Earth Day

E/O Drabble challenge, word: remote.

Summary: At the end of a long day there's always one last battle to win…

A/N: I bet some of you know what kind of tricks it takes when it comes to this most essential gadget :-)


Dean flops onto his bed with a deep sigh, taking a gulp of cold beer and a glance at the TV screen.

Images of dead fish and sea eagles alternate with pictures of plastic bottles and bags.

"Dude, gimme the remote."

"Dean, it's about Earth Day and all the crap poisoning our environment. It wouldn't hurt you to watch a documentary from time to time."

"And it wouldn't hurt you to act remotely like a man for a change."

"You mean like burping contests or assigning marks for boobs?"

"For starters…"

He dodges a crumpled pillow, chuckling.

Bye-bye documentary.

A/N2: Sorry, I simply can't imagine Dean caring for that kind of problems, he has enough to do with keeping us safe from monsters and demons. But perhaps everyone of us should care a bit, right? (End of lecture - promise ;-)