Eleventh Period: Homunculi, Vampires, and a Panda

Outside of Library Island

Takahata arrived at his destination, appearing as if he came out of thin air. The former Ala Rubra member decided to check upon Kira and the group before contacting the headmaster to prevent any further damage. He noticed two students dressed in the Mahora Junior high uniforms looking at a computer screen, both oblivious of the man's presence.

"Dammit!" Paru cried out in frustration while flailing her arms above her head. "We can't make contact with the others!"

Nodoka however was fidgeting nervously, worrying about the condition of the object of her affections.

"Negi-sensei…" she said softly in concern.

"We will be so screwed if we get busted!" the mangaka said before grabbing her laptop and shaking it violently. "TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE! YOU BASTARD!"

"Miyazaki-san, Saotome-san, what brings you both out here at this time?" a familiar voice asked from behind the pair.

Both girls flinch before slowly craning their necks behind them to look at their former sensei standing with a smile on his face. However, an ominous aura radiated from the man made Haruna turned stark white while Nodoka began blubbering in terror.

The pair had the same thought at that very moment.

Oh... Crap…


"GAAAHHH!" Kira, who was back in control of his body, screamed as Kaede and Ku dragged him by his arms. "Careful you two! I maybe unable to walk, but I can still feel pain in my legs!"

"Gomen, Masamune-dono, but we are doing the best we can." the kunoichi apologized.

"You heavy!" Ku stated bluntly, causing the homunculus to sigh.

"Can't we make a sled out of some of the broken bookshelves for Kira-kun to ride on?" the redheaded Airi suggested.

"Already considered that," Audrey replied with a slight frown, " the largest pieces were not sufficient enough, he was too large for any of them. If his legs weren't in such a catastrophic state, we could've used some of the pieces as braces for splints."

"Hmm… how about we fly him out of here?" the blonde wraith suggested.

Everyone within hearing range turned their attention towards her.

"THAT'S IT!" Audrey cried out while turning to the redheaded wraith. "I recall you being able to fly, Airi-san."

"True, but we have a problem with that, I don't know why, but I can't fly inside here." the blonde replied in an calm manner. "It's as if most of my powers are sealed."

"You know.. Now that you think about it… I can't do as much in here either …" the redhead realized.

Cerate grumbled as she stomped the ground in frustration.

"FUCK! How can we get Master out of here?!" she cursed.

Everyone fell silent as they heard multiple footsteps.

Kaede and Fu immediately released their grip on Kira, who fell down to the ground on his head, causing an agonized grunt to escape.

Both of the girls, with the Gal Monsters right behind them, got into their respective battle stances, preparing themselves for another enemy. However, all of them relaxed upon seeing a familiar pink haired girl

"SEE! I told you they were here!" Makie cried out triumphantly as she dragged Eve and Yue into view.

"This one is glad to see you three are alright, we were all very concerned." Kaede said with a smile to the trio.

"Yeah, but you won't believe what happened to me…" Yue remarked as she panted heavily.

"Try us." Kira quipped, causing the new arrivals to gasp at him in his current state.

"What happened to you?" Yue asked.

"Long story. One filled with action, drama, and a ton of bookshelves being destroyed." Kira replied.

Yue's eye involuntarily twitched upon hearing the last part.

Tempus Erebea's base

The Dimensional Reneger wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her left hand while the right still kept typing at a floating keyboard. The draconic girl worked nonstop to forge the gateway she had. She was grateful that she was able to manipulate the flow of time in her lab to a degree. Right now she had it set where a thirty seconds in the IV universe translated to an hour to her.

"Those gods ain't got nothing on me!" she said with a proud smirk as she looked at the many lines of code that were displayed on the monitor in front of her. " If you manage to blend the barriers with this algorithm, safe dimensional travel for mortals can be achieved. Amazing what you can do if you displace the feedback elsewhere."

Erebea pressed a few more keys before stopping.

"Alright… five days straight and five hundred twenty seven cups of chamomile white tea I finally finished the gate." she said triumphantly as she pressed the return key. "Now I have to do it the Goddesses' way to safely connect it to the interdimensional interface.

The white lines of code that were on the black screen began turning blue before Erebea held out her right hand, which had a bulky silver armlet around her wrist. The armlet began to whirl to life as glowing blue lines appeared on it. The former Chao closed her eyes while beginning to sing in a tongue that wasn't human in origin. The runes on her body began glowing in synchronization to the lines of code on the moniter. The Dimensional Reneger moved her right arm to have it in front of the monitor as both the armlet and the code glowed more vibrantly. The girl sang for a few more minutes before stopping. The code gradually stopped glowing, returning to the normal white. The armlet however had a different story. The glowing immediately halted after the song had concluded, and the armlet had cracks appear all over it.

Tempus Erebea opened her eyes with a satisfied smile on her face. The ebony girl looked down at the silver device as it began crumbling into dust, knowing that it served its purpose.

"Glad I decided to use that ethereal transformer. Otherwise I would've died there. Anyway, seeing as I'm still alive, there's a ten percent chance increase of success now."

The Reneger nodded in approval before taking a deep breath.

"The easy part's over, I really hope things work out smoothly." she muttered under her breath.

Library Island.

"FUCK! ...FUCK! ...FUCK! FUCK!" Kira screamed each time his heels hit against the stairwell as he was dragged up .

"Will you just shut it?! We didn't have any other options… the expedition is called off, and we got to get back. We also couldn't leave you behind, especially if anyone of those guys show up again. " Asuna spoke up while glaring at the homunculus as she gave the still passed out Negi a piggyback ride.

Yue nodded in agreement while she and Tino were carrying the cans that Konoka was carrying a while back. Kaede was carrying the slumbering Konoka as the redheaded Airi and Cerate were tasked with carrying Kira the best they could.

The rest of the group were in the front and remained silent, not sure what to say. Even the normally energetic Baka Pink was unusually quiet, her mind wondering about different things, mainly involving a certain child teacher. Almost everyone of the expedition had an encounter of some kind that was considered to be fantasy to society.

Makie becoming a vampire.

Yue watching two shapeshifters fight.

Kaede and Ku watching Kira transforming.

A color swapped doppelganger of Airi appearing.

Kira and Negi falling unconscious without warning.

There was damage to many bookshelves, meaning an unfathomable amount of lost books. Kira is now helpless, as were the three sisters he reunited with, who all currently reside within his body.

All that happened because they went out to find a magical book in order to improve the Baka Rangers' test scores.

Everyone stopped upon hearing some groaning coming from Negi as he came around.

"unnh… what happened?" he asked groggily.

"About time you woke up, Negi-bozu." Asuna said to the child teacher.

"Asuna-san?" the young vampire asked as he slowly became more alert.

"NEGI-KUN!" Makie cried out as she ran to the teacher before hugging him the best she could.

"Makie-san." the redheaded boy said before he fully awakened and looked around. He gasped upon seeing Kira and Konoka.

"Konoe-san! Masamune-san!" he cried out in worry.

" Konoe and I will be perfectly fine, squirt. The girl's only asleep, and I'll be back on my feet soon enough." Kira explained before yelping in pain upon the back of his heels once again hitting the stairs.

"We got some new friends as well, some of them in fact are Master's sisters." Cerate added with a grin.

"I met one of them, Masamune Erena, already, she took Makie-san to safety before I fought with the man from the Dodgeball game."

Kira immediately turned his undivided attention to the vampire with his eyes widened.

"E-Erena's here?!" he asked incredulously.

"That's correct." Negi answered with absolute certainty.

The homunculus began sweating bullets before looking at the pair who were half dragging him.

"You two, move as fast as you can, I need to put as much distance between me and her as possible!" he panicked.

"Is there a problem Master?" Audrey asked in confusion.

"Uh… let's see… how about someone who screws, in ALL meanings of the word as a verb, with just about anything that moves, has no sexual morality of any kind, and has an excessively unhealthy admiration of fire, lava, and heat."

"Sounds a lot like Haruna, but with pyromania thrown in as well…" Yue summarized.

"All the more reason to haul ass!" Kira blurted with urgency. "Erena is the last person you'd want to be with!"

"Aww… Onii-chan… that's so cruel to say to your youngest sister…" a voice asked in sadness.

All blood drained from Kira's face as he looked up, seeing the once again avian Erena hovering above the group with her arms crossed.

"Been awhile." she said with a smile.

"Whoever is responsible for my fate… why do you let this to me so often?" Kira muttered bitterly to the air.


Sven sighed as he sat down onto a couch in the living area before grabbing his fedora and pulling downwards, having the brim cover his eyes. After he was abruptly woken up by a stray lightning bolt from Mikoto, he was brought up to speed courtesy of Mina and Sextum. The sweeper contemplated on what to do with their current set of troubles.

For one, he knew that they were going to go only deeper in the hole with the cost of repairs, plus the already strained food budget that they have is going to become even tighter, which will most definitely be received badly to a select few.

Secondly, there was the issue of the newest tenets settling in. Already he knew that the hotheaded Asuka will bring countless headaches to anyone, which would definitely set off Stella, who had a fierce temper to match the redhead's pride. However, Mirim appeared to be a kind natured girl, while Al Azif appears to be someone who could be easily irritated if pushed the wrong way. Lastly, there was the Espers. The pair alone were a new can of worms to deal with.

Sven was too afraid to even fathom what would happen if both Kuroko and Kira tried to ambush Mikoto in the bath at the same time.

Third and most importantly, was the threat of future attacks from the Yummy and Desiderare. The sweeper knew that the gadgets he creates could only barely slow down some of the enemies he knew of already at best.

In the back of his mind, he had a nagging feeling that wouldn't go away, That there was some kind of secret that the Headmaster of Mahora was hiding from him and the rest of the group. He knew about the Tao, something that he experienced first hand back in his world. Perhaps there was something similar to it in the one he was stranded in.

Sven heard footsteps coming towards him. The green haired man raised his Fedora to see Saya with two bottles of milk in her hands.

