Title: Coming Together for the Holidays

Scene: Takes place in Draco's London flat (for the most part)...though there is one gaunt elsewhere.

Summary: It's simple...the FOUR Potters hang out for FOUR days with FOUR Malfoys. Shouldn't be too difficult...right? Hmm.

This is PART FOUR in my "Togetherness" series...if you want background, go read parts one, two, and three.

Pairings: DM/HP, LM/NM

PoV: Most told the from the PoV of James, Scorpius, Lily, and Albus (with some third person mixed in).

Rating: I rated this M for no other reason than the few f-words. Oh wait! The M rating is for the actual fucking too (see "warning").

Warning: Slash is implied early on by our boys' delicate conditions (M-PG...don't read this if you don't like that sort of thing), with some man/man kissing throughout, and some man sex in each chapter (I think).

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! At least, nothing that's Harry Potter...all of that, of course, belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling.

Note: I've decided to post this series of scenes between Harry and Draco as separate "complete" stories, because I'm afraid that I'm going to lose interest and just stop updating...and I know how much people hate that, because I do too. Each "scene" should be complete in and of itself. I will try not to leave you hanging, though I may imply that there'll be more to follow. I hope you can forgive my strange way of getting around using the "in progress" function...and for not continuing the series, should I so choose to just be done with it.

Posted: Saturday, 22 April 2012

Word Count: 27,946 (this ONLY includes actual story (all four chapters), please disregard the "word count" provided by this site…it is WRONG)


Coming Together for the Holidays

(some thoughts on the matter)

Day One

(Saturday, December 25, 2021)

*~* James Sirius Potter *~*

It had been a week since we'd come home for the holidays; exactly five days since we'd been told the news that Dad wasn't beating for our team anymore and that he was dating someone (Draco bloody Malfoy), that we were going to have a new brother and sister (come June), and that we'd be spending three very long days at the Malfoys' over the hols. To say we were shocked (and not happy) by the news would be an immense understatement. In fact, I think I might have pissed in my pants upon hearing the news (don't tell anyone).

Well, some of us were (shocked and upset). My sister, Lily, didn't seem to be at all. Her reaction to dad's, "Kids, I've got something to tell you all. I'm...ahh...well...I'm dating someone," was something else completely.

We all smiled, because...Oh Godric, it was about damned time that dad found something to do that wasn't Auror-related; he spent far too much time in the office these days. It had been a year since mum has passed and, as far as we knew, dad hadn't been on even one date. Of course, with school and all, we were gone quite a bit, but...well...he'd never mentioned a date.

"This person is," our dad continued, "'s sort of complicated. I...ah...well, I guess what I'm trying to tell you isthatI'mdatingamansoIguessI'mgay," he rattled off so quickly that, for a moment, I didn't know what he'd actually told us.

And then (of course) Lily cleared things up.

"Yeah, dad, we know that," she'd replied simply—then clarified. "The gay part, I mean."

To say dad's eyes looked as if they were going to Disapparate right out of his head is also quite the understatement. "You do?" he'd asked, his green eyes bulging like one of our house-elf's.

Lily had nodded vigorously. "Well yeah, mum might have mentioned a time or two that you're just as attracted to men as you are women," she went on—then rolled her eyes. "And frankly, dad, it's not hard to miss the fact that you often ogle men when we're out in public. Pfft! You Gryffindors have the subtly of a herd of stampeding Hippogriffs."

Dad looked as if he were going to pass out. I felt like I might as well. I mean, Lily was right...mum had mentioned it (in a sort of round about way), which now made me wonder if she was preparing us for a time when she wouldn't be around, a time when we might need to know (and accept) that dad's not quite as straight as we'd always believed. She'd joked about it even, saying that there'd be no shortage of blokes banging on the door if dad were to suddenly become available. I'd, of course, not taken that to mean that our dad would be willing to date them, but...well...apparently he would.

"It's all right, dad," Lily had reassured him with a very grown up (and reassuring) pat on our dad's shoulder. She'd gotten up and had wrapped her arms around his neck. "We just want you to be happy."

Albus nodded dumbly, of course, but I couldn't help myself. I had to know more, because...well...I knew there had to be more if dad was actually telling us about this...this person. And so I asked. "Who is he, dad?"

