Coming Together for the Holidays

(some thoughts on the matter)

Day Four

(Tuesday, December 28, 2021)

*~* Albus Severus Potter *~*

It was our last day at the Malfoy's and, if I were to be completely honest with myself, I'd have to admit that I actually didn't hate being here at all...and that I'd had a fairly good time getting to know them a bit. Go figure! Well, Scorpius was a bit of a git, but...he wasn't horrible. His sisters, however, were adorable. And, surprisingly enough, Mr. Malfoy was nothing like I'd imagined (or read...or been told). Dad's boyfriend was pleasant (and entertaining) to be around; he was nice to all of us (even when some of us didn't deserve it); he was a good father; and he made my dad smile like he used to when our mum was still alive.

Now, I suppose I could be angry about that last part, because mum had only been gone for a year and we all missed her (desperately)...and we all hated to think that our lives were going on without her when hers had been cut so drastically short. But, as much as it hurt to have lost her, I just couldn't stay disgruntled over my dad choosing to move on. He had to at some point, right? He couldn't just be alone forever, wallowing in what once was! That would just be...depressing! And, was it even a choice? The falling in love again, I mean (not the gay part, because that obviously wasn't a choice; dad was clearly gay, or at least bi). Could one resist love once it reared its ugly head? And it was ugly. Love seemed to make people do the oddest bringing two of the most opposite men (and their families) together. Just that made me fairly sure that there was no choice to love. Personally, I'd never been in love before, but it seemed to me like it (love) just the people involved just sort of fell—tumbled all crazy-like—head over damned heels, and from then on were just lost in it. I'm not sure they can even help themselves after that point. Can they? I don't know. Hmm. The whole thing sounded sort of scary to me and I wasn't sure if it was something I ever wanted to do, I said...sounds like it's totally uncontrollable!

Anyway, Dad fell for Mr. Malfoy and vice versa and they were both pregnant! Definitely sounded like a done deal! Time to be supportive, right? I could do that. And, all this would be good for us because, as far as I was concerned, a happy dad made for all of us being happy as well—and I liked being happy. Who didn't like to be happy? But the bottom line here was that the blond man seemed to be a good man and dad liked him. Loved him. How could I (we) possibly object to that? Yes, this was a good thing! And there might just be some more fun times ahead for all of us. I could definitely go for that!


* I'd had an unexpectedly good time.
* Draco Malfoy seemed to be an interesting person—and dad loved him!
* Our mum was gone and it was only right that dad get on with his life.
* There were babies on the way—a new brother and sister, apparently!
* Scorpius Malfoy wasn't too awful...and his sisters were adorably cute.
* The Malfoy's flat, though not as large as Grimmauld Place, was pretty cool (i.e. there was enough space for all of us and they had a telly).
* We'd met the "in-laws"—one of which was supportive—and Malfoy Manor was amazing!
* And, our dad was HAPPY!

Not that I could talk to James about any of these things, of course, because he was still being such an arse about the whole thing. If I had to hear one more complaint about our situation, or what he thought about it (as if he were the only one being affected), I just might have to hex my own brother into next week—fuck the consequences! Dad would be angry with me, of course (underage magic and all that nonsense), but James would deserve it and the possible punishment might be worth it—even dad would understand that, right? Maybe not, if the Ministry got involved. They could take my wand away, you know. And, even if they didn't, I'd get the I'm-head-Auror-and-you-can't-break-the-law speech. I hated that speech! If it had to hear that again, I might just have to hex myself!

Note to self...wait until we get back to Hogwarts to hex James! Yes. That's perfect! That would prevent any Ministry involvement, thus not putting any undue stress on dad. My pregnant dad. Brilliant solution! And I could hex him under the guise of dueling, since we'd long been part of the dueling club. Yes. That's good. I like it! *grin*

Anyway, James wasn't usually such a self-centered git, but he sure seemed to have quite a few opinions right now. I didn't know what was wrong with him and hoped his whinging would just go away! It might, right? Sometimes I felt like I didn't know anything.

