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I need to be complete…

I must succeed… Failure isn't an option…

Fighting is all I can do…

A stray cat lives free…

I want to see him again…

I'm the strongest around. I'll prove it too!

This is all his fault!

Who am I? What am I? Am I even alive?

Father...where are you?

1st Period: Medals, Visitors, and Panties

Mahora Academy

The light of the full moon illuminated the streets of Mahora. During the morning the streets are filled with countless students running to reach their respectful schools on time. The daylight was filled with people, but come night, most of the students are in their dorms, fast asleep. However, during the full moon, one being relished in the fact that she could be herself.

The vampire mage, Evangeline A. K. McDowell, smirked as she walked the currently empty streets. She brushed her blonde hair behind her back as her black cape fluttered slightly with the gentle breeze.

"I always prefer the night opposed to the daytime, I don't have to deal with those stupid brats…" she said to no one in particular.

She enjoyed the full moon as it was the only time that she was almost able to be her old self. Because of the curse that she was under. she was imprisoned within the grounds of Mahora, for fifteen years. Fifteen years of her being devoid of her magical powers.

She stopped as she sensed an abnormal magic growing not far from where she was.

"What's this?" she asked herself as she raised an eyebrow.

The air around her became ice cold, a thin layer of frost covering the pavement and trees as a deep violet portal appeared. The Vampire didn't flinch as she felt a presence emanate from within the portal.

"Who are you?" Evangeline demanded as she reached for a vial filled with a freezing potion that was stashed in a pocket of her cape.

"Desire… It brings both Destruction and Creation. Desire is what drives every living being. It can be anything. Revenge, Love, Surviving, Helping others, even Justice is a desire." a disembodied voice echoed from within the portal in a calm tone. " I can you are driven by it. What is your name?"

"I am known by many names, the Dark Evangal, The Undying Magi, The Puppet Master. I am Evangeline A.K. McDowell." the vampire introduced herself in an assertive tone.

"Evangeline... You wish to be not only free from the curse you're afflicted with, but to claim the one you love." the voice said.

The vampire flushed a deep red as her left eyebrow twitched a little.

"Wh-What do you mean by that?" she demanded, trying to regain her composure.

"It doesn't matter, This place is going to be the battlefield of a war… a clash of Desires." the voice explained.

Evangeline's face became serious as she glared at the portal.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

The voice didn't respond, but it instead a flash of light came from deep inside it, forcing the vampire to cover her eyes with her cape. The vampire heard the sound of three metallic objects hit the ground. She lowered her caped to glance at what landed.

Three violet colored coins with gold edges laid at her feet, each one a different shade.

"What are these?" Evangeline asked as she glared at them.

"Core Medals, the physical embodiments of Desire. The ones in front of you now represent the desires of Nothingness, Revenge and Destruction." the voice replied stoically.

" Desires of Nothingness, Revenge, and Destruction?" the vampire questioned with a smirk.

"Exactly, There are Twenty One different Core Medals,. Each one represent a different kind of desire." the voice acknowledged.

"So, is this war going to be involved between these twenty one Core Medals that you speak about?" Evangeline asked next as she kneeled down to pick up the violet medals one at a time.

"No, the war will be between the ones the Core Medals choose against a Greeed." the voice replied.

The undying magi frowned as she heard that.

"Going against the sin itself?" she questioned skeptically.

"A Greeed, spelled with three 'E's' in English , are homunculi composed of both Core and Cell Medals, which are a weaker version of the Core Medals." the portal explained.

The vampire froze in place as she digested what she just heard.

"You… You said Homunculi… right?" she asked, her voice becoming somewhat nervous.


"That's impossible… True, there are automatons and artificial spirits. But a homunculus, a completely artificial being that doesn't need Magic to function properly? That's preposterous!" Evangeline spat as she crossed her arms in front of her chest as she clenched the medals in her fist.

"The Greeed and Core Medals come from an alternate dimension." the voice added.

Evangeline just stared at the portal for a moment and sighed.

"Fine…but you better tell me who you are though." she demanded as she snarled at the portal.

"I am only someone who is at his conclusion…" the voice said as it became lower in volume. "I only wished that I was able to witness the conclusion of this world…"

Before Evangeline spoke, the portal glowed once again before numerous streaks of light erupted from within it and flew up into the night sky. The lights then scattered and began descending down all over the grounds of Mahora.

The vampire frowned as she watched the lights scatter. However a thought came across her mind as she looked down to look at the Medals she was still grasping.

"Hmm… from what I heard, this Core Medals have some kind of formidable power. I can feel strong magic radiating from each one, different from any that I've came across before, but it's something I should check out…" the vampire pondered verbally as she smirked. "It could help me break free from this hellhole. I better have Chachamaru examine these."

She smirked and tossed the violet coins up into the air, only to have two of them glow brightly before flying off in different directions. The third one fell back into the open palm of the now frowning vampire.

"Wasn't expecting that… but at least I have one still…" she stated before holding up the single Core Medal she was still holding.

The moonlight went through the translucent violet center, revealing a raised decal of what resembled a Pteranodon.