And so that's when he broke the news to us about Draco Malfoy, the babies, and the fact that we were going to be spending more than seventy-two precious hours of our winter holiday at Malfoy's flat—starting on Christmas Day—after our traditional Christmas Eve celebration over at our grandparents' house...which, by the way, was fantastic—until dad opened his mouth to the entire family. I'd prayed to Merlin that he'd wait, that he'd find a better forum to make such an announcement, but no...he didn't. *sigh*

The family's reaction was quite surprising though, if I do say so. First, there was silence. Deafening silence. Then someone started laughing. No, not someone. It was Uncle George, of course, who burst out laughing—cackling, really—which was quickly followed by stunned looks and more silence. But then George's gleeful chortling also triggered grandma's tears—because George hardly ever laughed and it was great to hear—and everyone was clamoring around dad, wanting to hug him and give him their best wishes. And the strangest part was that they didn't even seem to mind who dad was dating. He'd told them, but I swear they must have missed that part...and the part where dad said, "The babies are due in June," because...well...because all the hugs and congratulations seemed to indicate that they were happy about the news. And how could that be the case, right? Grandma even asked when she'd get to see 'Draco,' saying that it had been much too long since he'd been over.

That, of course, was astonishing, because...when exactly had Malfoy become Draco in the Weasley household? And...when the heck had Draco Malfoy, little Death Eater in training (in the days of old), been to the Burrow? The first chance I got, I cornered Uncle Ron and demanded that he spill it. And he did. He told me how Professor Mitchell (a completely barmy American witch) came to Hogwarts during their last year—after the war—to teach Muggle Studies, and how she made them do all kinds of inane things in order to get the four+ Houses united. Uncle Ron told of how all the returning students from their year had been forced to live together—there were only twenty of them who'd returned—and that they'd made friends after all that time. He also admitted that he'd never known how good of friends some in his year had become (i.e. dad and Draco Malfoy), but that he was truly fine with it, because dad had had a hard life, and all he (Uncle Ron) wanted was for his best mate (and brother-in-law) to be happy. "If your dad is happy with the ferrety-faced little prat, then...I guess I'm happy for him," he'd said, looking quite earnest. I'd eyed him skeptically, of course, wondering if my Aunt Hermione had whacked him over the head with her newest copy of Hogwarts, A History (updated and unabridged) one too many times. But again, he seemed to be of sound mind (and body). Humph!

This made everything all the more confusing, because...Uncle Ron hated Draco Malfoy! We'd all heard him say it a million times over the years. In fact, in my sixteen years of existence, I'd heard, "Merlin, I hate Malfoy!" or "Bouncing Ferret, be damned!" or "That Slytherin snake!" at least once every time we all got together—which was nearly every Sunday night (minus my time at school) for as long as I can remember. That's a lot of hate to have heard over the years—and now we were expected to just grin and bear the fact that dad was dating the man. Not just dating him; Dad had taken it up the arse and was having the git's baby (and vice versa). Apparently we now had to be a family. All eight of us! Dad had the three of us—and one on the way. And Malfoy had three children—and one on the way. What. The. FUCK! And, what the HELL were they thinking? Of course I knew the answer to that; they weren't thinking! Not with their heads (the ones nestled above their shoulders), anyway. What were they...teenagers? Disgusting!

This made me wonder what Malfoy's son thought of all this. Scorpius Hyperion (what the fuck kind of middle name was that?) Malfoy was in Albus' year, so he was fifteen—but the boy was quiet, sort of a recluse. He was in Slytherin, which was no big surprise (Malfoys were apparently disowned if they didn't make Slytherin House), and had a way of making himself invisible—which made me curious as to whether the boy had an invisibility cloak like the one dad had (which I occasionally nicked). In fact, even Lily, who'd also been sorted into Slytherin—something Uncle Ron bellyached about behind Aunt Hermione's back—had never once mentioned the Malfoy kid. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? I didn't know.

So...we arrived at the Malfoys' at just before half four on Christmas Day—and were instantly treated to dad and Mr. Malfoy's semi-public display of affection. The door opened and we'd barely stepped over the threshold when they hugged and kissed hello. Blech! Then mumbled some revolting endearments. Retch! And then the two of them just stood there grinning stupidly at each other—until Scorpius cleared his throat and said, "Introductions, Father."

We didn't really need them, of course, because...well, we all knew who everyone was, but...leave it to Malfoy's kid to make such a suggestion, like he wanted to get to know us better. I hated him already!

"Oh yes," said the blond man, gesturing that we should come inside further. "I do apologize," he said to us. "You all probably know my son, Scorpius, from school, yes?"

All our eyes swinging from the blond man to his equally blond son, we nodded.