But Lily knew, of course, because...Lily always knows everything. I'm not sure what the deal is with my sister, but she seemed to be taking to this whole thing like a Ukrainian Ironbelly would to the Northern Carpathians, which also seemed pretty out of character for a Slytherin (with their whole resistance to things that are different thing), but...well, I suppose it's a good thing for the parents, right? She's taking this quite well. And, she's not taking any of James' shite...thank Merlin! Not that that's new or anything, because Lily doesn't take shite from anyone. She'd even given Scorpius what for; he was being rather arse-like yesterday morning (I could hear them through the close bedroom door) and Lily snapped, sinking her fangs (metaphorically speaking) into him and releasing a bit of Slytherin venom. It was rather humorous to her wrath being let loose on someone else for a change. And it shut the blond up too...though, he was probably used to that brand of poison, being a snake himself and all.

As for Scorpius, he seemed to be softening as well. He'd put up quite a cold front at first, sure, but I could tell that he liked us—even dad—by the time our visit was coming to a close. We'd all spent the evening before watching Muggle movies on their Muggle electronics, eating Muggle snack foods, and playing Muggle board games (and one round of Wizard's Chess)—who knew two purebred wizards could have so much non-purebred stuff in their house! And then, after the parents took the little ones off to bed—and went off to their own bedroom activities...ew!—the rest of us stayed up laughing until all hours. In fact, we even fell asleep together; three Potters and one Malfoy in a tangled heap on the parlour floor. It was...quite cozy! And, thanks to Lily, there was no further talk about breaking up the dads. Oh, James did try once, but our dear slithering serpent sister quickly put the kibosh on it (Thank Merlin again!), saying that she'd hex James' bollocks off if he didn't "shut the bloody fuck up!" Shocking language, I know, coming out of our dear thirteen-year-old sister's pure little mouth (pfft!), but that's what she said. James, of course, gave her his most vicious Panthera leo glare, but we all knew he was much too obsessed with that part of his anatomy to ignore her threat and he did indeed shut it—for which we were all glad.

It would be good—our new family.

Or, it could be.


Well, I thought so, anyway.

Anyway, we (the four of us) had so much fun on our last night together (threats and some bickering notwithstanding) that we agreed to spend our very next Hogsmeade weekend together, getting to know each other more thoroughly; the Potters and the Malfoy—or maybe it would be the Gryffindors (James and me) and the Slytherins (Lily and Scorp).

Scorp? Where the hell had that come from? I mean, I call my sister Lil or Lils sometimes (okay, a lot), and more rarely I call James, Jay (not too often; he has a habit of thumping me when I do), but...Scorpius Malfoy...shortened to Scorp? Pfft! What the heck? It was like I was initiating him into the family or something. I frowned. I'd have to make sure I didn't slip and say that in front of James, because, though he was obviously learning to tolerate our blond...classmate? was entirely possible that he'd not appreciate endearing epithets directed at my age mate.

And then I heard a bit of somewhat-friendly arguing.

"Be nice, Score!" Lily said in her all too familiar scolding manner as they entered the parlour. "They've every right to stay in the bedroom until they're good and ready to come out."

"Pfft! Right!" James huffed from behind them. "Do they ever come up for air?"

Lily rolled her eyes, then turned and slapped James on the side of the head.

"Ouch! That really hurt, Lily!" James groused. "Violent much?"

Again, Lily rolled her eyes, but continued into the room without saying a word. Sitting in the chair she'd appropriated as her own, she watched James flop down unceremoniously into his place, while "Score" lowered himself (gracefully) into his preferred seat. I was already sitting on the sofa, so I just continued to sit there...and listen to them.

"I'm only suggesting," the blond drawled, his voice strained, "that they wait until we're all back at Hogwarts know. Not too much to ask, is it?"

James shook his head. "Not to me, it isn't."

"What do you think, Albus?" Scorpius said, turning on me. "You agree that they could wait, right?"

"I...ahh...yeah, I guess," I said dumbly. "Could being the operative word."

From my position I could see James roll his eyes, but our sister smirked.

"Couldn't we just...leave it alone?" she said. "I'm tired of all this."

"So am I," James quipped.

"I'm not referring to dad and Draco's relationship, James, and you know it!" she snapped, her green eyes flashing. "I'm talking about you and Score whinging on and on and on about our dads. They're together and there's nothing you can do about it, so get over it...and yourselves too, for that matter!"