"A dinosaur?" the vampire asked while raising an eyebrow. "Oh well, better get home."

The vampire walked off as she smirked once more when she felt several foreign presence appearing amongst the academy grounds.

Outside of Mahora

A violet portal appeared deep within a forest as countless silver coins fell from it, piling up on the ground. After several minutes passed, several dozen coins of different colors came out and fell into the pile. After the last coin, a dark green one with a picture of a stag beetle on the face of it fell out and landed on the pile, the portal vanished and the coins began to glow and began to rise from the ground. The coins then took a humanoid shape and slowly transformed into a man who appeared to be in his mid Twenties with black hair gelled backwards. He was wearing denim jeans with a green leather jacket.

"Man… I never thought I'd survive that…" Uva said as he tilted his head to the side, cracking it slightly. " That damned doctor… If OOO hadn't destroyed him, I would've done the job myself. "

The Greeed stopped talking and looked around. He felt uneasy and out of place.

"Where am I? I can tell that I'm not in my world anymore…" he muttered before he began walking through the woods.

As he kept on walking, he was stopped dead in the tracks as he collided with what appeared to be a barrier. Uva stepped back and frowned.

"What's this? It doesn't feel like the powers of OOO, a Yummy, or another Greeed… It is more like that alchemist Gara's power…" he said as he pressed his hand against the barrier.

The Greeed closed his eyes and focused as he shifted into his true form. From where a human once stood was a hominid being that had green armor that had insect like features. His head was also just like an insect, with emerald green eyes that resembled an insect's and protrusions that were a cross between a stag beetle's mandibles and antennae.

The Greeed stepped forward and grunted slightly as he went against the barrier. He focused on gathering as much power as he could from the Core Medals that were inside him. His body became covered in a green aura and with a push, was able to pass through the barrier with ease. Once through, the Greeed turned back into his human form and smirked.

"Now… Let's find those remaining Core Medals of mine." he spoke as his eyes glowed green briefly.

The Public Bath within Mahora

The currently empty bathhouse was silent for the past several hours after it closed for the night. Soon the sounds of two people splashing into the water echoed throughout the otherwise vacant building.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" one voice, a male's, called out as his head broke the surface of the water.

His blue eyes looked around, gathering his surroundings as droplets of water ran down his pale white skin. He grumbled briefly when he realized his denim jeans and black tank top were soaked from being in the water. He then saw a figure floating in the water not far from him. It was a girl with long red hair. The boy blushed and grinned in a perverse way when he noticed that she was wearing only a pair of snow white bra and panties, which were currently transparent because of the water, leaving nothing to the boy's imagination.

The boy swam over to the girl and slid his hands underneath her and lifted her head up from the water.

" Hey… are you okay?" he asked in concern.

The girl only moaned softly and slowly opened her teal eyes.

"Hmm?" she asked, not completely awake.

"Are you okay?" the boy asked.

The girl blinked a few times before here eyes widen in shock as she recalled what happened.

"Oh no… I failed Welveria-sama…" she said in fear.

"What happened?" the boy asked the girl.

"I was supposed to complete a mission for Welveria-sama and-" she began to explain before she realized that she was in an unfamiliar place with a stranger, wearing only her undergarments. The girl's face blushed deeply in embarrassment.

"LET ME GO!" She demanded as she began struggling to get free.

The boy was taken by surprise and relinquished his hold on the girl, causing both of them falling into the water.

"KYAAA!" the redhead cried out as she went under.

A few seconds past before both heads emerged from the water, coughing up water.

"Who are you and what do you want with me?" the girl demanded as she glared at the boy.

As she spoke, her undergarments began to slowly fade away into thin air from underneath the water. In the back of her mind, the girl felt her strength starting to fade away.

"I'm just an ordinary high school student… Masamune Kira is the name." the boy introduced politely. " I apologize if I made you uncomfortable."

The girl glared some more before wading towards the boy. Once close enough, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I'm Airi, known as the Infernal Temptress… " the redhead introduced herself.

Kira blushed deeply as he bit his lip, he couldn't help but look down for a moment to see that she was completely naked now.

"What are you doing?" he asked, becoming uneasy at the redhead's advances.

"I'm deeply sorry for doing this, but in order for me to survive, I need to drain your life force. I am a wraith after all…" Airi apologized.

Kira only blinked in confusion at what she said.

"Itadakidamasu. " she said before kissing the black haired teen on the lips deeply.

The boy's eyes widen in shock as Airi's own closed as she pulled him against her body. His head started to feel dizzy and his body felt weaker by the second… The boy attempted to break away, but his strength left him quickly. Before too long, the boy became limp and his eyes glassed over.

Airi broke the kiss and carefully set the corpse onto the ground carefully.

"Your life force were surprisingly delicious for a man, although somewhat stagnant." she spoke as she rose to her feet.

After the Wraith stood up, two violet will-o-wisps flickered into appearance and her undergarments rematerialized followed by a maid outfit onto her body out of thin air.

As soon as the outfit appeared, the sound of a window breaking echoed through the bathhouse, making Airi summon a scythe and got into a fighting position with the scythe held down to the side.

