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The large room was almost cavernous in size, torches lining the stony walls. At the very end of this room was a throne. The throne was a unique thing, created by the forms of skulls; different shapes and sizes, from different creatures. Some were a snow-white color, clean and smooth, whilst others were dark and cracked with age. Sitting atop this appalling throne, was an even more despicable image, a monster with a past of murder and mayhem.

"Let him enter." The sitter on the throne smiled with his mouth full of razor sharp teeth, wide set like a sharks. Reptilian in appearance, he had a body of dark green, large scales plated across his form. He wore no clothing, only silver cuffs on his arms, and plates across his shoulders. A bronze belt was wrapped around his waist, a human skull at its center.

A tall shadow entered the room and the great door creaked open loudly as well to announce his presence. The creature who walked towards the one on the throne was also a reptilian looking beast, but this one wore a few articles of clothing, not excluding his armor and the cape at his back. Long bits of cloth hung from his wrists and spikes adorned parts of his amour. He was also smaller than the other, more lanky in stature then bulk.

"You wanted to speak with me?" The monster on the throne stared at the creature who had just entered, red eyes glowing softly in the shadows, "On what matter? You best not be wasting my time Tyrannus."

The creature who entered smiled grimly, "I'll try not to Karuk, just hear what I have to say. I have been in the shadows for a while, as you know. It has been hard but eventually I have gathered my forces below ground."

"Get to the point." Karuk said.

"I propose an alliance." Tyrannus smiled unpleasantly, but to the other creature it held no malice. They had other ways of showing their emotions.

"On what grounds?" Karuk snapped a piece of the armrest of his throne and crunched it under his jaws.

"On the grounds that we will succeed and not fail as we have in the past."

"Fail? It was the bugs that failed." Karuk snorted loudly, spitting out a chunk of bone in the process, "We were only a distraction. They were supposed to destroy the human."

"You failed in a partnership with the Primagen." Tyrannus leaned against the wall, the torch nearby, casting long fingers of light across his form, "You would have destroyed us all in the process. Your loss was an early one."

Karuk spat on the ground, "We were misled." He growled, "He promised us the world. He didn't say anything about blowing the whole damn thing up."

"We are all misled once in awhile, this is not what we are here to talk about. Today we talk about the positive effect our alliance would have for the two of us."

"Have you been musing again?" Karuk grinned with his teeth, "I don't have the time. Much too busy enjoying the life…as much of a life you can get being hundreds of feet under the crust. We haven't had a good killing in quite a while, my men are getting out of shape."

"That is why I have come to you. In the war against the senate I had lost most of my men. The Sleg are at a disadvantage on the amount of troops we have. Technology is at its peak, but we need soldiers." Tyrannus stepped up to the throne, "The Endtrail are still rich in population. If we combine our forces, our resources and the like, we will be an unstoppable force."

"I like the idea." Karuk cracked another bone shard between his jaws, chewing noisily, "Haven't had a good war in awhile now…only a few between the humans. Stupid creatures even attack their own; they deserve to be slaughtered like livestock."

"We can get vengeance." Tyrannus suggested, "Together we can wipe them clean from this world… and from the universe."

"Yes." Karuk looked pleased at the thought, ceasing in his noisy chewing, "I like the image."

"My Dinosoids and your Sleg." Karuk grinned, "Brothers reunited in battle."

Tyrannus smiled with his teeth, eyes flashing in the torch light, "Exactly. All together for the final reckoning."

"And the fall of the human race."


The first thing she felt when she woke up was the warmth of sunshine on her face. Verra moaned softly and sat up slowly, running her hands through her tangled hair.

It was a small brightly lit room, the area lit up by the sunlight streaming in from the wide set window. She was sitting on a bed made of soft tan clothes, a darker brown heavy sheet over the top of her legs. With a yawn she kicked the blankets off her legs and stood up.

Verra was more than confused. She remembered everything…the mysterious light, the sudden flash…. then nothing. Where was she? And most importantly…where was Rece?

Mother will kill me if something happens to her!

Quickly the girl opened the wooden door of the room and started down the hall, glancing around her warily for any movements. She did not know these people; it was not wise to be comfortable in a strange place. They might have brought her here safely, but they could have other plans.

Verra almost had a heart attack when a woman suddenly stepped out in front of her. She quickly stepped back, her eyes wide.

"You're awake." The woman was tall, about seven feet, the size of the men in Verra's village. All the woman back home were relatively the same size, none ever equaled the size of the males. Another unique thing about this person was her hair. It was in tight cornrows, the top a faded blue grey, and the bottom a striking silver. A long wavy black braid fell past her shoulders. Light milky blue eyes stared at her curiously.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Verra asked.

"I am Laris." The woman said kindly, "We are in my home, on the outskirt's of the Lucerne Forest."

"Lucerne Forest?" Verra frowned, "Did you name it that? We've never called the forest anything."

Laris gave her a curious look, "The forest has been called so for a very long time now. Where is it that you are from?"

"Soma village." Verra told her, "Off Jacui Lake."

The woman slowly shook her head, "I'm sorry, but these names are unfamiliar to me."

"Have you seen my sister?" Verra changed the subject. She could find out where they were later, now she had to find out where Rece was.

"An inch shorter than you?" Lari smiled, "Long brown hair? Leaf green eyes? Wearing a brown tunic?"

"Yes! That's her." Verra sighed in relief, "Where is she?"

"Downstairs with my son. She is quite the talkative girl." The woman laughed, "She'll be happy to know you're awake."

"I don't know about that." Verra mumbled as she followed the woman downstairs.

"Verra!" Rece smiled when she saw her sister enter after Laris, "Come meet Janil! He's a warrior."

