A/N: So recently, one of my favorite stories has come to an end. "Valentine's Day" and "Big Problem For The Boys." I've been inspired by both, and this is what came of it. Enjoy!

Chapter One~The Plan

"Guys, I've had an exaggeration!" Amber exclaimed. "You mean an inspiration?" Fabian asked. "Whatever. Anyway, I was thinking we could all catch cabs into town this weekend and hook up. Sound good?" "No! I don't want to hook up with Alfie!" Joy exclaimed. "Firstly, you know you want me. Secondly, Piper's going to be in town for a music competition. So I'm game." Alfie said. "Joy, do you think you can get a temporary date by Friday?" Amber pleaded. Joy sighed. "Fine. I'm in." "Great. I'm going to go pick a lip gloss." Amber left.

Joy smiled, staking out her prey in the sea of students. Gary Reinsmith. The biggest player in the school. He was speaking to a few seventh graders, and by the looks of it scaring them shitless. Piece of cake. She sidled up to Gary's side. "Can I cut in?" Joy asked, twirling a strand of dark hair around her face. "Get lost." Gary growled. Joy laughed at the looks on the little kids' faces. "So what did you need, Joy?" Gary asked, his eyebrows instantly going up as he appraised her legs. Joy pretended not to notice. "The Anubis house kids are hooking up this weekend, and...I don't have a date. Are you in?"

Joy bit her lip in what she poped was a seductive way. "Yeah. Sounds like a plan. Where are we going?" "The Barlington (made it up) Plaza." "Hotel rooms apply to more than the average "hooking up"." Gary smirked. "Exactly." Joy whispered in the nearly deserted hallway. They really needed to get to class. "I can't wait." Gary said. Joy handed him his cell phone. "How did you-" Gary began to ask, but Joy stopped him. "My number's in there. Text me any questions later." Joy literally had to run to French, but she didn't care. She absolutely postitively could not wait until Friday.

The girls and guys were in their cabs, taking seperate trips into town. Patricia and Piper had claimed the front seat in the girl's car, while Nina, Amber, Mara, and Joy were in the back. "A twenty says that you don't listen to our conversation." Patricia said, slipping their driver an extra 20 pound note. At this, he plugged his headphones into his iPod and put them on. "Okay, so who is losing their v-card tonight?" Patricia asked. Piper and Nina put their hands in the air. "Seriously, sis?" Patricia asked. Piper shrugged.

"What are we all doing birth control wise? I don't want kids, I mean, they cause stretch marks!" Amber exclaimed. "Condoms and the pill. You can never be to safe." Nina said. "I'm on the pill." Amber said. "I thought you had an ear infection?" Nina said, confused. "Did, Nina. It's gone now." "What I mean is, you know that antibiotics make birth control less effective?" Nina's eyebrows were raised. "That doesn't matter. Mick and I use two condoms. His-" "We get it!" The other girls stopped her. "Eh, Eddie and I are just winging it." Patricia shrugged. "Patricia!" Mara yelled.

"He's pulling out. I don't need to use anything else. What's your great big plan birth control plan, Mara?" "I'm not ovulating, so it's impossible for me to get pregnant." The other girls only rolled their eyes at Mara. "I'm starting on the pill again tonight." Joy stated. "There's no reason for me to take it when I'm not dating anyone." Joy frowned. "Just condoms. I can't get caught with pills at the academy." Piper said. Around this time, the cab got to the hotel. "Catch you later!" Amber said bubbly, followed out of the car by all the rest of the girls.

To Be Continued...