"Yeah...well...we'll see about that!" James snarled—causing Lily's eyes to roll yet again as she reached for something to read to keep her mind off our prat of a brother.

From my place on the sofa, I successfully avoided my brother's angry gaze by bringing my eyes to the telly instead; Scorpius had turned it on quickly after James' outburst, clearly intending to shift our focus from the subject of our parents. It worked.

*~* D & H *~*

Lying sprawled out—and naked, except for a luxuriously soft and silky sheet—on Draco's massive four-poster, with the blond's head on his shoulder and a leg thrown over both of his, Harry knew the moment the other man roused by the change in his respiration—and because he felt eyelashes flick and tickle his collarbone. They'd spent hours in each other's arms the night before; first, fucking furiously, as if they didn't have the time to take their time...then talking intermittently, while struggling to regulate their erratic, freshly-fucked breathing...eventually shifting back to exploring each other's sticky, sweat-soaked bodies with hands and mouths...and finally, making love to one another so slowly and carefully (and lovingly) that they somehow lost track of time; it was only the sun making its appearance on the horizon that forced them to close their eyes and give sleep a go.

"I can't believe we made it through this visit," Harry said quietly. He was amazed (and thankful) that the children hadn't torn each other apart. It was a good sign.

Draco yawned, then— "Pfft! The visit, as you call it, is not over yet, Potter," he returned as he made quite the production out of stretching, then settled his head back down onto Harry's shoulder and started fluttering his fingertips over this boyfriend's bare chest. "We still have a few hours left for all hell to break loose."

Harry chuckled. " are such a pessimist," he said as he twirled Draco's hair with his fingers.

"Don't call me that!" Draco snarled as he poked a pointy finger into Harry's chest.

"Ouch!" Harry exclaimed. "That's not very nice...Dragon!"

Draco's next move caused the dark-haired man to wince; he'd moved his fingers to Harry's right nipple and pinched—quite hard! "I said, don't call me th—"

But Draco couldn't finish, because Harry'd reached up, threaded his fingers into the blond's sleep-tousled hair, then yanked him roughly into a bruising kiss.

"I told you," Harry said after snogging the other man completely senseless. "If you call me Potter." Kiss. "Then I'll call you Dragon." Kiss.

Staring up at Harry, his gray eyes slightly unfocused from his boyfriend's thorough snogging, Draco frowned and struggled to concentrate—so that he could form a coherent sentence. "You've turned me into a sodding Hufflepuff, Potter!" he accused harshly.

This made Harry laugh. "Only took me what...thirty years?"

Using all his strength, Draco shoved Harry back, rolled him to his back, and then straddled his hips. "I am not a Hufflepuff!" the blond growled with as much menace as he could muster—which wasn't much because he was feeling queerly.

Shaking his head, Harry laughed again. "Never said you were, called yourself a Hufflepuff."

"But you agreed with me...sort of." Draco frowned. Harry hadn't really agreed, but he'd implied it. "I think you should be punished for it," Draco said with an evil glint in his eyes.

Still on his back, his green eyes sparkling up at Draco, Harry shrugged. "All right."

Draco blinked. "All right? That's all you have to say?"

Nodding, Harry tried to keep his facial features serious—and then said, "What shall my punishment be, oil or the rack?"

"The what?" Draco asked, confused.

"Sorry. Muggle reference. Torture device," Harry semi-explained.

Draco rolled his eyes. "I hate it when you do that...makes me feel like an idiot. You know that, right?"

"Er...sorry," Harry said with a sheepish grin. " you'd rather just...fuck me raw, then?" he went on, going back to their previous topic.

Narrowing his eyes, Draco scrambled off his boyfriend, saying, "Everything's always about sex with you!" as he hurried to get off the bed.

But he didn't get far, because Harry went after him. "Oh no, you don't," Harry said as he quickly snaked an arm around Draco's middle and pulled him backward.

"Let me go!" the blond growled, struggling.

Not willing to allow Draco to get away from him, Harry held his boyfriend until he stopped wildly wiggling, then loosened his grip—but only a bit, because he wasn't willing to allow Draco to get away from him completely.

