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Chapter One

Why the fuck am I here? I asked myself as I looked around the small reception area, this was not what I wanted. I was about to jump up and run out of the room when I heard my name being called. "Isabella Swan!" An elderly lady called from her desk, the sound of my own name made me cringe, it reflected my personality perfectly. Boring and plain, that was me, Bella Swan. I was pulled away from my reflections by the sound of somebody coughing. I looked up at the elderly lady as she motioned for me to follow the young woman standing in front of me. Fuck my life I thought to myself as I saw who was standing directly in front of me. I looked the woman up and down, she was slim, tall, beautiful and blonde. She was Tanya Denali, Edward Cullen's current PA. I felt quite proud of myself for doing my homework and knowing who this woman was.

I looked down at my dress feeling inadequate, my dress which was riding up way too much to be considered acceptable was far too clingy. I sucked in a long breath of cool air and straightened my shoulders, I had to look confident. To hell with safe, boring Bella, look where she'd got me. Safe Bella had graduated with a Business degree and a fiancé. Saying it like that made my life sound exciting and happy until I remembered who my fiancé was and the job I was about to be interviewed for. Despite my business degree I had not managed to secure myself a job, until now. Today was my interview with Edward Cullen. Yes, the Edward Cullen. The beautiful, famous, hair flicking, muscular, airhead. After hauling my ass through college I Bella Swan was about to become Edward Cullen's servant, that was if he deemed me good enough to give the job to me.

Tanya led me into her office and motioned for me to sit down, I did as I was told, I was afraid of this blonde bombshell. The room was beautiful, it was small but had a quaint atmosphere, the walls were painted a dark grey and the room was filled with dark wood furniture. There were bookshelves lining almost every wall part from one, the empty wall was covered in photographs of intimate pictures of Edward Cullen and his family.

"Isabella Swan, I'm Tanya Denali. I've read through your CV and I'm at a loss as to why you would be applying for this position." Tanya said whilst flicking through a pamphlet of papers which I assumed was my CV.

"Well Miss Denali," I started, feeling my hands begin to shake, "I've worked as a PA previously for my friend Rosalie Hale, I'm sure you've heard of her." Rose was now a supermodel and the envy of every female on the planet.

"This position is a little different, Miss Swan." Tanya quipped whilst glaring at me. "How so?"

"Mr Cullen will not be your friend nor will he allow for any mistakes, he expects a perfect service unlike Miss Hale as I am sure…" Tanya stopped mid sentence as the door to her office swung open. "Mr Cullen!" She squealed, jumping up to face him. I noticed the way she pushed her arms together to accentuate her cleavage. Slut. It's not that I was jealous of her large breasts, I just thought the girl would have some standards. Okay I admit it, I'm bloody jealous. So sue me.

"Tanya." Said a voice from behind me, the tone was so sexy. I turned around in my seat to see Edward Cullen. He was just as gorgeous in person and his hair screamed sex just as Cosmo had said. His tousled hair was messily styled in all directions and his handsome face was set in a frown. God I would love to rip those jeans from him and let him take me against the desk. Okay where did that come from? I'm a good girl. Well I was until this sex god walked through the door. I was getting wet over an idiot who probably couldn't even read. Fuck my life.

"Mr Cullen, how may I help you?" Tanya asked, she was shaking. I looked up to meet Edward Cullen's eyes, he was staring at my legs, which I realised were very much on show. I was going to murder Rosalie when I saw her, never again am I taking her advice on clothing, the bitch. Edward cleared his throat and turned to look at Tanya, "I believe you forgot to inform me that you were holding interview for my PA." He barked at her, he looked thoroughly pissed and I had to admit it looked so sexy. "Ermm shall I go and wait outside?" I asked, my voice sounding small and weak. I did not want to be witness to an argument between Miss oh look at me I have huge tits and Mr I can't read but I can give you a good fuck. "No, it's okay, Tanya was just leaving." Edward said, turning to face Tanya with a murderous look in his eyes. What? No. No. No. I would take the queen of bitches over the hot bimbo. No way could she leave me in the room, on my own with Edward Cullen. I hated him. He was an idiot who had used his looks to make money, he was no better than a prostitute. Although I would pay for his services. Oh fuck, had I really just thought that? My cheeks were beginning to go a fabulous shade of red. Oh joy.

Much to my horror Tanya went scuttling out of the room, leaving me all alone with Edward-prostitute-Cullen. I chanced a glance up at Edward, who was now seated on the other side of the desk. Images of myself draped over him on the desk at it like rabbits suddenly entered my mind and my cheeks flared up, again. "Miss Swan?" He asked, looking at the CV which Tanya had thrown down onto her desk.

"Yes?" I squeaked out. I glanced up at the chandelier above me wishing it would just fall on top of me and squish me like a bug. Cullen was now flicking through my CV, possibly searching for pictures or simple words which he could understand. "Impressive CV Miss Swan." He replied. "You worked for Miss Hale, how was that?" He asked, a strange glint in his eye. Oh great, my prospective boss with sitting opposite me, turned on at the thought of my best friend naked and on the front of playboy. "It was a very enjoyable job." I replied, trying not to let my annoyance show in my voice, I saw the quirk of his eyebrow at the word 'enjoyable'. Fuck it let him think what he wants. "Hmm, it's good to know that you enjoy your work. Now Miss Swan if I were to hire you would I be able to meet this Miss Hale?" The fucking twat. He wanted to use me to get to Rosalie! "I think this interview was a mistake, Mr Cullen." I replied, mockingly. "Sorry Miss Swan, Isabella, I didn't mean it like that it's just my sister has been wanting to style Miss Hale for a very long time and I thought we could come up with an agreement between us in which I employ you and my sister gets to meet Miss Hale." Okay, this guy was asking to have his balls chopped off.