"Hey, something on your mind?" she asked him out of curiosity.

"Just wondering how to deal with all that's going on…" he replied. "This world is almost crazier than my own…"

"Yeah, but I'm actually glad to be here. It's not likely I'll be killed by that Creed person here." Saya explained while taking a seat next to Sven, leaving enough space in between them for a third person to sit comfortably. The Sweeper woman offered him one of the bottles of milk with a carefree smile.

"Thank you, Saya." the man said before taking the bottle and removing the lid before taking a quick sip from it. "How are the girls settling into their rooms yet?"

"Other than Asuka complaining about how small her room is, they're handling things pretty good." Saya replied with a smirk. " I think Kira's going to have a heyday when he gets back."

"That's something I'm afraid of…" Sven replied dryly before taking another sip.

The girl's smirk grew even more before pulling the tin cap off her bottle before guzzling its entire contents in one go. She lowered the empty bottle while sighing in satisfaction.

"Ahh! That hit the spot!" she said before looking at Sven. "Listen, don't let things get to you, Sven. You should do things like Train and myself a little more, just relax and enjoy the moment."

"Someone has to be the responsible member of this motley crew, and most of them are not as patient or well versed as I am with things like bills and budgeting. Mina is perhaps the only other one who can actually handle things around here, but she's only awake in the evening. No offense to everyone else of course, including you Saya."

"None taken. So, what are we going to do with our new roomies?"

"Asuka is definitely a minor, in both appearance and behavior, so I think we should send her to school for now with Kuroko and Mikoto. Mirim and Al are still undecided at this time, they look young, but Al gives off an air similar to Mina does, one that says she's much older than she appears."

Saya nodded. "Yeah, but the redheaded loudmouth is actually a lot smarter than she behaves, she actually is currently in a discussion with Mina about something that I couldn't really understand. She may be a college graduate if I had to guess."

"hmm… true, but there's still the issue of money. Before the five of them showed up, we were struggling enough to begin with…mainly thanks to Train, Kira, and those Gal Monsters… Why do those five have to each so much food?!" Sven threw his arms up in surrender as he groaned.

"I guess it's time for Train to get a job. We can't be sweepers here unfortunately. And ever since we moved in here, he's just been lazy." Saya said with a frown.

"Agreed, I asked him if he was willing to be a detective in Fuuto as well, but he declined. It appears he still wants to live life the same way as always. That reminds me, aren't you unemployed as well?"

Saya laughed nervously while displaying a strained smile on her face.

"About that… I can't seem to find a job that suits me. Everywhere I go, they want me to wear something besides a yukata!" she explained as Sven ominously glared at her.

"Is that why?" he asked skeptically.


" I mean no disrespect, but you're just as bad as Train…" the gentleman said in disbelief as he lowered his fedora once again over his eyes.

Library Island - first floor.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK!" Kira screamed for the twentieth time as he and Erena flew up to the first floor. The force of the momentum was beyond torture to the injured homunculus' dangling legs. the younger of the pair was carrying a pink book within her grasp, which quivered once in a while.

The chimera stopped midair, with Kira hanging like a rag doll from her grasping condor feet.

"First floor! Everybody off!" Erena quipped before flinging Kira towards the front door.

"DAAAMMMNNN YYYYOOOOUUU!" Kira screamed as he flew through the air like a rocket.

Fortunately, the front door opened in time, having the homunculus fly outside. Unfortunately, He skipped across the water several times like a rock before crashing into the body of water, creating a large upwards gush of water as he sunk under the waves.

Takahata blinked in confusion as he saw Kira fly overhead as he opened the door. However, he froze in place upon noticing a familiar face.

"Erena…" he said in surprise.

"Been a while Michi-kun…" Erena said with a warm smile as she flew towards him. She landed before turning to her human form, still smiling at her former comrade. "You're a lot more handsome than I remembered."

"Thanks, I see you haven't aged a bit. Still, I didn't know you were here in Mahora. How's your search going?" Takahata replied.

"I made some progress, but my last lead led to a dead end. That daughter of mine is so hard to find. Besides, we're not alone."

On cue, Melona partially undid her disguise, revealing her upper half of her body in a miniaturized size while waving to Takahata before quickly turning back to her disguise as a book.

At that moment, Haruna and Nodoka peered their heads inside, just missing Melona as they attempted to eavesdrop on their former teacher.

"Wh-Who's that person with Takahata-sensei?" Nodoka asked.

Haruna grinned perversely at the sight as her antennae both twitched slightly .

"A kindred spirit." she replied smugly.

Nodoka trembled in terror, her mind imagining lewd things being done to her by both Haruna and the white haired stranger. She squeaked in fear as she felt the mangaka's hand being placed on her shoulder.

Konoemon's bedroom.

"NOOOOOOO!" the headmaster cried out, bolting upright as he awoke from a nightmare. He panted heavily as a cold sweat appeared. The liquid beads slowly ran down his now stark white skin.

"It… it was that dream again…" he wiped the sweat off his forehead before he took deep breaths to relax.

Konoemon recollected what he saw in the recurring dream he had seen more times than he could remember.

It was the day of Konoka's wedding, and the organ was being played once the doors opened, revealing the bride. Konoemon was in the seats as he saw his beloved granddaughter walk down the aisle in a snow white wedding dress, complete with a veil that covered her face. In her hands was a bouquet of many colorful flowers. She had her eyes closed as she smiled happily. However, once she reached the alter, this normally welcomed dream turned into a nightmare for the old man.

Instead of the groom being a man as he wished, there stood a woman wearing a tuxedo. Her face was obscured by shadows, however, as the vows were exchanged, the grandfather recognized the voice as that of a white haired girl that his son-in-law was closely acquainted with for over twenty years.

Masamune Erena's face was revealed as she leaned forward to lift the veil up from Konoka's face. She then closed in and kissed Konoka on the lips lovingly.

It was always that moment that the old man awoke.

"I… I hope that my granddaughter doesn't go down that road…" he said. "She's the only Konoe of her generation… I hope she doesn't end our bloodline there…" he muttered to himself.

The phone that rested on a nightstand to his left began ringing. Konoe welcomed the distraction as he picked up the phone and held it to his ear.

"Moshi Moshi?" he asked before stifling a yawn. "Oh, Takahata-sensei, what are you doing calling me at this time?… Eh? Uh-huh… I see…. Wait… those Yummy are now attacking students?… I'll see what I can do about that, anything else? …

…Yes, I'm sitting down right now…


YOU FOUND THEM WHERE?!" the man started off calm and slightly groggy, but upon hearing Takahata's report, his eyes widened as he heard where Kira and the others were. The elder felt like he could possibly die if he heard anything worse.

"Also, I came across both Melona and Masamune Erena, and it appears that she's Kira-san's younger sister." Takahata added.

The phone slipped from Konoemon's hand and fell to the ground as he heard the last part.

" … They're both...here…" he muttered in fear before a nervous chuckle escaped him.

Tempus Erebea's base

The Dimensional Reneger panted heavily as she closed the door to a console that's connected next to circular translucent podium.

"Finally… the Dimetiri Porta is complete." she announced before pausing to catch her breath. "All I need to do now is see if it works. The IV world will work perfectly as I know its coordinates by heart." she said before rising to her feet.

The ebony Chao stepped onto the podium, causing a holographic screen and keyboard appearing out of thin air. She pressed a few keys before hitting "Return". the podium began to emanate a bluish white light before a spiral of the very light emerged, coiling around Erebea as she stood still. She couldn't help but moan slightly in pleasure by the warmth of the light as it caressed her. The girl slowly turned into the light before the spiral retreated back into the podium, revealing all of the girl's clothes, panties and all, falling to the ground in a pile as their owner was transported to her destination.

Girl's Dorm baths

A loud splash echoed through the empty women's bath before silence once again filled the air. A few bubbles appeared from beneath the water before Tempus Erebea broke through the surface as she gasped for breath. She waded through the water a bit as she caught her breath for a second time. The draconic girl then realized that something was missing from her body.

"Damn my Springfield Luck…" she cursed under her breath. She then raised her tail and sighed in relief that at least the most important object she needed was still with her. Attached to the base of the barb of her tail was a silver ring with a glowing orange spiral wrapped around it.

The girl thought for a moment before smiling a little upon recognizing where she was.

"I should take a breather. I worked nonstop after all… excluding all those coffee breaks of course… and now I know that the Dimetiri Porta works as well, I don't have to worry about things. "

The Dimensional Reneger closed her eyes and floated on her back, her wings unfurled and dangling in the water lazily as she propelled herself slowly with her tail. She sighed in contentment, enjoying the moment the best she could.

"Hmm… if those guys from the 2814 universe pop up here… I should come up with a 'Maho Shojo roll Call' for myself.

Hmm… let's see… 'All will be devoured in my wake! I am born from a time traveler's Magica Ereba ! Dimensional Reneger, Tempus Erebea!' …too specific hmm….

" 'Beware of the Darkness Incarnate, Born from vengeance, I strike all who oppose me! Dimensional Reneger, Tempus Erebea!'"

"Too sinister… want to give myself an anti-hero or neutral aligned vibe, but still … OH!

" 'I stand with neither Justice nor Chaos. All shall tremble before the Avenger born of Chao Lingshen's Magica Erebea! Dimensional Reneger, TEMPUS EREBEA!'"

Erebea blinked a little bit as she realized she was getting into it more than she originally intentioned. She smiled a little bit before nodding.

"Eh, I like that last one the most, despite using CHao's name. " she said in approval. "I'll go with that."

The naked girl then took a deep breath and dove under the water. The girl relaxed even more. Ever since her "birth" as Tempus Erebea, the girl felt very much at home under the water. Whenever she was stressed out, she always took a swim in some deep body of water.

