"Honeys, I'm home!" Santana shouted, un-shouldering her coat as she entered the apartment.

Little steps drummed on the ground and she barely had time to take off her own shoes and turn around, before she caught sight of a little girl rushing down the corridor. Her daughter torpedoed to her like a missile, dressed in a shirt with dozens of paint stains on it and with alarmingly dirty hands covered in paint.

"Mama, mama, mama!" The little girl ranted joyfully with the firm intention to crash against her mom and receive a hug.

"Charlie, no!" Brittany was hot at the little girl's heels, racing to keep the worst accident this household could ever know from happening… getting paint on Santana's designers clothes. The horror.

Santana froze as Charlie neared, picturing the worst and unable to do anything against the inevitable as she saw her life flash before her eyes. Her daughter couldn't possibly smile any more widely, her little hands literally dripping in paint. Santana counted the last seconds before her life would tragically and unmercifully end. In other words, before huge pink stains would forever become an unwanted pattern on her Gucci suit. Uncleanable stains on 800 dollars worth of clothing.

"Charlotte Lopez-Pierce, I said no!" Brittany shrieked, catching the little girl around the waist. They were running so fast that Charlotte flew in the air, laughing as Brittany cornered her in her arms. "You're a bad girl. I said no running when you have paint on your hands!"

"But Mama's home!"

"I don't care! No painting for you until next week," she scolded. She grabbed the little girl's hands in her own messy hold to be sure she wouldn't touch anything, especially not her extremely relieved and well dressed mom who'd just returned from work.

Santana sighed heavily, realizing her life and, more importantly, the life of her suit hadn't ended just yet.

"Hey babe," Brittany let out in the struggle with Charlie and bent to give Santana a kiss. Charlotte squirmed to free her hands and hug her mama too. "Charlie stop, I won't say it a third time," Brittany threatened softly.

"Baby, you're in for a good bath!" Santana joked as she kissed her daughter's forehead, despite the struggling.

"I want Mama to give me my bath!" Charlotte demanded.

"I will, I will... I just have to slip into comfy clothes first. I'll give you a hug once you're clean, okay?" Santana propositioned.

"Yes Mama," Charlotte nodded with a huge smirk and her mother's' eyed each other warily at the sight.

"No tricks Charlie, you promise?" Brittany asked as she considered whether putting the girl down was a good idea.

"Yes! No hug before bath!"

"Okay, good." Brittany dropped her to her feet. "Come on, climb in the bathtub and don't touch anything!" She ordered, tapping her daughter's shoulder and pushing her towards the bathroom. The moms watched their thrilled daughter run through the corridors with her hands raised above her head.

"You're early!" Brittany said at last when Charlie had rounded a corner.

"Yeah, I had a headache so I left," Santana explained with a smile.

"Aw hon, I can give her the bath, you know."

"Nah it's fine, I missed her yesterday," Santana said, already heading to the bedroom to change.

Santana's schedule was hectic at best and manic on most occasions. She left home early only to come back late. She hated it, hated the chaos that meant she barely had time to swallow a quick breakfast with her family and, to add insult to injury, when she got back home Charlotte was usually already asleep. And that was exactly what had happened the day before.

"Okay," Brittany agreed giving her a small kiss.

"What were you painting anyway?"

"Oh nothing... I just kept her busy," Brittany explained with a shrug gesturing to the kitchen where it was obvious they had been painting. "I'll just go clean it up, okay?"

"Yeah, sure," Santana said with a fond smile, grabbing their bedroom handle.

Brittany smirked and jogged hurriedly to the kitchen. Santana frowned. Brittany was always so cool and relaxed. It wasn't like her to hurry for something as trivial as cleaning, not even in the slightest. She usually went with the flow and Santana instantly became suspicious. Tomorrow would be her birthday. Perhaps Brittany's odd mood indicated that she had something in motion and that Charlotte had been helping, if evidenced by her dirty little hands. Santana smiled graciously; she was loving her birthday present already.

After she'd changed quickly, she joined Charlotte in the bathroom. The little girl was waiting impatiently for her mama to come undress her and start her favorite moment of the day, her bath. She was waiting, hands raised up above her head so as not to dirty anything as the paint dried on her fingers.

