Hello everyone! This is the tequila bandit here, just to say hi! As you can see, cougar and I have a fic now, a crossover between our two loves, Harry Potter and The Outsiders (for further info, see our profile). So really, I just wanted to say that our main goal with this was to show off the boys of the Outsiders at Hogwarts, in a believable way, like it was a part of their life. So no, one day a magical man did not appear and reveal they were wizards. They knew. I certainly hope you like it, so happy reading!

Howdy! You'll be super glad that you clicked on this story because it's going to be totally fantastic (and I can only say that without sounding like a stuck-up prick because my other half is so fabulous).

As said above, this will be extremely believable. No Mary Sues spawned by Sirius Black and his exotic lover will fall in love with the boys - they are safe! That being said, we're open to all sorts of feedback, because we are not perfect, and are apt to make mistakes - please be open and honest, and I hope you like it!
the cougar bandit

Ponyboy looked up at the castle, looming over him against the night sky, peppered with winking stars. He didn't want to leave home, or go to this stupid school.

Then again – he'd heard a lot of good things about Hogwarts. He'd always wanted to see it, but – living in America – he never imagined that he would actually be finishing his wizarding education here. Back in America, after the school had burned to the ground in FiendFyre, and nothing anyone tried to reverse it was doing any good, they had all had to make other arrangements.

Most of the students had decided to stay in America and be homeschooled, but Ponyboy and his brothers, his whole gang really, didn't have that option. And it was either Hogwarts, or an Academy in France or Durmstrang, in Russia. And since he didn't have a word of French, or any particular desire to freeze to death, Hogwarts had been the best option.

He looked up at Soda, his brother, and Steve, Soda's best friend. Both were looking distinctly unimpressed, eyebrows raised. Ponyboy knew they were both trying to look tough.

He wanted to ask Soda if he was as scared as Ponyboy felt, but he wouldn't do it in front of Steve.

Instead, he cleared his throat, and asked, "What happens if we're not in the same house?"

Soda shrugged his shoulders. "I'll automatically hate you."

Ponyboy gaped at him, stricken, and Steve smirked. "Quit it, Soda," he said. "You're scarin' the poor kid."

Soda sighed. "Nothin', Pone," he said. "You'll still be my brother, I swear."

"I ain't heard the best things about Slytherin," Ponyboy mumbled.

"Don't listen to any of that," said Steve quickly. "A few rotten apples don't ruin the bunch."

Soda frowned, and turned around to look at Steve. "Steve," he said. "Man, I think they do." He started laughing, and Steve shrugged his shoulders.

"It doesn't matter where you go kid," he said to Ponyboy savagely. "As long as you ain't buggin' me."

Ponyboy looked away from him. There was another thing he needed to ask Soda.

"Soda," he started, in an oddly constricted voice. "What if - Families always end up in the same house, right?"

Soda looked at him, puzzled. "I don't know, Pone," he said, smiling apologetically at him. "Why? Scared you won't have me around to protect you?"

"God help the kid, he won't be able to follow you around all day," muttered Steve.

Ponyboy glowered, and Soda threw him a reproachful glance.

"Look Pone," he said, sounding just the tiniest bit exasperated. "It won't matter what house you're in."

Ponyboy didn't even give him a chance to say anything else. "What if we're not in the same house?"

Ponyboy couldn't tell him that nothing Soda had said had made the knot in his stomach ease in any way. He needed to be in the same house as Sodapop. He needed to be so badly. Most people liked him on his brother's account, and it would be hard enough to be in a such a strange foreign environment. Trying to do that without his brother seemed damn near impossible. He may have lost a lot, but he would always have Soda. He was scared - there wasn't much left of his family now; he needed what was left to stay as close together as possible.

Soda only chuckled, way too unconcerned by this though. "We will be," he said with conviction. "Just relax."

"Yeah Ponyboy," Steve smirked. "Mommy's right here."


"Ha! I can't believe Pony and Steve are stuck in the same house together!"

Soda grinned over at Two-Bit as he laid sprawled out on the couch in their common room later that night. "Yeah, maybe it'll make those two closer. I sure wouldn't mind that."

"I'm not sure who's face was more priceless," Dallas smirked, slouching in the chair across from Soda. "Steve's when he got called into that raven house, or Pony's when he saw that Steve was the only other one of us with him!"

"Yeah." Soda leafed a hand through his hair, feeling a little sad that his little brother and best friend weren't with him.

"I thought for sure Steve would be in the same house as you, Soda," Johnny piped up, like he was reading Soda's mind or something. Soda flashed a grin at Johnny.