Erebea used her tail to propel herself under the water, using her wings as rudders to steer her body. She kept her arms and legs still as she gracefully moved through the water, making elegant turns whenever she neared an edge of the pool. All her troubles left her mind, her fatigue disappearing as a feeling of exhilaration replaced it.

The girl then breached the surface and flapped her wings, taking to the air. She quickly brushed her wet hair from her eyes in order to see. She was grateful that the bathhouse was very spacious, enough for her to fly with very little constraint. A brilliant smile appeared on her face as she flew in circles, greatly enjoying the moment.

The girl stopped flying and hovered in place as she looked down at the scenery below. She felt nostalgic of her times in her Mahora. However, joy was soon replaced with sadness as she remembered the day everything changed, the day Incursio Votum revealed himself.

He easily crushed everyone of her reality's Ala Alba without lifting a single finger.

Everyone except Negi.

She remembered how Votum was originally outclassed when Negi was in his Lightning form. However, he gained the upper hand after he possessed Nodoka just before the finishing blow was dealt. Taking the girl's body hostage was the necessary leverage he needed. He attacked the teacher's psyche and morale by deliberately breaking the bones in the girl's body one at a time, starting from the fingers and ending with snapping the girl's own neck, killing her in the process. After that, he managed to possess Asuna, as he was doing the possessing through a manner that wasn't magical in nature, the heterochromatic girl's magic canceling powers were useless.

Once Votum had possessed Asuna, he was able to overwhelm the child prodigy without any difficulty. He was able to pin the son of the Thousand Master and possessed Negi. Even though she was now free, Asuna was left in a slight daze, giving the entity the opening he needed. He forced Negi to plunge his hand through her chest as hard as he could, piercing the girl's heart as it went through her back.

Erebea, or rather, Chao back then, had no idea what happened exactly, but it appeared that Votum allowed Negi to not only witness, but possibly feel him slaying his cherished friend.

"Ne…gi..." That was the final word Asuna said before death claimed her. Her eyes glassed over as her body went limp.

It was then that Chao, who was feigning unconsciousness, sprung up in an attempt to attack. She saw Negi's eyes becoming dull and lifeless, the trauma of Asuna's death too much for him to handle. It was then his body began to turn into his Berserker state caused by his Magica Erebea. He tilted his head back and unleashed a loud mourning roar as it held Asuna's body tightly.

His skin turned jet black as a barbed tail erupted from the back of his waist. Ebony bone like protrusions came from his back before shattering, replaced by a pair of leathery dragon wings as they extended. His fingertips turned into talons while his legs became more saurian like, each foot standing on three clawed toes. Glowing runes then appeared on his body as his eyes became yellow and feral looking.

The berserk Negi gently placed Asuna down as if she was made out of glass before grabbing his head. He growled and shook violently, obviously trying to resist Votum's control.

"Don't blame me for your dear Asuna's death. She died by YOUR hand." Votum spoke through Negi's body.

"NEGI!" Chao cried out as she ran towards him. However, several gunshots were fired, the bullets striking the ground mere centimeters from Negi.

"Let him go spirit." Mana warned as she held up a rifle. "Or else I'll be forced to fire an exorcism bullet on you."

Negi turned his attention towards the mercenary before a sinister smile formed on his lips, revealing his white fangs to her.

"I'm not some spirit. I am the man who will reform the world into my own image. I must say, the Mage of the Beginning was a lot more difficult than this kid to control. " the entity remarked, causing Mana's eyes to widen slightly.

"That's got to be a bluff." she remarked skeptically.

Negi laughed before he closed the distance between them faster than Mana anticipated. She fired a few of the exorcism bullets into Negi's body, however they didn't yield any results. The berserker grabbed her by the wrists and flipped behind her, landing onto her back while holding her arms at unnatural angles.

"I am quite fascinated by this kid's Magica Erebea ability. He's able to absorb magic and chi and makes it part of his own body. Hmm… wonder if the same principle can be applied to souls. " the entity remarked.

"LET TATSUMIYA GO!" Chao cried out before pulling out the Cassiopeia and glared at him.

Votum only laughed before the time traveler felt like time froze still on its own accord. It happened so fast that Chao couldn't grasp what she just saw.

Votum was laughing maniacally as blood rained down on Negi's body, covering him in a shade of scarlet.

Chao was paralyzed in horror for the next few moments. Setsuna and Kaede were next, followed by Ku... Even Fate Averruncus himself failed to silence the monster that was Incursio Votum.

Tempus Erebea shook her head at that moment, refusing to recall the rest of the incident.

"Everyone… Everyone died that day, except for me and Negi… the rest were either slain or devoured by him… he had to appear on our graduation day…" she muttered weakly as tears welled up in her eyes. She stopped flapping her wings and slowly glided back down to the ground in a slow spiral. She landed into the water facedown, but didn't move. She just floated in the water, her heart aching as she silently mourned for her friends.

The girl remained still for a few moments, wondering what to do. However, one thought greatly appealed to her. Her wings sprung to life, flapping violently as she rose once again. The Dimensional Reneger was now growling,rage coursing through her body as she went towards a window. She held her hands in front of he face as she went through it. The shards of glass fell as the girl unleashed a bellowing roar filled with silence as she headed towards the World Tree.

"I can't work from the shadows anymore...IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM HERE!" the girl screamed on the top of her lungs as she flew towards him. "INCURSIIIOOOO VOOTUUUM!"

The runes that covered her entire body began glowing a brilliant scarlet as she screamed out her nemesis' name. All the girl could think of is to paint the sky red with the blood of her target of vengeance.

World Tree.

Votum, who was wearing his cloak again, rose to his feet, grinning as he sensed a presence filled with malice and hatred coming towards him. He was alone at the moment, as Creed went off to explore Mahora some more.

"So, what should I do with my visitor?" he asked himself before thinking deeply. However, he came back in reality just in time to leap to a lower branch, dodging a barrage of magical arrows made of fire aimed towards him.

He looked on in curiosity as Tempus Erebea came into view, roaring loudly at him as her hands were engulfed in black flames.

The robed man grinned and removed his hood.

"I am honestly surprised to find another like myself here. I don't know who you are, but apparently you know who I am… I can sense your desire of revenge against me." he said calmly, despite being aware of the ebony girl's lack of clothing. "Just to be sure, my name is Incursio Votum. May I ask your name?"

Erebea stopped and hovered mid air before she spoke.

"That's bullshit. You know who I am all to well, Votum… perhaps this will refresh your memory." she said before pulling her hair aside, revealing her scar and white eye to the robed man.

"Hmm… white eye and claw scars… nope, doesn't ring a bell." Votum said casually while shrugging.

Erebea screamed in fury before speaking again.

"YOU MURDERED ALL MY FRIENDS ON OUR GRADUATION DAY! YOU TOOK OVER NEGI!" she screeched as tears formed in her bloodshot eyes again as she gritted her teeth.

"Ahh! Now I remember, you were that annoying little time traveling flea, Chao Lingshen." the robed man said in realization. "I must say, I never thought you'd follow me here. Still angry about all that?"

"I am not Chao Lingshen! She died attempting to gain more power after you gave her my scar! I am born from the union of Revenge and Magica Erebea. I am the one who'll be your judge, jury, and executioner. I am the Dimensional Reneger, Tempus Erebea!"

Erebea's white eye glowed yellow as she announced her name. she flapped her wings and darted towards Votum at a speed that almost broke the sound barrier. She tackled the unsuspecting Votum and slammed him against the base of the World Tree, causing the behemoth to shake as Votum coughed up some blood involuntarily.

"You… bitch!" he said in anger before thrusting his tail through his cloak, attempting to stab his attacker.

Erebea was quicker and dodged the barb before raising one of her flaming fists and bringing it down to her foe's face. Votum turned into a miasma and evaded the punch as it made contact with the bark. The mutated Chao grimaced in pain as she pulled her smarting hand back and shaking it slightly as she watched the miasma reform into her opponent a few meters away.

"You are a lot stronger than before, I guess you allowed your Magica Erebea to take over completely. You definitely are insane." he remarked with a slight smile. "But you're still not strong enough to defeat me."

Erebea however chuckled before the flames on the hand disappearing.

"I am well aware of that, but keep this in mind, I know what you're up to here, and I will stop you." she declared before pointing at him. " I will be the one who ends your existence."

Votum began laughing before looking at the girl.

" What do you think I'm doing here exactly, little monster?" he asked.

"You want to not only restore your original powers, but to further enhance them using the magic of the World Tree."

"You're correct there, but there's more." Votum raised a finger as he looked at the girl smugly. "I seek to overthrow the Gods and Devils to create an absolute utopia for everyone in EVERY reality. All devoid of discrimination, ill thoughts, wars, vices, death, corruption, blood lust, pain and sadness…all concepts concieved by the Gods to keep mortals from gaining powers to overthrow them."

Tempus Erebea froze in place as she heard Votum's intentions. She could tell that he was being sincere, but was begrudginly all to familiar just how far he will go to achieve his goals.

"You… You will be willing to murder everyone to create peace?!" she asked incredulously.

"Success must be achieved through necessary sacrifices." Votum explained with a straight face. "You should know that all to well, Chao Lingshen, no, it's Tempus Erebea now, correct?"

The Dimensional Reneger gritted her teeth while clenching her fists.

"I won't deny that I've done some things that I've regretted doing during my travels to this Reality. But I will not go and do things as destroying complete realities to achieve my dreams!" she said while looking Votum right in the eyes.

"I see you're not here to fight, if that's all you wanted to say, then leave. I'm not in a good mood right now." Votum warned.

Tempus Erebea growled before she turned around and began gliding away, however she stopped before looking over her shoulder.

"I will be watching your every move Votum." she said before darting away as fast as she could, leaving an amused Votum behind. he waited for her to be gone before speaking outloud to no one in particular

"So an unexpected new party has joined in on our little game. There's this reality's Ala Alba, the Extraneus, my faction, Cosmo Entelekheia, and now Tempus Erebea." he said before closing his eyes. " Many different morals, ideals, and desires will clash, but who is going to prevail?"