"Come on bug, let's get you clean!" Santana sang, closing the door behind her.

She caught Charlotte and wedged her against the sink to at least clean her hands so it wouldn't dirty her clothes as they undressed her.

"What did you do with Mommy today?" Santana asked lightly as she scrubbed her daughter's hands under the water.

"We painted!"

"I figured, sweetheart. What did you paint?" Santana inquired with a smirk. Curiosity drummed in her mind and she would get to the bottom of this.

"I can't tell you! Mommy said she won't tell me stories if I tell you."

"Oh no... That's a shame 'cause I really wanted to know what you painted," she said with a sad little voice as she heaved Charlotte off the counter and turned the water off.

"But it's a surprise," Charlotte pouted, feeling terribly frustrated as she realized she was caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand she desperately wanted to blurt the big secret but, on the other, her mother had warned her of the repercussions if she did so.

"Well, you can still tell me when I get my surprise," Santana negotiated. She turned the water of the bathtub on and started to undress her baby girl.

"It won't be a surprise anymore if I tell you."

Santana chuckled, "You're a smart little girl, Charlie." She finished undressing her. "Come on, climb in the tub!"

Santana loved these types of moments, moments when it was just the two of them. Santana had actually been considering taking it cool at work lately. She missed her family during the day and, even if she knew she was working to create the best lifestyle she possibly could for her family, she couldn't help but think she was missing out on her daughter's best childhood memories. Over the years, Santana had moved up through the hierarchy until she had reached the company's deputy director position. She had managed to take it easy and work from home when Brittany had been pregnant and when Charlotte was a very tiny baby. But at some point, routine had to resume again and she'd had to go back to work full time. Whether she liked it or not.

Now Charlotte was four, and Santana felt as if she had missed her best years. Furthermore, she felt stuck since the company's director was about to retire and she was in a good position to be offered the job. However, Santana's biggest desire was to enlarge her family. She wanted to give her very lively daughter a brother or a sister herself, a dark haired baby to match Charlotte's light brown hair.

It was a real dilemma. She could wait until she got the job and enlarge the family but she just didn't know how many years she'd have to wait for that. To be honest, she had a feeling Brittany would want to discuss things soon, since it was apparent her girlfriend was enjoying her mothering role a little too much to be satisfied with only one child. And even Brittany, who was keeping their child busy with crafts and played with her constantly to make her laugh, was obviously made for a large family. With her blonde mane and her colorful outfits, always smiling and fussing over their family and looking like sunshine; she was the perfect representation of the alpha lioness of their pride. Santana loved it. She absolutely adored what Brittany's role represented. However, Santana knew that her contribution would soon be demanded and she knew she had to start thinking about all her options before Brittany started tackling it herself.

Santana was lost in her thoughts as she shampooed her daughter's hair.

"Can you wash your hair..." Santana began to sing her daughter's favorite bath time song much to Charlotte's obvious delight.

"I can wash my hair!" The little girl ruffled her own hair with a soapy hand, thrilled and giggling.

"Can you wash your feet..."

Charlotte grabbed the sponge in Santana's hands to wash her feet, following the song. "I can wash my feet!"

"Can you wash your face!" Charlotte giggled and went to wash Santana's face. "Not mine!" Santana protested playfully. She grabbed the sponge back and washed her daughter's face, who struggled to not get soap in the eyes. "What do you want to do tomorrow, baby? I'm not working."

"It's your birthday! It's your day, we do what you like!" Charlotte shouted, as if she was repeating Brittany's words with as much conviction.

"Did Mommy tell you what I like?" Santana inquired, a shameless attempt to grill her own daughter in a bid to get details on Brittany's surprise.

Charlotte thought about it but ended up empty-handed. She shook her head, pouting as she realized she didn't know what her mom liked.

Santana chuckled. "What I like the most is..." Santana began in a playful tone colored with suspense. She grabbed the shower head to rinse Charlotte and turned the water on again. "What I like the most is..."

"What is it?" Charlotte asked with a squeak of anticipation.

Santana mimed that she was thinking about it to keep her baby waiting. Then, suddenly, she sprayed water on Charlotte to make her laugh. Santana grabbed her tiny arm so she didn't slip in the bathtub and hurt herself. Charlotte burst into laughter under the refreshing jet.