"Don't worry about it, kid." He heard three girls he had met at the feast giggle at him from a table away from them.

"Looks like you gotta new fanclub, Soda." Two-Bit winked from where he sat on the ground, nudging Soda's leg. Soda swatted him away.

"Yeah, yeah."

Two-Bit got up, and jerked his head at the gang. "I'm gonna head in, guys. Need my beauty sleep, after all." He passed by the three giggling girls again, and tipped an imaginary hat. "Ladies."

Johnny rolled his eyes and chuckled, Dallas just scoffed. "Idiot. I'm heading in too. 'Night you two." Soda closed his eyes, really just wanting to be alone. He knew if Dally left, so would Johnny and sure enough not a minute later, Johnny called it a night too.

"See ya, Soda." Soda cracked an eye open, and saw to his amusement that Dally had actually waited for Johnny, so they could walk up together. Those two were so predictable sometimes.

"Bye, guys." He sat there for a little while, watching the flames die down, and the walls seemed to darken to a swamp green color. It sure was depressing, the common room. He sighed, and made to get up.

He walked out of the common room, in the dark dungeon and decided it wasn't much better. Before he could go back inside, the gaggle of girls appeared and started to talk to him. He was just starting to wonder how he could get away, when suddenly -

"Um, excuse me?" Soda looked to see the three girls were blocking the way to the common room. They moved out of the way, and a tall brunette marched through, looking very peeved off.

"You don't have to block the whole entrance, you know," she muttered under her breath, and Soda cracked a smile when he heard it. Unfortunately, the three other girls heard it too.

"Excuse me? No one was talking to you, Valenti," the blonde girl snapped. "Shove off, okay?"

The girl softened her face, and looked at the blonde girl imploringly. "I thought I heard one of the teachers coming. You know how strict they are about staying up after hours on the first day of school, Stacey."

Stacey - the blonde - seemed to think about this a little. "Oh. Are they coming - ?"

"That's why I was in a rush," Valenti said quickly, putting up her hands.

"Oh. Okay. Well ... " Stacey narrowed her eyes, as if looking for a trap. "Thanks?"

"No problem," Valenti said cheerfully, and waved as the girls went off to their dorms. As soon as they were out of sight, she let out a huge sigh, and walked over to the fireplace.

"Hey," Soda started, looking after her. "You ain't worried someone's coming?"

"Are you?" She gave him a knowing smile. "No one's coming, cowboy. I made it up. But I don't want to be in a common room filled with Stacey Goodman's giggles all night."

"Oh." Soda nodded. He was still extremely tired, but walked over to the couches none the less. The fire was still warm, and he didn't feel like talking, if Dal or Two-Bit decided to sneak up to their rooms. This girl didn't seem very talkative anyway. He plopped down on the couch again, sighing loudly.

"That's going to get annoying quickly." She looked up from her place on the ground, but gave him a catty smile. "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing." He shrugged, not feeling up to it.

"Alright." She shrugged, and turned the page in a magazine she was reading. "Hey," she started again. "Is your real name Sodapop?"

He tensed, but nodded with a small grin. "Yeah, what of it?"

She smiled. "It's just weird, is all." She laughed, but not maliciously. He would've been madder, but then she continued. "It fits you."

"Yeah, well what's a name like Valenti? That's weird." He huffed. She chortled again.

"That's my last name, cowboy. It's Phyllis, but don't call me that or I'll break your arm." She sized him up. "Or, well, I'll get one of my Quidditch friends to do it for me."

"Quidditch?" Soda perked up. "You play?"

She beamed. "Sure do. I'm a beater."

"No way!" Soda grinned. "I'm a beater too!"

"Hey, really?" She turned completely around now, grinning. "Aw, man. Are you any good? We need a new one!"

He sat back down, smiling. "Yeah, I'm pretty good. Me and my best buddy - " He stopped, sighing. Him and Steve wouldn't be on the same team, if he got on.

"What's wrong?" she asked, this time genuine.

"Nothing. It's just my little brother and best friend are in that other house - Ravenclaw? And I'm here. And I hear no one likes Slytherins."

"Hey now." She looked stern. "That's not true. The smart ones like Slytherin. It's only the stuck up prats, like those Gryffindors, that hate us." She nodded, and brightened. "In fact, my best friend's a Ravenclaw."

"Really?" Soda asked curiously. "What's she like?"

"Oh, she's lovely," Valenti rattled on. "She's got really blonde hair, and she's super tiny. And she's wicket smart." She nodded, looking happy. "Oh. And she's got this great accent - even better than yours. She's Irish."

