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One year has passed since the Ingalls family and the Oleson family traveled to the past. Willie and Rachel are expecting a baby in about one month.

"What do you think it's gonna be? A boy or girl, Wanda?"

"I don't know, Annabella, and I don't care."

Lately, Wanda has been feeling extremely left out in her household. Hher parents don't have any time for her because they're getting ready for the baby. She understands, but she just wishes that, for once since her mother has been pregnant, her parents could just spare five minutes to at least talk to her.

The baby finally came. It was a baby boy. Rachel named him Alexander. Willie loved the name.

About a month after baby Alexander came home, he became deathly ill. Wanda's parents asked her to pray for her little brother. She didn't.

Three months later, baby Alexander died. During the three months, Doc Baker visited weekly. He couldn't do anything except try to make the baby strong again so that he might have a chance for life. It didn't work.

Rachel blamed Doc Baker, but he didn't mind. He understood, for he had gone through this before. He just left her alone.

At school, Wanda was teased and blamed.

"Hey look! It's Wanda, the brotherless girl. I heard she didn't pray for her brother when he was sick. Doesn't that sound mean?"

"Leave her alone, guys," younger Willie said.

"Make me?"

"Okay." With that said, Willie punched the guy about five feet away.

"Come on, Wanda. Let's go to the Mercantile. It'll cheer you up.

At the Mercantile, when Willie walked in with Wanda, Mrs. Oleson immediately went hysterical. Older Willie and Rachel came out to see what all the fuss was about.

"What's going on?" asked Willie.

"The younger you is bringing your murderous daughter into my store!"

"Mother!" exclaimed younger Willie. Wanda looked up at the woman. Annabella heard and came in to be with Wanda.

"Willie, don't you 'Mother' me! I will not have this girl in my store! She didn't even pray for that baby!"

"Mother, she was jealous! She would have gotten over it in time!"

"I highly doubt that! She's friends with an Ingalls girl. It wouldn't surprise me if she did like Laura did when she had a little brother."

With that Wanda ran out.

"Wanda!" shouted younger Willie and Annabella.

Wanda's parents were shocked. Why didn't she say anything? They didn't know she was jealous. They would have tried to fix that had they known.

That night, Annabella came home.

"Hey, Annie Bell."

"Hi, Pa."

Albert looked over at her. She looked angry, beyond angry.

"What's wrong?"

"Mrs. Oleson said that since Wanda was jealous and didn't pray for Alexander when he was sick, she practically murdered him."


"Oh, I hope she's alright," said Sylvia.

At the Oleson household, Wanda locked herself in her room. The only person she let in there was younger Willie.

"No, absolutely not!" said Harriet.

"Mother, I'm going to see her. I'm the only person she'll let into her room."

He knocked on her door, "Wanda?"

She opened the door and sat back down on her bed. Willie walked in and shut the door. He sat next to her.

"You okay?"

"No," she said about to start crying again. Willie put an arm around her.

"They don't blame you, you know? I've been talking with them. They said if they knew how you felt they would have tried to make you feel better."

"I know, I just didn't want them to worry about me when a baby was coming. Then, Mrs. Oleson said what she did, and that made me think that it was my fault again. Ever since he died I thought it was my fault. My parents must not love me anymore since I-"

"Wanda! That's not true! If you'll just let them in and tell them what you just told me, they will tell you otherwise, I know it."

"Okay, I'll let them in."

The first thing Willie and Rachel did when they entered their daughter's room was hug her.

They talked for one solid hour. Rachel said that she was going to go to bed now that everything was worked out.

When she shut the door, Willie hugged his daughter again as tight as he could without hurting her.

"I'm sorry we made you feel that way, Flower Bud." Willie has been calling her that ever since she turned six years old. He already made up his mind that when she was ten years old he'd start calling her Flower Blossom.

"You didn't, Papa. I was just being selfish."

The parents of Wanda and Annabella went to watch them again. They did this every other month. Wanda was still teased, but one day, it went too far.

Walking home from school one day, Wanda was told by Annabella that she was going on ahead to help her father help older Willie.

After a few minutes, a girl and two boys that had bullied Wanda stopped her. When she tried to go around them they followed.

"We got plans for you, Wanda."

Later that night, the Ingalls family was still with the Oleson family.

"Shouldn't Wanda be here by now?"

"She might have gone swimming in the creek after I went ahead of her."

Suddenly, a thump out side the door made everyone turn towards it. Willie opened the door and his eyes widened.

There was Wanda, his little girl, all beat up with he dress torn in various places. Willie carried her into the house and set her down on the extra couch. Rachel gasped once she saw her daughter. She went over to her.

"Wanda, baby, what happened?"

"I'm cold, Papa." Willie took off his jacket and put it on her; it was still bigger than her.

"Wanda, what happened?" Willie asked trying to stay calm. She looked so tiny in the state she was in and his jacket on top of her.

"Some b-bullies from school beat me. They said that I still killed the baby because I didn't want him better at the time."

Willie stroked his daughter's head.

"Annabella, could you go get Doc Baker?"

Doc Baker showed up and within thirty minutes he was done checking over Wanda.

"She'll be fine. Just a few bad cuts and a bruise or two."

"Thank you, Doctor."

Wanda couldn't go to school for a week because of her injuries. Annabella, the next day, had taken care of the bullies that did what they did to Wanda by giving o good hard punch to the kisser.

Willie was the one to spend the most time with Wanda. She still couldn't walk very far by herself without her legs hurting, so she laid down a lot. Willie never left her side. When she slept he would stroke her hair and face, and he would look to see if she was getting better. When he saw the cuts and bruises his blood boiled. He couldn't stand the thought of his daughter hurt in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

When Wanda got better and went to school again, everyone that bullied her apologised to her and her parents.

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