"That's what I like the most. I like when you laugh, sweetheart," Santana murmured lovingly as she finished rinsing a now happily subdued Charlotte.

"It's Mama's birthday! Happy birthday! Wake up, it's Mama's birthday!" Charlotte stormed into their bedroom as soon as she woke up. Even if she knew perfectly well that she wasn't allowed to enter their bedroom, she simply couldn't help herself on such an occasion.

She pulled her moms out of sleep brusquely. The two of them had been curled up, embracing each other closely like they did every night. They just couldn't find sleep if they weren't cuddling. They needed to be against each other, always, every single time their bedroom door was closed. Santana parted from their embrace a little as she was a light sleeper. She fought to open her eyes and looked over Brittany's shoulder to Charlotte who was impatiently jumping up and down right against the bed. Santana giggled.

"Come here, Charlie," Santana let out in her husky morning voice, gesturing for the little girl to walk around the bed to hug her.

Charlotte misunderstood and climbed on the bed. Climbing on Brittany was a way shorter way to reach her Mama anyway. She pulled Brittany out of sleep by crawling over her like a little monkey. Brittany woke up when she felt a small knee connect with her abdomen, grumbling under Santana's giggles.

"Wake up Mommy, it's Mama's birthday!" Charlotte shook Brittany violently, now sitting astride of her.

"I'm up!" Brittany groaned, fighting to open her eyes.

"Wake uuuuuuuppppp!" Charlotte rode her like a horse, fiercely shaking her mom. "It's time to give Mama her surprise!"

"Well done Charlie, it's not a surprise anymore…" Brittany grumbled cynically as she made her daughter fall between her and Santana to finally end this tortuous wake up call. "And we'll give Mama her present after dinner tonight," she explained pulling herself up in the bed.

Charlotte pouted, cuddling in Santana's arms. "Why can't we give it to her now?"

"Yeah, I kinda want it too…" Santana insisted with a smirk, kissing Charlotte's nose.

"Oh no, don't you play that," Brittany chuckled. She knew very well that if Charlotte and Santana teamed up against her she would never manage to lead her plan how she wanted to.

"It's Mama's birthday, we have to give the surprise to her now!"

"We're not! Tonight, after dinner. There's never been birthday breakfasts, for God's sake. Birthday dinners yes, but not breakfasts. You both will have to wait, too bad!" Brittany said playfully despite the serious undertone of her words.

"Since when do you care about traditions?" Santana joked, raising her eyebrows. Charlotte's eyes shone like two green diamonds when she realized her mama was on her side as well.

"True but… Seriously Santana, it's not cool!" Brittany stressed vaguely.

"Why?" Santana persisted.

"Mama wants her surprise and I want to give it to her too!" Charlotte kept ranting from her Mama's arms.

"I know baby, I know…" Brittany breathed out. Charlotte would never stop her tirade until her mother agreed to give Santana her gift. However, this would then totally ruin her plan. "But we can't eat your birthday cake at 9 in the morning, honey…" She negotiated, locking eyes with Santana.

"We can still eat it tonight. And plus, I honestly don't need one. All that matters is to be with you both."

"It's your birthday, you need a cake!"

"She said she doesn't!" Charlotte insisted gleefully.

Brittany sighed heavily. She had nothing to fight back with. "I guess I can put a candle on your pancakes..."

"Awesome! What about having a pancake cake for breakfast, Charlie?" Santana asked her daughter buoyantly.

Charlotte froze, rocketed to heaven with such a proposal. She hurried to crawl out of the bed, climbing over Brittany again.

"Not cool, Charlie!" Brittany protested as Charlotte kneed her sorely and scratched her with her tiny nails. She helped her daughter jump out of the bed.

"We're having pancake cakes!" the girl shouted as she stormed out, already heading for the kitchen.

Both moms relaxed and cuddled for a second.

"Gosh, that was a wake up…" Brittany groaned, hugging Santana closely.

"It was just in case I forgot what day it is," Santana chuckled in defence of their little monster. She snuggled into Brittany's neck, her favorite place in the world.

Brittany grabbed her chin and gave her their ritual morning kiss. It was just a little longer than usual considering the celebration today.