Laris gave the young man sitting at the table a raised eyebrow, which he returned with a wide grin.

Unlike the woman, this man's hair was a shaggy mess down to his shoulders, in rich brown-red curls. Solid eyebrows over eyes like grey stone. He was a handsome man, with defined muscles under his thin white shirt, a cloak of grey hanging off one shoulder, and across the chair he was sitting at.

"You must be Verra." Janil nodded at her, "Rece has told me all about you. Quite the party crasher am I right?"

Verra's face reddened, "No, I'm just looking out for my sister. She's an overgrown child."

"Am not." Rece stuck out her tongue.


"Shut up!"

"Girls!" Laris's commanding tone shut both of them up and Verra sighed.

"Forgive me Laris, I don't want to argue with my brat sister in your home. She's just so infuriating"

"Understandable." Laris said. Rece made a pouty face. "My son is the same way."

"Mother, I am a man." Janil said, an annoyed look on his face, "Stop treating me like a child."

"We have so much in common." Rece said, but Janil only ignored her, getting up from the table and leaving the room in a huff. Rece felt dejected, and just stared down at the wooden tabletop in front of her.

"He's just mad at me." Laris sat at the table, "I won't let him join the units fighting."

"Fighting?" Verra frowned, "What do you mean? Is there a war going on?"

Laris sighed heavily, forehead creasing, "I'm afraid there's always something like that going on. Galyanna is a pit for trouble."

"Galyanna." Rece said, "Is that where we are?"

Laris gave her a small smile, "Yes Rece."

"What is the war about?" Verra asked, "Is it nearby? We won't be attacked will we?" Verra felt her heart race in her chest at the thought. She had heard horrible stories about the old wars on her world, of the death and the hatred….and what the soldiers had done to the woman and children.

"I hope not." Laris said, a grave look on her face, "In which case we would have to flee as far as we can. This would be just as dangerous, we have raptors in these forests"

"Raptors?" Verra frowned, "What are they?"

Laris looked at her for a long moment, than stood up, "Follow me to my room, I have something to show you both."


"T-that is one big lizard." Rece stared down at the page, at the drawing in the book of the creature Laris called a raptor.

"By the earth! That thing is huge." Verra looked at the old drawing with a look of horror on her face. Not only were they in a strange place where some sort of war was going on, but now they find that there are monstrous creatures living in the woods all around them.

"Your world sounds like a safer place." Laris said softly, "Your people are fortunate they don't have to live here. This world is beautiful but also very dangerous."

"We have to get home." Verra closed the book, "Can you show us where we were found?"

"I'm afraid it won't help you." Laris said, "You were lying in the middle of a clearing of runes in the forest, the portal nearby had already closed. Once these old portal's close, it is hard to reactivate them."

"Portal?" Rece wondered aloud.

Laris took a seat on her bed, "A portal is a sort of door between dimensions. It is like a vortex of light in appearance, varied colors."

"So when Rece touched it." Verra closed her eyes, "We were taken here."

Rece looked away, "I didn't know this would happen."

"It's alright." Verra sighed, "You didn't know. It isn't your fault." You still should have listened; maybe then we wouldn't be in this predicament. Of course she did not voice her true feelings, she knew it was not the time to be rough on her sister.

"How did you find us?" Rece asked suddenly, "When will the portal return?"

"I had a feeling." Laris touched her chest, "I am very intuitive, I can sense when odd happenings are nearby; the portal may never return…they are uncertain things."

"Never?" Verra was stricken. In both shock and sorrow. There was a very real chance that they might never return home. Mother…her friends; Seoul…Verra was heartsick at the thought.

Rece felt tears bite at her eyes. She was just now feeling the guilt, and the realization of what she had just done hit her. It was her fault they were here. Her fault that they might never get home, "Oh Verra!" Rece wailed, throwing her arms around the still girl, "I'm so sorry."

Laris watched with a pitying look as the younger sister cried in Verra's arms, who held on tight, a look of both sadness and determination on her face. She would make things right. Verra could not, and would not fail her baby sister. She would find a way to get them home even if it killed her, in which Rece would be home safe in the least.

Suddenly the door flew open and Janil stood there, his chest heaving with every deep breath he took, an excited and panicked look in his eyes, "Mother! There is a fire at Darken, I just received message!"

Laris stood up quickly, "Pack my supplies and any containers we have."

"I can help if you need me." Verra stood up.

"Don't leave me Ver." Rece pleaded, eyes wet with tears, "I feel ill."

"Stay with your sister." Laris said, meeting Verra's eyes, "She needs your support now."

When they had left the room, leaving the two girls alone, Verra laid down on Lari's bed, her head resting on a pillow. She was not tired, just depressed. When she felt bad the only thing that really made her feel better was resting. Rece sat nearby at a desk, the book laying closed in front of her.

There was a long silence, for a few minutes, then, "Verra?"

"Yes Rece?"

"Do you think mother is worried?" Rece asked in a hushed voice.

"Most likely." Verra said, burying her face into the pillow.

Rece grew quiet then stood up, "I'm going back to my room to lay down. I'm feeling tired."

Verra sat up on the bed, "Alright, but if you need me, don't be afraid to wake me up. I think I need a rest too."

Rece nodded and hesitated at the door, hand on the knob, "Verra?"


"I-I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted." Verra said wearily, "Now go lie down."

When Rece had left, Verra wrapped herself up in a sheet and curled up against the headboard, tears falling down her cheeks. I know I'm the older sister. I know it is my duty to protect and watch over Rece…but this will be harder than before. There is so much at stake; we could die on this world. I could easily lose Rece to one of those monsters. Mother…I wish you were here. You always know what to do in bad situations like these.

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