The dragonic mage sighed before pulling out a cigarette from a sleeve before lighting it with a simple unincantated Ardescat spell. He inhaled deeply before exhaling a puff of smoke.

"Things are starting to really get interesting now. Maybe I should join the fray a bit more. Or perhaps connect more worlds together. I must draw the Gods' attention here in order for my plans to come to fruition. But it will be very difficult when they are well aware of my intentions…"

Twenty Kilometers away.

Tempus Erebea was silent as she flew through the night sky, her mind replaying over and over Votum's intentions of creating a utopia that spanned the entire Multiverse.

"When a man who obtained everything through fear prays, the core of his prayer is of an egoist. But another man who obtains power from that opposite side of the very same fear, what makes the core of his prayer?" Erebea said, recalling Yumi's cryptic question.

"Fear gives the one who breeds it power and control over others… but… the ones on the receiving end would pray in hope for the courage to rise up…" the girl's eyes widened in realization. "THAT'S IT! That's the answer! It's COURAGE!"

The Dimensional Reneger smirked in self approval as she realized what to do.

"I have to bring courage to the souls Votum assimilated… they're afraid of experience the pain and torture they went through the first time. And to do that, I must first foil that bastard's plans every step of the way." she smirked before reaching for the ring at the end of her tail. She ran a finger against the orange spiral before vanishing in a flash of bluish white light, returning back to her base with renewed determination.

Two days Later


Kira looked at his legs in amazement for the umpteenth time. Two days have passed since Takahata found the expedition team and already his legs were almost fully healed. After he was literally fished out of the water by a fishing rod, with a pair of panties as the bait, he was immediately rushed to the headmaster for immediate care.

It was then that he learned of the secret world of magic. Kira was quick to accept it, due to himself being born from Alchemy, which, in his world, had similar principles. He was surprised to learn that Konoemon was an excellent healer, and after a series of long incantations, almost all of his leg bones were restored and back in place. However, he had to rest for two more weeks for a complete recovery, should his healing still remain as sluggish as it currently was.

Still, Kira's injuries weren't enough to avert the headmaster's fury of what happened inside Library Island.

Everyone of the students were suspended for a week as well as given a month of detention afterwards, while Kira suffered a drastic and permanent Salary cut of two-thirds his pay. Negi however was given four weeks of unpaid leave effective immediately, much to the child teacher's dismay.

However, things weren't over for Kira yet, He was chewed out by Sven over their increased debt and his salary cut, as well as bringing Eve along on a dangerous expedition. Several of the faculty also had their turn with lecturing the homunculus about being irresponsible and blatantly disregarding regulations and rules. The worst came from the infamous Nitta-sensei, aka Nitta the Ogre amongst the student body. He actually attempted to have Kira sit in the Seiza position for the rest of the two weeks.

Negi received similar lectures, but nowhere as many nor as harsh as Kira's. Obvious they were treating him like the child he was.

The 2-A students who witnessed the fighting were originally planned to have their memories of the incident erased, but at both Negi and Kira's insistence, they were told to keep everything they saw a secret or else they would be severily punished. Kira was given a similar gag order on keeping magic a secret from the public, as well as a casually said threat of him being locked up in a trunk for the rest of eternity.

Kira sighed as he closed his eyes.

"How much longer till you three can reform?" he asked his sisters out loud.

"We can come out at any time, but we each need a Cell medal to use as a catalyst first." Yumi said from within Kira's mind.

"Yeah, but I don't mind staying inside your body Onii-chan!" Kairi chirped happily.

Kira couldn't help but shiver from his sister's remark there.

"I'll see what I can do Yumi…" he said while sighing. "I'm still bedridden for two more weeks after all."

"What are you going to do when you are back on your feet, go spy on Airi when she's in the bath?" Rika asked in a teasing manner.

"Shaddup!" Kira blurted out loud while blushing slightly. "Don't make me put your Core into a vending machine!"

"I'm not spare change you dumbass!" Rika snapped back. "I'm your sister!"

Kira glanced over to the door as he heard the door sliding open. He groaned as he saw Erena walking in with a smirk on her face. She was wearing a black tank top that clung to her frame tightly, and it was obvious she wasn't wearing anything else underneath it. Thankfully she was wearing denim jeans, preventing the girl from being branded an exhibitionist, even though she'd enjoy the title very much.

"Hey brother." the white haired homunculus spoke in English. "How are your jelly legs doing?"

Kira growled before responding in German.

"They're not jelly, dumpkoff." he muttered bitterly.

Erena giggled at Kira's remark before licking her lips. "I love it when you speak that way, Onii-chan." she said in Japanese with a sultry tone.

"Sheesh… despite being away for so long, you haven't changed one bit…" Kira said in annoyance. "In fact, your perversion is even worse than I remember!"

"Well, it appears that you, unlike myself, haven't been laid yet." Erena said mischievously.

Kira fell silent as his sister's comment struck a hard blow to his ego. He may have taken great pride in being a pervert, but it was quite a bitter pill to swallow that he was quite unfortunate with trying to sleep with women. The only person he know that was more than willing to do it with him was the incest-fantasizing Kairi, but he had no interest in her in that way. One of the things that aggravated him most about the white haired homunculus was her habit of rubbing things in when it comes to her doing them before the others.

Erena was perhaps the only person that can make Kira feel his age without trying at times. However, he still cared for her as a brother would, no matter how many times he wished he could just toss her into a volcano followed by dropping thirty nukes on her head.

"Struck a nerve huh?" the white haired girl asked while smirking.

"Shut it…" Kira growled while glaring at his sister.

"Alright. Anyway, since you've been talking to yourself so much, people are starting to think that you're losing your mind, so I brought something that can help you guys out." Erena continued while digging into one of her pockets. She fished around for a moment before pulling out three cell Medals. " Hey, catch!"

She tossed the O-medals towards Kira, in which three Black Cores emerged painfully from Kira's chest, yet not leaving any injury behind. Each of the obsidian medals collided with a Cell Medal and assimilated it before being engulfed in a light gray light. The lights then formed three separate silhouettes before fading, revealing the Twins and Yumi to the two other Homunculi.

"Mmmm… It's great to be back in my own body again!" Yumi said while stretching her arms above her head.

"Thanks Erena," Rika replied as she nodded towards her younger sister.

Kairi however was over at a flustered Kira, trying to kiss him as he was holding her by the shoulders, keeping her away from his face. The others watched the scene before them before breaking out into laughter.

"Kairi, stop it this instant, Onii-chan hasn't fully healed yet!" Rika told her twin.

"Nyuu…" Kairi pouted cutely before looking at Kira with a longing look.

"I don't hate you Kairi." her brother reassured her while scratching the top of her head.

"Arigato, Onii-chan!" she purred while leaning her head into Kira's hand, enjoying the attention she was explaining.

"Okay… what are we going to do about you three girls, you do realize you're all naked right?" Erena pointed out.

Kira and his three recently reformed sisters looked down realizing that Erena wasn't pulling their leg, resulting in three synchronized shrieks and a nosebleed geyser.

Erena laughed at the sight of her panicking sisters as they scrambled all around the infirmary, looking for things to cover themselves with. Their brother, however, was facedown on the floor, bubbles appearing in the pool of blood that surrounded his head.

Erena dug into her left pocket and pulled out its contents.

"Kairi, Rika, I got something for you guys to use until we get home." she said before throwing a set of Core Medals to each of them.

Kairi and Rika stopped their scrambling and caught the medals midair, Rika with only one fluid movement, while Kairi fumbled and caught only two of the three right away before catching the last one with her other hand.

Rika opened her hand and noticed she was holding the blue Core Medals. Kairi looked at her and realized she was holding the yellow ones

"Combos?" Rika asked skeptically while glancing over towards her sister.

"Yeah, you do realize that our Combo forms make us appear decent despite lacking any clothes, right?"

The white haired girl explained. "Besides, from what I've been told, LaToraTar and ShaUTa are excellent stealth combos."

The twins pondered things over before they realized what their sister was getting at. ShaUTa's power can blend into the water in the liquid state, while LaToraTar lets its user run at very fast speeds.

"Arigato Erena. Ready sis?" Kairi said, first thanking her younger sis before asking her twin.

"Definitely." Rika said before grasping her medals.

"Adeat!" the twins cried out as they transformed.

"FUCK! MY EYES! THEY BURN! AGAIN!" Kira screamed as he raised his head from the puddle, only to be blinded by the light the LaToraTar Combo gave off during the transformation. Steam filled the room as the light collided with the vortex of water. As both of them vanished, the now transformed Kairi and Rika were jotting down some notes on some notepads that they apparently pulled out of nowhere.

"Okay, do not do multiple transformations at once in a confined room…" they both said before tossing the notepads over their shoulders.

"What was that for?" Yumi, who was blinded by the light asked.

Erena however was wearing a pair of sunglasses while grinning as she placed two more Core Medals onto the nearby nurse's desk.

"I'll leave you guys alone. Oh, and Yumi, there's two Core Medals for you on the nurse's desk. I'm leaving it to you to find the third one. I got lunch with some old friends of mine at noon, and I don't intend to be late." the white haired homunculus said before walking out of the room and closing the door behind her.

Evangeline's Cabin

Negi, Asuna, and Makie walked up to the front door, with Makie wearing a cloak to protect herself from the sunlight.

"Are you sure about this Negi?" Asuna asked him in concern.

"I have to learn to control my vampire side one way or another, but I don't know how. Evangeline is the one who turned me in the first place, as she's a vampire herself. So she's the perfect person to ask. " Negi explained with a smile.

"Negi-sama… what about me? I don't know what to do, do I act like a puppy or be a kitty?" Makie asked innocently, unsure what her role was. "What if I need to go potty?"

Asuna face faulted upon Makie's question before getting up.

