Twelfth Period: The OOO Brigade, Gravity, and Desiderare's Resolution.

"DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!" Desiderare screamed out in fury as he grasped his hand tightly around the Kame Core Medal. He looked over towards the one responsible and charged forward, seeing only red in his eyes.

"I WILL KEEP IT NO MATTER WHAT! EVEN IF THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME!" he declared as he charged forward.

Four hours earlier


The door slid open as Kira came out in a wheelchair with Stella and Setsuna close behind.

"About time I got out of there…" he said in a relaxed tone as he wheeled himself down the hallway. "Nice for Konoe-sensei to lend me this."

"It's only until you get back to the cabin you're currently residing in." the Shinmei swordswoman reminded the homunculus. "And it must be returned in on piece, or else your pay will be docked again."

The recovering aide grumbled bitterly upon hearing the reminder. He then turned to look at Stella.

"Umm… Stella, are you concerned about keeping a low profile? People will freak out upon seeing your tail." he asked the Gal Monster.

Before the blonde could speak, Setsuna interjected.

"I've already created a barrier around us that'll divert mundane people's attentions elsewhere." she said while showing a paper talisman with red markings in between her middle and index fingers . "As long as Stella-san stays within two meters of me, she'll go unnoticed. We can also talk freely about anything without risk of exposing any sensitive information."

"Impressive, and I'm still surprised you're aware of the Magical World…" Kira said. "Though it wasn't a surprise that you didn't react like a lunatic when I told you the truth about myself.

"The Headmaster filled me in on your true nature as a homunculus the other day." Setsuna explained calmly. "It was after I found out about Ojou-sama when she was unconscious, if you were wondering…"

"Ojou-sama? You're a servant?" Stella asked in curiosity. "Who's your Master?"

"Not exactly, I am more of a…bodyguard, and I serve the entire Konoe family." the student explained.

"I see… that makes sense, regarding to you knowing about magic I mean." Kira explained. " Konoe-sensei was a mage… hmm… if he's one… wouldn't that make Konoka-chan one too?"

Setsuna tensed up a little upon hearing the homunculus.

"Something wrong?" Stella asked in confusion to the black haired girl.

"N-Nothing's wrong, Stella-san." the girl said while shaking her head slightly.

Kira stopped, an eyebrow trembling involuntarily as he glared at the greatest nemesis to one in a wheelchair. One that many of one bound to wheels despised or feared the most. Mainly despised…

The one thing that only the stupidly bold would attempt to conquer. The only evil thing that many that aren't crippled never give a second thought about.

"Stairs… It had to be the goddamned stairs…" he remarked dryly. He wanted to curse to kingdom come, but he knew better when in the presence of a student. He couldn't risk another pay dock after all. "The board always had the money to clean up after my messes, but could they afford installing a stupid elevator before I showed up? No… WHY DOES THIS SHIT HAPPEN TO ONLY ME?!"

"Should I shove him down the stairs?" Stella asked Setsuna casually while pointing to the ranting homunculus. "Not like it'll kill him or anything."

Outskirts of the shopping district.

Desiderare snarled as he slammed his fist against a brick wall that formed one half of the alleyway he was hiding in.

"Damn that bitch… she not only took the Kamakiri Medal, but the Ebi Medal I had as well… I'm left with only the Sasori Core that I inhabit." he muttered underneath his breath.

The blonde was still in disbelief that the other homunculus was able to overwhelm him so easily earlier.

"I… I don't want to feel this way… I don't want to be such a fucking weakling…I am the original… I must be the strongest!"

He punched the wall once again with all his strength repeatedly untill his knuckles began to bleed profusely.

" Damn this to hell… I don't know who I used to be before becoming a homunculus… I lost the love of my life… Then I'm trapped in an unfamiliar world, and now I am down to my FINAL Core Medal!"

Desiderare raised his head up to the sky and screamed.


"Please stop with all the angst, Master…" a familiar voice said from above the homunculus.

The blonde looked up to see his Yummy sitting on the ledge of the roof.

"Ella… What are you doing here?" he asked.

" I saw you crash down here from that fight earlier, and I was worried about your well being." the pseudo Gal Monster replied in a concerned tone.

Desiderare smiled while looking up towards the blonde.

"Thanks for being concerned, but I'd like to be alone for the moment." he said before closing his eyes.

"As you wish, Master." Ella said before getting up and leaping over the homunculus, vanishing from view as she left.

The blonde sighed before walking towards the nearest end to join the crowd of students who didn't give him a second glance. The self-proclaimed Demon of Desire was uncertain of what to do with himself. He once firmly believed to be strong, but with only one Core Medal remaining, he was starting to second guess himself.

Cabin- one hour later

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" Kira screamed out in disbelief as he stared at the damaged cabin. "No wonder Sven was so pissed at me!"

"It looks like a fight took place in there…" Setsuna said while blinking in surprise.

"That's exactly what happened here," Stella said calmly. " Desiderare attacked us and managed to create a Yummy out of me…"

"Desiderare attacked you guys?" Kira asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, but he and that Yummy look-alike of me escaped." the Gal Monster added with a hint of anger.

Kira nodded before Setsuna immediately drew her sword upon sensing a hidden presence lurking nearby them.

"Show yourself!" she demanded while getting into a fighting stance. "What business do you have here?"

"I have no business with you." a soft, cold voice said from a nearby tree. The branches rustled before the figure in the trees jumped down and landed in a crouch. "I am after the man you are accompanying."

Standing in front of the trio was a petit girl wearing a violet kimono with spider webs patterns on the front and on each sleeve. The sleeves were much larger and longer in proportion to the rest of the outfit, the bottom of each one easily reaching her knees as the coloring became a darker violet . The bottom was short, stopping only midthigh.

The outfit was held in place by a sash consisting of three horizontal lines, two yellow lines bordering a thick black one that ran through the middle and were tied up in a large bow in the back. There was a butterfly adornment of the same colors on the front of the sash. Completing her outfit was a pair of brilliant red sandals that were elevated a bit with black fabric being used to keep the soles to the feet.

However, the outfit wasn't what caught the trio's attention. It was the pale skinned girl's head.

The loli had blood red eyes that lacked any pupils. Her deep purple hair was cut short, stopping where the head was connected to the neck. Protruding from the sides of her head were four spindly and thin ribbon like protrusions that ended in fine points and the same color as her hair. Also running along the sides of her head horizontally where two rows of four red orbs each, which combined with the ribbons, gave the girl's head the appearance of a spider.

Stella immediately stood in front of Kira while giving the strange girl a threatening glare.

"You will not harm Master." the Gal Monster said with malice. " If you do, I will end you where you stand."

"Do you know her?" Kira asked.

"Oh… I know this loli all too well… she's a Gal Monster by the name of Arane." the blonde explained while keeping her eyes locked on the red-eyed girl.

"I see… of all the times to be a temp cripple…" the homunculus muttered bitterly before looking towards the purple haired girl. "What do you want from me?"

"I wish to see how strong you are. I have been observing you and the others for the past two days, and upon noticing that you have several Gal Monsters under your command, with both Stella and a Cerate amongst them. You must be powerful to have both of them submit." Arane explained.

Stella couldn't help but smirk at what she heard.

"He is indeed powerful. That's why I acknowledge him as my master!" she boasted proudly before her smirk gave way to a serious frown. "But I'm afraid you must wait, Master is injured right now, and therefore unable to fight."

Arane kept a blank face as she nodded.

"I am aware of his condition. But I will not back down." she said bluntly. "Injured or not, I will attack him."

"What I'd do for a Tako Medal Right now…" Kira muttered under his breath.

"I do have three Core medals on me Master…" Stella said before holding up a set of three Core Medals. "I figured since you're hurt, I could use some extra help."

"What are they?" the Homunculus asked.

"Gorilla, Sai, and what appears to be an elephant."

Kira's eyes widened upon hearing the three.

"SAGOZO!" he blurted out in realization.