"Now, Harry!" Draco demanded through clenched teeth. "I mean it!"

Frowning, Harry only gave pause for a moment before releasing his clearly upset boyfriend, then watched as the blond quickly moved away and slowly (unsteadily) got to his feet. Then, smoothing his hair back, the other man visibly worked to even out his breathing. It took several moments.

"You sure are grumpy this morning, Draco," he finally said when his boyfriend seemed more in control. "After last night...I thought you'd be in a much better mood. What's wrong?"

Draco swallowed. "Nothing!" he said quickly—a little too quickly. "I'm fine, Harry...really."

As Harry watched, Draco's face turned an odd shade of yellowish-green—then he turned and dashed for the bathroom. When the door slammed shut, it suddenly occurred to Harry what was going on. Following Draco to the bathroom, Harry opened the door to find the other man on his knees, hunched over the toilet. Rushing forward, Harry dropped down beside him and said, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Go. Away!" Draco said between retches.

"I'm not going anywhere, Draco," Harry said with a shake of his head as he began to rub his pregnant boyfriend's back.

First trying to shrug off Harry's touch (unsuccessfully), Draco then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Please," he whined. "Just go. Leave me alone." And then his body shuddered and he heaved again.

Harry shook his head—not that Draco could see. "Nope! Not gonna happen."

While the man threw up, Harry stood there holding his hair back, so that it wouldn't get soiled (Draco would hate that), and continued to massage his back until it appeared there was nothing else to throw up—and then Harry stood up and grabbed a hand towel, wetted it, and began wiping down Draco's pale face. His eyes red-rimmed and full of tears, Draco tried to look away—but Harry wouldn't let him.

"Hey!" said the dark-haired man, his hand gripping Draco's chin firmly. "We're in this together, remember?"

For a moment, Draco continued to avoid Harry's gaze. Desperately, he fought to keep his tears from falling—because tears were "an unacceptable form of expressing one's self" (or so his father had told him countless times)—but then he gave up, blinked, and allowed them to course down his cheeks.

"Harry. Please," he whispered, his face flushed with embarrassment.

"Why didn't you take your morning sickness potion, Draco?" Harry asked, ignoring the other man's plea.

Draco shrugged. "I forgot, I guess."

Harry frowned. "That's not at all like you."

Draco snorted. "Your bad habits seem to be rubbing off on me, Potter."

Chuckling, Harry nodded. "Seems so," he said. Moving to the medicine cabinet, Harry pulled out a phial and handed it to the blond. "Let's not allow that to happen again, eh? Bottom's up."

Without argument, Draco tipped the viscous, neon pink liquid into his mouth and swallowed it. At first the flavor was sour, but then, as it disappeared down Draco's throat, it became almost too sweet. It only took moments for his stomach to settle, making him feel normal again.

"Thank you, Harry," he whispered.

Ignoring his boyfriend, Harry took the empty phial out of Draco's hand, then handed him a glass of water. "Now this."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Yes, Mother," he said sarcastically before bringing the glass to his mouth. "Any more instructions?" he asked once the water was gone.

Harry smiled. "Now that's the snarky Draco Malfoy I know and love."

"I am not snarky."

Harry laughed. "Oh, but you are," he said as he leaned forward and kissed this blond boyfriend right on the mouth.

Draco pulled away. "What are you doing? I just vomited."

"And you took the morning sickness potion, which means your mouth should taste like candy."

"That's still disgusting," Draco argued, his nose scrunched up with revulsion. "Let me at least brush my teeth."

"Fine then," Harry said. "But hurry it up! I'll be waiting for you in bed."

Draco rolled his eyes at Harry's one track mind—then grinned because he wouldn't have it any other way. Of course he didn't hurry though. Not a bit. After a night spent writhing against one another in ecstasy, sweat dripping from their bodies—and thirty minutes of throwing up this morning—Draco decided a hot shower was in order.