"I don't think we could come to any agreements, Mr Cullen. Oh and it's Miss Swan to you." I replied as I got up from my seat and walked towards the door.

"The job's yours."

"I don't want the job."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

"Miss Swan, please will you become my new PA?"

Edward Cullen was now standing right in front of me, his face inches from mine and he was begging me to fuck him. Oh wait no, he was begging me to be his PA, bloody imagination! I blushed at my thoughts, traitorous cheeks. It wouldn't hurt for me to take this job, I could gain some experience and contacts. My dream was to open my own PA agency to the stars, it was where the big bucks were.

"Okay, I'll take the job." I replied, smiling slightly despite my new found hatred for this cocky twat in front of me.

"Thank you, Miss Swan. You will start on Monday, meet me at these offices at 6:00 AM. Goodbye."

I walked out of the building and ran to my car, what the fuck had I just done? I was going to be working for Edward Cullen, Edward Cullen! The Edward Cullen that I had vowed to hate for the rest of my life after he pushed me off of a climbing frame at school. I was 6 years old and I can hold a fabulous grudge. Cullen and myself had gone to the same school, until I was 7 years old and my parents split up. Undoubtedly he hadn't remembered me but I had remembered him, even at 7 years old he was charming and crush worthy. My 6 year old self had been utterly smitten with him, that is until he broke my arm and then told me it was my own fault for being clumsy. He hadn't changed.

I arrived home half an hour later to see Jacob's car already parked outside my apartment, he was like a lost puppy constantly clinging to me. I reluctantly got out of my car and walked through my door and into my apartment, preparing myself for what I knew I had to do. When Jake heard me walk through the door he got up quickly and ran over to give me a kiss. I flinched as his lips met mine and I felt nothing from the kiss. It wasn't like the spark had gone out of our relationship, it was never there. I met Jacob in college and we quickly became good friends, or so I had thought. It quickly emerged that Jacob was very much in love with me however he was still only a friend to me and that's all he has ever and will be to me. I had to break up with him and soon, I was already wearing his hideous engagement ring. Jacob did not know me, he knew the old me, the girl who was content with her mundane life but I had changed, I wanted more from life now.

"How did it go baby?" He asked, while wrapping his arms around my waist. I cringed as he called me baby, it was so cringe worthy.

"I got the job." I replied, smiling meekly.

"That's wonderful baby!"

"Mmm it is. Jake we need to talk."

"What about?" He asked sounding anxious.

"Jake, it's not working between. I've tried, oh Jake I've tried so hard to love you but I can't." My voice broke as the floodgates to my tears opened and a sob rose in my chest. "You'll always be my friend."

I watched silently as tears ran down his face, I saw his heart break in front of me.

"I knew Bells, I always knew you didn't love me. I just thought I could love you enough for both of us."

I sat down in shock as I watched him gather his belongings from around my apartment, I was a horrendous person.

"Bells, can I.. Can I have the ring back?" Jake asked, whilst nervously rubbing the back of his neck. I fought the urge to laugh hysterically, there was no way I'd be keeping this monstrosity of a ring! I quickly tugged it off of my finger and handed it over to him, the feeling of freedom washed over me and excited me in way I didn't think were possible.

I watched Jacob's back s he walked out of my door and my life for the final time. Tears were steadily streaming down my face and the sobs coming from my chest were violent. I was heartbroken at the loss of my best friend, my first love and the person I lost my virginity to. I'd shared so much with Jake, it was hard to walk away from our friendship. I decided I was in need of an early night after I had cried myself to exhaustion, I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I cried myself to sleep as the loneliness set in. Jake and I had been together for 3 years, in 3 years I had not slept on my own.

I smiled to myself as I looked in the mirror, facing be was a confident, sexy and beautiful lady dressed in a very provocative outfit. She had on a black lace up corset which successful showed her breasts off to their best, her long legs were encases in matching black suspenders. My breath hitched in my throat as I looked at the face of this sensual goddess, her brown hair framed her face in soft curls, her eyes were bright and excited and her lips plump with anticipation. The woman facing me in the mirror was me.

I confidentially walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where Edward Cullen laid naked on a king size bed which was covered in blood red, silk sheets.

"Fuck me." I whispered in astonishment.

"Plan to babe." Cullen replied, getting off of the bed and walking swiftly towards me. Bloody hell he was well endowed. Endowed? What the fuck. Bella you should become an author. I froze as Edward's hands wrapped around my hips, my throbbing core told me this was exactly what I wanted and yet it felt dangerously wrong at the same time. Edward laid me down on the bed and hovered above me, keeping his weight off of me. My breathing became erratic as his lips touched my collar bone and he kissed his way up to my lips. Edward began to kiss me, it was passionate and loving combined, my head told me not to kiss him back but my heart was saying the opposite. For once in my life I decided to follow my heart. I kissed Edward back with as much passion as he was giving. "Edward." I gasped as his erection pressed again my wet centre. He sat up on the bed and quickly removed all of my clothing, until we were both lying on the bed staring at each other's naked bodies.

I decided to allow my instinct to take over as I pushed Edward back onto the bed and straddled him, his erection pressed against my entrance. I bent down to kiss Edward as I hovered over his erection, ready to slide onto him.

I suddenly awoke, covered in sweat with the bed sheets tangled around me. What the fuck had I just been dreaming about? Bloody hell. I had only spent a few minutes with Edward Cullen and already I was turning into a sex obsessed whore. I knew that whatever happened with Edward Cullen I would leave my new job as a different person.

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