"Happy birthday, Santana," Brittany lovingly cooed, topping her to stare deeply into her eyes.

Santana stared back lovingly. They'd been together for so long now, yet they had remained so in love. Santana still felt something was missing when Brittany wasn't around, as if her lungs couldn't get enough air when she was breathing. Brittany was her sunshine, endlessly warming her heart. Each year, the idea of growing old together became sweeter, more concrete. Their love never lessened, despite routines and fights once in a while. But at the end of the day, they were always back to what they did best, loving each other.

Santana snuggled closer. "Thank you, my love."

"Mommy! Mama! You said you'd make pancake cakes! I'm hungry!" Charlotte shouted from the kitchen.

Brittany and Santana sighed, giggling.

"Can someone disconnect her battery, please?" Santana joked.

"Good thing our donor was anonymous 'cause I'm really tempted to sue him sometimes. That wasn't included in the deal," Brittany laughed as they pulled away and kicked the covers off the bed.

Fooling around and tickling each other playfully, they headed to the kitchen where Charlotte was waiting, already sitting in her usual seat at the table. She had already grabbed her plastic plate and fork that were decorated with colorful animals. If there was one thing Charlotte really dug, it was animals. She'd wanted some on everything; on her bedroom walls, on her clothes, on her plate and fork... on everything.

Brittany insisted on cooking their breakfast herself. Good thing since Santana was a terrible chef. Santana kept Charlotte busy, playing with her and listening attentively as their daughter named the animals on her plate. She smirked when Brittany tried to hide the little candle she was lighting and putting on top of the pancake pile. Brittany turned around carrying a huge pile of pancakes covered in melted chocolate and a tiny candle flaming happily. Charlotte's eyes went wide when she caught sight of this eighth wonder of the world that would soon end up at the bottom of her stomach.

"Happy birthday to you, Mama... Happy birthday to you..." Brittany started to sing and Santana applauded in rhythm to make their daughter laugh.

They were doing this more to make Charlotte happy than anything else. That was what having a child meant; dedicating the major parts of their life to their baby. Even their own birthdays, even if Santana hated singing birthdays songs, it was all for Charlie.

"Happy birthday to you, Mama! Happy birthday!" Charlotte sang loudly as Brittany set the plate in front of Santana. "Blow the candle!" She ordered with a wide beaming grin. Santana smirked, and blew so softly that the flame barely trembled. "Blow it!" Charlotte insisted, almost climbing atop the table to encourage her mom.

'I am blowing but it doesn't work. Look!" Santana barely blew again. Brittany took a seat, softly giggling at Santana's joke.

"Harder!" Charlotte shouted, annoyed yet still laughing.

"I don't know how to blow harder! I think you should do it for me, Charlie... Come here, baby." Charlotte hurried to jump off of her seat and ran to Santana. The brunette grabbed her and made her sit on her lap, enticing an even bigger smile on Brittany's face as she watched the two loves of her life. "You ready? Okay together, one... two... three!"

They blew together. Santana glanced at Brittany, who had turned away a little. The blonde still applauded amidst Charlotte's laughs and immediately started to eat the little skins around her nails, obviously stressed.

"You alright?" Santana asked softly as Charlotte handed her plate out to be served.

She pulled Brittany out of her strange reverie. "Yeah, sure," Brittany muttered grabbing a knife and cutting a few pieces. "One for my baby," Brittany cooed, suddenly very into the moment as she filled the plates. "One for my beloved Santana, and one for me," she finished brightly.

They ate, Charlotte thrilled and swaying her little legs back and forth on the chair, and Santana staring at Brittany who seemed lost in thought. Something was up. Brittany's eyes were shifty and she was barely paying attention to either of them. She was playing with her food, the fork dancing in the plate to feign eating but it was obvious to Santana's expert eyes she wasn't having any. Something was definitely up.

However, it was neither the time nor the place to start grilling until Brittany spilled everything, not when their daughter was around. They already had hard time making Charlotte shut her mouth most of the time. Consequently, it was the worst idea ever to make her believe it was okay to grill people. Santana finished her pancakes quickly. The sooner this breakfast was over, the sooner Santana could drag Brittany to their bedroom and start her questioning.