"Great then. So, these are my daughters, Carina and Cassie," the man said, indicating the two little girls who were holding tightly to their brother's robes.

Standing at the far end of the entry room, just in front of the steps that let up and into their flat, Scorpius Malfoy rolled his eyes, obviously not caring for the way his father had introduced them, but both girls smiled (one of them more shyly than the other). All three of them had their father's pale complexion and platinum-colored hair, but where Scorpius' eyes were gray (and somewhat least at the moment), the girls' eyes were bright and blue and interested. Scorpius' face was also rather pointed, whereas his sisters' faces were still rounded, like toddlers tended to be.

"And, despite the fact that I feel as if I know you already..." Mr. Malfoy started, his eyes going to dad again.

"Oh. Right. These are my children; James, Albus, and Lily," dad said with a smile as he put a hand on both Albus and Lily's shoulders. "Kids, this is boyfriend."

A muscle in Albus's face twitched at dad's last word, but he managed to give a little wave hello. Lily smiled pleasantly, of course, because nothing seemed to faze her. But I...I couldn't bear to do either. My eyes connected with Scorpius', who nodded almost indiscernibly, then narrowed. I did not want to be here and apparently Scorpius didn't want us here either.

But then we were given another shock.

"Happy Chwismas, Da-da," one of the little girls said—and she was not talking to her own father.

As she came forward and reached her chubby little hands up toward our dad, he bent down and scooped her up (without missing a heartbeat, I might add), and said, "Well, Happy Christmas to you too, Cassie dear."

This action gained my dad another stupidly silly grin from his boyfriend (ridiculous term for two men of FOURTY-ONE), then the blond man said, "Let me take your coats first, darling," which made me cringe, because...who the fuck was Mr. Malfoy talking to? His daughter or our dad?

"Right. Of course," dad said. He then gave the little girl...Cassie, I guess...a kiss on the cheek and gently set her down, blew a kiss at the other girl (who, except for the slight color difference of her dress, looked identical to the one he'd just put down), then shrugged out of his coat, handed it to our host, then turned to take our coats from us. Mr. Malfoy hung them all up in a closet just behind him, then turned to smile at us all.

"So. Supper will be ready in about an hour," the boyfriend said (with obvious nervousness). "Hope you're hungry; I've got quite a feast preparing."


To which dad responded by reaching out and squeezing the other man's forearm (to reassure him, I guess). "Of course we are, Draco," he said with an encouraging smile—then turned his head just so and mouthed, be nice.

Glancing worriedly at our dad, Malfoy pursed his lips, then continued. "Well, come on in?" he said as he turned and started up the stairs. "The kitchen is here. You're all welcome to raid it whenever you're hungry...but not too close to meals, naturally," he said with a teasing grin. "Wouldn't want you all to be too full to eat a meal with the rest of us."

"Naturally," I mumbled sarcastically—which earned me a stern look from dad.

"The dining room is through there," Mr. Malfoy went on—he'd not heard me or seen dad's look. "And up here is the main living space," he said as they reached that level. "I'm afraid we don't spend much time in here though; we seem to prefer the upstairs parlour."

"By that, the upstairs parlour, Draco means the room that houses a television," our dad translated.

"You have a telly?" Lily asked, her eyes bright with excitement. "We've got one too, but dad hardly ever lets us watch it. Says it'll rot our minds...even though I hear him watching it when he thinks we're sleeping."

Dad's boyfriend chuckled. "Yes," he said, giving an almost too enthusiastic nod. Then, after a glance at dad, he continued. "There's...ahh...definitely one of those Muggle television thingies in this place. We could...all watch a movie," he suggested.

With a roll of his eyes, Scorpius Malfoy sneered, "Because we'd all just love that, Father. Not likely."

Silence again—then the elder Malfoy cleared his throat.

"Well then, why don't we just show you all to your rooms, then you can settle in before supper," the man said, looking slightly disappointed. "What do you think, Harry?"

Dad nodded. "Sounds good to me. I can take them up if you need to check on the food."

Dad's boyfriend bobbed his stupid blond head. "That would be great. Scorpius you can—"

"I'll just be in my room," the boy said, then turned and stomped off.

Frowning, Mr. Malfoy looked at dad and whispered, "Sorry."

"Not a problem, Draco. It's to be...expected. I'll take them." Then, speaking to the room, dad said, "But who'd like to help me?"

"I," the twins chorused happily, surprising the two men when Cassie (the shyer one, apparently) slipped her hand into Lily's and tugged her toward the staircase. "I wike your pwitty wed hair," she said, reaching out a tentative hand and touching my sister's long red locks. Lily did have pretty hair. "Mine is just pwain white."