"Who's there?" she demanded while turning her head to look around.

She saw two streaks of light heading towards her direction. One of them changed its trajectory and went towards the corpse. Airi held the blade of the scythe in front of her in an attempt to block the incoming light that still approached her way, only to have it stop midair in front of her.

"Nani?" she asked as she saw a violet coin from within the light.

Cautiously, the wraith tapped the object with the tip of her scythe blade, expecting something to happen. When there wasn't a response, she reached her right hand out and grabbed the coin. Once in her grasp, the light died down and Airi felt a surge of power running through her body.

The redhead then heard groaning from behind her. She turned around and her eyes widen as she saw Kira sitting upright, rubbing the back of his head.

"What happened?" he groaned as he unconsciously clenching his left fist.

"How… How are you alive?" Airi asked in a baffled tone. She looked at the boy as he carefully got to his feet. Kira only tilted his head in confusion. "I drained you of your life force."

"What do you…" he asked before his voice trailed off, recalling what happened a moment ago.

"You kissed me and I felt my life literally being sucked out of me…"

"Exactly, I drained you completely of your life force… you should be dead!" the redhead said in a slight panic.

"Well… I guess you did…" the boy said as he placed a hand where his heart was, before smiling goofily, "I guess I'm immortal."

Airi blinked for a moment before she recalled what she said about how his life force tasted.

"No, You're an undead…" she replied."You're just one that can resurrect himself."

Kira just stood dumbfounded by what he just heard.

"We'll deal with that later…" he said while crossing his arms in front of his chest." The question we have is where we are exactly."

The wraith nodded. Kira then looked at the hand that he was clenching the entire time and opened it, revealing a violet coin resting in the palm of his hand.

"Huh, what's this?" he asked as he held it up.

"Some kind of coin… I have one too actually, Masamune-san…" Airi said as she held up her own coin.

With the moonlight that came into the building, the pair was able to see the images on each of the coins. The one in Airi's hand showed the head of a Triceratops, while Kira's was of the Tyrannosaurus Rex's head.

"What are these creatures that are on these coins?" the wraith asked. "They look like that of dragons."

"They're called dinosaurs… the horned one on your coin is called Triceratops and the one on mine is called Tyrannosaurus Rex." Kira explained.

Airi's eyes became black dots as she tilted her head. "Those are some pretty long names…" she admitted

Kira chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah... Indeed they are, Airi." he quipped.

The wraith giggled for a moment before she looked at her coin more.

"I wonder what these coins are for…" she pondered.

Outside of Mahora Academy

A silent girl stood on the highest part of the rooftop, surveying the surroundings. The moonlight illuminated her pale white skin and blue eyes. Her stoic face showed no sign of what she was thinking. The girl's hair was held up in two uneven and somewhat spiky ponytails, one significantly longer than the other. Her outfit consisted of a black bikini top that covered her small breasts, as well as wearing a pair of form fitting black short shorts that had a belt holding them up. In addition, she also wore a black hooded jacket with a white star on the back of it. Completing her outfit were a pair of black combat boots that were somewhat worn, evidence of them being worn for a long time.

The girl took one last look before she pulled her hood up to conceal her face. She then leaped off of the rooftop and landed onto the ground feet first, crouching slightly. She rose to her feet and began walking off, recalling how she arrived.

She remembered how she was engaged in a fight against her rival, Dead Master. The fight was a losing one on the girl's end, being restrained within her opponent's chains. The devil horned scythe wielder was about to deal the final blow before a strange violet portal appeared and deflected her attack with a barrier of energy.

The girl attempted to get free from her restraints as she saw the portal beginning towards her. She pulled at the chains as hard as she could, causing the metal to dig into her skin enough for her blue blood to start bleeding from her wrists and ankles.

The girl wasn't able to break free in time before she was swallowed by the portal and passed out.

When she awoke, she was laying on the rooftop of a building that was unfamiliar.

The girl began to wonder why she was in a different world. One that was so vibrant in different colors and feels so alive, not one of a monochromatic color that was barren and bleak.

The girl was snapped out of her thoughts as her eyes caught sight of an incoming stream of light heading her way.

By instinct, the girl leaped back and held her hand out, a handheld cannon that was as large as herself materialized within her grip. She held the weapon in front of her to use as a shield for the presumed projectile. She braced herself for the impact and following explosion.

A few moments passed but only silence filled the night sky. The girl cautiously lowered her weapon slightly to see what was going on.

The light that she saw was hovering in front of her and she saw something within it. The girl held the cannon up, aimed at the light. She remained still for a moment before she held out a hand out, the palm facing up. The light slowly hovered towards the girl before it landed into the awaiting palm and began to dim.

Once the light subsided, she saw an orange coin within her hand displaying a crocodile on the face.

The girl stared at the coin for a moment before placing the coin into a pocket on her shorts. The girl then had the cannon vanish the same way it appeared and resumed walking.

She walked for several blocks before she turned her head to notice a figure hiding within the shadows of a nearby building.