"Now is not the time to say things that don't make sense, Masamune-san." Setsuna said while a sweat drop appeared on the back of her head.

Stella blinked in confusion as Kira held out his hand.

"I think I can fight after all." he said to the Gal Monster. "May I have those?"

Despite being uncertain, the blonde obliged and tossed the three Core Medals to the homunculus. Kira got to his feet, grimacing in pain before catching the Medals in a single swipe through the air.

"ADEAT!" Kira said before he stomped the ground, wincing from the pain as the ground began shaking.

Arane used her spider "legs" to keep herself balanced while Setsuna and Stella lost theirs and fell onto their rears.

The ground around Kira gave way and cracked as debris began to rise from the ground and levitated in the air. Kira closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before the debris surrounded him for a moment. The veil of rubble then returned back to the ground, restoring itself as if nothing happened.

Standing in front of them was a transformed Kira. His legs were dark gray and were that of an elephant's. his torso was covered in silver hair, only his leathery grey chest was exposed. The arms were long, muscular and bulky, just like a Gorilla's. His head remained the same, except for his hair being snow white with a matching colored Rhino horn protruded from the middle of his forehead. His irises became a vibrant ruby red color as he snorted loudly.

"SaGoZo!" he cried out

"Interesting… you are able to transform…" Arane said while keeping a straight face.

"Master! What are you doing?!" Stella cried out in fear. "You're not fully recovered to fight, let alone use a Combo!"

"So… this is the transformation power that I heard about." Setsuna said with a serious face.

The gray chimera smirked before turning to his Gal Monster.

" I'm perfectly fine Stella… besides, this Combo will ensure my victory." he explained before turning to Arane. "How about we make things interesting. It will be only you and me. Anyone else here will only be spectators. If you are able to make me move even one centimeter from where I stand, I'll immediately surrender. You can use any methods of your choice other than taking hostages."

"I see… and what will be your terms of you achieving victory?" Arane inquired.

"When all your legs are off the ground because of me." Kira explained. " Jumping will not count though."

Arane nodded before getting into a fighting position.

"I'll accept your terms. If you manage to prevail, I will yield and submit to you." she declared.

"Very well, before we start, my name is Masamune Kira, just to be courteous." Kira said before pounding his fists together. "Now…let's begin, Arane."

With that, the spider Gal Monster went into action.

Evangeline's Cabin.

"Alright… I guess I should tell you about what you can and can't do exactly." Evangeline sighed as she slumped into a chair. "You see, there's two classes of vampires, Purebloods and Turned. Purebloods are created through a magical ritual. However, the process of turning a human into a Pureblood has become lost in history.

"Becoming a Turned however is simple, it's just like in the movies; You get bit, you turn in to a vampire. However, Purebloods have the ability to decide on their victim's fate. They can turn their victims into a Turned, have nothing happen or partially turn them, in other words, make them a half-vampire. Half turned ones are able to be controlled like puppets, but they aren't affected by the weaknesses of our race."

"Umm… can we turn back to normal?" Makie asked while raising her hand.

"As long as you're a half-vampire." the blonde vampire said with a smirk. "However, since all three of you are Turned, there's no going back for any of you."

"Dammit… there goes my chances of going back to normal…" Asuna muttered under her breath.

"Umm… what about a Turned becoming a Pureblood?" Negi asked next. "Is it possible?"

Evangeline froze in place as she gawked at the child teacher. After a few moments, she closed her mouth and fell deep into thought.

"You know… I never really put a lot of thought into that… most Turned are either satisfied as they are, or get sealed away for eternity." she admitted. " If the turned was originally a mage with a lot of magical capacity… it's theoretically possible… but extremely unlikely…"

"I see…" Negi said as he too began to think about the probabilities of himself becoming a pureblood.

"Wait… Are you planning on becoming a Pureblood, boya?" Eva asked while raising an eyebrow inquisitively.

"If it lets me control my vampire instincts, then yes." Negi admitted without thinking.

Evangeline fell silent before sucker punching the child teacher.

"ARE YOU MAD!?" she screeched. "Someone like you is better off as a Turned!"

"Why is that, Eva-san?" the redhead asked in confusion.

"Because you'd be sealed away immediately! Mages fear Purebloods like the Plague! Even if you're the son of the Thousand Master, once you're a Pureblood, the entire Magical World will hunt you down!" the Dark Evangel explained before a vein appeared on her forehead. "Also… It's Eva-SAMA, you twit!"

"Gomen!" Negi apologized instantly.

A glint appeared in the vampire mage's eyes as a smirk formed.

"Anyway… I'll leave you with a decision… no… a dilemma. If I teach you to control your instincts, as well as the customs of our kin, you'll have to give up on whatever goals you have. Or you decline and risk not only turning others into vampires against their will, you also gamble on making the entire Magical World your entire enemy. " the blonde said in a casual manner while running her hand through her hair. She then went up to Negi and draped her arms around his neck while leaning towards his ear.

"If you let me teach you, and show me some results… I might consider adding myself to your…collection." she offered in a seductive and barely audible whisper, with extra emphasis on the very last word.

Negi flushed deeply while opening and closing his mouth, incapable of making any coherent words.

Asuna and Makie glared at the mage in jealousy while Chachamaru restrained them each with a single arm wrapped around their waists.

"LEMME AT HER! " Asuna screamed while flailing to get free.

"I can't let Negi-kun get into trouble!" Makie whined as tears formed in her eyes.

"Relax Kagurazaka-san, Sasaki-san. The Mistress has no ill intentions of hurting Negi-sensei." the gynoid explained calmly.

"That's not what I'm worried about…" Asuna grumbled as her left eyebrow began twitching.

She glanced over at the smirking Evangeline, who was still clinging to a beet red, blubbering Negi.

I can't let her corrupt Negi… the heterochromatic vampiress thought to herself in a possessive manner.


"Think this is a one sided fight here Sakurazaki-san?" Stella asked with her arms crossed in front of her chest while lazily swaying her tail.

"It appears that way… Masamune hasn't moved from his spot at all, despite everything his opponent tried." Setsuna commentated as she observed the fight. "Even his current state of health is not hindering him one bit…"

Arane spat a spider web towards Kira, who only held a hand out before twisting it downwards, causing the web to immediately drop to the ground like a rock. The Gal Monster's face furrowed slightly in annoyance. She thought that the fight was to be an easy victory for her, however, it turned out to be the complete opposite. Whenever she got close to her opponent, she felt like something heavy was pushing down on her. She was perplexed on what was going on, but it was obvious that it was his doing.

"Give up yet Arane?" Kira asked while looking at the spider like girl.

"I haven't conceded yet, Masamune…" she said coldly before firing a another web at him.

The chimera held out his hand once again and the web immediately plummeted like it did with the others before. However, this distraction was exactly what she needed. The stoic loli leaped into the air and positioned her spider leg-like protrusions around her, forming a cone with a fine point. She felt herself being pushed down to the ground once again, as anticipated. However, the feeling immediately was replaced with one of weightlessness. The Gal Monster was now confused. She undid the protrusions before seeing her opponent pounding his chest like a gorilla would. She also noticed that she was floating in mid air with some rocks and broken branches. Upon this, she realized what was going on exactly.

"Interesting panties…" Kira remarked, causing the Gal Monster to blush despite keeping an otherwise straight face. "Black and they look like a spider web…"

Arane blushed deeper while instinctively closing her legs together. The chimera stopped pounding his chest, causing both his opponent and the debris to fall to the ground. The Gal Monster landed on her rear while looking up at Kira.

"I must concede defeat. I cannot fight against one who is able to control gravity." she said softly while lowering her head humbly and closing her eyes. "As of this moment, I will listen to any commands you have for me, Master."

Kira nodded before his chimera body cracked and crumbled like debris, revealing the homunculus in his original form. He then grimaced in pain and collapsed to the ground face first.

"Master!" Stella cried out as she and Setsuna ran towards the downed homunculus.

"Fuck… thought it wouldn't hurt that bad…" he cursed under his breath.