Harry chuckled with amusement as he walked back into Draco's bedroom from the loo. He wouldn't have minded it a bit if Draco had come back to bed dirty—he wasn't so clean himself—but he should have known that that wouldn't be very Draco-like. Draco liked being clean. In fact, Harry would go so far as to say his boyfriend was more than a little obsessive-compulsive about cleanliness. It was definitely more than everything having its place, but sometimes Harry thought the blond was a little over the top about it—and so he was constantly surprised at just how dirty he could get Draco before the man finally broke and dashed off to the shower.

Intending to crawl back into Draco's bed and wait for the man to emerge from the bathroom squeaky clean, Harry headed that way—but then he stopped and reversed direction. "Fuck it!" he muttered. He knew his boyfriend probably wouldn't say anything about his sticky, come-coated skin, but he decided he'd rather not be dirty if Draco was going to be all fresh and clean.

"I knew you'd be back," came Draco's voice as soon as Harry opened to the bathroom door and slipped inside.

"Yeah?" Harry responded. "And how'd you know that?"

Draco smirked. "Because I know how much you like fucking in the shower."

Laughing, Harry stepped into Draco's shower and allowed the drenched man to push him through the teaming stray and up against the wall.

"Thank you," Draco said huskily as he brought his body flush with Harry's—then sealed their lips together.

His arms coming up to wrap around the blond's still slim waist, Harry kissed back passionately—because he loved him passionately. Again, he didn't respond to Draco's words of thanks. For one, it wasn't necessary; the customary response was only said out of sheer politeness (which Harry didn't always seem to be), because everyone was so worried (overly so, as far as Harry was concerned) about following standard etiquette—but Harry knew that Draco wouldn't appreciate the gesture. Not at all. That was, in fact, the other reason why Harry said nothing. It was hard enough for Draco to get the words out in the first place and Harry knew he preferred that they went unacknowledged. But Harry did hear them, of course, and very much understood what it meant for Draco to have said them (twice); Draco was conceding that he was in Harry's debt.

But Harry didn't see it that way. So, when Draco started to drop to his knees, Harry quickly stopped him.

"No. I want you inside me," he said.

Then, when it looked like Draco might argue—because he clearly felt as though he owed Harry for taking care of him while he was ill—Harry grabbed their erections with both hands and stroked them, causing the blond's eyes to roll back in his head.

"You play dirty, Potter," Draco huffed, pretending to be irritated while Harry simultaneously rubbed their cocks together and wanked them both. "And you're going to put an end to this right quick...if you don't stop."

His lips ghosting over Draco's, then leaving the blond's mouth to travel down his neck, Harry grinned. "All right then," he said as he released Draco's hard member and focused solely on his own—causing Draco to groan with disappointment and frustration.

"You are such a wanker, Potter!" Draco complained—but he kept his gaze on what Harry was doing. At this point nothing could draw his eyes away.

And Harry knew this. Running one hand rhythmically up and down his own shaft, while twisting his thumb and forefinger over its sensitive tip on each upstroke, the dark-haired man let his other hand travel down his stomach and between his own legs, where he grasped his balls and massaged them. "That's what...I'm going for, Dragon...a good wank," he moaned out as he slid his fingers back to play with his entrance.

Groaning at the very idea of Harry pushing a finger (or several) into his own arse, Draco reached for his own cock—but only got a few strokes in before Harry gasped and exploded. Harry's body convulsed as he climaxed, shooting come all over Draco's hand and cock and chest, then he seemed to lose the strength in his legs and leaned forward, his arms going up and over Draco's shoulders for support.

"I want you inside me," Harry rasped, repeating his request. "Please. I'm so ready for you, Draco."

Draco nodded. He wanted that too. His hands, which were no longer on his own come-drenched cock, pulled Harry up against him, then hoisted the green-eyed man up, so that his legs were around Draco's waist. It only took a moment to seek out Harry's waiting (ready) hole. Using Harry's own release as a lubricant, Draco pushed himself inside, then walked the man back through the shower spray and into the tiled wall.

"Oh, that's it, Draco," Harry moaned as he slumped against the blond's chest, his head turned so that his face was pressed up against Draco's neck. "Right. There!"

Holding Harry against the wall, Draco snacked his hands up from behind and settled them on the man's shoulders to pull him down onto his aching erection, then threw his head back and rocked his hips, slowly at first, because he liked the vibrating feeling of Harry's moans against his neck—then changing the pace, because he knew that's what Harry would want...and need.