"How are you this evening?" the figure, which spoke in a male's voice, asked in a respectful manner. "I know you have questions that you want answered. Questions like: Where am I? What's going on? What was that portal that brought me here? "

The girl remained silent but nodded slightly. Her face remaining completely devoid of any emotion, even her eyes as they looked at the man.

The hooded figure chuckled softly before holding out an open hand.

"Come with me, and I'll answer your questions to the best of my abilities." he said before he snapped his fingers. "Oh, may I ask what your name is?"

The girl was silent for a moment before speaking in an cold, yet somewhat soft voice.

"… Black Rock Shooter …"she stated before walking towards the hooded figure.

"Interesting name for the one who holds the Wani Core Medal." the man said in an amused tone.

Black Rock Shooter remained silent as she glared at the man with her emotionless eyes as she approached him.

The World Tree

A redheaded girl growled as she sat on branch. Her blue eyes looking at the scenery. She was wearing a skintight red bodysuit that was rubber like in texture but clung to every part of her body from the shoulders downward, exposing her curves to the world. In her hair were two triangular hair clips that were matching colored. The redhead slammed her fist against the trunk of the tree as hard as possible before shaking her hand in pain.

"Damn… where am I?" she muttered under her breath.

The last thing she remembered was fighting against an Angel that was resembled an eight-sided die covered with zebra stripes all over it. She then recalled it vanishing and the black shadow that pulled both herself and her Unit 02 into it. Once she was completely engulfed and was stuck in a place devoid of any light, she couldn't escape, no matter what she did. Plus she couldn't make radio contact with Misato nor anyone else. She was completely isolated within the black void she was trapped in.

She didn't know how much time went by as her defiant spirit began to fade away as fear started to take root.

"I… I don't want to die like this…" she said as she began to feel sick with herself at the fact that she was feeling vulnerable and afraid.

However, at that moment, a question appeared in her mind.

Do you want to live?

The redhead only nodded without realizing it.

Soon, she saw a portal appear in front of her pilot seat, radiating a faint violet glow from deep within.

"Show me your strength, child." a voice taunted from within the portal.

The redhead's face contorted from one of fear to one of defiance.

"I'm not a child. I'm the Great Asuka Langley Soryu!" the girl declared as she got out of the cockpit and swam towards the portal.

Once she entered it, she saw the violet light intensified to the point that it blinded her. Asuka raised her arms up to shield her eyesight while squinting a bit.

"I'll show you how strong I am." she declared as the light kept getting brighter.

Asuka said a string of curses in German as she got up to her feet.

"This is all Baka-Shinji's fault…" she muttered as she began to look for a way to climb down the gigantic tree. She noticed that she was on one of the lowest branches, but yet she was up too far for her to just jump down to the ground without serious injury.

However she noticed a faint glow coming from a smaller branch just above her head. Carefully reaching up, Asuka saw the light intensified slightly before sliding towards her outreached hand. Once close enough, the girl clasped her fingers around it and pulled her hand down to against her chest. She then opened her hand to see the light disappear completely, revealing a dark green coin with a stag beetle displayed on it resting in her hand.

"Nani? What's this thing?" she asked as she held it up to examine it the best she could underneath the moonlight.

"That's called a Core Medal." a female's voice replied. "I was told it was desire in a physical form."

Asuka turned her head to see a blonde girl who looked about ten years old standing behind her, wearing only a black cape and a black thong. Her blood red eyes focused on the redhead with a look that was of a predator. The young girl then grinned slightly, revealing a set of fangs to the redhead as she held a hand up holding a coin that was grayish-black and had the face of an elephant on it.

Asuka stared in silence for a moment as her brain processed what was more appropriate to react too: The fact that the girl didn't show any shame about her… choice of attire or that she had fangs.

"Who are you?" Asuka asked.

"I'm Mina Tepes, Queen of all Vampires." the young girl introduced herself in a tone that was appropriate for royalty. As she spoke the eyes softened to those of a caring person.

Asuka snorted and rolled her eyes.

"And I'm a magical turnip…" she retorted dryly.

Mina laughed for a moment before her face became cold and serious.

"Don't mock me because I look like a child." she warned.

Asuka sighed and shook her head.

"Whatever, brat... Anyway, where am I?" she asked.

The self-proclaimed vampire queen sighed and shook her head as well.

"I was going to ask you that myself… but it appears that, you too, are from a different world." she said as she crossed her hands in front of her chest.

Asuka blinked for a moment before she recalled the portal.

"Did you mean that you entered a portal and wound up here?" she asked.

Mina only nodded slightly before she looked at the redhead.

"It is rude to speak to royalty without introducing yourself." the vampire chided.

Asuka's eye twitched slightly before she began to laugh.

"You don't know who I am? I am the Great Asuka Langley Soryu, Pilot of Evangelion Unit 02 and savior of Mankind." she boasted with a prideful smirk.

Mina however deadpanned at this display.

"That's something that only an insecure little girl would say…" she muttered under her breath.

"INSECURE?" the redhead screeched in fury as she gnashed her teeth together.

Mina ignored her and calmly jumped from the tree branch in a swan dive.