"I rather don't want to know that…" she muttered under her breath before turning her attention to the one who sired her. "And I still can't believe you turned Makie into a vampire…"

Negi blushed a little bit before clearing his throat nervously.

"I… I'm not sure myself to be honest, Sasaki-san." he admitted timidly. "A-Anyway, I should check to see if Eva-san is home."

The young vampire trembled a little bit in fear before knocking the door several times. He stepped back and the trio waited for a few moments before the door opened, revealing Chachamaru wearing a maid outfit .

"Oh, Good Afternoon Negi-sensei, we have not expected any visitors today." the gynoid spoke with a bow. " What brings you to the Mistress' house?"

"I need Eva-san's help with something really important." Negi explained to his student. "I lost control of myself and turned Sasaki-san into a vampire."

"I see, I will let Mistress know of your arrival. And Sasaki-san." the gynoid said before looking at Makie. "My sincere apologies for your turning into a vampire."

"It's alright, Chachamaru-san!" Makie chirped happily. "I actually like being one!"

Chachamaru nodded before turning around and opening the door as she moved to the side. "Please, come in." she politely asked the trio, in which they obliged. Once everyone was inside, the door closed behind them before being locked.


Stella's eyebrow twitched as Kuroko and Asuka were arguing with each other. the Gal Monster was trying to watch a Yaoi oriented movie, but the arguing pair behind her was making it impossible to hear the dialogue. Asuka was wearing a tight white t-shirt with shorts that accentuated her legs in a seductive manner. Kuroko was wearing a black miniskirt with a matching tubetop that stopped short, exposing her midriff as well as the bands of the black thong she wore.

"Just because you can teleport, you think that makes you so damn special?" Asuka spat as she glared at the brunette Esper.

"I can definitely kick your ass easily since you're not an Esper!" Kuroko countered.

"I've killed monsters larger than Mt. Fuji!" the redhead retorted before realizing something that was undisputable. "Besides, I surpass you in breast size."

A vein appeared on Kuroko's forehead as she gnashed her teeth.

"At least I won't have saggy boobs when I'm older, unlike you!"


Stella snapped at the moment, rising up and turning around to face the arguing girls. Her eyes were bloodshot as she glared at the oblivious pair in fury. Without warning, she placed a hand each at the back of their heads before forcing them to hit their heads together with an audible crack filling the living room.

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP?!" Stella roared as the now unconscious girls unceremoniously slumped to the ground with large smoldering lumps on their heads. "I'M TRYING TO WATCH A MOVIE!" the Gal Monster fumed before returning to her moving, only seeing the credits of the movie . "FUCK! NOW I DON'T KNOW IF HIRO RETURNED RENJI'S FEELINGS!"

In the kitchen, Mirim, who was at the stove cooking lunch for everyone, gulped a little bit at Stella's screeching. Eve was currently assisting the green haired girl as they conversed with one another. Mirim was at first nervous around the blonde with her somewhat stoic and, to her opinion, intimidating face, but quickly warmed up to shapeshifter after a while.

Al had isolated herself somewhat from the others, hanging with Mina in the evening hours, trying to learn as much as possible about the world they were in.

Ever since Asuka and Kuroko met, it was a clash of egos that annoyed everyone in the household to some degree. Usually it was Kira who caused the ruckus with his perverted antics, but since he wasn't around , those two filled in the void. Usually it was Cerate, Mikoto or Stella who stops the two before they broke out into a catfight, usually by incapacitating the teleporting Esper.

Mirim looked down to check on the hamburgers that she was grilling. Sven was brought to tears or joy when she offered to help him with the chores. Apparently he was the only one who cleaned up after almost everyone else in the building. The sweeper taught her how to use the kitchen appliances, leaving her to marvel in the fact she doesn't have to worry about starting a fire first. He also took some time to teach her some simple meals that were easy to fix in a short time.

"Hey, is lunch almost ready?" Train asked as he and Saya poked their heads into the kitchen. "We're starving over here!"

"Please be patient, Train-san." Mirim responded politely. "I don't want to make anybody sick from eating undercooked meat."

Train slumped his head in disappointment before vanishing from view.

"Sorry about bothering you, let us know when it's done, Mirim." Saya said with a smile before she too retreated.

The girl smiled a bit before getting back to the task at hand.

"ARRGH! I'M HEADING OUT!" Stella shouted as she left the cabin through the doorway that was still missing the front door. "I"LL EAT WHEN I RETURN!"

The Gal Monster left the cabin, wearing a white miniskirt with a tubetop that covered her upper torso, stopping just below her breasts, leaving her midriff exposed. The twin tailed blonde walked for about two meters before running as fast as she could, becoming a blur to a person who was spying on the household from a tree. The pupiless red eyes watched the Gal monster becoming smaller in the distance. Soon a string of webbing came from the tree to a taller one as its owner used it to swing after Cerate,

Dorm 304

Konoka was busily humming to herself as she swept the kitchenette area with a broom. The cheerful girl smiled brilliantly as a trio of miniature robot hawks flew towards her from the living area, each holding a duster with their feet.

"Taka!" the leader cried out, catching the girl's attention.

"Ah, Taka-chan! Are you and your friends done already?" she asked the automatons.

The three robots nodded their heads in confirmation.

"Arigato! You guys are so helpful!" the headmaster's granddaughter chirped happily. "But I wonder where Tako-chan went?"

"Tako!" a high pitched voice cried out from underneath a turned over basket nearby that was shaking slightly.

Konoka giggled before lifting the basket, revealing a blue and silver robotic octopus with golden eyes, roughly the same size as the hawks underneath. It spun its eight legs like a propeller, taking to the air as it circled around the girl in appreciation.

"Tako-chan, I know you're curious about things, but now isn't the time to play around." she chided the blue robot with a smile.

The octopus nodded a bit before Konoka giggled.

"I'm grateful I was able to get you guys from that nice white haired lady when she gave me those coins to use for that vending machine." she said to the transforming robots. "Anyway, I think I can take care of the rest, you four can take a rest now. Arigato once again for all your help!"

All four of the mini robots flew over towards the kitchen counter and transformed into their can forms. The Taka trio formed a pyramid as they transformed. The Tako landed next to the stack before folding its legs up, turning back into its can form.

Konoka smiled as she sat down on the couch. She didn't remember much about the failed Library

Expedition for the magical book. She awoke the following morning in the Infirmary. Apparently, there were more booby traps in the forbidden levels than they originally presumed. She was told that she was struck by a sleeping dart while Kira was caught in a trap where several bookshelves collapsed on top of him. Luckily he survived, but the strain of the impact caused him to sprain both his legs to the point that he needed bedrest for at most two weeks to recover.

The girl was saddened slightly by her being suspended as well as having detention after that, but she felt it was fair since she did break multiple school rules, after all. She knew that her grandpa was disappointed in her, but also relieved when he scolded her.

"I know Grandpa cares about me and all that…" the girl said before looking down at her ankle. " But I think using a tracking device is a bit much for him. I wonder how Negi-kun and Asuna are doing."

Deep within Mahora Plaza

Stella stormed through the plaza, appearing nothing more than a fast moving blur to the students that saw her. The Gal Monster felt someone following behind her a few blocks back, and was trying their hardest to keep up while trying to mask their presence from her. The blonde decided to head into a more isolated area. The Gal Monster headed for a nearby park that was empty at the moment. She stopped and looked around.

"I know you're out there, show yourself." she barked loudly.

The person who followed the blonde stepped into view, clutching her sword firmly.

"What is your business here demon?" Setsuna asked the Gal Monster in a hostile tone. "I don't remember seeing someone like you in Mahora before."

Stella groaned while face palming herself.

"Gawd… Come on, me? A demon?!" she groaned bitterly. "All I wanted is just to have a peaceful run, and someone has to come along and fuck things up…"

Setsuna glared at the Gal Monster in skepticism.

"What are you doing here?" she ordered while drawing her sword.

Stella sighed and crouched down.

"I don't think you'll believe me…Well, at least I can vent some of my frustration before heading back." she said before glaring at Setsuna. "What's your name, girl?"

"I have no reason to give my name to a mere demon such as yourself." Setsuna remarked coldly before getting into a fighting stance.

"Fine then, guess we can forget courtesy then, bitch." Stella said before unleashing a bellowing roar and charging forward.

Setsuna stood her ground as she raised her sword above her shoulder.

"Tough luck I know how swordsmen move." Stella announced before pulling out the Gorilla Core Medal from a pocket of her skirt. "Adeat!"

Setsuna was slightly surprised by her opponent's declaration. However, she swung her sword down at an angle, only to be blocked by one of the silver Gori Bagon gauntlets that materialized.

"An artifact?" Setsuna speculated at the sudden appearance of the gauntlets. Stella forced the sword away while throwing a right hook at the swordswoman.

Setsuna's brow lowered a little before she leaped back, easily evading the blow. However, she was caught off guard by one of the gauntlets rocketed towards her, striking her in the stomach. The girl involuntarily gasped as the breath was knocked out of her from the force of the impact.

"It may not be a sword, but they get the job done…" Stella remarked calmly. As the gauntlet that struck Setsuna vanished, reappearing back where it was originally.

Setsuna rose to her feet and glared at her opponent.

"Are you a Ministra to a mage?" she asked.

Stella raised an eyebrow and shook her head. " I don't know what a Ministra is, but no. I do serve a master though." she replied. "I, Stella, am a Gal Monster who belongs to Masamune Kira, my master. You do have my word I do not intend to hurt anyone."

Setsuna's eyes widened upon hearing the name of Negi's aide.

"So… you're affiliated with Masamune-san…" she said calmly.

"Yeah, that's right." the Gal Monster replied with a proud smile. "He may not be bright and is a pervert, but he's definitely strong. Anyway, I don't want to fight any more, I'm getting hungry."

"I see… well then…" Setsuna relaxed slightly and sheathed her sword, much to the blonde's confusion. "My name is Sakurazaki Setsuna, and I am in class 2-A. the very class your master is assigned to as a teacher's aide."