"Draco!" breathed Harry. "Harder!"

And Draco complied—until he reached his breaking point. And then he was shouting Harry's name as he shuddered and came.

*~* A *~*

My pleasant brother, James, spent most of the day alternating between snapping and snarling at us (whenever the dads left the room) and ignoring us completely, while Lily and Scorpius and I took turns playing wizard chess. The twins were easily entertained by the one of us not playing chess (not James, because he just sat there scowling). While Scorpius and I were engrossed in a game, Lily and the twins played dress up—modeling each of their outfits for us all to see. Some of them were ridiculously silly, but the three of them seemed to be having a grand time. To say the least, it was entertaining (I think I even saw a twitch of a smile flit across James' face)...and I had to admit that my sister was quite creative. Where she got her dress-up ideas was beyond me, but she was obviously good at it—at fashion and entertainment...and with children. Who knew!

After lunch, when the twins' naptime came, we switched to Muggle board games—and the dads disappeared again. None of us questioned where they went or what they were doing, and nothing was said about their bedroom activities. Even James, though clearly not pleased, didn't utter a word.

When supper approached, we all gathered in the dining room. Dad's boyfriend had prepared us individual steak and kidney pies, shaping each differently (obviously with magic, because mine was in the shape of a Snitch), then telling us the story of the first time he'd ever had steak and kidney pie—apparently it was our dad who'd made it for him.

And then there was the delectable array of desserts. Later on, James would say, the bloody prat's just trying to butter us all up and that he couldn't believe dad was falling for his bullshit, but...they both just looked sodding happy, if you asked me. James didn't ask me, of course, but...whatever!

So, it was after the evening meal that we left the Malfoy's flat. Our goodbyes were said outside. Dad's boyfriend and his children walked us out to our car, Scorpius, walking between Lily and me—the three of us promising to meet up at Hogwarts as soon as possible. Earlier we'd agreed to go to Hogsmeade together, but that would be a few weeks off, so we decided to plan a study session...or something. James pretended disinterest, but I knew he was listening to (and hanging on) our every word. He probably wouldn't spend too much time with us though, being older and all (his friends would most definitely take the piss out of him if he did), but I could tell that he didn't want to be completely left out either. When we got to the car, he quickly thanked Mr. Malfoy, then climbed inside and slammed the door.

For a moment, Dad looked a bit confused, then he blushed with embarrassment. He didn't have to say anything though, because Mr. Malfoy grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

"Don't worry about it, Harry," came the blond's whispered words.

With a sigh, my dad nodded—then he looked at us. "Let's head home, guys."

My sister immediately stepped forward and stuck out her hand. "Thank you for such a nice time, Mr. Malfoy," she said politely (kindly). "It was good to meet you."

Smiling, dad's boyfriend took my sister's much smaller hand. "You are quite welcome, Lily, and the feeling is mutual. And please, call me Draco...all of you," he said, his gray eyes shifting from my sister's face to mine, then back.

Lily grinned and nodded. "Good night, Draco."

"Good night, Lily," Draco replied.

I stepped forward next. "I had a good time too...Draco," I said, frowning slightly. It was kind of hard to use his first name, but I figured that, if my sister could do it, then so could I. And I was sure that it would only get easier with each use. "Good night."

The blond man smiled down at me and thanked me for coming, then looked at my dad as we clamored into the back seat of dad's Golf. I tried not to watch what happened next, but it was hard to miss when our dad stepped close to the man, wrapped his arms around him, and kissed him thoroughly. Lily, of course, was avidly watching; she seemed to have no qualms about it. James, on the other hand, was grinding his teeth and looking completely in the opposite direction. Scorpius was avoiding the spectacle as well, instead pretending to focus his attention on his sisters. The twins, however, were giggling. They really liked us and our dad.

When the parents parted, I heard James ground out a finally, but I'm sure no one else heard it except me. I then watched dad say his goodbyes to Scorpius and the twins. Scorpius, not surprisingly, behaved quite graciously, even though I knew he wasn't thrilled about his father dating our father (or the babies on the way), and the twins gave our dad loving hugs and kisses. That seemed to make our dad very happy. After a few more goodbyes to the twins, dad stood up and looked at Draco.

