." Verra said, "But if you feel weird or anything, just let me or mother know."

"Fine." Rece sighed and stood up, "I'm going to head to home now. I'm ready to sleep."

"Goodnight." Verra said and watched her sister walk away. She narrowed her eyes when she noticed the girl had a bit of a skip in her step. Hmm…


Rece grinned openly as she stepped through the thicket and entered the forest, rivers of moonlight leaking through the branches, dappling the ground in spots of silver. It had been too easy to lose Verra. She had planned it all day, and the last minute festivities had made everything smoother than expected. Now she was free to explore the new part of the forest she had found a week back.

The girl started through the trees, oblivious to the eyes watching her as she went. When Rece had disappeared into the darkness, Verra stepped out of the shadows, an irritated look on her face. She should have known that the girl would pull something like this. Question is, what exactly was Rece up to?

Only one way to find out, Verra thought as she followed after her sister.


She stepped up to the formation, and placed a hand on its cold surface. Rece had found this place by accident, after making some wild hogs angry, and being chased. When ended up climbing up one of the stone pedestals, waiting there until the pigs had left. Then she had started exploring. This place was in the grip of the forest, parts buried under thick foliage and interlocking vines. Beautiful faded black stone shone in the moonlight, and Rece sighed as she ran a hand over its surface. Even with obvious aging, the stone was still new looking, some spots cool and smooth, little to no cracking.

With a smile the girl grabbed onto a jutting out piece of one stonewall, and hauled herself up, helping herself to the top by resting her foot in a broken part of it. When she was sitting comfortably at the top of the stone wall, she peered down into the darkness before her. It appeared to look like some sort of roof had caved in long ago; the wall to her right was in pieces, only the wall she was on and the other two still standing. Maybe this place was attacked long ago? Possibly even one of the flying rocks had hit it.

Rece remembered the last time the huge rocks had rained down from the heavens and shivered, it had been a terrible thing. People had died…she felt sad for the people who used to live here if they had been through such a thing. They were rare, but when they did hit, the rock storms were deadly.

"I wonder what sort of story you can tell." Rece whispered as she stared down into the darkness.


The girl turned her head, her green eyes wide in surprise, "Verra?"

Verra's brown eyes regarded her with annoyance clear in them, "Sleeping huh? Liar."

Rece looked away, "Sorry, okay? I just wanted some privacy."

"Privacy? Why didn't you ask?" Verra sighed.

"Yeah right!" Rece snorted, "You never leave me alone. You act like I'm some sort of child. I'm not an idiot you know!"

"Really? I guess I should stop making assumptions." Verra shot back.

"Leave me alone!" Rece suddenly turned on the wall's top edging and jumped down into the dark pit of the building.

"Rece!" Verra yelped, and quickly moved to climb the wall. What if she fell on something sharp and hurt herself? There could be a nest of snakes down there for all she knew! When she reached the top, Verra did what a good sister, would do…she jumped in after her. Screaming as she fell a lot farther than she intended.


"Ow." Rece groaned as she sat up off the ground. She was in a dark place, very cold, and surprisingly damp. Was there water nearby?

She heard a yell from above and without warning she felt someone crash into her, hard. Rece screamed in fear and pain, and jumped to her feet, a sharp pain in her right arm.

"Verra!" Rece yelled when she saw who had landed on her.

"Help me up." Verra grimaced, "Please. Now!"

Rece did so and the girl's both brushed themselves off. They looked around, the only light shining from the gaping hole far above them.

"Oh no!" Verra cried, "We're trapped!"

"Don't worry!" Rece said quickly, "I'm sure there is a way out."

Verra glared her sister's barely lit up form in the darkness, "Yeah right! Ugh, I knew you would be the end of me one day. You're so damn irresponsible!"

"Shut up!" Rece shouted back, "It's your fault for following me! I wouldn't have jumped if you hadn't been there."

"Oh Rece!" Verra groaned, "Why did you have to jump?"

"Why did you have to jump after me?"

"Because I care!" Verra screamed, and Rece grew quiet.

After awhile Rece felt a hand on her arm, "Rece, I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm acting like the child."

"There you go again." Rece said angrily, "The 'child' thing."

"I'm sorry, alright?" Verra moaned, "Can we just look for a way out of here, please?"

"Fine." Rece mumbled and began moving.

"Rece, let me lead, you might fall into a hole or something!" Verra yelped as she started in the direction of her footsteps. She reached out a hand and grabbed onto Rece's lower arm, "Let's hold hands so we don't lose each other."


Somehow after walking for a while the two girl's found themselves in a long corridor, and for some reason they found they could see. The whole area was lit up in a dim but usable blue light, an eerie mist layering the ground.

Rece shivered as a strong chill ran up her spine, "What is this place?"

"I'm not sure." Verra frowned as they walked, running a hand down the wall as she passed, tracing the weird swirling designs with her finger. This place was decorated with odd pictures, of horrifying creatures, of odd shaped birds, and strange patterns, sharp but oddly beautiful.

Soon the hall widened into a large room, both sisters gasped in unison when they saw what awaited them in this room.

"W-what…is that?" Rece said, almost breathless, eyes wide in wonder.

"It's…so beautiful." Verra said softly.

In front of them, surrounded by raised curved parts of the wall, was a light. It was round in shape, and it flowed with different streams of blue color. A silver splash of color spun about at its center.

Suddenly Rece stepped forward, past her sister, her hand rose out in front of her, "I wonder what this thing is. It looks like water." She began walking towards it.

"Rece!" Verra's voice rose in panic, she walked fast after her sister, "Don't touch it! It could hurt you!"

Her sister only moved faster, a smile one her face, she could see it…so close in front of her. Soon she was close enough to feel the strange pull it emitted, and reached her hand out.

"No!" Verra yelled and moved forward. Rece turned to say something but right when she met her sister's eyes they were both enveloped into a flash of light.

When the light faded, no one was standing in the room, and the strange light had faded away, only a black mark in the wall showing where it once was.

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