At that moment, a bolt of electricity shot through the air followed by a small explosion coming from behind the building. Kira looked up to see a smoldering black projectile coming his way.

"Fuck…" was all he muttered before the object collided with him, sending him flying through the air like a rag doll with the offending object against his body. The homunculus realized that the projectile was actually a girl, and he wrapped his arms around her before colliding back first to a tree, using himself as a cushion for her.

"Damn… that hurts…" he rasped in pain while sliding down the trunk of the tree to the ground.

"Onee-sama…" the soot covered Kuroko groaned weakly as she twitched in Kira's arms.

Setsuna and the two Gal Monsters ran towards him, mainly out of concern for the homunculus.

"Masamune-san, are you alright?" the swordswoman asked. "And who's that on top of you?"

"Oh, her? That's Kuroko." Stella remarked calmly. "She's quite similar to Masamune-san in perversion, however, she's fixated on only one person. She has amazing resiliency, especially when it comes to electrocution."

Setsuna blinked in amazement while looking at the pair of unconscious perverts.

"I guess I should try to ignore any explosions whenever I am around here…" she said as calmly as she could.

"Yeah, they happen on a regular basis here…" the blonde Gal Monster pointed out in a blunt manner.

"Can someone help me over here?" Kira asked weakly.

He winced as he felt his chest throb in breif pain. However, he put the thought aside, believing it to be from the collision he just came out of.

Mahora station

Nico sighed as she slowly trudged her way over towards the train to head back to the dorms. The pinkette didn't respond to the people she bumped into as she moved on. She didn't really care anymore of what to do. Everything she does only brings misery and torment to herself, so why even bother anymore?

"Am I wrong?" she asked no one in particular. "I thought that magic was real for so long… but everyone always laughed at me whenever I told them…"

She bumped into another person, but instead of speaking out in anger, he turned around as he sensed the ominous dread the girl radiated in spades. Desiderare watched the girl as she walked on, ignoring her surroundings completely.

"Her desires… I haven't felt anything that sad in a very long time…" he said softly as he held a hand to his chest. " She has only two… One is to thank someone important to her… and the other is to have someone she can believe in… and the way she is right now was just like I was after I lost…her…"

The homunculus cursed under his breath before running after the girl. He knew all to well that someone who suffered like that would be tempted to end it all. A pain so overwhelming that it couldn't be dealt with all alone. And for a homunculus, not even death or insanity would give him the sanctuary and peace he desired so much, as he was almost immortal. That pain was the very reason for the creation of the shell personalities that took over his body. To him, that was the only way to escape the pain for someone that was almost immortal.

The blonde looked through the ground, desperately looking for the girl who bumped into him. He didn't understand why, but he didn't want to have someone else to suffer like he did.

He pushed and shoved through the crowd, ignoring people's outcries as he followed the pinkette.

"HEY!" he cried out towards her once he was within hearing range.

Nico ignored him, due to her being to caught up in her thoughts. However, that didn't deter the blonde as he called out repeatedly, each attempt his voice louder than the last as he caught up. He finally succeed in getting her attention after changing tactics by putting a hand onto her shoulder instead of shouting.

Nico gasped and turned around, looking at the panting blonde like a deer looking into the headlights of a car.

"M-May I help you?" the girl asked weakly.

Desiderare nodded before he took a deep breath.

"Do you have a moment? I'd like to talk to you… alone…" he asked.

Nico involuntarily blushed slightly before fear started to take over her mind.

"G-Gomen, but I can't. I have a lot of work to do!" she said before turning around to flee.

However, Desiderare didn't buy her lie and he reached his hand out, grabbing the girl's own.

"I can tell you want to thank him…" he said to her. "The man who saved your life…"

The pinkette froze in place, her eyes widening in a mix of shock and disbelief. Unknowingly to the pair, they were starting to attract a crowd.

"Who's that guy?" one of the female students asked in interest. "He's pretty cute."

"What does he want with Nico the Freako?" another girl, one from class 2-G, asked spitefully.

Desiderare frowned as he over heard some of the negative comments. Nico however turned around to face him, still in shock of what she just heard.

"How… How did you know?" she asked.

The blond smiled softly and chuckled.

"I'll explain everything, but in private, okay?" he asked. "The name's Desiderare by the way."

"That's a weird name." Nico said bluntly as the shock finally wore off. " I am Sakamura Nico."

"I can't believe this! I can't believe a hot guy wants to talk to the freak alone!" a familiar voice to the pinkette said in disgust. The bluenette Misato frowned as she came into view after making her way through the crowd.

"M-Misato-sempai!" Nico squeaked in fear as she instinctively hid behind Desiderare.

The homunculus sensed the girl's fears growing upon seeing the newcomer before turning his attention to the blunette.

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" he asked with a glare.

"Of course! She's a loser freak! I mean look at her! She constantly blabbers nonsense like she was saved by a wizard and that magic is real."

The homunculus raised an eyebrow in interest while digesting what he just heard.

"She believes in magic huh?" he asked before looking at Nico.

The girl looked at him with pleading, desperate eyes. He could tell that she feared that he would treat her badly. Desiderare smiled and shook his head softly, causing the pinkette to gasp in shock.

"True… that is quite childish…" he said while scratching the back of his head.

"Glad to see you have a brain after all." Misato said with a triumphant smirk. "Only a brainless fool would hang out with a freak like Nico."

Desiderare stepped towards Misato as Nico collapsed to her knees. Just when she thought someone finally might have been on her side, he just brushed her away without a second though. Despair was starting to creep into her mind once again.

However, before she got the chance to wallow in her sorrow, she heard an loud smack filled the air followed by a collection of cries of disbelief coming from the crowd.

" It might be childish, but it doesn't change the fact she's a human." Desiderare said venomously at the stunned Misato as he shook the hand he used to slap her in the face as hard as he could. The then grabbed the girl by the collar of her uniform and pulled her close to him, his face only mere millimeters from hers.


Misato's eyes widened in horror as she saw the homunculus' own. They were filled with rage, however that wasn't what scared her, but what else she saw in them. She saw the look of someone who wanted to hurt her further but was restraining himself, but only barely.

Desiderare closed his eyes as he sighed. He then opened them and glared at the crowd.

"If I hear one more bad thing being said about Nico-san, I'll make sure you'll regret it." he commented before looking at Misato. " As for you, leave right now. As much as I want to… I won't do anything more. Only a monster would beat up a girl."

Nico watched her unlikely protector the entire time. She was utterly amazed that someone was finally willing to stand up for her. She remained silent as he turned and walked towards her. He knelt down and held out his hand while looking at her with a soft genuine smile.

"Shall we get going, Nico-san?" he asked.

The pinkette looked at his hand for a moment before nodding weakly. She slowly reached her hand out to his, hesitating briefly, as if the blonde's hand would disintegrate once touched. However, she squeaked once he grabbed her hand and helped her up.

For the first time in years, she didn't feel alone nor ostracized. Her hopes were renewed by this chance encounter with this stranger she never met until now.

As for the homunculus. He felt like he should be there for the girl, regardless of him being weak or strong. He didn't care about power at that moment. Only to help the girl he just met. To help her fulfill her dreams of meeting the man who saved her, and to make her smile again.

As they walked off, Misato snarled as she held her smarting cheek , glaring at the pair.

"He will pay for this humiliation…" she vowed as she clenched her free hand into a fist.


Erena smiled as she took a sip from her cup of coffee while looking at Takahata and Melona, who was in a more human form. Her rabbit ears were gone while her outfit was of a formfitting magenta tank top that showed off her midriff and a rose pink mini skirt. A lot of men took notice of her figure as they walked by the cafe, instantly giving them lewd fantasies.

"Been a long time since we last spoke like this." Takahata said with a smile as the homunculus set her cup down.

"Indeed it has. The last time you and me met was when we learned about my daughter still being alive." Erena said calmly. She was wearing a black tank top that covered her entire torso area while wearing tight formed denim jeans with a black studded belt.