"Oh, so you're one of them." the Gal Monster said while raising an eyebrow. "Anyway, for the record, I am not a demon, I'm a Gal Monster. There's a major difference between the two!"

"I see… care to enlighten me on the difference then?" Setsuna asked skeptically, still not fully convinced.

"Arghh… follow me… it's something I can't really say in public." the Gal Monster groaned before grabbing the girl by the collar of her shirt before she protested and ran back towards the Academy.

Setsuna dangled in the air like a rag doll as Stella ran as fast as possible, using both hands to hang onto her sword for dear life. She tried to speak to the Gal Monster, but the wind drowned out her voice. And she knew she was going so fast that breaking free at her current speed would result in her being injured by either the tail spikes or upon falling to the ground..

The only option she had left was to just let Stella take her to wherever their destination was. Knowing that Masamune Kira was one of the school staff meant that him or anyone else associated with him were most likely not a threat to anyone. Life threatening kind anyway.


"Damn that Erena!" Yumi huffed as she looked down at the two Core Medals her younger sister gave her. "The bitch always gives me the short end of the stick!" Much to her annoyance, she had to cover her body in a makeshift bikini made out of some gauze.

"Still, be glad that she gave you Core Medals at all…" Kira said calmly to his sister. "With Desiderare, Votum's forces, and the Yummy out there, you need all the firepower you need."

"Onii-chan, who's Desiderare? I know that was the first name you went by as a homunculus, but it sounds like someone else is out there using that name." the loli homunculus asked in confusion.

"You better take a seat, this is going to take a while." Kira said before he began to recall the events of the birth of Desiderare.

After a good half hour went by, Kira finished, looking at an amazed Yumi.

"So… You're like our youngest brother now, or are you still the oldest?" she asked before grabbing her head. " ARGH! I'M SO CONFUSED!"

"I see Desiderare and myself as both the eldest siblings. Remember, he's a lot more ruthless than I am, remember. He injured Tino after all." Kira said while ruffling his sister's hair. The loli homunculus blushed slightly before looking down at the Core Medals.

"The Kuwagata and Bata Medals…" she said out loud before looking up towards her brother, "What do these two do again Onii-chan?"

Kira closed his eyes to think for a moment.

"Let's see… if I recall correctly, the Bata Medal lets you jump really high and deliver really powerful kicks, possibly strong enough to shatter concrete easily. The Kuwagata Medal lets you shoot lightning. I can't put my finger on it, but I do know that medal has one more trick you can use when it's used in its Combo…" he recalled. "Anyway, I remember hearing from Airi yesterday that we got more Core Medals from the newcomers. Wonder if we got any new Combos to use as well…"

"Beats me which ones they are, I was stuck inside you until earlier today." Yumi commented flatly while shrugging, causing her breasts to jiggle a little.

Kira averted his gaze before looking out the window. His curiosity was piqued when he saw a dust cloud coming his way. The source of it was moving very fast, quickly vanishing into the building before Kira could tell who it was. A few seconds later a screeching sound filled the air before the door opened, revealing Stella with a dazed Setsuna in her grasp.

"Stella? What are you doing here?" Kira asked the Gal Monster before looking at the dizzied student. "And why is Sakurazaki-san with you?"

"I need you to help me explain to Sakurazaki-san that I'm not a demon." the blonde explained.

The pair of Homunculi glanced over to Setsuna once more.

"Mama… I can't eat any more…" Setsuna said in a disoriented tone. Her face was paled and slightly green, as if she was about to hurl at any moment.

"Stella, help Sakurazaki sit in a chair, and then get a bucket." Kira instructed to the Gal Monster before looking over at his sister. "I think it'll be for the best if you should leave, I don't want to explain to Sakurazaki why my sister is wearing a gauze bikini…"

"I understand Onii-chan. Good luck with things!" she said before slinking past Stella and Setsuna to leave as they walked into the Infirmary.

Outside- five minutes later.

Yumi blushed deeply as she walked through the crowds as they gawked at her. Some talked amongst themselves about what they saw. The loli homunculus turned into an alley and looked at the Core Medals she held in her hand. She got an idea before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

"Adeat." she muttered softly before green electricity surged across her entire body before focusing around her head and legs. Her feet below the knees became encased in black boots each with a green front stylized as a grasshopper's leg. Meanwhile a headband appeared on her head with two protrusions shaped like the mandibles of a stag beetle as deep orange shades appeared on her face. Her black hair turned a deep forest green with a metallic sheen to it. Her blue eyes remained the same as did her pale white skin.

The homunculus closed her eyes and crouched down before jumping as hard as she could. She unknowingly rocketed high into the sky. As she felt herself no longer rising, she opened her eyes, gasping in surprise at how high she was in the air. She looked down and saw the ground a good fifty meters from the ground. She felt gravity beginning to pull down on her body. She smiled as she descended towards the ground, slowly at first before picking up speed. She braced herself for impact.

It took only seconds before the soles of her boots made contact with the roof of the Tori Bowl bowling lanes located in the entertainment district. Once both her feet were firmly in place, she leaped once again, rocketing through the air once again.

The girl began laughing as she felt the exhilaration of soaring through the sky. The way the wind blew against her face felt welcoming, as if what she was doing was something she always did. However, as she descended to the ground once again, she noticed two figures heading towards her. As she landed, she recognized the face of one of them right away as that of Kira's, however this person had blonde hair and his eyes were cold and intimidating. It took her a moment to guess who the person was.

"GIVE ME MY CORE MEDAL BACK!" Uva, in his Greeed form, barked out furiously to Desiderare as he fled.

"Sorry, but I am rather fond of the Kamakiri Core, bughead." the blonde retorted dryly.

However, he immediately stopped running upon noticing Yumi. Uva followed suit, stopping nearby the homunculus he was chasing earlier.

Silence filled the air as the trio looked at one another. Uva growled in frustration as he looked at the stranger.

"Hmm… are you by chance Desiderare?" Yumi asked the blonde homunculus.

"You're correct, that's my name, little girl." Desiderare replied flatly.

The green haired homunculus grinned before turning to the Greeed. "What about bughead here? Friend of yours?" she asked.

Both of the males pointed at each other and spoke at the same time.


Yumi broke out into a fit of laughter before speaking.

"I see… My name is Masamune Yumi, and I'm Kira's sister." she introduced herself.

"GAHH! HOW MANY OF YOU ARE THERE?!" Uva screamed in fury.

"Five of us are Masamunes, six if you count the fraud named Desiderare." the loli replied calmly.

Desiderare gnashed his teeth upon hearing the smaller homunculus' insulting remark.

"How dare you!" he seethed while glaring at Yumi.

The female homunculus grinned before putting her hands behind her head.

"Looks like you both want me. While I am more than willing usually, I am not in the mood. Besides, what's this about a Kamakiri Core Medal?" she spoke, trying to further provoke both of the men. "I got the Kuwagata and Bata Medals with me right now. Curious in knowing if those three make a Combo."

"GIVE ME THOSE!" Uva screamed as he charged forward raising a fist in an attempt to punch the loli.

Yumi lazily yawned before jumping with barely any strength behind it, but was able to easily dodge the Greeed. At that moment, Desiderare summoned the Kamakiri Sword arm blades before charging forward.

"Strike me when I'm vulnerable, smart call Dezzy." she complimented the blonde before electricity began sparking from the mandible protrusions. "but you're greatly mistaken."

Desiderare's eyes widened in shock as he realized what was about to happen, however he couldn't move fast enough to get out of the green lightning bolt's range. The electricity surged through the Homunculus' body as he had involuntary spasms all over his body. Uva took this moment to punch Desisderare in the chest, sending him flying in the air. Yumi however made her move and delivered a powerful kick to the Greeed's side, sending him flying while Cell Medals flew. The loli grinned before leaping towards Desiderare.

She twisted in the air as two green rings of energy emerged from the soles of her feet and went in front of her. Yumi then went through one of them, the ring hurdling her at a faster speed while causing the green highlights of the boots to glow.

Desiderare growled before his left hand began glowing.

"SCANNING CHARGE!" he declared before his arm blades began glowing as he moved his hand over the kamakiri Medal that appeared in his left hand.

"Hitsatsu!" Yumi cried out as she went through the second ring, picking up even more speed as the the boots glow more brilliantly.

Desiderare swung his arm blades, sending two crescent projectiles at the loli.

"KAMAKIRI BASH!" he declared as he attacked.

"BATA..." Yumi began.

Her feet met with each crescent and shattered them like glass before colliding with Desiderare in the chest. The light migrated to the soles of the girl's feet as she began to spark in electricity.


The loli unleashed a flurry of kicks upon Desiderare without any mercy. The blonde began coughing up blood as the electrified feet made contact with his torso. After a few more kicks, Two core Medals erupted from his chest, one was the Kamakiri Medal while the other was a black Ebi Medal. The loli quickly acted and snatched both Cores before they flew out of range.

Before Desiderare could react, Yumi put her feet against his chest and used him as a springboard, heading towards the Greeed next.

"ADEAT!" Yumi cried out before she was wrapped up in a cocoon of green electricity. The cocoon collided with Uva, electrocuting him before he was sent flying towards the ground.

The cocoon shattered as a glistening green chimera dove after him. Her body remained the same shape, but was covered in a bright green exoskeleton, although they contoured in the right places to show that she was indeed a female. Her arms ended with human hands but also had a bladed protrusion resting against the arm like that of the forearms of a praying mantis. Her legs were human shape but the front of her feet slightly resembled the feet of a grasshopper's.

Her back sported a deep green wing casing found on that on beetles that could fly. Her face was human like but had light green skin from the neck up. Her forest green hair whipped through the air as a pair of deep green stag beetle mandibles protruded from the sides of her head upward. Yumi's brilliant orange compound eyes focused in on Uva as she closed in on him.

