A/N: A cheerfully absurd conversation with my wife on the absence of dark!laundry!fic led to this questionably auspicious beginning. Where it will end . . . I thought of doing it as a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, but that wasn't quite manageable. Instead, we'll try this approach. Because the world clearly needs dark!laundryfic. Or darklaundry!fic. Or dark!laundry!fic.

~ Part 1 ~

- x -

Strains of cheerfully twangy music nudged MacGyver out of sleep, and he opened one eye and watched the sun heroically setting on his TV as the credits rolled on one of his favorite Westerns. Outside, the day was bright and clear – there'd been a strong wind off the ocean all night, and the smog had been blown inland and scattered, leaving the sky a clean pale blue. A fresh breeze still carried the smell of the Pacific into Mac's living room, through the open windows of the houseboat. He could hear seagulls squabbling out on the dock.

Life might, just possibly, get better than this, but not by much. A lazy day stretched before him: nothing he actually had to do, and plenty of time to do whatever he wanted, beginning with watching TV. He could putter around if he liked – his motorcycle needed an oil change and there was always something worth doing with the cars. The very pretty new neighbor three houseboats down had dropped a few hints about needing odd jobs done, and based on the smells that came from her kitchen on a regular basis, the offer of dinner wouldn't be hard to accept. He did, eventually, need to get groceries: he was out of fresh fruit and the sprouts in the fridge had sprouted. And sooner or later, he was going to have to get caught up on his laundry. He was wearing his last clean white T-shirt, the oldest and thinnest of the lot, and his hamper was overflowing.

But that could wait. Pete was out of the country and Mac's next assignment was already settled and wouldn't start for a week, so he was safe from interruptions.

He'd just decided to put another Western into the VCR when the telephone rang.

Should MacGyver:

- Answer the phone himself?

- Let the answering machine pick it up?

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~ Beth