"Yeah. After that, you went off the radar to go find her. " Takahata said. "So, what have you found about her?"

"I learned she has the same hair as me, as well as having her father's eyes, and that she was banished from that damned tribe because of how she looked." she said before sighing. "I admit that I might not have been the best mother, but if I had known the truth, I would've always been by her side!"

"Yeah, you may have been a bisexual nymphomaniac, but at least you are responsible." Melona admitted.

"True, but keep in mind, your daughter's a half demon, and you weren't. Demon's typically don't let human parents see their children, based on the tribe of course." Takahata added.

Erena nodded in reluctant acknowledgement.

"I hope she's doing alright. I'm worried about her, even if I don't know how she looks now, fifteen years is a very long time…" she said solemnly.

Takahata nodded before turning his attention to Melona.

"How about you Melona? We haven't spoken since the end of the war." he said.

Melona smirked mischievously before speaking.

"I went after Ra-kun for a while, but decided to take a break from that by doing the bodyguard-slash-spy gig for the Megalo Mesembria higher ups. Money's good, but I couldn't fully enjoy it due to that damned trinket you used on me, Michi-kun." the slime said casually. "I also was a stripper for a bit after that."

Takamichi, who was taking a sip from his own cup of coffee, involuntarily did a spit take upon hearing the last part. The slime girl broke into a fit of laughter while pointing to the now drenched Erena who glared at the man in annoyance.

"Sorry." the rugged man apologized in English.

"It's alright, but you shouldn't buy into Melona's lies like that. You should know by now that she wouldn't do anything that she views as degrading to herself." Erena chided her friend in the same language.

Takahata nodded before smiling.

"What are you two blabbering about?" Melona asked, incapable of understanding the language the pair was using.

" It's nothing. Anyway, what are you guys doing right now?" Takamichi asked, once again speaking in Japanese.

"I found a solid lead that my daughter could be a student in Mahora." Erena said while taking another sip of her tea."

"I came because I got a job that offers me the chance to go back home." Melona replied casually.

"I see. Unlike Erena, you haven't decided on just settling down and make this world your home, huh?" Takahata said in an amused tone.

"Yeah. I like this world and all, but I really hate all the secrecy." Melona said while lowering her voice. " In my world, I could go as myself all the time."

"I'm quite content with this world. My hair isn't out of place here. Besides, even if I was offered to go back, I would refuse right away. I have a child here." Erena countered.

Takahata smiled before he noticed a green figure leaping over the café with a single leap. Erena quickly glanced up and recognized it immediately. Melona saw it as well, but frowned in frustration.

"Hey, did you see that?" he asked.

"Yeah… it was that GataKiriBa girl I've heard about." Erena replied immediately. "Surely you heard the recent rumors of a possible real life superhero."

"News to me." Takahata said while leaning forward towards the homunculus while his face became more serious. "What have you heard about her?"

Erena shrugged. " Other than she is able to jump great distances, clone herself and shoot lightning, as well as defeating a gigantic fish monster which exploded into coins?" she asked. "She kinda looks like an anthromorphic insect below the head."

Takahata raised an eyebrow upon hearing what the white haired homunculus said.

"I see… well, I better tell the headmaster about this, having this vigilante around could threaten our secret, assuming she's a mage or demon." he said to the pair softly. "If you excuse me, I need to make a phone call."


The green chimera bounded from rooftop to rooftop. She was amazed how quickly word spread about there being a real superhero. She knew that she was supposed to be under the radar, but she enjoyed the attention that she was getting. After she managed to defeat the Piranha Yummy, she managed to stop a mugging, helped a little girl get her balloon back after it flew away, and helped a girl find her pet penguin.

She landed and stopped upon seeing two familiar faces standing on the same roof she was on.

"Kairi, Rika, what are you two doing here?" she asked the twins.

Rika, in her ShaUTa form, smiled while swaying her tail from side to side lazily.

"We heard what you did, sis." she said.

Yumi flinched and gulped nervously.

Kairi, using the LaToraTar Combo nodded.

"Yeah, using a Combo to be a superhero! That's really clever!" she said ecstatically. "Rika and I talked it over and we want to help out!"

Yumi blinked in surprise before a wide grin formed on her face.

"You sure about that? Keep in mind that we could really get into trouble with Onii-chan." Yumi warned her siblings.

"Of course, we are aware of that, Yumi. That's why we're in our chimera forms already! " Rika replied. "Like you, we'll also go by the Combo names when in public."

Yumi nodded before grinning.

"GataKiriBa, LaToraTar, and ShaUTa." Yumi said, going over the combo names the trio were currently using. "I like the idea, but we also need a group name that's easy for people to call us by."

Kairi and Rika fell silent upon hearing their sister, immediately trying to think up of a good name.

"Hmm… GaShaLa?" Rika asked .

"No. want something simpler than that. Besides, we may get the others to join us. Then what should we do with the name? If we add the first syllable of each member's name, the group name would eventually get ridiculously long!" Yumi explained.

"Magical Girl Association?" Kairi suggested.

"OH HELL NO!" the loli chimera fumed instantly. " I don't want to be a Magical Girl! I want to do things my way. If you're a Magical Girl, you've always got to announce your presence to the enemy! That means no sneak attacks, PERIOD! Also, do you think the enemy will give you the time to do your announcement speech? Only when they're FUCKING STUPID!

"The smart ones would capitalize on this and attack in the middle of it, when your guard's lowered! Hell, and I won't be so righteous as to just incapacitate the enemy and hand them over to the cops. I'd make sure they can't do ANYTHING again. I will be more than happy to chop off a bad guy's arms and legs if it prevents them from hurting anyone else ever again. Won't kill them though. Then that'll make me be just like them."

"I agree… there will be times where being discrete is the best option." Rika said in agreement. " Besides, we are homunculi, Kairi, we can't perform magic."

Kairi nodded while her ears drooped in disappointment.

"You both have a point." she admitted.

"I like where Kairi was heading though. I think "brigade" will be more appropriate term for us." Rika said as her twin brightened up at her comment.

Yumi nodded. "You know that Onii-chan was created to create the Core Medals right?, and the bastard king of that kingdom called himself OOO, as in his hopes of gaining power that was above the infinite power of a god. Over infinity , 'O' and the infinity loop symbol. OOO. Get it?" she explained. "How about calling ourselves the OOO Brigade?"

"The OOO Brigade? I like the sound of that." Rika said that with a smirk. "The group that's above Infinity."

"Seconded!" Kairi said while holding her hand up above her head.

Yumi nodded before smirking.

"It's unanimous then. From here on out, we are the OOO Brigade!" she declared while pumping a fist up into the air.

"Who should be the leader?" Kairi asked.

Yumi and Rika looked at one another before grinning.

"Mind if it was me, you two? Though, if Onii-chan joins us, he'll take over." Rika asked.

Yumi thought for a moment before nodding.

"As long as we don't do those role calls every time in public, I'll be fine with that." she said. "Besides, you'd be a better leader than myself."

"I agree!" Kairi chirped while smiling.

"Then it's settled." Rika said with a smirk.

Cabin - inside.

The blonde haired Airi sighed as she sat out in the back with Misaka.

"Kuroko definitely doesn't seem to get the message." the wraith said casually while looking over at the smoldering patch of earth that the esper struck with a lightning bolt a moment ago.

"Yeah… I wish she'd stop." the brown haired girl said solemnly.

"So… what will you be doing until we find a way to get back home?" the blonde maid asked.

"Well, Kuroko and I should attend school, though it's going to be a pain learning not to use our powers in public…" Misaka replied bitterly. "Back in my world, Kuroko and I were able to use our powers freely in public."

"I understand how you feel. I too will need to learn to act more like a human. It's also a displeasure that I must refrain from draining anyone's lifeforce without their consent. " Airi said. "I don't know how the other me is able to deal with such a thing."

"It's because she takes Kira's lifeforce." BRS said as she stepped out through the hole, startling both girls briefly.