"Time for presents!" Brittany said, faking lightness so as not to worry anybody. She cleaned the table, taking all the plates, forks and food to the kitchen work top.

"Yay!" Charlotte jumped up and down on her chair.

Once she was done, Brittany turned around and sighed. She gazed at Santana for a second, deep in thought, which worried her girlfriend. Brittany seemed so serious and disconnected. She took a deep breath and started to head towards the living room to go look for the presents. When she passed right by her, Santana grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"You're sure you're okay?" she whispered.

Brittany freed her wrist and stroked Santana's cheek lovingly. "Couldn't be better."

"Mommy, hurry! The surprise won't come here itself!" Charlotte yelled with aplomb, taking both of her mom's aback with her authoritarian tone.

"Charlotte!-" Santana started warningly.

"I beg your pardon?" Brittany said coldly to her daughter. Charlotte immediately looked down, already regretting her words and tone.

"You don't talk like that to Mommy! Apologize, now," Santana scolded.

"I'm sorry Mommy..." Charlotte said looking at her feet. "Can you bring the present, please?" She corrected herself immediately, a lesson learned from all the scolding she had been through lately when she had tended to be a little too confident and cheeky with her mothers.

"Yeah, I like that better," Brittany said with big unwavering eyes. Watching her daughter over her shoulder, she went to grab the hidden birthday present. She left the kitchen, leaving Santana the task of watching over their naughty child.

She came back carrying a huge box and put it right in front of Santana. Brittany gave her the most loving look and Santana grinned back at her. The moms relaxed, and Charlotte realized the storm over her was far behind. She relaxed too, and smiled widely, thrilled to be able to see Santana's reaction.

Santana stared at the box. It was painted on all its sides, even the lid edges. It was closed by a large ribbon tied on top and Santana gazed at the bow and made the box turn. She analyzed its patterns. Some were painted by Charlotte, messy shapes that looked vaguely like animals, or at least they were meant to. Some were painted by Brittany where Charlotte had left some room, little smiling faces that looked like them, alike as two peas in a pod, or little pretty bows here and there.

"This is so pretty, thank you..." Santana let out in a choked voice, all eyes on the box

"It's just the box, hon. The present's inside," Brittany said playfully. She leaned on the worktop, too anxious to sit. She crossed her arms and tried to be patient.

"Well, even. We'll have to find a way to frame it-"

"Open it, please!" Charlotte pleaded, trying to sound polite despite her excitement.

"Okay, okay!" Santana laughed. "I don't think you'll survive if I take my time anyway," she joked.

She gently untied the ribbon and just as delicately, she slid the lid away. The box was too big to be able to look into it while she sat. She stood up and started to inspect the inside. There was a jumble of colorful papers. They were obviously hiding her presents, lost in a sea of gift papers.

"Happy fishing," Brittany snorted.

Thrilled, Santana shook her fingers playfully, as if she was preparing herself to chase treasures. It made Charlotte laugh.

"'K, Let's see what we got in here..." She sang as she started flicking through the papers. Charlotte had hard time taking the wait. "I feel something!" She hurried to free the stuff from all the papers flying around. "What is that?"

As soon as Santana plucked a painted mug out of the box, Charlotte jumped. "It's mine! It's me who painted it! It's me who did it!"

The moms laughed at their daughter's enthusiasm.

"Wow, Charlie... That's a really pretty mug!" Santana said appreciatively looking at the shapes matching the ones on the box that were covering the whole cup. "You know what, I'll bring it to work so I'll think about you aaaall day when drinking my coffee in it!"

"Do you like it?" Charlotte inquired.

"Of course I do! My coworkers will be so jealous, thank you, sweetheart..." Santana said on her way to hug her daughter to thank her. She went back to the box with a wider smile. "So, what's next... Oh! I have something else," she let out taking a small bag out of the box.

She opened it, winking at Charlotte, figuring it was from her too. She untied the little bow keeping it closed, hearing some clicking sounds escaping from inside. She peeked inside and found handmade jewels made with big pearls.

"How gorgeous!" she emphasized.