Lily grinned. "Well, thank you," she said. "And I like your dress...both of your dresses. Green is my favorite color."

Both girls smiled brightly. "My pwaid is forwest gween," Cassie said as she pushed at the skirt of her dress. "Cawina's is kewwy gween."

Smiling, dad picked up the other little girl (the less shy one) and followed. "Come on. Let's go."

"Dat's the pawwour," Cassie Malfoy stated once they'd reached the first floor. "Can we watch a movie latah, da-da?"

Smiling, my dad did his best to be non-committal. "Maybe. Let's see what your father wants to do."

At just three, the little girl seemed to know a blow-off when she heard one, and pouted to show it.

"This floor has two extra bedrooms," dad said to us.

"Gwandmere uses da blue woom when she visits," the little girl holding Lily's hand stated. "It has a bafwoom."

"Father says we can't go in there," the other one said as we went up another flight of stairs to the second floor.

"Scorpy's woom is 'round there," Cassie said, pointing.

"And you three will be staying this way," dad said. Opening the first door, he smiled. "Lily."

Poking her head in tentatively, Lily glanced around, then stepped into the room fully. It had a single bed, covered with green and yellow bedding, a night table on either side, on one wall; a long, low dresser under a window, on the far wall; a desk and chair to the right of the door; and a comfortable-looking chair and ottoman in the corner. "This'll do," she said with a pleased smile. "I'll just unpack, Dad."

"I will help," Carina said as she wiggled to get out of our dad's arms.

Nodding, dad set the blonde munchkin on the floor and watched for a moment as she and her sister clamored to assist our Lily, then said, "The loo's in the hall, Lils," before backing out of her room and opening the next door. "You two will have to share...I hope that doesn't upset you too much."

"As if you care if something upsets us!" I suddenly snapped—I couldn't seem to help myself.

"James Sirius!" dad hissed at me. "That's not...fair. And it's untrue besides. Of course I care."

Feeling chagrinned, I glanced down at my trainers. "I know, dad, it's just...I don't wanna be here."

Sighing, dad ran a hand through his messy black hair and looked at me. "I understand that this isn't easy, James, but...your mum is gone and I have to move on. You'll just have to get used to the changes, son. I...I think I love this man."

My eyes went to Albus—he was busy rummaging through his trunk. Why he'd brought everything for three days was beyond me, but it made me think about the permanence of the situation. Merlin, this was really happening!

"It's just three days, James," my dad said. "Anyone can survive an ordeal that only lasts three days."

"But that's the thing, dad," I argued. "This isn't going to be over in three days, is it? You two are having a baby...two babies. You and Mr. Malfoy will be connected from here on out and we'll always have to deal with with him!"

Dad winced, but I didn't care.

"That's true, but...I need you to make an effort, James. And please, he'd like you to call him Draco."

Dad stood there staring at me and I knew he was waiting for me to say something, to give him some sign that I'd comply, but I didn't...I couldn't.

"Well then, supper in an hour," he said—then left, closing the door quietly as he went.


Our meal wasn't an absolutely horrible affair. One thing that could be said for Draco was that he could definitely cook. Dad had mentioned that he didn't have a house-elf—which surprised me, because we knew the man had more money than Merlin (even compared to us and, let's just say, we had Galleons coming out of our ears)—so he'd clearly done all the work himself. The food was delicious, actually, but I wasn't about to tell him that (or let myself be too impressed)—even if it would make dad ecstatically happy (as if he needed more happy at this point). In fact, even though I knew it bothered my dad, I said next to nothing during the meal.

But that didn't mean we ate in silence. Draco had charmed some instruments to play themselves, so...there was that. I can't say what was playing exactly, but it was fanciful and nice, something orchestral—something our mum would have likely made fun of, because she'd preferred her music quite a bit louder and a hell of a lot harder (mum hadn't been much of a girlie girl). But dad clearly liked it (the music). Dad always liked his music to have some sort of a calming effect. Couldn't say I blamed him for that—the desire for tranquility—after the life he'd led, which had been anything but peaceful. So much had been expected of him, almost from the start of his life, that sometimes I wondered how he was able to do the job he did. I could appreciate that he quite enjoyed anything that was relaxing. And so the music fit our dad—and apparently Draco as well.