"Oh, it's you." Airi said after regaining her composure.

"Finished with your shift at work for today?" Misaka asked the stoic girl, who only nodded in response.

"Alright, unless you're busy, mind telling us about what you know about this Kira? I've heard a lot of different things, from him being an Ero-baka to being a loyal friend. Which is true?"

BRS took a seat and remained quiet as she looked at the forest.

"Hello? Earth to quiet girl?"

"It's all true." the pale skinned girl said in a calm tone.

Airi frowned but nodded in agreement.

"I see… so he's just like the rest…" she muttered under her breath.

"Talking about someone?" a new voice asked in curiosity.

"Welcome back…" BRS said to Kira without looking over her shoulder.

The other two girls craned their heads and looked at the homunculus as he was sitting in the wheelchair. Standing behind him was Stella, Arane, and a still smoking Kuroko.

"So, you must be Mikoto Misaka-san, correct?" the black haired boy asked with a smirk.

" I take it you're Masamune Kira?" the esper asked with an eyebrow raised.

Kira nodded before looking over towards Kuroko.

"Your cute little Kouhai told me so much about you." he said. "I can see why she admires someone like you in such a high degree. Your beauty is quite breathtaking."

Misaka frowned while her friend had a completely different reaction. Kuroko's hair began rising up while a menacing aura began radiating from her as the eyes began glowing red. the way she looked was like she was a demon.

"Master… you do know that she's younger than you." Stella asked.

Kira shook his head with a knowing smile.

"I was just giving a complement." he said. " I wasn't trying to hit on her or anything."

BRS just stared at Kira silently before summoning the Rock Cannon. Stella booted Kira off the wheelchair and nodded before stepping away from him with the loaned possession of Konoemon's. The stoic girl fired upon the homunculus, causing him to scream out in agony.

Mikoto and Kuroko both gawked in disbelief while Arane kept a straight face, only her eyes widening slightly as the flailing homunculus was used for target practice as debris was kicked up into the air, forming a cloud.

"Umm…why are you shooting at him?!" Mikoto asked.

BRS ceased her firing and dismissed her weapon.

"Master's a lot like Kuroko, but even more durable, so don't hesitate to go all out on his perverted ass if necessary." Stella explained calmly as the cloud settled down, revealing Kira facedown in a large puddle of blood. "He's pretty harmless right now, especially since he just used a Combo."

"Wait… I thought he was still injured?" Kuroko said.

"Yeah… but I healed enough to stand on my own without problems, but can't exert myself too much." Kira said while raising his now scarlet face from the puddle.

"KEEP YOUR FACE DOWN!" Stella screamed before forcing the homunculus' face back into the puddle. " It freaks me out!"

"Yep… definitely a baka like the others said…" Misaka said with a sigh.

Arane only turned around and left, not caring one bit of her Master's well being.

Library Island.

Desiderare and Nico both blinked in confusion upon seeing the taped up door with a sign saying. "Closed for renovations."

"So… think this is as private as we can get without heading to your place?" the homunculus asked.

"That's right, now, can you tell me how you knew about what you said?" the pinkette requested in a polite manner.

"About the man? Well, before I can tell you that, I should explain what I am. You see, I am what is known as a homunculus. An artificial life created through Alchemy." the blond explained calmly. " I however am not human, even though I can pass as one physically. That's because I was once a human corpse. As for how and why I was created, that's for another time.

"Anyway, where I come from, Homunculi like myself have an affinity to the desires of humanity. I can actually tell what's a single individual's strongest desires without speaking to them. Right now, I can sense two from you, one where you wish to find that man and thank him, and another to find someone who believes in what you say."

Nico's eyes widened in amazement as she gasped at what she heard. The homunculus smiled before putting a hand on top of the girl's head, causing her to squeak timidly while involuntarily flinching with her eyes closed. However, she cautiously opened an eye upon feeling her hair being ruffled.

"It's okay if people don't believe you. Just don't let anyone force what they think onto you." he continued with a soft smile. " Someone once told me that happiness in one's life can only be truly enjoyed if you don't give up hope."

"Why? Why are you telling me all this?" Nico asked while opening her eyes. "We never met before today… I don't know you."

The blonde sighed softly and nodded as the smile on his face disappeared.

"Well, I experienced similar pain that you're going through right now." he confessed. "I don't know what came over me back at the station, but when I sensed your despair… I just felt like I had to help you."

Nico was dumbfounded by Desiderare's confession. However, before she opened her mouth to speak, a mummy like being busted through the front door from the inside, startling both of them.

"A Yummy?!" Desiderare cried out in disbelief. He stood in front of the pinkette and glared at the unwanted newcomer. However, he snarled upon seeing two familiar faces

"Uva…" the blond sneered at the insect based homunculus.

"M-Misato-sempai?!" Nico gasped upon seeing the bluenette.

"Well, well… What do we have here? Why it's Nico and her boyfriend." Misato said with a sneer. "I came here in getting some payback for the humiliation back at the station. Uva-kun was willing to lend me a hand too."

Desiderare glared at the bluenette.

"You're more pathetic than I thought." he said in disappointment before looked behind his back to Nico.

"Listen here Nico-san… I want you to run, run as far as you can. It's too dangerous here."

"But!" the pinkette said while looking at the homunculus with pleading eyes.

"No buts. And don't worry. I'm really durable." he reassured her.

Nico nodded before quickly digging into her uniform's pockets.

"Can you please give me your hand, Desiderare-san?" she asked.

Blinking in confusion, he quickly obliged, holding an open hand behind his back while looking forward at the three adversaries. Nico found what she was looking for and hastily placed it into his palm before the fingers wrapped around tightly.

"They came to me a while back during the night of the last full moon." the girl said. " I carry them around as good luck charms, even though they never worked… But I hope they bring you hope."

Desiderare nodded before looking over his shoulder with a smile.

"Alright, I'll take good care of them." he reassured the girl. " I'll catch up in a moment. So please, go."

"Good Luck Desiderare." she muttered in English before turning and fled.

"You're not getting away that easily!" Misato said venomously before glaring at the Yummy. "YOU! GO AFTER HER!"

The mummy like monster staggered forward in pursuit while grunting in acknowledgement. However, the blonde leaped forward and delivered a flying side kick to its chest, causing it to stagger backwards.

Desiderare landed on his side and glared at the trio.

"Gotta get through me first, fucker." he said before looking down at what his hand was grasping.

"Core Medals…" he said before gasping in shock. "Zou… and … a TURTLE?!"


Sextum, who was busy reading a book, couldn't help but shiver, as if something ominous was just muttered.

Library Island - present

Desiderare's left eye began twitching as he stared at the Orange Core Medal that had the profile of a sea turtle from above.

"Of all the medals… It had to been THAT one…" he muttered in disbelief.

However, in his shock, the homunculus failed to notice the Misato slinking past him with the Yummy in pursuit of Nico. The blunette was able to close in on the pinkette and tackled her to the ground as the manifestation of her desire of getting revenge on both her and Desiderare lumbered forward.

"DESIDERARE!" the girl screamed, snapping the blonde back to reality.

"NICO!" he cried out before grasping the medals as they began glowing. In a flash of light, his feet immediately donned black boots that went to his knees, where in the front of each one had the face of an elephant with the trunk going down the front to the tips of the toes, where it resembled the toes of the very animal.

"Damn… looks like I can only use one at a time right now…" he muttered before he rose to his feet. He then looked over at Nico and began running towards the Yummy that was closing in on Nico, the earth trembling with every step he took.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" he screamed before leaping up and kicking the Yummy in the torso, causing it to shake before it was sent flying over head and far away from the girls as Cell Medals flew from its body. The homunculus looked over at Misato, who was ontop of the flailing Nico, pulling on her hair with a sadistic smirk.

"No one is going to save you, you foreign slut." the bully said. However, before she could say anything more, she felt a hand grasp her from the collar of her uniform before being hurled towards the water.

"Will you chill for a moment?!" Desiderare screamed before the blunette plummeted under the surface.