The author wants to take a moment to point out that the transformed Yumi is actually more attractive than some of you readers would imagine. A good reference pic for those having difficulty imagining her would the "Insect Princess" from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game.

"That's the… GataKiriBa Combo…" Desiderare said weakly as he recognized the transformation before he fell to the ground. "She's definitely a homunculus…"

The insect chimera landed on the ground elegantly as Uva crashed into it instead. The chimera made note that they were within a large alleyway that didn't connect to any main areas of human traffic.

"Damn you…" Uva cursed as he rose to his feet. "You'll pay for that, Masamune!"

"Story of my life." Yumi said sarcastically while shaking her head slightly. She quickly took a moment to examine her new body before grinning in approval.

"Might turn off some guys, but I still got the curves." she said in satisfaction.

"Shut up…" Uva ordered as he charged forward.

Yumi prepared herself, however she was blindsided by a blow to the back. The chimera grunted and fell to the ground as she saw a gigantic school of Piranha Yummy.

" About damned time you brought back up Votum!" the Greeed said in annoyance as he kept coming forward.

Yumi immediately scrambled to her feet and was struck in the chest by an electrified punch, courtesy of Uva.

The green chimera was sent flying and collided with the wall. She shivered in excitement in response to the pain she received but she kept herself focused.

"Damn… outnumbered one to many… wish there were more of me…" she muttered under her breath.

At that moment, the chimera's body briefly blurred before splitting into two duplicates. The pair looked at each other in amazement before getting the same idea.

"Time to introduce the one loli army!" Yumi declared before she and her double began cloning themselves repeatedly, quickly and drastically increasing their numbers to over fifty strong within seconds.

"CHAAARRRGEEE!" the original Yumi declared on the top of her lungs as she and her clones went in two different directions, one heading towards the Greeed while the rest stampeded towards the school of Yummy, screaming bloody murder for no apparent reason.

Yumi focused in on Uva as he raised an electrified fist. The chimera lowered her head and unleashed a bolt of electricity at her opponent striking him in the chest as Cell Medals flew out of the impact area. The Greeed staggered backwards while holding his chest with one hand.

"Dammit! I will get my Core Medals back no matter what!" he screamed furiously before charging forward. He held out a hand and fired a bolt of electricity at the chimera. The bolt made its mark, but the electricity was drawn into her body, resulting in her eyes to glow slightly as she assimilated the electricity.

Yumi sighed before she held out her arms and having the bladed appendages unfold. The chimera ran forward and swung her blades, striking the stunned Greeed multiple times before he staggered backwards as Cell Medals poured from the cuts on his chest.

"I think you're seriously outmatched here, Buggy." the chimera quipped, succeeding in making Uva growl in anger.

"Fuck… I got to fall back before I lose anymore Cores…" he said bitterly before turning around and began running from the fight.

Yumi turned her attention to fight between her clones and the swarm of Piranha Yummy.

Some of the clones were slashing them left and right, others were electrocuting them. However quite a few of them were deliberately allowing the Yummy to bite them on different parts of the body as they struck down others.

"HEY! Stop letting them biting you!" she said to one who had a Yummy gnawing at one of the mandibles.

"They're not hurting us, Yumi-sama. They can't get through the exoskeleton. " the clone explained before electrocuting the one that was gnawing on her . The Yummy disintegrated into Cell Medals that fell into the ground.

"Fine, just don't leave a single one of them alive!" the original said with a sigh before joining the fray.

She leaped into the air and kicked several of the Yummy to the ground as she rose. She then opened the casing on her back, revealing a pair of translucent neon green beetle wings that began flapping faster than her eyes could see. The chimera flew through the air, slashing at the Piranha Yummy as her wings made a buzzing sound with each flap.

Soon, the surviving Yummy flew up to the sky and regrouped. Yumi descended to the ground that was now littered with Cell Medals as she and the clones looked up at the now smaller school of Yummy.

"So, what now Yumi-sama?" one of the clones asked.

"Hisatsu time, ladies." she announced with a smirk.

The clones all nodded in agreement one after another. The Yummy then combined into a single giant version of themselves before is screeched in fury.

"Don't you ever underestimate a Loli, remember that." Yumi said before she crouched. She then jumped as hard as she could, soaring into the air as she twisted in the air. The Clones soon followed suit as they mimicked the original's movements exactly.

"HISATSU!" Yumi cried out before a row of three glowing green rings appeared in front of her.

(Try saying "Three glowing green rings" five times fast)

The original flew through all three rings, her entire body being shrouded with more and more green electricity with each ring she went through. She then twisted her body into a flying sidekick as the clones went through the rings.

"GATAKIRIBA BARRAGE!" they all cried out in unison before going into the giant Pirahna Yummy through the mouth just before it got to breathe fire. The giant screeched in pain as the many Yumis assaulted it from the inside , some hacked, others slashed, many electrocuted, a select few headbutted, and one even did the Cancan.

The body of the Yummy began bulging randomly before it unleashed one final shriek as it imploded upon itself before exploding, showering the alleyway with hundreds of thousands of Cell Medals as a single Yumi emerged from above the explosion, the clones already remerged with the original.

Yumi landed gracefully upon the edge of a rooftop as a crowd of students that watched the finishing blow from the ground began cheering. The insect chimera grinned before she held her hand out in front of her.

"Students of Mahora! I stand before those who bring destruction. I protect the innocent with my thunder! I am the One Loli Army… GataKiriBa!" the chimera announced enthusiastically to the crowd as they got riled up even further. She then crouched and leaped as hard as possible, catapulting into the sky and out of sight.

Up in the air, Yumi felt giddy after her announcement, feeling like she was a superheroine. She felt like she could take on the world and succeed at that moment. She giggled ecstatically as she descended towards the ground. She closed her eyes as she imagined what she should do next.

However, her flight came to an abrupt stop upon her colliding into the window of the Infirmary that Kira was in, scaring the homunculus as he fell out of the cot. Setsuna gawked in disbelief as Stella couldn't help but laugh at the way the chimera was stuck against the window.

Her entire left side of the face was comically smushed up against the window pane with her left arm above the head while the right hand was just below her chin. Her right eye was open as the left one squinted due to Yumi's current position.

"What the hell?" Kira asked incredulously as he recognized his sister before she slid down the window before falling to the ground.

"My thoughts exactly…" Setsuna said to the homunculus as she watched Yumi fall from view.

On the ground, Yumi was laying on the ground with her arms and legs sprawled out with a blissful look on her face.

"That felt sooo goooood~…" she said happily, relishing the pain she felt upon the collision.

Up in a tree, hidden from view, was a pair of blood red eyes that lack any pupils that focused on the oblivious Kira as he was helped back into bed by a still laughing Stella and Setsuna.

Evangeline's Cabin

"Let me get this straight… you want me to teach you on controlling your vampire nature and powers?" Evangeline recapped before taking a sip of Earl Grey tea. "As well as how to take care of your girls?"

"H-Hai…" Negi said nervously.

Evangeline smirked as she looked at the fledgling vampire fidget nervously.

"Alright, I'll make you my disciple, but on one condition." she said before holding out one of her bare feet. "Worship my feet and submit to me completely."

Negi blinked in confusion as two other girls glared at Negi.

"OH HELL NO HE WON'T!" Asuna screamed as she and Makie instinctively pounce onto the Dark Evangel.

A catfight broke out between the three vampires, each of them kicking and screaming in bloody murder at each other.

Negi looked at Chachamaru who was sitting on his left.

"Umm… should I get involved, Karakuri-san?" he asked her with uncertainty.

"Kagurazaka-san and Sasaki-san will be perfectly fine, Mistress is holding back."

The pair looked over to the brawling vampires as the gynoid spoke, only to see a dust cloud shrouding them, however, once Chachamaru finished, Evangeline's head poked out of the cloud as she gave a death glare at her servant.

"SHADDUP YOU DUMB ROBOT!" she screamed before Asuna's hand came out and pulled Eva's head back into the cloud.

Negi looked at Chachamaru in confusion at what Evangeline said. But the green haired automaton answered his question before he could ask it.

"I am indeed a robot, Negi-sensei, a gynoid to be specific."

Negi gawked in amazement upon hearing his robot student's statement, his ten year old mind blown away.

Tempus Erebea's base

The Dimensional Reneger, once again fully dressed, was busy fine tuning the Dimetiri Porta. The test was a complete success, excluding for that stripping hic-up. That was the thing she was working on at that moment.

"Damn it… no matter what I do… people will either arrive or leave naked… unless it's either the Joker as a male or Deadpool for some weird reason…" she muttered under her breath.

She pressed a few buttons on keypad that floated next to her. She then yelped as she was mildly shocked by the machine. Her hair now frazzled, except for the banes that covered her right eye and scars, the ebony girl growled before kicking the machine in frustration.

"DAMN IT!" she screamed before the Dimetiri Porta roared to life, the podium began glowing. Tempus Erebea backed away as the light intensified. However it quickly receded and revealed a white Core Medal floating in the air briefly before falling to the floor. It bounced a little before rolling on its side towards the draconic Chao. She knelt down and caught it before rising to her feet.

She noticed that the coin featured the head and forepaws of a panda with its mouth open with a few rings of various sizes as a background.

"A Panda Core Medal?" she asked to no one in particular.

The Dimensional Reneger walked away from the dimensional gateway, her attention focused upon the Core Medal that just appeared. She was completely unaware of the machine as it began glowing again.

Library Island- where Chamo is.

The snow white ermine grumbled as he went up the flight of stairs towards the entrance. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't take the magic book with him, it was too heavy to carry as it is, and he couldn't find any shrinking spells to miniaturize the tome. Worst of all, the book didn't do jack for him. He left the book behind, but that was two days ago. Ever since, he was climbing nonstop.

"Damn it… guess I'm better off working with Aniki…" he muttered as he continued his marathon climbing. "And nothing is going to stop me from my destined reunion with him!"