It looked like children jewels, huge pearls so toddlers couldn't swallow them, threaded in bracelets. Even if she would actually never wear them, it was still so moving to see that her daughter had really done her best. She figured Brittany had tried to minimize the damage; there were no animal-shaped pearls. Santana figured how much of a pain in the ass it must have been to insist to Charlotte to avoid using these particular pearls.

"I'm so spoiled, it's rather embarrassing," Santana laughed. "Is there more?"

"There's Mommy's presents too!" Charlotte explained.

Santana winked at Brittany, patiently leaning on the worktop. The blonde threw her a weak smile.

"Let's see what Mommy got me then," Santana said flicking through the papers once more. She looked for it for a while without finding anything. "Gosh, where is it? I can't find it. What does it look like, hon?"

"It's flat like paper," Brittany said gently, looking at her feet.

"Hm, okay..." Santana said, figuring the only way to find it was to take all the papers out and check them one by one. "Nothing can stop me from getting my bling," she giggled as she kept taking papers out and ended up covering the whole kitchen table.

"Mama, you have to find it!" Charlie encouraged.

"I'm trying! Gosh Britt, where did you put it?" Santana asked looking at her. Brittany shrugged playfully. "Damn..." She kept emptying the box until something caught her eye. "I got it!"

She took a small and sober envelope out of the box. Intrigued, she opened it to find two plane tickets. She read them and found that they were good for a two week round-trip for two to Hawaii, already booked six months in advance.

"Oh my love..." Santana whispered.

She loved the idea of taking a long vacation. Even better, taking a vacation with Brittany only. She loved her daughter but she missed being alone with Brittany sometimes. She also missed just being on vacation. She had worked too much for years, always taking days off to actually do important personal things but never to just relax. Brittany taking the initiative was just what Santana needed to power through her working routine and actually take some time to chill a bit. She had just read her mind.

Santana put the envelope down and went to hug her girlfriend, holding on tightly. "Thank you, honey... Six months is perfect for me to organize myself, thank you so much."

Brittany reciprocated the hug, but not as warmly as she usually would. "There's more right against the bottom," Brittany said inaudibly, her voice tainted with trembles.

Santana parted from her, feeling weird and out of place in the aftermath of Brittany's unusual behavior. "You didn't have to, it's more than enough already."

"Don't be silly... go!" Brittany giggled despite the serious frown over her eyes.

Santana decided not to think about Brittany's behavior just yet, and went back to the box.

"Okay, so Mommy said right against the bottom," she said playfully to entertain Charlotte. "Do you know what it is?" she asked her looking for her last present.

Charlotte nodded. "It's a box!"

"Another one?" Santana giggled. "Okay, so I'm looking for a box... What does it look like?" She inquired but Brittany hushed Charlotte so she wouldn't ruin everything. "How many trees did you saw to fill this box?" Santana joked winking at Brittany. She kept emptying it until the bottom finally showed. "A box, I'm looking for a box..." She repeated as she kept peeking through the colorful papers. A red little thing shone in the kitchen light. "Gotcha!" She grabbed it with a large grin, with her favorite jeweller's name written on it in golden letters. "Why do I feel like I'm gonna get the earrings to match last year's necklace?" She laughed glancing at Brittany. The blonde looked worryingly pale.

Santana frowned and opened the box. An incredibly shiny solitaire white diamond shone from all sides. She held her breath. She lost her composure and peeked at the flight tickets on the table. All Brittany's intentions screamed in her mind. She locked her eyes with Brittany's, whose unusual behavior was suddenly very explainable and who remained frozen, leaning against the worktop.

"What is it, Mama? Show me what it is!" Charlotte asked, her little high pitched voice filling the silence.

Santana couldn't look at her daughter to answer her. She scrutinized Brittany flushing crimson, overwhelmed.

"Mama! Show me! Please!" Charlotte insisted.

Santana blinked over and over again, powering through to answer her daughter.

She cleared her throat, "It's hm ... an engagement ring."

She turned the little box to show her without letting go of her stare on Brittany. The blonde's eyes were showing so many emotions and it was the most beautiful thing to watch.

"What's an engagement?" Charlotte asked innocently.

Santana took a deep breath. "An engagement is when a person asks the person they love to marry them."

"And when the other person says yes," Brittany added specifically.