The homunculus turned to look at Nico, who had tears in her eyes as she looked up at her savior.

"Desiderare…" she said weakly.

"Don't worry, I'm going to be there for you, no matter what." he said while kneeling next to the girl. "We may have just met, but I want to help you. I promise you, I will be at your side and help you."

The pinkette couldn't help but blush slightly at what she just heard as her heart skipped a beat for a moment.

"Desiderare…" she said once again.

Before she could say anything else, time froze as a lightning bolt struck her straight through the chest. The blonde gasped as Nico convulsed briefly before slumping to the ground, her face frozen in a look of shock as her eyes glazed over. He gently scooped her up in his arms while gently shaking her body, hoping to get a reaction from her. He couldn't hear a response, felt no heartbeat, nor see her chest move even slightly.

"Nico…" the homunculus said as he looked at the now still body of the pinkette. "Please… Wake up…"

"Humans… they're so fragile…" Uva said callously as he stepped towards the prototype Greeed. " I don't understand why you care so much about them."

"She was innocent… she had nothing to do with you!" Desiderare said while holding the silenced girl in a protective manner. "WHY DID YOU KILL HER?!"

"To remind you of what you are. You were created to make a foolish man's dream a reality. You're nothing but a construct like myself. You are not human, but a homunculus. " he explained

"You… You don't understand what it's like to be human Uva… and you never will… We homunculi are inferior to them. True, we're stronger and able to live for eternity, but we can't fully understand desire in the first place, or ever will. Humans can, on a subconscious level at least… that's why I see them as being superior to us constructs…" Desiderare said while gently laying Nico on the ground before lowering his head

"Damn it…" he cursed while tears formed in his eyes.


The sorrow he was feeling was soon turned into rage. All that the homunculus wanted was to tear the one responsible to pieces. As they say, an eye for an eye. However, he remembered his promise.

He promised to be by Nico's side and help her…

The homunculus rose to his feet before tilting his head up to the sky and screamed.

"DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!" Desiderare screamed out in fury as he grasped his hand tightly around the Kame Core Medal. He looked over towards the one responsible and charged forward, seeing only red in his eyes.

"I WILL KEEP IT NO MATTER WHAT! EVEN IF THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME!" he declared as he charged forward.

Everything was a blurring whirlwind to the homunculus at that moment. He couldn't hear any cries, nor see what was happening. All that controlled him was a driving desire.

He didn't care about power.

He didn't care about the Black Core Medals.

He didn't care about the consequences.

He didn't care who was friend or foe.

He just wanted to keep his promise.

The self proclaimed Akuma no Desire finally came around after an unknown period of time, realizing he was once again cradling Nico's still body. He looked up and saw the girl who defeated him earlier in her chimera form.

He pleaded to her to help him, even though his mind still didn't register any sounds at the moment.

The chimera held out her hand to him, offering the Ebi Core Medal she took from him earlier. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words could be heard by Desiderare.

"…-ar me? Can… hear…me? Can you hear me?"

Sound finally returned to the blonde as he stared at the Core.

"SNAP OUT OF IT!" Yumi cried out before slapping him against the cheek.

"Huh?!" Desiderare cried out, finally coming back to his senses.

"Glad to see you're back to your senses." the loli chimera said with a sigh. " As I was saying. If you want to save the girl. You have to transform her right now! Time's almost up!"

Desiderare's eyes widened upon realizing what she was saying. He immediately took the Ebi Core and looked at the pinkette for a moment before holding the obsidian coin above her head.

"Nico…" he said before a medal slot appeared on her forehead. The homunculus dropped the Medal into the slot before it vanished out of reality.

"Now we have to wait and see…" Yumi said before turning around. " I'll leave her in your hands, Desiderare."

The homunculus nodded before the chimera leaped out of sight. He watched her vanish from his sight before looking down at Nico.

"Thank you… Masamune Yumi…" he said softly while stroking the silver lock of hair away from the girl's face. "Hang in there Nico… I know you can get through this… you were able to endure much worse for years."

The homunculus chuckled at himself. The feelings he was experiencing, he hadn't acted so impulsively ever since he first met a certain blonde eight centuries ago. The girl who awoken the humanity within him, a construct who was designed to be a tool. The very same girl he fell in love with.

"It's happening all over again…" he said in amusement.


Yumi landed as she sighed. She looked at the Kame Medal she found laying on the ground when she came across Desiderare fighting Uva and a Kamakiri Yummy. The chimera would've helped out, but she realized that despite being outnumbered and fighting in an erratic manner, the blonde had the upper hand.

He made very short work of the Yummy with a well placed kick to the chest before jumping up and landing on top of it, causing it to explode instantly. The Greeed took that distraction to escape after grabbing a couple of falling Cell Medals after the Yummy Exploded. Desiderare didn't give any second thoughts towards him, opting instead to return to the pinkette that laid still.

A blue haired girl who climbed out of the water nearby tried to escape, but the chimera created a clone and had her stop the bluenette for questioning. What she found out repulsed her. The girl, Misato, wanted revenge on Desiderare and the girl he was with. The bluenette came across the Greeed and willingly allowed him to create a Yummy from her. She didn't show any form of remorse upon being told that the girl could've died during the attack.

The Chimera took her to where the nearest teacher she was aware of and told him of what happened.

Misato tried to lie her way out of the situation, but the chimera held out a few Cell Medals and handed them to the teacher, explaining that they came from the monster that attacked the pinkette and it was tied to Misato.

Apparently the teacher was aware of what the Yummy were as he immediately took action, taking the girl by the arm and left after quickly thanking the chimera.

Yumi decided to leave at that moment, deciding on telling Kira about what happened.

Evangeline's Cabin

Negi was sitting out on the front porch, mentally debating on what to do.

I want to find Father… but do I have to risk putting others at risk if I don't have control over myself?

The child teacher sighed before looking down at his ring.

" What do I do?" he asked out loud.

"Is what Mistress said troubling you, Negi-sensei?" Chachamaru asked after coming through the front door with a tray that carried a teapot and cup for the young vampire.

"Ah! Chachamaru-san," the redhead said in mild surprise. He then sighed and looked down. "I guess what Eva-san told me is really bothering me…"

The gynoid nodded before setting the tray down next to Negi.

"Even if she won't admit it, Mistress is concerned about your wellbeing." she explained. "The last time she was with one of her kind, it led to tragedy…"

Negi blinked in confusion.

"Wh-What happened?" he asked.

"I apologize, but I can't tell you anymore. The Mistress will tell you when the time comes." she apologized with a bow. "If you excuse me, I must return to the kitchen."

"Alright, and thank you for the tea, Chachamaru-san." the teacher thanked the gynoid, who nodded in appreciation before she left him be.

"BOYA! GET YOUR SHOTA ASS IN HERE!" Evangeline's voice boomed from inside.

Startled, the teacher immediately got up and scrambled inside to the living room, where the frowning Dark Evangel stood with her arms crossed.

"What's wrong Eva-san-ma?!" Negi said, nearly slipping up on what Eva wanted him to address her by.

"I need you to take better control of your pets!" the blonde sneered before looking down at the ground.

Negi followed suit and gasped upon seeing Asuna and Makie, both hogtied with rope while they were gagged respectively with a ball gag.

"W-What's the meaning of this!?" the teacher asked, his face becoming beet red at what he was seeing.

"I had to punish them after they started looking around in areas they weren't supposed to be in. Like my bedroom for starters!" the pureblood snapped in anger.

"I understand that it's rude to do such things…but did you have to go so far?" Negi asked. "They're your classmates!"

"I don't care. They need to learn their place in the hierarchy. If they were mine, they'd experience even greater humiliation." Eva said callously, eliciting an angered glare from Asuna.

Negi looked down at Makie, who just looked up at him with a longing look in her eyes.

The child teacher had no idea on what to do at the moment.

Tori Bowl.

