E/O Challenge: Remote (extra challenge to use the word twice, different meanings, in the same drabble).

Hope this makes sense – struggled to find inspiration this week!

Way too long

"Pass the remote," Sam called over, hand outstretched.

"Not gonna happen...I like this show," Dean answered.

"Dude...come on...Days of Our Lives...you're not remotely serious?" the younger Winchester asked, incredulous.

Dean pushed the channel-controller under his pillow and grinned.

Sam's retaliation was instant. Grabbing his own pillow he began hitting his brother with the squidgy-weapon. Dean responded in kind and soon the room was filled with pure-white-feathers that floated in the air like downy-snow.

Laughing they collapsed in a heap, Sam clutching his prize; already changing channel.

Dean didn't care. It'd been way too long since they'd had this much fun.