And they were talking—dad and Draco—about a variety of topics, like all this was a normal-family supper gathering. They did look happy—at peace—sitting side by side at the end of the large, extra-wide dining table, with Lily, Albus, and I to dad's right and Scorpius between his sisters on their father's left. And occasionally, because they were sitting so close, they bumped elbows, then glanced at one another and smiled. I could tell that they were sometimes in their own world; it was weird.

And Lily chatted with them, giggling every now and then—sometimes inappropriately (they didn't seem to notice)—and answering all of Draco's many questions about school. That was one thing about Lily; she could talk your ear off, and do it so that you didn't become too annoyed with her (mostly). She's an odd little Slytherin, my sister; ambitious, cunning, and resourceful...yes! But she's also courageous, dedicated, loyal, patient, and wise. Such an interesting mix!

And then the boyfriend asked if she had a boyfriend—which shut my sister up right quick and had our dad gaping, then sputtering about her being too young for such a thing. Dad's boyfriend argued (playfully) that one was never too young to date and dad challenged him to have that same opinion when the twins were old enough to be interested in sex—to which the blond man objected, saying that he'd said nothing about sex. Though watching the two men go back and forth was sort of comical—the only ew-factor being that they'd brought up SEX—I managed to keep a straight face, because...well, I didn't want them to know that our table conversation was actually amusing in any way.

And so I continued my silence, my face tight.

Albus was fairly quiet as well, mostly speaking only when spoken to. He didn't seem as disturbed by the sex talk. I sometimes wondered if my brother was asexual, because he hadn't yet expressed an interest in girls—or boys, for that matter. That I knew of anyway. Albus was also treated to the third degree by dad's boyfriend, starting with school. Draco wanted to know what his favorite subjects were (Care of Magical Creatures and DADA)...and his least favorite subjects (Ancient Runes and Divination). He asked about friends...and about Quidditch. Just like me, Albus liked Quidditch quite a bit, and he was good at it too. Neither of us were Seeker though, both of us preferring the position of Chaser instead.

This, of course, launched a conversation about dad and Draco's rivalry back in the day—and dad accusing the other man of only becoming Seeker for Slytherin House so that he would have yet another way of tormenting him. Draco scoffed at the idea, reminding dad that the last thing he'd needed was more opportunities to do such a thing. But, in the end, he'd laughed and admitted that our dad wasn't far from the truth...that he'd always looked for ways to be closer to him. And he was rewarded for his confession. Smiling, dad leaned in and pressed his lips to the blond man's—and I think he might have let his hand wander up Draco's leg as well.

Shuddering, I had to look away. Blech!

And then our dad treated Scorpius to the same questioning—school, hobbies, friends, etc—which was quite informative, because we didn't know much about the near-exact replica of Draco Malfoy. He was an extremely good student; one who excelled in most subjects, but kept to himself so much so that most people didn't even notice his presence. He enjoyed Arithmancy the most, but was totally fascinated by Muggle Studies—which was something his father said he'd not known—and he hated Ancient Runes and Divination (just like Albus). He said that he liked watching Quidditch, but that he'd much rather read a book about it than actually participate in the sport, because he thought it was a touch violent and didn't much care for flying. He mentioned that he had a good mate in Ravenclaw, but didn't give us a name—and dad didn't press—and said there was a Slytherin girl he liked, but wouldn't give her name either, admitting that she didn't know he existed—yet.

And then the boyfriend brought out dessert. I'm not saying I was won over, because that wasn't going to happen (any time soon), but...well...let's just say it was better than anything I'd tasted in my life thus far. And that was saying something, because my Grandma Weasley was the best cook ever and she regularly treated her grandchildren to yummy desserts.

And that pretty much wrapped up our meal. The food was good, but the conversation a little awkward—and then we went upstairs into the "parlour" to watch a movie. A movie that, I'm sorry to say, I can't even recall, because I was too distracted (and revolted) by dad's behavior. It wasn't that he and Draco were overly demonstrative, but they did sit together on the sofa, much closer than some of us would have preferred, their hands clasped—and the twins curled up on top of them—while the rest of us were scattered about the room. Lily had plopped herself down in a chair just to the right of the parents' sofa, Albus and I shared a settee to the right of Lily, and Scorpius sat in a chair across the room from our dads—glaring at the pair of them while petting a large ball of fur on his lap.

It was at about ten o'clock, after we'd "watched" two movies—as a family (pfft!)—when dad and Draco excused themselves, leaving the four of us to ourselves (they'd taken the twins to bed). I think we were all relieved to see them go—even Lily seemed to let out her breath—but I couldn't help thinking about what they were most probably going to be doing upstairs in Draco's bedroom. At sixteen, I knew about these, not exactly...not from firsthand experience or anything. Either way, the images that were forming in my head were rather disgusting.