"Oh," Soda commented, nodding. "She sounds nice. And how did you know I'm from Oklahoma, anyway?"

"I didn't," she said cheekily. "You sound like all those cowboys in the movies - I thought you were from Texas or something. Where's Oklahoma?"

Soda tried explaining it to her, and after five more minutes of just talking about Quidditch and cowboy movies, they both retired to bed.

"Hey," she called back down to him. "I'm telling Roger that you're trying out for the team, okay?" He nodded, and walked back upstairs. Valenti wasn't Ponyboy or Steve, but she was a nice girl, and he actually felt a little better after talking to her.


Isabelle slammed her book shut, yawning.

"Hogwarts; A History," said a voice over her shoulder. She looked around – it was the new kid, the one who'd come from America with a few friends. "Well that definitely wasn't on our booklist."

"Have you got one?" Isabelle asked him, scrambling to her feet. "Everybody should."

He shook his head.

"Well you can borrow mine," she offered. "Any time you like."

"Thanks," he smiled. "I've read through everything I brought with me about ten times."

Isabelle smiled back at him. "I heard your school burned down, is that true?"

The boy nodded somberly. "Some stupid kids set the place up in FiendFyre." Isabelle's jaw dropped. "And it ain't as big as this place," the boy continued. "And there was just no stopping it."

"What about the counter curse?" Isabelle suggested, trying her best to hold back sarcasm.

He nodded grimly. "It spread too fast. It was everywhere."

Isabelle let out a whistle. Whoever they were, they must have been crazy to start a fire like that.

"I'm Isabelle," she said eventually, realizing how alone this poor kid probably felt.

"Ponyboy Curtis," he replied, shaking her outstretched hand. Isabelle blinked.

"Yeah I thought that's what was called out," she mumbled. "Is that your real name?"

Ponyboy's cheeks went a little red. "Yeah it is," he said defensively.

Isabelle frowned. "I'm sorry," she said sheepishly. "I didn't mean to insult you. I've just never heard a name like that before."

Ponyboy shrugged his shoulders, but he said nothing else. And Isabelle looked around, as if she was looking for inspiration for what she could say to him now.

"Do you have any friends here?" she said. By the look on his face, she could tell she'd offended him. She grimaced.

Ponyboy cleared his throat. "Well, my brother got put in Slytherin."

"Oh yeah," Isabelle recalled, thinking of the cute blond boy who went just after Ponyboy. "Do you wish he was here?"

Ponyboy nodded. "He told me we'd be in the same house but..."

"It doesn't matter," Isabelle said quickly. "Really it doesn't."

"And his best friend is over there," Ponyboy muttered, nodding his head in the opposite direction.

Isabelle glanced from him to Ponyboy. "What's his name?"


"Can I go say hi?" she asked.

"Sure ya can," said Ponyboy. "Better you than me."

Isabelle's frown became more pronounced, but even still, she sauntered over to a desk and chair near the window, where a tall boy was seated, bent over some parchment.

"Hi," she said timidly, trying not to peer at what he was writing over his shoulder.

"You got a problem?" he asked, half turning to look at her.

Taken aback, Isabelle shook her head. "No I just – I just wanted to say," she said, feeling stupid.

"Well, hi," he said.

Isabelle blinked, and then she sat down opposite him, coyly smiling. "How do you like being in Ravenclaw?" she asked him.

"I'd like it a whole lot better if I could be left alone for five minutes," he snapped.

Isabelle blinked, and tossed her blonde hair back petulantly. "Look, you're stuck here until you graduate," she said. "So you better get used to us."

Steve just looked at her, an eyebrow raised. "I'm tryin' to be nice," she added coolly.

"Sorry," Steve replied, although he didn't sound very sorry.

She opened her mouth to reply, and was very surprised when someone yelled, "Steve!" She thought for a second it was her.

Evie – one of the girls Isabelle had been sharing with since first year – had walked over and coiled her arms around Steve's neck.

"Hey roomie!" Isabelle said with too much false brightness. "You two know each other?"

Evie just drew in Steve for a kiss, answering Isabelle's. "I wanted an answer, not a demonstration," she muttered coolly.

"Isabelle," Evie said dryly. "Would you be terribly offended if I told you to beat it?"

"Yes," said Isabelle quickly, but Evie hadn't stopped talking long enough to hear her.

"Because I'm going to anyway," she finished, and Isabelle threw her hands up in defeat as she left the table, eyebrows raised.

"He's great, isn't he?" Ponyboy remarked, as she passed, on her way upstairs for this year's first night at Hogwarts.

Well that's it for now! We'll love it up to yourselves to decipher who wrote what and whatnot. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!