Yumi landed on the roof of the Tori Bowl bowling alley and undid her transformation. The loli stretched her arms as she yawned. She managed to come across Kairi and was able to convince her to run towards their older brother to tell him about Desiderare and the girl he was with.

"I definitely need to take a breather." she said to herself. "Especially after that moment with Dezzy-nii…"

"I was wondering when you were going to come here." a familiar voice said from behind her.

The homunculus turned and smiled upon seeing Tempus Erebea.

"Nice disguise." she remarked. "Magical or tech?"

"Tech actually." the Dimensional Reneger replied.

Tempus was wearing a Mahora school uniform, and wearing a black armband on her left arm with a brilliant red opal-shaped ruby embedded in the middle of it. However, the most noticeable difference was her physic. She looked like a spitting image of Chao Lingshen, only with her hair led down and covering her right eye. No wings, tail, or ebony skin were present, she looked just like a regular human.

"I take it you came here to update on your plans." the homunculus said with a smirk.

"Yes, I succeeded in creating a gateway capable of dimensional travel, but it's only restricted to the worlds currently connected to this one. Also, I've decided on whom I should recruit for the mission on stabilizing the space-time continuum from here.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I need Melona, the Averruncus Sextum, Black Gold Saw from the world that the Black Rock Shooter who's with your brother came from, this world's Chao, Mana, and a Taka Candroid."

"Who's to be the field leader?" Yumi asked while raising an eyebrow. "And what's a candroid?"

"The candroids are little robots that transform from soft drink cans." the Reneger explained. "You'll come across some of them pretty soon, I guarantee it. As for who'll be the leader, it'll be the Candroid"

The loli gawked upon hearing the announcement.

"A… little robo-birdy? " she asked in disbelief. Her imagination immediately conjured up an image of all the mentioned people, all of them wearing commando outfits while charging into battle with the mechanical bird, wearing a small green military helmet atop of its head, leading the charge.

Tempus Erebea grinned and sniggered softly before shaking her head. The image in the homunculus' mind froze and immediately shattered like glass, bringing her back to reality.

"Just kidding, It'll be actually someone from the same world as the red haired Airi. It may look like coincidence, but she and all the Gal Monsters that are with Kira all come from the same reality. And as such, we need an artifact that came from their world. But the problem is, we need someone who has knowledge of it."

Yumi blinked in confusion.

"What kind of artifact do we need exactly from there?" she inquired.

"We need what is called the Queen's Gate." the disguised girl replied with a serious face. "And the person I have in mind is a cute little treasure hunter named Alice. She will be the one who will lead the team."

Yumi nodded a little bit before smirking.

"Are you really going to not involve Shota-kun? You said it yourself that almost any incarnation of him are a force to be reckoned with. " she inquired.

"Exactly the reason why I'm not including the young Springfield. You see… if the Native is amongst the group, then Kira, Evangeline, and the others will struggle against Sukuna in next year's school trip to Kyoto. Don't get into details, it'll be too complicated for even someone like you. Basically, shit's gonna hit the fan soon… And this reality's original future is going to be flushed down the proverbial toilet." Tempus stated before sighing.

"What's the worst that could happen?" Yumi asked in a joking manner.

"Let's see… Saotome Haruna succeeds in her plan of world domination, while Chao fails miserably in hers. A nuclear war occurs all because Haruna argues with some random person over a stupid cupcake. And don't get me started on the global mandate of Yaoi in all forms of media." the Dimensional Reneger

Said while grimacing. "And there's another book series written by the same author of Twilight, and this time it's a romance set during an alien invasion… "

The loli began foaming in the mouth as she collapsed, her mind immediately shutting down upon registering the final piece of information.

First vampires… Now it's aliens…

Tempus Erebea sighed as she shook her head slowly.

"I think a lot of people are going to scream like the world's going to end now once they learn about that…" she muttered to herself mainly.

"I can't help but to agree with your sentimentality there, Tempus Erebea-sama." a man's voice said from behind her.

Erebea looked over her shoulder and smirked slightly.

"Ah, it's nice to meet another from the future,Vocivus." she said before reaching for her armband and pressing the gem in the center, her body slowly transforming into her true appearance.

"What brings you here to this time?"

The one named Vocivus grinned. He was a spitting image of Masamune Kira, only for his eyes to be a soft bluish green in coloration while having spiky purplish red hair. He was wearing a black suit for a butler, however, the front of the white shirt was undone to give a slight rebellious look to him.

"To prevent a calamity that's soon to happen, Erebea-dono." he said while bowing politely while looking at the mutated Chao.

"I see… I forgot to ask earlier back at the lab, but are you by chance related to Masamune Kira?" she asked. "The resemblance between you and him is quite uncanny."

Vocivus chuckled before walking right up to the Dimensional Reneger, stopping right in front of her face as his smile gave way to a frown.

"I am his descendent born in two centuries' time. I am one who is neither alive nor dead." he explained in a low tone.

Erebea stared into the Kira look-alike's eyes, noticing the anguish present in them. She then closed her own and sighed.

"I see… " she said softly. "Are you allowed to tell me what this mentioned calamity is? Or will that alter history in an undesirable way?"

"I can tell you that it involves the Tearer Candidate named Giru and its host and to prevent the death of the one who submitted to my ancestor." Vocivus explained calmly.

"Which one exactly? He has several of them." she pressed, wanting details, particularly a name.

"The name is Tino." the redhead answered.

"So, it's the shy one…" Erebea noted before closing her eyes to think.

"I don't know what she is like, but keep this in mind. Should Incursio Votum get his hands upon even one of the Purple Cores, all will be for naught. The ones not originally of this world will be slain, save for three, my parents and my mother's doppelganger…" Vocivus warned before a mischievous smirk formed on his face. "Based on my appearance, you can safely assume who they are."

The Dimensional Reneger's eyes shot open before bugging out.

"Are you serious!? Kira and her… they have a child?!" she blurted out incredulously.

"I know, the union of those two sounds unholy indeed. But it didn't matter in a world where society was in shambles." the boy said before looking down at Yumi as she began to come around. " I must take my leave, Erebea-dono. Can I trust you with keeping what I said a secret? Anyway, I will see you back in the lab after I have resolved something of great importance."

The redhead closed his eyes while his body became transparent, his clothes vanishing into thin air, leaving him only in a pair of snow white boxers. He opened his eyes and smirked a bit upon seeing Tempus Erebea gawking at him as he began to descend into the rooftop, his body phasing through like it wasn't there.

The Dimensional Reneger watched Vocivus disappear completely into the rooftop, only seconds before Yumi opened her eyes and sat upright in a daze, oblivious to what just happened.

Cabin - bathroom

Kira grimaced in pain as he plunged his hand into where his heart was. He currently was standing in front of a mirror without his shirt on, attempting to search for his personal Core Medal. Ever since he changed back, his chest began to hurt badly. Not wanting to worry the others, he remained quiet and put up a façade, despite how much more intense the pain became by with each passing minute. He began to wonder if something was happening to him, so he decided to check on his Sasori Core.

After a few moments of fishing around, he pulled out the ebony medal from within his body to examine it. His face lost all coloring as his eyes widened at what he saw. It was what he feared the most.

Present on the coin was a large white fracture that ran almost horizontally through the image of the scorpion, specifically through the stinger and body.

"No… I was certain that I could've handled the strain…" he said in denial. "This… This isn't… happening…"

He immediately slumped to his knees, his arms falling to the side as he held onto the cracked Core gingerly. His eyes widened more when he heard a distinct high pitched creak coming from the coin.

"I'm going to die…" he muttered as tears began to form as realization finally dawned upon him. " I… I'm actually… going to die…"

He closed his eyes before rising to his feet. He now knew he didn't have much longer to live, especially after hearing a second creak.

"I don't think I can afford to wait for everyone." he said sadly before he opened the door.

He stopped upon seeing the red haired Airi standing in front of him. She was wearing her school uniform, indicating she had only just returned home.

"Kira-kun… is something going on? I heard you talking to yourself in there." she said in a concerned tone.