"That was...interesting," said Albus, interrupting my thoughts (thank Merlin!).

Scorpius gave a stiff nod. "Agreed."

"We have to do something about this," I said.

"Agreed," Scorpius repeated, nodding again. "But what?"

"What exactly do you think we can do?" Lily asked with a frown. "Your father is having our dad's son and our dad is having your father's daughter. These babies will be our siblings."

"Your point?" asked Albus.

"My point, brother dear," Lily said with a very Aunt Hermione-like roll of her eyes, "is that we're going to have to figure out a way to deal with live together. Our dads are having each other's babies, so that makes us"

I shuddered; I couldn't help myself. "No, Lily, we are not family," I said angrily. "The fact that there are babies on the way doesn't change that one bit. And it certainly doesn't mean they have to be together," I said, pointing at the ceiling. "Plenty of parents raise their children without the other parent living in the same household. It's not ideal, of course, but it can be done. Dad's doing it now, as is Mr. Malfoy. And, why should we all have to pay just because they were irresponsible. Have you even considered that? No, you haven't! We have to do something. Break them up or something. Find a way to end this!"

Lily narrowed her eyes at me and I knew she wasn't happy about my condescending tone, but she didn't have a chance to respond, because Scorpius spoke next.

"Grandmere won't like that," he said. "She'll insist they marry."

"What? Get m-married?" Albus sputtered.

Scorpius nodded. "Of course. She'd be mortified if Father had a child out of wedlock."

I rolled my eyes. "Then we'll have to keep this from your grandmother for as long as possible."

Scorpius scoffed. "That won't go over too well. She's already complaining that she doesn't see her grandchildren enough. I heard my Aunt Daphne scolding Father for not responding to my grandmother's owls. I don't expect Father will be able to avoid her for much longer. Though, he did set the wards to keep his parents out," the blond added with a smirk.

"Excellent!" I exclaimed.

Jumping to her feet, Lily put her hands on her hips. "You two can't stop this, you know. It's happening. We'll have to get used to it!"

We ignored her.

"What about your grandfather?" I asked Scorpius. "Will he be in favor of marriage as well?"

"Oh, he still loathes your father, but...I don't know," Scorpius said with a frown. "He's very much about appearances, but...he might side with us. Maybe I could sneak them into the house and...just see what happens. Just a meeting between your father and my grandfather might be enough to put an end to this, because Father will be furious if it actually comes to blows."

I know my eyes lit up as I nodded. "That would be brilliant!"

"Do you think they'll duel?" Albus asked excitedly.

Scorpius shrugged. "It would be entertaining, but I hope not. Like I said, Father wouldn't be too thrilled with that."

"Nor would he like it if our dad killed your grandfather, I'm sure," I said with a grin.

"Pfft! Oh please, as if your dad could take out Lucius Malfoy," Scorpius scoffed.

"Ahh...hello...our dad defeated Voldemort! I think he could easily take on your barmy old Slytherin Death Eater grandfather," Albus growled hotly

Scorpius' pale, pointed face reddened and his hand twitched, as if he were going to reach for his wand and hex my brother, but it was Lily who snarled, grabbed Albus by his shirt, and shook him violently. "HEY!" she snapped. "Watch what you say about Slytherin House, Albus Severus Potter! Don't you forget that that's my House too, wanker! Or that you're named after a great man, who also happened to be in Slytherin!"

When she gave Albus another shake, I had to cut in. "Easy, Lils."

Instantly, she let him go, her anger visibly melting away. I was the one with the quick temper, but Lily's could be bad too if she was provoked—but she was usually easy to calm down. Like now.

"You all right?" I asked our brother. Being a Gryffindor, he wasn't at all a coward, but almost everyone gave Lily a wide berth when she got like this.

His eyes wide, Albus glanced at me and nodded, then looked at our sister. "Sorry, offense intended. I just... Scorpius insulted dad, so mad."

"And you insulted my grandfather," Scorpius accused.

"You started it," said Albus. "And besides, I didn't say anything that's not true."

Scorpius didn't respond, but he didn't look very happy.

Rolling her eyes, Lily smoothed Albus' shirt, then stepped away from him. "Well, let's try to refrain from the name-calling," she said after a quick glance at Scorpius. "A lot of people made mistakes during the war...and I think the Malfoys have paid for theirs. Obviously dad thinks so as well or we wouldn't be here."

