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"No. I'll never forget. I'll never forget. I'll never forget. I'll never forget."

Angel felt a strong nausea taking over him. He wanted to growl, to scream his pain, but he couldn't. He had to stay strong because Buffy was falling apart in his arms. Then, he saw as a white light started forming around them. He closed his eyes and held Buffy as strongly as he could so he could have her body imprinted in his arms for when she was not around anymore. Suddenly, he realized he was back, leaning against his desk. He blinked a few times trying to wrap his mind on the fact that time indeed was turned. He looked to the door and Buffy was standing there.

"So, then let's just stick to the plan. Keep our distance until a lot of time has passed, and given enough time - we should be able to.."

Angel stared at Buffy and swallowed hard.


"Yeah. So… I'm gonna go… start… forgetting."

Buffy had just turned around when the Mohra came crashing through the window behind Angel with a scream.


Angel turned around, grabbed the clock from his desk and coolly smashed the Mohra's jewel with it. The Mohra went up in a flash of light. Buffy blinked and looked slightly stunned at Angel.

"That was unreal. How did you know how to kill it?"

"It's a Mohra demon. I… I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading."

Buffy nodded slowly.

"Yeah. Okay. So I guess we've covered it, right?"

"I guess we did."

"And that's all there really is to say."

Angel took a deep breath and looked down on the smashed clock, which had stopped at 9:02. When he turned back Buffy was already leaving the outer office.

"Yeah. That's it."


Outside, Buffy Sat in her mother's car and breathed hard. She tried to swallow her pain and turn on the car. Then, one sob made it out, then another, and another, and another.


Angel slowly made his way downstairs, feeling drained of all energy. When he arrived to his apartment, he looked at the kitchen table, his bed and the tears he was bravely holding came. He knew in his heart that he had done the right thing. He said to The First that he would rather die than allow anything to happen to Buffy. He said he would die for her. Today he did. He killed his human self so Buffy could live.

He was sad, he would grieve, but he didn't regret his decision. She would be alive and that was what was important to him. To protect her was his first mission in his guest for redemption, but to love her was his unique prize in his existence. He would cherish the memories he had of the woman he loved and he would honor her. He would find the strength to go on.

Angel was sitting in the same chair he had sat before when they were talking… before they had thrown the whole mature talk away. He had his elbow on the table and his arms up holding his head, when the room suddenly got brighter.

He looked up to see the Female Oracle looking at him.



She could feel how certain the warrior was of his decision. Contrary to her brother, she was still able to get surprised by human ability to do selfless acts. Yes, this low life-form could destroy one another for the lowest reasons, but they could let themselves be destroyed to save others and do not regret it.

She regarded Angel curiously. This vampire was a walking contradiction. Vampires were demons of earth. They could only exist in dimensions with humans because they were their meals and their way to perpetuate their species. Then, this vampire came. He was one of the worst once. Then, the demon was cursed with the soul. The soul was so distraught by the demon's actions using his body that it was a sure thing he would destroy himself.

The Powers didn't pay attention to everything that goes around the Universe, except when it caused great disturbance on the magic surrounding the dimensions. They became aware that great magic was summoned on Earth and that magic meddled with the energy surrounding souls. One soul was called on back on Earth. The said soul was not in Heaven, but between planes of existence.

When they sent their messengers to find out, they discovered the tale of the Vampire cursed with a soul. And they got interested. Such an unheard off use of magic. Who would not be interested?

The Powers knew of the prophecies on a demon with a soul who would play an important part in the Apocalypse. However, the prophecy didn't say which part he would play for. And every supreme power in the Universe knew so and got interested in the vampire with a soul. The Powers, The Brethen of Light, The First and Wolfram and Hart to name a few.

The Powers didn't understand how a demon could do good. They thought the soul would destroy the being from the shame for what was done with his body. They waited because they knew that neither W&H nor The First had the means to touch the demon. They watched because they firmly believed nothing would come out of that, but they really got the surprise of their existences.