Asuka's eyes widen as she saw the blonde twirled in the air and positioned her feet to the ground. When she landed, the redhead held onto the tree branch for dear life as both the tree and earth shook.

Mina grinned and looked up at Asuka from the two meter wide crater she was now standing in.

"Are you coming down?" she taunted.

Asuka growled and looked around once more for a safe way to get down. The vampire smirked in amusement as she listened to the girl cursing in German.

"OH COME ON!" the redhead screamed as loud as possible as she tightened her grip on the coin she was holding as it began to glow.

Mina's eyes widen slightly as she saw the redhead starting to duplicate herself three times. Asuka herself was dumbfounded as she stared at one her clones.

"What happened?" both she and her clones asked in unison. However, after the words were spoken, all three of them snarled at one another.

"WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE ME?" they screamed at each other in sync.





Mina stared in disbelief as she watched Asuka and her clones get into a three way cat fight amongst each other.

"And here I thought things couldn't get any weirder…" she muttered softly."Akira… I wonder what you would've done in this situation…"

She then looked at the Core Medal she held.

"From what I can tell… this thing allows me to be able to cause tremors whenever my feet touch my ground. But I can't help to wonder if I can do more with this… It appears that floating spectral hand was telling me the truth after all." she deduced as she ran a finger over the face of the coin.

Mina was brought back to reality when she heard screams coming from above her. The vampire saw the three redheads plummet towards the ground and two of them disappearing into thin air during their descent. Mina sighed and leaped up to catch the remaining redhead and landed onto the ground, causing another tremor to occur.

The vampire winced and unintentionally dropped the redhead to the ground before she rubbed her shins slightly.

"What was that for?" Asuka asked as she rubbed her sore behind.

"I saved your life and you don't even say thanks? It appears your parent's didn't teach you proper manners." Mina said as she frowned.

Upon hearing the remark, Asuka flinched and fell silent. The vampire queen immediately realized what was going on.

"My apologies, I wasn't aware that your parents were a sensitive issue with you…" she apologized in a soft tone.

Asuka only snorted a little and glared at Mina.

"Stupid brat." she muttered under her breath.

The vampire looked at the sky and sighed.

"I must find a dark place to rest in, as the sun is going to come up soon." she explained. "I must bid you farewell, Soryu-san."

Asuka didn't bother with replying as Mina got up and began walking away. The redhead got up and walked over towards the trunk of the gigantic tree before sitting down and leaning against it.

"I'll figure out what to do after getting some rest…" she grumbled before a yawn escaped her mouth.

The redhead then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, her left hand grasping her core medal as it glowed slightly.

Girl's Dormitory

A man sat on the edge of the roof of the girl's dormitory. His messy brown hair swayed with the breeze as he watched the sunrise with his golden eyes. He was wearing a blue jacket with four brown circular disks on the front, two on each side. Underneath it was a large, somewhat baggy, white t-shirt with a deep V neck collar, which exposed part of his chest, as well "XIII" tattooed on the left side of his chest. He wore a pair of navy blue pants and black shoes. On his right leg was a tan gun holster carrying a black ornate pistol with two crimson strings, each ending with a tassel at the bottom of the grip. Completing his outfit was a red choker with a small gold bell dangling from the front.

"Man… how in the world did I end up here?" he asked as she scratched the back of his head.

The man remembered falling sleeping on a couch in the safe house in Elsida and woke up on a rooftop of an unfamiliar place.

"HEY YOU!" a girl's voice cried out loudly, getting the man's attention.

He turned around and his eyes became as wide as saucers at what he saw.

Standing on the rooftop was a girl with primarily short-haired blonde that had a very long thin ponytail sticking from the back of her head and red eyes. She was stark naked for the most part but was with two teal armbands with an white horn on each one pointing away from her hands, the right arm with one that was just as long as the arm itself while the one on her left arm was about half as long. However, what caught the man's attention mainly was the girl's horn that protruded from her forehead as well as the bluish-green dinosaur-like tail with a white underside that was twitching in anticipation.

"Can I… help you?" the man asked as he averted his eyes away from the girl, starting to feel uneasy.

"Yeah, I've been looking all over this place to fight someone…" the blonde said with a smirk, " I want to see if there's anyone strong living here."

The man grinned as he began walking off.

"Good luck with that." he said as he began walking off.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE!" the girl demanded.

"Not interested." the man said before casually jumping down from the roof, landing onto the pavement below on both his knees.

The blonde followed the man to the ledge and blinked in disbelief before sighing.

"Great… is there anybody here that is interested in fighting?" she muttered under her breath.

Her head jerked up when she heard a metallic "clink" and noticed a snow white coin with a gold edge laying on the ground not far from where the man once stood.

"What's this?" she asked as she walked up to the coin in curiosity.

"That's called a Core Medal. It's a physical embodiment of desire." a voice said.

The girl turned around to see a man wearing a green jacket.

"Whatever. Is it yours?" she asked as she examined the man.

"I can see that it isn't one of mine. Besides, if I had anymore other than my own, I would lose control of myself." the man explained before he pulled out an all silver coin. "Regardless, I can tell you have a strong desire."