Frowning, Scorpius just looked at the three of us. I didn't know him well enough to know what was going through his mind, but he was clearly surprised by our display.

"So...getting your grandparents over here while dad's here," I said, going back to our original subject. "When can you do that?"

Scorpius shrugged. "I'll send them an owl. I would be willing to bet they'll show up forthwith."

"Great. Let's send it now," I said with a grin.

Both Lily and Scorpius rolled their eyes.

"Didn't you hear what I just said?" Scorpius snapped. "As soon as they receive it, they'll be here, so we'll have to plan on owling them tomorrow. Besides, I think our fathers are...busy. Merlin only knows what's happening up there."

At this I slapped my hands over my ears. "Stop! Don't say another word."

Again Lily's eyes rolled up to the ceiling, then back down to look at the three of us. Then, throwing her arms up in the air, she said, "Boys! I'll never understand you! See you in the morning!"

And then she was gone—and so the rest of us called it a night as well.

*~* D & H *~*

"So, do you think they're killing each other down there," Draco asked as he crawled up Harry's sheet-covered, yet otherwise unclothed, body, leaned down and kissed the darker-haired man, then settled himself on Harry's thighs.

Sitting up, Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's waist and caressed the small of his back while nibbling on his collarbone. "They're fine, Draco," he said reassuringly.

"Are you sure?" the blond asked. His eyes were closed and he was trying to enjoy what Harry's mouth and hands were doing to him, because, Merlin, Harry sure knew what to do with every part of his body...but, he was nervous about leaving his one and only son downstairs with Harry's three hellions.

Chuckling, Harry latched onto Draco's nipple and sucked hard—causing Draco to throw his head back and groan loudly. "Harry!" he bellowed when he felt teeth gnaw at him.

"Shhh," Harry hissed, then started licking his way across Draco's chest, settling on the man's other nipple. "They'll hear you."

"Ever hear of a Silencing Charm, you tosser?" Draco asked.

Straightening up, Harry grinned, his green eyes twinkling. "I thought you were worried about your boy," he challenged the man straddling his legs. "Left him downstairs in the telly room with—"

"Parlour," Draco corrected. "We call it the parlour."

Harry rolled his eyes, then attacked Draco's shoulder. "Fine. Left your boy down in the parlour with three hellish Potters, you did? Left him completely unprotected by silencing our room; now we can't hear a bloody thing down there. Scared, Malfoy?"

"Of course not."

"That's not the proper response," Harry complained, with a bit of a pout. "You're supposed to say—"

"You wish," the blond finished. "I am well aware, but that's your line, Potter, not mine."

"Humph!" was Harry's only response—then he leaned forward and nipped at Draco's chin while pinching his nipple fairly hard.

Groaning again, Draco hissed, "You're such a prat, Potter!" as he attempted to bat Harry's fingers off of him.

Still grinning, his hand moving to Draco's back, Harry pressed kisses over the man's neck, fluttered the pads of his fingers up Draco's spine, then raked his nails across his shoulder blades. "But you love me anyway, don't you?"

Closing his eyes, Draco dropped his head onto Harry's shoulder, but didn't respond.

"You ignoring me, Malfoy?" Harry queried.

"How could I possibly ignore you?" Draco countered. "You never stop talking."

Harry laughed. "Answering a question with a very Slytherin of you."

Smiling slyly, Draco ran his hands up Harry's arms, then around his neck and up into his hair. "Well...ahh...Slytherin!" he reminded.

"Oh. Right." Harry grinned—then placed a kiss on Draco's soft lips before flinging himself backward, taking Draco with him. One buck of his hips had his boyfriend flipped onto his back, his legs splayed so that Harry could explore the man beneath him. "What shall it be tonight?" he asked—then they were kissing again.

When the kiss ended, Draco frowned up at him.

"You're still worried about Scorpius," Harry stated plainly.

It wasn't a question, but Draco nodded. "Not that he can't take care of himself, mind, but..."

Sighing, Harry rolled off his boyfriend. "I'm sure everything's fine, Draco," he said. "Sure, James can be a bit intense sometimes, but Albus is fairly friendly...and I'd be willing to bet that Lily'll even the odds."

Still frowning, Draco skeptically asked, "You mean...she'll be on Scorpius' side?"

"," Harry replied with a cheeky grin, now propped up on an elbow. "We've got two Slytherins and two Gryffindors down there, so...I'd say Scorpius is safe.