He tried to go back to his vampire family, but his conscience would not leave him do what was expected of one of his kind. He finally fled. That got The Powers attention. The soul left his comfort zone to live alone. The soul accepted the punishment given to him for another's crimes. The Powers started to respect that human soul and over the decades the respect just increased. The Soul was strong. The vampire went on instead of killing himself. He helped some along eight decades, but them he retreated when he couldn't control his demon and drank from a dying man after a robbery he witnessed.

Two decades later, when the blonde slayer was called, The Powers felt Evil stirring. The First was unsettled by the calling of the blonde slayer, which The Powers found strange, given the fact they expected her to be not that good since she didn't grow inside The Council watching. The slayer had a family, friends and a life. She never knew of her childbirth right until she was called. She would fail for sure. Of course, much later they got yet again surprised with another lower being on Earth.

Ignoring their misconceptions on the new slayer, they felt that if The First was worried on this particular slayer, then she was important. She had to have more than her Watcher. They debated on which supernatural being could help of course. It had to be supernatural, but from which dimension? That was when one of The Powers suggested Angel could help. After a debate on yet again the Soul qualities, they decided to give the filthy demon living of rats in the streets of New York a chance. Whistler was then summoned to talk with the demon living on the streets and offer him a choice.

They couldn't control everything and men had free will. They couldn't force this demon to do good if he didn't want to, but the demon accepted it. Partially because he wanted to help, but also because he had fallen in love with the then frail china doll soon to be the slayer. That surprised The Powers, mainly because there was a prophecy on warriors of light and dark coming together. So, they waited to see what would happen. Could the vampire with a soul and the slayer, mortal enemies, be the ones of the prophecy. The ones that could stand victorious on The End of Days.

The Slayer fell in love with the vampire with a soul. She rejoiced in him. The vibration of their bond and love could be felt through dimensions. Then, the true meaning of the curse bestowed on the vampire was known. The Powers cursed and rolled in anger, but nothing could be done for a while. They were Higher Beings and only a human could summon the soul back to the body. The remorseful teacher translated the curse and the young witch cast the spell. Too late though. The vampire with a soul was sent to hell.

His mate suffered, but she had the key to bring him back. Unknowingly, she used it. That was the chance The First was waiting for. The portal that brought Angel back also released enough energy for The First to manifest itself on Earth after millions of years. He thought he could influence the vampire with soul to kill his mate, The Slayer, and be the monster again. The vampire surprised The First this time by refusing to do so and trying to kill himself, which was avoided by a timely snowy intervention of The Powers.

They felt that at that moment a true warrior was born. The vampire didn't know, of course, but The Powers had bowed to him that day. They had admired his determination to no kneel to his human heart wish and to evil. The Powers could feel the warrior need to help others growing, which eventually lead him to leave his mate, influenced also by his believe she should have a normal life.

Today The Powers had bowed to him again when he decided to be a vampire with a soul again so the other warrior, his mate, could live. They could feel, of course, the warrior had done it with his whole heart in it. Not one part of him doubted or regretted what he did.

That was why she was here. She could feel how empty the warrior was. This warrior was so important to their cause and The Powers knew that a soul could take so much. They wanted to give the warrior something.


Angel couldn't speak when he heard his name being called. He had tears on his face and his throat was closed up with pain. When he saw the Female Oracle there looking at him with nothing but compassion on her eyes, the only thing he could do was nod.

"Warrior. You did something really brave."

Angel cleared his throat and spoke with a hoarse voice.

"There was… there was… nothing brave on it. I… I did what… what I had to do."

"But it hurts?"

"Yes… it… it… does. But if she dies, it will hurt even more. Not only me, but the World."

"What if she dies tomorrow, a year or two after today."

"That won't happen, I… I will not allow that to happen. Why… why are you here? I thought we could talk only in your temple."

"We are, warrior. We can be anywhere. That is a place for the warriors and messengers to find us. If we want to find one of the warriors, we are free to do as we please."

Angel just nodded.

"The Powers feel your soul is broken. They want to grant you something. You have 24 hours to decide. Anything you want beside your humanity."

With that she disappeared.


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