The girl began to feel uneasy as she took a step back. Her instincts were screaming that this man was bad news.

"Who are you?" the blonde demanded as she got onto all fours and snarled.

"I'm Uva, a Greeed." the man explained before tossing the coin at the girl's forehead.

As the coin came close, a metallic circle materialized from girl's forehead with a slot in the middle. The coin perfectly flew into the slot and it vanished. The girl then rose to her feet as she hugged herself as a feeling of a foreign presence grew inside her.

"Wh-What did you do to me?" she asked as she began trembling slightly.

"I'm releasing your desire." Uva explained calmly.

At that moment, a mummy like being painlessly emerged from the blonde, a green glow emanated from where the two bodies were connected. The mummy crawled free and got to its feet.

"Fight…" it cried out in a hoarse, drone like voice.

The girl fell onto her rear as fear began to take over her mind.

Uva grinned before walking up to the girl. However, he stopped when he turned his attention towards two approaching figures.

"They will definitely help me with getting cell medals." he spoke before looking at the mummy like creature.

"Yummy, get to work." he ordered.

The Yummy nodded before jumping off the roof and landing onto the ground below in a crouch.

The two newcomers stopped and one of them, a redheaded girl, summoned a scythe.

"Fight…." the Yummy spoke as it tilted its head.

"Great… first we're in an unfamiliar place, now there's monsters…" the man grumbled before he bit his lip slightly."No offense, Airi-san."

"None taken, Masamune-san." Airi replied as she got into a fighting position. "I should advise that you should find shelter."

Kira scratched the back of his head with his left hand as he placed his right hand into a pocket.

"Gomen… but I can't stand to let a cute girl like yourself protecting me. Besides, this guy looks week." he said before he pulled his hand out of the pocket and got into a fighting position with both his hands raised in front of him.

"Suit yourself, but I'm not responsible for you getting hurt." the wraith warned as a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

The mummy like creature growled a little before running towards the pair, its arms flailing feebly.

"Allow me." Kira said before he cracked his neck.

Airi paused for a moment before nodding in acknowledgment and leaped back a little. The Yummy got close enough to the boy before swinging an arm at him. The boy easily evaded the attack by crouching and smirked as he spun in a circle with his left leg out, sweeping his opponent off its feet.

The Yummy grunted in pain as it landed onto its back with a soft thud. However, there was a slight echo coming from within it that sounded like coins falling on top of each other in a pile.

Kira took a step back and bounced a little with his arms up, acting like a boxer.

"Come on, are you that weak?" he taunted.

The Yummy clumsily got up to its feet and charged once again. The black haired boy smirked as he started to jab at his opponent in multiple parts of its torso and head. The monster staggered backwards a little and immediately got into the exact same boxing pose that Kira was in still.

"Getting serious now huh Crap Mummy?" the boy stated before he lunged forward, thrusting his right fist forward, towards the Yummy's head.

Only to have it be caught with an open palm. Kira grinned and swung his free arm in a left hook. The Yummy raised its other hand up and blocked it with ease before twisting its hand to grasp the wrist. The boy's eyes widened in surprise before he kicked the yummy in the gut to get free. The impact forced it to relinquish its grip on his arms and stagger backwards.

"Interesting, it appears with each passing second, it significantly improves its technique." Kira said as he scratched the back of his head.

Up on the rooftop the two spectators stood watch. , Uva grinned as he witnessed the fight unfold before him before glancing over towards the nude blonde, who was observing in a mix of awe and confusion.

"Why is that thing fighting?" she asked.

"The Yummy was created from your desire, which appears to be you wanting to fight strong foes." the Greeed explained calmly.

"You're saying that thing… is a part of me?" she asked.

"You could say that." Uva replied flatly as he focused his sights back on the fight.

The blonde thought for a moment before she grinned.

"I better join in on the fun then." she said as she stepped onto the ledge.

Uva raised an eyebrow as the girl inhaled deeply before she tilted her head backwards a little with her hands clenched into fists slightly above the waist. She then opened her mouth and released an ear-splitting, primal roar akin to that of a dragon's.

The roar reverberated across the entire area, causing several of the windows of the building beneath her to shatter instantaneously followed by the sounds of countless girls screaming in fear as they were awaken to the sudden disturbance.

Within dorm room 643, the three sleeping tenets all were jolted awake by the sound of the roar.

Within the upper part of the bunk bed, Kagurazaka Asuna jumped up and hit her head against the ceiling.

"Oww…" she whined for a moment as she rubbed the top of her head before becoming serious. "Okay, what the hell was that?"

"It sounded like a dragon…" Negi Springfield, who was in the same bunk as Asuna, said before he blinked.

Asuna looked at Negi and sighed.

"Don't you ever learn, you perverted brat?" she asked dryly.

"Oh come on Asuna." Konoe Konoka, the occupant of the lower bunk chirped. "He's a just kid you know."

Asuna sighed before she got out of bed and climbed down the ladder.

"I bet it's just the Engineering Club's robotic dinosaur out on the loose again." she said.

Negi soon followed after her.