Rolling up onto his elbow, Draco faced Harry and smirked. "I think I'd like to feel this," he said as he reached out and wrapped a hand firmly around Harry's hard cock, "buried in my mouth." Using the other hand, Draco pushed an unresisting Harry onto his back and moved so that he could swallow his lover whole. Taking Harry in as far as he could, Draco felt the other man's cock brush the back of his throat, groaning when he felt it twitch.

"Oh!" Harry cried. "Do that again."

And Draco did. Pulling back first, so that he could completely fill his lungs with oxygen, he used a hand and gave Harry's cock several maddening strokes, then lowered his mouth onto it again, curling his tongue around Harry's hardness and groaning until the man responded.

"Ohh. That's gooood," Harry moaned. "Brilliant! Don't ever stop...please," he begged as he tried to thrust himself further into Draco's mouth.

That, of course, was the wrong thing to say, because Draco seemed to love torturing his boyfriend. Pulling back again, Draco waited until Harry whimpered, then he took him in again—first deep and then shallow, alternating between the two to make Harry crazy. And then, when Harry was close, the blond clamped a hand around the base of Harry's cock to prevent orgasm and made him wait.

"Draco...please," Harry whined.

And then he started in again. Licking Harry from base to tip, Draco teased his lover with soft kisses and light flicks of his tongue, using his fingers to gently knead the other man's balls until Harry was crying out and thrashing beneath him.

"Come on, Malfoy, you bloody tease! Fuck me! Please.

"Not yet," Draco said with a shake of his head. "I'm not ready."

"Well, I am!" Harry growled with obvious frustration. "Get on with it!"

Chuckling, Draco removed the hand he had wrapped around Harry's cock and looked around for his wand. Out of reach, he sighed—then concentrating, he closed his eyes and whispered, "Lubricus."

Harry groaned again as he felt a warm, slick substance fill his backside—and then again when two of Draco's fingers entered him, searching for the place that drove him crazy. Though somewhat deep inside, it was quickly located, then massaged in a circular motion, while Draco went back to work on Harry's briefly neglected cock—the combined stimulation putting an end to the dark-haired man's suffering.

"Oh! Draco!" Harry bellowed as he came, coating Draco's throat with his hot viscous fluid.

Draco kept Harry's cock in his mouth until he was sure the trembling man was finished, only releasing him and wiping the back of his hand over his bruised lips when Harry convulsed due to oversensitivity.

"Sorry," Harry whispered without opening his eyes. He wanted to reach out and touch his lover, but he felt boneless.

"What are you on about?" Draco asked, wondering what Potter had to be sorry about.

"No warning," Harry breathed. "Should have let you know it was coming."

Smiling, the blond shifted, maneuvering himself so that he was kneeling between Harry's legs. "No need. I was quite aware that you were coming," he said—then positioned himself and pushed forward.

Still feeling boneless, Harry just lay there, completely relaxed, but he opened his eyes and was caught by Draco's heated gaze. Pulling out slowly, then pushing in at the same rate, the blond kept his gray eyes on Harry's green ones as he repeated the process until the dark-haired man found that he could move again. With Draco's help, Harry's legs were lifted to the blond's shoulders, then he was nearly bent in half as Draco drove into him over and over again, their pace increasing with each thrust—until Draco's entire body shuddered and he spilled himself into Harry's receptive body, then collapsed upon it.

"That was...fantastic, Harry," the blond said after several recuperative minutes. His softening cock had slipped from Harry's worn body, but he was still quivering all over, feeling quite boneless himself. "You are fantastic!" he amended.

"That's me, Fantastic Harry," Harry said with a grin—then he frowned. "You know, we won't be able to do this much longer. This face-to-face fucking, I mean. Soon are bellies will prevent it."


"We'll have to get more creative," he went on.

"Uh-huh," Draco agreed with a barely discernable nod. His head was just over Harry's shoulder, his face buried in a pillow, their sweaty cheeks pressed together. "What did you and the Weaslette do when she got big?"

Harry frowned. "Actually, it was so long ago, I don't quite recall," he answered after a few seconds. "It was different though, because only one of us got big."


"What did you and your wife do?" Harry asked curiously.

"Pfft! As if Tori let me even touch her when she was with child," Draco said with a snort. Then, straightening up, the blond narrowed his eyes with worry. "You're not going to withhold yourself from me, are you?"

Harry chuckled. "Not likely," he said—then reached up, took Draco's face in his hands, and pulled him down for a kiss.

Relieved, Draco melted into the kiss.