"I'll ring you tomorrow?"

Draco nodded. "Night, Potter."

Dad grinned. "G'night, Dragon."

Author's Note

I really didn't do much proofreading of this (especially of Lily and Albus' chapters), so if you find glaring errors (or things that are just plain wrong), please...please, PLEASE let me know, so I can fix them (a.s.a.p.). Thank you sooooo much!


- Harry James Potter (b. July 31, 1980), (41) – black hair, green eyes
- Ginevra "Ginny" Molly Weasley-Potter (b. August 11, 1981), (dead – Quidditch accident – September 15, 2020) – red-haired, light brown eyes
- James Sirius Potter (b. late 2004), (16) – dark brown hair (?), blue eyes (?, like Uncle Ron's, maybe – Wiki says brown, but I want them to be blue)
- Albus Severus Potter (b. 2006), (15) – jet black hair, green eyes
- Lily Luna Potter (b. late 2007), (13) – red-haired, green eyes (? – Wiki says brown, but I'm going with green)

- Draco Malfoy (b. June 5,1980, (41) – pale blond hair, gray eyes
- Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy (dead – hemorrhaged giving birth to twins – 2018) – light blonde hair, blue eyes (?)
- Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (b. 2006), (15) – pale blond hair, gray eyes
- Carina Malfoy (3) – pale blonde hair, blue eyes (*)
- Cassiopeia "Cassie" Malfoy (3) – pale blonde hair, blue eyes (*)

(*) Note - I'm well aware that Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass-Malfoy never had twin daughters or that she died giving birth to said made up twins, but...this is MY STORY and I want it that way! So there!

(?) Further note – question marks indicate information that I either didn't know or just made up to suit my purposes (any of this could be changed later on, should I choose to add or remove)

Timeline (for my craziness)

– May 2, 1998 – war ends

– June 1999 – those who returned to Hogwarts to complete their last year graduate – story of final year told in "Class of Ninety-nine" (which is not a "complete" story at this time)

– James Sirius Potter born – after September 1st (according to me)

– Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy born – before September 1st (according to me)
– Albus Sirius Potter born – before September 1st (according to me)

– Lily Luna Potter born – after September 1st (according to me)

– September 1, 2016 – James Sirius Potter (Gryffindor House) attends Hogwarts for the first time

– Friday, September 1, 2017 – Albus Severus Potter (Gryffindor House) and Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (Slytherin House) attend Hogwarts for the first time (all parents there to see them off, epilogue compliant)

– Astoria Malfoy dies after giving birth to twins

– September 1, 2019 – Lily Luna Potter (Slytherin House) attends Hogwarts for the first time

– Tuesday, September 1, 2020 – kids return to Hogwarts
– Tuesday, September 15, 2020 – Ginny killed in Quidditch accident in Holyhead

– Wednesday, September 1, 2021 – kids return to Hogwarts
– Friday, September 10, 2021 – Harry and Draco run into one another, get sloshed, and end up in bed together

– Sunday, October 10, 2021 – one month PG

– Wednesday, November 10, 2021 – two months PG
– Monday, November 29, 2021 ("nearly three months since kids went back to school") – Harry and Draco unknowingly go to the same doctor and find out they're both expecting (Draco tells Daphne and Pansy later that same day)

– Friday, December 10, 2021 – three months PG
– Friday, December 17, 2021 – Draco and Harry's get together at Draco's flat (Ron and Hermione are told...along with several others)
– Saturday, December 18, 2021 – Draco and Harry go (separately) to pick up their children from Platform 9¾
– Saturday, December 25, 2021 – Harry takes his children over to Draco's flat for Christmas Day
– Sunday, December 26, 2021 – Lucius and Narcissa show up at Draco's flat
– Monday, December 27, 2021 – Draco and Harry take children over to Malfoy Manor for tea with Narcissa
– Tuesday, December 28, 2021 – Last of four days at Draco's flat

– Friday, June 17, 2022 – Harry and Draco's babies are due (note: I've done the math...and I think this due date is off...might change it later.)