Kira grunted as he raised both his hands crossed above his head to block the Yummy's axe kick as the roar echoed still.

"Dammit… This bastard's getting too powerful…" he muttered under his breath.

The mummy like being removed its leg from where it was and jumped back before cracks started to appear, having an eerie green light emanate from them. The Yummy screamed defiantly and its body shattered like glass, revealing a new figure underneath.

Once where a mummy like creature was now stood a primarily yellow-green being that was mainly human like, but its head had a tan human like face that lacked any eyes, nostrils, or moving lips. The being's head had protrusions that appeared to look like the compound eyes of a praying mantis, as well as wielding saw like arm blades that were similar to the forelegs of the creature it resembled. The only piece of clothing it wore was a black belt with two rows of silver studs at the top and bottom around its waist.

Kira and Airi were both caught off guard by the Yummy's metamorphosis, causing the Wraith to step forward with her scythe drawn. The blonde who was on the roof froze in place in surprise as well. Uva however, only smirked at what he saw.

"Masamune-san, please stand back, it appears our foe has became too much for you to handle on your own." she suggested.

Kira shook his head and looked at the girl.

"Gomen, but as I said, I'm not going to let you fight in my place." he apologized as he slowly slid a hand into one of his pants pockets before pulling out the Core Medal he had stashed away inside of it. The boy then turned his attention to the Yummy and grinned.

"You want a fight you freak?" he asked.

"Of course, that's all I want." the monster replied in a clear, and surprisingly respectful tone, completely opposite to the voice it had when it resembled a mummy.

Kira grinned before he clenched the Medal.

"I see… well then, I'll give you my all. I'm really enjoying myself here." he declared exuberantly.

As he spoke, he felt a surge of energy radiating from the coin he was holding.

Airi remained silent as Kira spoke, resisting the urge to face palm by what she was hearing. Were all men so simple?

Kira clenched the coin more before he felt the power starting to well up from within his legs. He then heard a voice in the back of his head telling him to just let go of himself.

The mantis like Yummy charged forward, closing the distance and attempted to swing one of the arm blades at the pair.

The boy however casually walked forward and grinned maniacally before his eyes glowed violet and a dark violet reptilian tail emerged from his back and swung it against the Yummy, causing the being to be flung backwards as some silver coins flew out of him.

Kira tilted his head back and unleashed a blood-curdling roar as his teeth became slightly longer and pointed, much like the teeth of a predator. His black hair all stood upright as the tips became a light violet. The pale white skin slowly becoming a deep violet, but only a few shades lighter than his tail's color. His eyes glowed violet as the pupils became vertical slits. The boy then slouched forward a little, with his head tilted up towards the Yummy.

Airi shuddered as she felt a surge of powerful negative energy radiating from the now feral looking boy. At the same time, she felt the coin she had resonate with it.

"Airi…" Kira called out to the wraith as he looked at her, his voice lacking any empathy. "I'll need some help here."

Airi nodded silently before she summoned two violet will-o-wisps and her scythe raised.

The mantis Yummy charged forward and did an uppercut towards Kira's chin, only to have the boy open his mouth and bite down on its arm, causing more silver coins to fly out. Hissing in pain, the monster failed to pay attention to its surroundings as Airi leaped above the pair and landing behind it to slash the back with her scythe.

"AAAGGGHHH!" it screamed in agony as more of the silver coins began to "bleed" out of the wound in its back.

Kira clenched his jaws even tighter, causing his opponent to scream in pain even more as Airi slashed the Yummy in the back several more times, causing more of the coins to come out of its wounds.

"Masamune-san, can you finish it off?" Airi asked as she looked at him in anticipation.

The boy relinquished his hold on the Yummy's arm and spun around to strike it with his tail. The force of the impact caused his opponent to be sent flying backwards and colliding into a nearby sakura tree, resulting in it to crack loudly as it fell down.

Kira then heard a faint roar from beneath him, sounding like it was beckoning him to plunge his hand into the ground. The boy grinned and knelt before thrusting his hand into the ground, causing cracks to appear that were emanating a violet glow. He felt his fingertips touch something that felt like a handle and he instinctively grabbed onto it and pulled out.

Airi blinked in surprise as she saw Kira pull out a bizarre axe that had the handle sticking from the back while having what appeared to be a silver rod where the handle traditionally was, ending with what appeared to be a cylindrical chamber that was a translucent violet. The blade of the axe was a similar shade translucent violet with a slot towards the top while it was in between the jaws of a black Tyrannosaurus head with golden teeth and yellow eyes.

Kira examined the weapon in his hand before smirking maliciously.

Ever since Kira's transformation, both Uva and the blonde were staring at him in shock. However, when Uva saw the familiar axe being pulled from the ground, he trembled a bit.

"How can he summon that?" he asked in exasperated disbelief. "Only OOO can use the Medagabryu…"

The blonde however began to blush slightly as she watched the boy more intently.

"He's reckless… but he's really strong…" she noted.

Kira growled as he remained crouched, his violet eyes trained on his prey. The Yummy was struggling to stay on its feet as it fell onto one knee. The boy saw a silver coin and reached his hand out to grasp it.