"I'm not sure how much longer I have…" he said before he held up the Sasori Core, which now had numerous thinner cracks branching out in multiple directions from the larger fracture.

Airi looked at the Core Medal in confusion. She could sense the homunculus' lifeforce slowly ebbing away, diminishing in strength by the second. She didn't fully grasp what he was talking about.

"Your Medal's cracked…" she said.

Kira nodded in silence before looking into Airi's eyes.

"I'm dying… My Core Medal's going to shatter soon, and when that happens… I'll cease to exist." he said as he lowered his hand.

The wraith gasped in shock as she covered her mouth.

"Kira…" Airi said softly, her face softening while lowering her hands. She grabbed her blouse with one of them and tightened her grip.

The wraith was not sure how to proceed. She wanted to comfort the person she actually saw as her closest friend in an unfamiliar world. She didn't want to believe that this was happening. She didn't want him to leave her. He promised to be with her no matter what.

"Airi… I want you to look after the others for me. I'm leaving you in charge of the Gal Monsters and keeping my sisters in line. Can you promise me that?" Kira asked.

Airi shook her head before she pressed herself against him, her face buried into the crook of his neck as her tears began flowing down her cheeks.

"You promised that you'd always be with me… " she said. "You can't leave me behind."

Kira wrapped his arms around her tightly as he held her, doing his best to comfort the girl he first met .

"And I am going to be keeping that promise. I am not going anywhere, even if I don't have a body." he spoke in a low tone, reassuring Airi. "I never break my promises. Especially ones with you."

Airi looked up at the homunculus, sniffling a little.

"I.. I will make sure you do. If you leave me, I'm going to personally drag you out of hell!" she said as her face became stern.

Kira chuckled softly before nodding. He then screamed in pain as he felt the pain intensified once again in his chest. He lost his balance before he slumped against the startled redhead, who held him up the best she could, wrapping her own arms around him now.

"I don't have much longer… there's one last thing I wanted to say to only you." Kira said weakly.

The wraith felt her heart skip a beat upon hearing that.

"What…What is it?" she asked, her eyes showing her newfound curiosity that shone through as her heart began racing.

"I… know that I've been here for not very long, but a lot has happened." He said before involuntarily grimacing in pain once again. "I made friends who accepted me… and I even apparently managed to build a harem of Gal Monsters."

He said the last part as a joke, but Airi briefly pulled his ear to set him straight.

"Owww… anyway… there's one thing that I never thought… urk…would happen again." he continued. He painfully inhaled and looked into Airi's eyes. " I wasn't certain about this until now, but I fell in love with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in centuries."

Airi's heartbeat soared to new heights upon hearing that as her cheeks became cherry red. She fell silent, wondering if he was referring to someone else. She herself was uncertain how she saw the homunculus. At times he was an annoying pervert that needed to be put in line, and at other times, he was someone who was loyal to his friends. She knew this after Kira put himself in harm's way in order to protect her while being unconscious. She felt like they were close friends, but at the same time, she couldn't help but think that they could be something more than that.

Kira saw Airi's blush and smiled softly before he rose his right hand to gently stroke the wraith's cheek. He leaned his face towards the blushing maid's face, tilting it to his left slightly before stopping with only mere millimeters between them.

"Airi… I love you…" he said in a whisper before closing his eyes and claiming the wraith's lips.

Airi's heart stopped beating upon hearing Kira's confession, while her eyes widened when he kissed her. Those three words he just said echoed in her mind repeatedly, leaving no room for thought. Without realizing it, she relaxed and closed her eyes, returning the kiss as she opened her mouth slightly, allowing the homunculus' tongue entry.

The kiss was all the wraith needed to know to confirm her suspicions. She had indeed fallen for Masamune Kira. But it came too late for her…

After what felt like an eternity, they both reluctantly broke the kiss to catch their breaths, a rope of saliva connecting them together still.

"I.. I love you too, Kira…" Airi admitted as she panted softly.

Kira smiled as tears reformed in his eyes.

"Thank you, my angel… for everything." he said before giving her a brief, but loving kiss on the lips while hugging her. "I couldn't ask for anything more."

Before the wraith could respond, the homunculus pulled away from her and smiled solemnly as he heard a loud, prolonged cracking sound.

"It's time…" he said as he took Airi's right hand, giving her his broken Core Medal. He then kissed her one last time before stepping back from her as his body began to crack in various places.

"Kira…" Airi said weakly as she saw his body starting to crumble, each part becoming a black sand like substance.

Kira kept a reassuring smile as he looked at the wraith he fell in love with. Airi tightened her grip on the Core Medal before a resolution came in mind.

"Kira… I'm going to bring you back! No matter what it takes… I'm going to find a way to be with you again!" the wraith vowed as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Just please wait for me."

"That's my girl." Kira said as he nodded. The cracks reached up to his face now as he looked at the wraith. "I'll wait as long as possible."

Airi nodded before she quickly closed the distance between them. She then gently held Kira's head in place and kissed him lovingly with her eyes closed. She felt the Sasori Core in her hand break into two halves as the homunculus completely disintegrated into black sand, leaving Airi's embrace.

The wraith slumped to her knees and began crying. She was used to seeing death back in her reality, but this one death never had such an effect upon her.

The deaths she grew accustomed to were always someone she never really knew personally. However, she never truly experienced the loss of someone that she genuinely cared for. She didn't respond to Cerate as she came to check on her.

All she did was cry while clutching onto the halves of the ebony Core that once housed Kira's conciousness inside.

Unbeknownst to all at the moment, some kind of black object protruded from the pile of black sand that was once Kira's body.

Two Weeks Later

Cerate sighed as she stared at her homework, tapping the eraser end of her pencil against the desktop, trying to keep focused.

Ever since the loss of her Master, the blonde couldn't keep herself focused on anything. It was a feeling that was mutual with the others who knew him well. However, some of them were able to cope with the loss a lot better than others.

The one who was affected the most was Airi. Ever since Kira passed away, she began doing research on Alchemy with assistance from the surviving homunculi and Audrey, all in hope of bringing him back. She slept very little, devoting as much time as possible in finding a solution.

The Gal Monster set the pencil down and leaned back in her chair, stretching her arms slightly.

She wanted to help out Airi, as she too wanted to see Kira, but couldn't be of much use since she couldn't understand even the basics of Algebra. The Gal Monster wouldn't admit it out loud, but she did indeed develop an infatuation towards her Master when he was alive. And for one of her kind, it is like imprinting, once they fall for someone, they won't love anyone else. When she learned of the news, she refused to cry in front of everyone, opting to run into her room to mourn. At this point, she was doing her best to move along, but it was difficult for the heartbroken girl.

"Master… why did you have to leave me?" she asked out loud in sadness as tears began to fall down her face once again.

World Tree

"This isn't supposed to happen…" Votum muttered as he slammed his tail against the base of the World Tree in frustration. " That shell must be here for my plans to succeed. With him missing, not only has he ruined everything, this entire reality is at greater risk of collapsing now!"

He closed his eyes and inhaled slowly to calm his nerves.

"Think… Now where would a dimensional anomaly like him go if its physical being is gone?" he asked himself.

His eyes bolted open in realization as a thought came to mind.

"You'd reside within another version of yourself!" he cried out while snapping his fingers. " Looks like I need to check upon the known ones that could be connected to him. Like his Alter Ego, Black Fang Tyrant. Perhaps that newest anomaly found in that alternate Inaba has some kind of connection…"

Now knowing what to do, he took off the robe he was wearing, revealing him to be wearing his black suit that was similar to Negi's in appearance and held out a hand in front of him while closing his hands.

He began to chant in an ancient Greek. He then opened his eyelids, glaring straight into the purple vortex that formed in front of him.

Without any hesitation he leaped off of the branch he was standing on and went straight into the portal, determined to seek for the whereabouts of his creation as the alchemist Gara.

*Votum's Journey begins in chapter four of Incursio Votum: Echoes of the Blue Flame, and will continue through some of the other side stories.*

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