Mahora Junior High.

A girl with pale white skin and long pink hair with a silver streak on the left side ran through the hallway, trying to get to her destination in time. She was wearing a Mahora junior high uniform. Her long slender body was well developed in the areas that counted for a girl her age. However, she was wearing a pair of glasses with thick lenses, obviously giving her a nerd like appearance. Held against her chest was a stack of papers.

"Oh look, the foreign ditz is back." a blue haired girl said as she stepped in front of the pinkette's path.

"Ah… Misato-Sempai." the glasses wearing girl said timidly while bowing out of respect. "I got the research papers you asked for earlier for History."

"You are half an hour late, Nico." the bluenette said in anger. She grabbed the girl by her hair and slammed her head against the wall with enough force to leave an indentation in the wall. The girl dropped the stack of research papers, the ones which took her hours of effort to put together in an organized manner. She watched them scatter to the ground

"Aww look what you did now, you're vandalizing the school with that stupid head of yours." Misato mocked shock towards the spectacled girl. "Wait… don't tell me you're going to do the same to the window?!"

With a sadistic grin, the blue haired bully slammed her victim's already bleeding head with enough force to cause a crack to form in the window pane upon impact. Nico groaned in pain as tears and more blood streamed down her face.

"Why… Why are you doing this, Misato-sempai?" the girl asked weakly.

"Why? Because you're an orphaned freak." Misato spat before driving her knee into Nico's chest, causing her to cough up some blood before collapsing to the ground. The pinkette began sobbing as the blunette placed her foot ontop of her head before stepping onto it slightly, enough to cause great discomfort to the girl. "You believe that magic is real? That's only bullshit that exists in fairy tales. You can kiss as many frogs as you want, but none of them will turn into Prince Charming.

"But it's true! I was saved by a wizard with red hair six years ago!" Nico protested, only to have more pressure applied to her head.

"That story again?" Misato said dryly before lifting her foot from the pinkette's head. She then drove her foot into the girl's back, eliciting a scream of pain from her victim.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" Nitta's voice boomed from behind a classroom door. Misato quickly switched gears. She deliberately slammed her forehead against the window a few times to draw blood. She changed her entire demeanor when the teacher came into view. She feigned crying while running towards the teacher.

"Oh thank Kami-sama that you're here Nitta-sensei!" she sobbed while grabbing the older man by the jacket. "Nico-san was being mean to me. I tried to be friendly, but she slammed my head against the window. I-I fought back the best I could… but I was so scared…"

Sakamura Nico of class 2-G looked on in disbelief as the man bought her bully's story without any second thoughts. He was fuming furiously, barely keeping his cool as his face turned beet red.

"SAKAMURA NICO! YOU HAVE WENT TOO FAR THIS TIME!" the Ogre screamed furiously.

Misato went behind Nitta, obviously proud of herself for getting away scotch free with her bullying.

Nico couldn't hear Nitta-sensei's ranting, she felt hollow and cold inside. she was always blamed for things she never did, everyone of the students in her class treated her worse than an animal, none of the teachers believed her side of the story, and worst of all, she was all alone her whole life.

She would've given up on life much sooner, but someone came one day and saved her from drowning after some bullies shoved her into a river.

A wizard with spiky red hair and that wasn't all that bright. He only appeared briefly, but the words he told her gave her hope and the strength to live on.

" Yes, I am a wizard and magic really exists. All you have to do is believe in yourself and one day we will meet again."

Those words gave her the strength to move on for the next six years. All in hope of meeting that wizard again so that she could properly thank him.

However, the hope was almost gone now, as bad people always got away with doing mean things to her. Becoming more and more cruel with their tortures with every passing day.

The once cheerful orphan with pink hair is at the edge.

One more torment…

One more unjust punishment…

One more injury…

One more bad person getting away with it….

One more push…

One final push, and the girl with fall…

She will give up on her hope to meet that wizard again for good…

She will give into the despair and darkness that always loomed over her head daily.

If it happened…

Sakamura Nico will take her own life with her own two hands.

Next time

Kira finally gets out of the infirmary out and tries to get home, only to be attacked by the person with the blood red eyes. Negi is forced into a dilemma, Yumi's newfound status as a Superhero leads to some of the other Masamunes to do the same thing, and finally another combo is used.

However… things will forever change for two people…

Twelfth Period: The OOO Brigade, Gravity, and Desiderare's Resolution.

How far will a you go to save a flickering light from the darkness?


Library Island- where the magic book is.

The book that Chamo left behind began glowing as a man wearing a cloak came into view. His face was obscured from the shadows formed from his hood as he picked up the magical tome.

"I couldn't let myself leave with Chamomile-kun, even if we had similar interests. I'm stil far too weakened to leave this place. Still… I was quite surprised to find out that Erena and Melona both came to Library Island. Are all of Ala Rubra destined to be reunited once again here in Mahora? Hmm… still… that Incursio Votum fellow looked so familiar… was he perhaps Nagi? No… he was too young… plus he was using Magica Erebea… but I know no one has learned that spell for the past two hundred years… and Jack still has the scroll last time I talked to him… Though, I wonder how surprised he will be when he hears about Melona. "

The robed wizard chuckled to himself before picking up the book and vanishing into thin air with it. A few minutes of silence went by before a loud splat reverberated through the air as Chamo once again arrived into the room after triggering the very same trapdoor he went through the first time.

Tempus Erebea's Chimera Analysis

Subject and Combo: Masamune Yumi- GataKiriBa

Normal Abilities : Inhuman levels of pain tolerance, able to assimilate lightning of any kind, magical or natural in origin, rapid regeneration.

Abilities gained while using GataKiriBa Combo: increased strength within legs, allowing Yumi to leap very high or great distances in a single leap, as well as landing from such jumps without injury and delivering powerful kicks. Able to generate and discharge electricity at very high voltages. Gains an exoskeleton that acts as extremely durable body armor as well as wings for short periods of flight.

Perhaps the most notable ability gained is being able to duplicate to any amount clones at will, each capable of independent thought and awareness, as well as being able to fuse back together shortly after.

Weaknesses: theoretically, due to her body being like that of an insect's, once the exoskeleton is breached, her defenses will be compromised. Also, it is unknown what happens if a clone that is badly injured merges with the original. It may be possible for the original to inherit the wounds given to the clone. Same could be applied to the death of a clone. Also, due to Yumi's nature of a homunculus, her healing rate will be dramatically reduced of the current rate after transforming, therefore, without a period of rest, she will most likely die from the strain that comes from using a Combo…

Notes: Yumi seems to be highly compatible with the GataKiriBa Combo. As when used by OOO, he never gained wings for flight nor gained some form of armor that emulated an exoskeleton, nor generated rings in that combo while performing the Scanning Charge finishing move. Perhaps each Masamune Homunculus are attuned to a certain Combo… further analysis has to be done before a definitive conclusion can be reached.

Final Thoughts - Bullying

Blazorna: *sits in a chair with eyes closed with a solemn face before speaking in a soft, calm tone* I got a question for ALL of you readers… and be honest with yourselves… How did you guys feel about how Nico was treated? Did it dredge up any painful memories that you wished remained buried and forgotten? If that happened, you have my most sincere apologies for putting you through that. And know that you weren't alone.

You see… writing that part where she was being bullied was mainly based off of the many years of me being bullied during school. I didn't have it as bad as the poor girl herself, but there were some parts of that time that were really painful for me. I was assaulted with almost every kind of bullying that could happen during the 1990's before the internet took a firm root in society and security cameras weren't as commonplace as they are today.

Physical and verbal bullying… those were the most frequent kinds of torture I endured. I was actually knocked unconscious one time because of that… it was very brief… I was told no more than five minutes tops… and the worst part was… the bastard responsible got away with it! Thankfully I was able to get him caught in the act the following day. But the fact that he got away with that one instance still haunts me to this very day…

However, I know there are bullies who never get caught, and those who don't get the help they desperately need.

Some of you are definitely going through this right now, despite there being security cameras … and I can definitely sympathize with that. Bullies can, unfortunately, be really clever and deceiving.

If you're keeping this issue to yourself because you don't want to burden anyone,or are afraid that no one will believe you… I mean no offense, but YOU'RE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE THERE!

I did that very thing out of fear… I thought I'd be a burden to my family, but a Guidance Councilor helped me realize that keeping this to myself will only hurt more in the long run…

If you tried calling for help, but never got it… don't give up. Speak up to anyone you can trust, whether it's your closest friend, your lover, or even the teacher you hate so much because they're brutally strict with the rules. Actually, I found out that those kind of people are the some of the best to approach with such an issue.

Keep in mind that bullying is about as old as time itself, and it usually stems from the bully having a miserable life themselves… It could be something like their parents being divorced, they themselves being bullied, or because they're afraid of being abandoned by their peers.

Remember Yumi's question?

When a man who obtained everything through fear prays, the core of his prayer is of an egoist. But another man who obtains power from that opposite side of the very same fear, what makes the core of his prayer?

Courage can be one of two answers that I can think of. The other one is "Hope." In fact, I believe that this question will lead to many different and unique answers… it depends on who you ask.

Anyway… the best advice I can give to those who are being bullied and are having trouble finding help or are afraid .

Don't give into your fear and don't run from your problems. Keep calling for help, no matter how many people it takes. This is an issue you must stand up to with help!

Causing pain and enduring it is part of human nature, and we can grow stronger from it.


Sorry about that… but I just really needed to get it off my chest…writing the Nico scene just spurred me to write all that.

I'm just going to stop here for this edition of Final Thoughts. I will greatly appreciate any reviews from you guys, especially those who've recently added this story to your Favorites list. I am extremely pleased that you enjoy Incursio Votum that much. I'm going to sound like a broken record with this, but I would like to hear what it is that you like about the story exactly. I don't want to ruin the story by changing something that you liked a lot.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you all next chapter.