Airi felt a feeling of dread as she leaped over the humanoid mantis and running over to Kira's side as he grabbed it and smirked.

"What are you going to do?" Airi asked.

"Blast the bug bastard to kingdom come." Kira replied in a cold, bloodthirsty tone.

He then placed the coin into the slot on the axe's blade.

The axe made a "gulp" like sound as the coin slid into the bottom of the axe blade.

Both Kira and Airi blinked in a mix of confusion and disbelief as they thought the exact same thing.

Did that axe actually gulp just now?

Shrugging, Kira grabbed the bottom grip and pulled it, having it become a handle as he pulled on the lever at the back of the head upwards, causing the mouth to close with the blade of the axe now protruding from the snout of the dinosaur head like a horn as the lever acting as a second grip now.

"Sweet… a Bazooka!" Kira cried out in pure glee.

However, his face deadpanned when he heard the Medagabryu burp loudly.

"It… burped…" Airi stated in a slight stupor.

The mantis Yummy staggered to its feet and reached a hand out at its opponents.

"I won't let you defeat me!" it cried out in a strained tone now.

Kira turned his attention towards his opponent and pointed the Bazooka at it.

"TIME TO SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!" he declared before pulling the trigger.

"PUTOTYRANO HISSATSU!" The bazooka chanted before a large violet energy beam was fired with intense force.

The recoil of the weapon was too much for Kira to handle, resulting in him being flung backwards into the wall of the dormitory with enough force to create a small indent in the wall upon impact. However, during his flight, he grabbed the nearest thing that wasn't the bazooka in an extremely vain effort to stop himself from flying.

Meanwhile the beam struck the Yummy square in the chest and it flailed its arms above its head for a moment, screaming in pain as it erupted into an explosion with countless silver coins flying out of the flames, littering the ground.

Airi, who was standing close by Kira when he fired, was perhaps the most unfortunate. In addition to the recoil, her maid outfit was torn off of her body as well as her bra, leaving her in only her panties. The wraith's face paled deeply before being replaced with a very deep blush as she covered her breasts the best she could with her arms before screaming at the top of her lungs.

Kira however, had his eyes rolled behind his head as he slowly slid down to the ground, in one hand the Medagabryu, and the other, the maid outfit that was torn from the front with the bra dangling. His hair fell down and the tips turned back to the original black color as his tail glowed in a faint violet glow before rapidly fading away into thin air. His skin however slowly shifted back into his original color

Staring up from the roof, Uva only shook his head before turning around and walked away. He briefly paused to turn into his true form to jump from the roof to the ground and vanishing from view. The blonde however was leaning over the edge, staring at the unconscious Kira as she wagged her reptilian tail happily.

"Even though it wasn't me directly, that thing was a part of me, and he defeated it so easily…" she said as she blushed more with a small smile." I made up my mind. Despite how sloppy his fighting style was, I accept him as my master!"

The horned girl then turned her attention towards the white coin that was still resting on the ground.

"I think I should take that along… I believe Master had one like that as well…" she said before walking over towards the coin.

She smiled as she knelt down and picked up the coin and looked at it closely.

"Nani? What's this thing that's on it? Doesn't look like anything I'm familiar with…" she muttered under her breath as she kept on examining the coin for a moment longer before shrugging. "I just hope Master isn't a baka…"

Meanwhile, the unconscious Kira sneezed loudly for no reason.

Airi saw him sneeze and shook her head.

"E-Excuse me, can you please explain what is going on here?" a somewhat nervous voice asked from beside her.

The wraith turned her head and blinked for a moment.

"I have almost no idea myself. All I know for certain is that I'm somewhere that I am unfamiliar with and that guy who's unconscious over there is simpleminded." Airi replied dryly while pointing towards Kira. "And may I ask who you are, young boy?"

"I'm Negi Springfield; I'm a teacher at Mahora Academy." Negi introduced himself in a polite manner as he bowed slightly.

Airi smiled and nodded, impressed by the manners of the young boy.

"A pleasure to meet you, Springfield-sensei." the wraith acknowledged as she bowed as well.

The young boy then noticed Airi's state of attire before he blushed deeply in embarrassment.

"Ex-Excuse me for a moment please, I'll go get you a robe to wear." Negi said before retreating back into the dorm building.

Airi smiled a little. It wasn't everyday she'd meet one so young to be well mannered.

Kira however was dreaming about himself having his way with a harem of twenty submissive and naked Airi's, making them each moan and begging for more with his hands. He grinned as he groped of one of them while kissing her passionately.

AND that's all you'll see, due to the Author suffering from acute Anemia caused by a massive nosebleed…

Airi shivered when she saw him grin perversely as some drool oozed its way down his lower lip. At the same time, she had repressed the sudden urge to kill him very slowly with her scythe.

Next Period:

A new day arrives at Mahora, but the craziness intensifies when the blond makes her presence known. However, things all go to hell when Black Rock Shooter appears, wanting to fight. And what's with the school wide hunt for an ermine?

2nd Period: Criticism, Trouble, and an Ermine Hunt

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