At the moment Clary was lying in her bed fast asleep until…

"CLARY!" Jonathan, her brother opened the door to her room and walked next her bed. He gently nudged Clary's shoulder to wake her but Clary didn't even move.

"Clary, come on you have half an hour to get ready." Clary rolled over to face her brother. However her eyes were still closed.

"I don't want to go to school. I will just lay her and sleep the whole day and miss my first day of school."

"Hi it won't be that bad you are lucky that you skipped a grade and now you will be in the same like me."

"You're right." With that Clary jumped out of her bed. "I'll take a shower, get dressed and we can drive together to school."

"I have to pick up some friends so either you are ready in 10 minutes or you have to drive by yourself. " Jon replied.

"Great, then I'm driving by myself and meet you there." She walked to her new bathroom when Jon called.

"I would hurry up if I were you. You have twenty minutes to drive to school."

Quickly, Clary jumped in the shower and washed her hair. After that she used her Coconut Shimmer Body Butter and rubbed it on her legs so that they would shimmer in the sun. Putting on her bra and panties she went to her closed to decide on what to wear. She chose jeans shorts and a white tank top which showed off her curves. The day before, she had painted her nails in crimson which matched her hair color. Then, to complete her outfit she put on some crystal hoop earrings and applied mascara. (Outfit in my profile) She didn't need to put on makeup due to the fact that she has a clean skin. Thus, Clary went downstairs to be greeted by her mother, Jocelyn making pancakes.

"Good morning, honey."

"Morning." Jocelyn set a plate of pancakes in front of her and glass of milk. "Jon is already gone. "

"I know he told me." Clary told her mom.

"But I guess he didn't tell you that I have a surprise for you."

Clary choked on her milk. "What? A surprise? For me?" "I know that the past years weren't that easy for you living with your father and so… so after your accident I told you that you aren't allowed to drive your old bike because it wouldn't be safe. This is why; Luke helped me finding a new one for you so here are the keys. It's in the garage."

"Are you serious?" Clary exclaimed. Then, she ran to her mother and hugged her jumping for joy.

Prompt Clary put on her golden goose high tops and grabbed her leather jacket.

"Bye, mom and thank you." Clary shouted and before she closed the door she called again. "Love you, mom."

"Love you, too honey." Jocelyn replied back.

When Clary opened the garage door she saw a 2012-Ducati-848-EVO in black. "Oh my gosh. This is awesome." She slid her hands over the new bike admiring the beauty of it. Thereupon, she attached her black helmet and swung her leg over the bike and revved up the engine. For a moment Clary enjoyed this moment to feel the bike vibrated shaking her body. Then, she accelerated and drove to school.

Jon had just picked up his friends Alec, Jace and their sister they were standing next to Jon's car waiting for his sister.

"Jon, when is she coming?" Isabelle asked impatiently.

"Izzy, I told you that I just woke her up before I picked you up. She will be here in the next 5 minutes?"

"Why didn't you let her drive with you?"Alec asked curiously.

"Because I wanted to let her sleep a little bit longer. She arrived yesterday at 11pm."

"So her name is Clary. Why didn't you tell us that you have a sister?" Jace demanded an answer.

"I don't know. But look you get to know her now that she's living with us again."

Their conversation was interrupted when a motorbike entered the parking lot. Clary saw her brother and noticed that he didn't recognize her probably because he didn't know about the bike like her. Therefore, she drove in his direction and stopped right in front of him.

Alec, Jace, Izzy and Jon looked at her like she was crazy. So Clary came to the conclusion that she should put off her helmet to show herself.

"What's up?" Clary asked.

"Are you kidding me? She bought you a new one!" Jon shouted attracting some people's attention.

"Yes, she did. But isn't he beautiful." Clary petted her bike.

"You named your bike?" Alec asked.

"Yes, I call him Jack."

"There she is. My sweet little sister. Clary these are Alec, Izzy and Jace. Guys this is my sister." Jon demonstrated to Clary.