Brittany finally straightened and walked to Santana. She grabbed the little opened box from Santana's weak hand with trembling fingers. She detached the ring from its little cushion and softly put the box back on the table.

"That's why I wanted to do it after dinner. I never planned to do this in the middle of our kitchen dressed in pyjamas," Brittany explained almost giggling as she focused on the ring, too overwhelmed to look up at Santana.

"Fuck traditions," Santana said in a tight watery voice.

Charlotte started, "Mama said a curs-"

"Shhh! I'm getting engaged," Santana hushed her daughter hurriedly, eyes as wide as saucers as she took in the sight of Brittany holding a symbol of their commitment to each other in her hold.

Brittany giggled, pulling herself together. She tickled Santana's flat stomach for a second, leaving the brunette completely frozen in a storm of emotions.

"Someday, I'll ask for N°2. But before I do, I have to ask you something else, from the bottom of my heart. My muse, my sweetheart... The other mother of our devilish creature," she chuckled looking at Charlotte who didn't seem to understand what was happening but trying fiercely to. Brittany held the hand Santana had naturally raised. "Will you let me love you until the end of time?"

"Oh gosh yes!" Santana gasped even before realizing she had spoken. Brittany could think whatever she wanted, this proposal was perfect. The two of them with Charlotte, her two favorite people in the world here for her, that couldn't be any less than perfect.

Sweetly chuckling, Brittany slid the ring on Santana's finger, taking her time and pushing it to the very end. Santana threw herself in the blonde's arms and stole passionate kisses that left Charlotte completely out of the frame. She slid her arms around Brittany's neck to keep her tightly against her.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" Santana sang snuggling into her neck and making Brittany laugh.

The blonde's stress melted and her mind became encumbered by love and love only. She held Santana close, making them sway in their embrace. Charlotte pulled at her shorts and Brittany glanced down at her despite her giggles which Santana mimicked.

"What is it, bug?" Brittany inquired, without letting go of Santana lovingly snuggling against her.

The little girl shrugged, breathing loudly. She just felt totally kept out of the event and couldn't manage to understand why they looked so thrilled. Santana crouched, grabbed her shoulders and stroked her cheeks at random intervals.

"Mommies are getting married. Do you know what that means?" Santana started to explain with a huge grin cutting her face in two.

Charlotte shook her head sadly. Her mother was speaking a language she didn't know.

"It's alright. Mommy and I love each other so much that we want to have a party to celebrate it. We'll wear pretty dresses and you will too! We're gonna have a lot of fun!"

Charlotte smiled. Those were words she knew.

"That's why Mommy gave me this ring. She asked me if I wanted to have this party with her," Santana finished explaining, shaking her hand in front of her daughter so Charlotte could see the ring.

The little girl grabbed her mom's hand to see closely. Her eyes shone when she saw how sparkly the new ring was. "Can you lend it?" She asked grinning.

Brittany and Santana laughed. "No, not this one... I'll give you another of my jewels if you want, okay?"

Realizing she had just won a jewel, Charlotte was amply satisfied. She hugged her mom and when Santana looked up into shimmering blue eyes she saw that Brittany couldn't be happier.

"You know Britt, it won't take long before we start talking about N°2," she softly said still hugging Charlotte.

Brittany smiled wide. "But it's not my birthday yet!"

"What's N°2?" Charlotte asked, pulling away.

Santana laughed, "nothing, Sweetie, nothing..."

"Finally..." Santana whispered in an undertone to Brittany right next to her.

They were watching Charlotte sleeping, finally. The entire day they had made her run, dance, sing and laugh, hoping she'd exhaust herself in the long run. The master plan had worked perfectly. Charlotte had started nodding off during dinner, big eyes drooping tiredly and head lolling gently on her shoulders. They had rushed to clear the dishes and had put her in bed before the sun had even started to decline. They watched her for a couple of silent minutes, trying to make absolute certain that Charlotte was out for the count.

"Do you think she's dead asleep?" Santana breathed out tentatively.

"Hold on."

Brittany gently grabbed her daughter's arm and let it fall. Charlotte's tiny limb fell back with a loud noise again the mattress, emptied of all her reflexes. Charlotte didn't blink in reaction, she didn't even move an inch. Charlie was definitely slumbering away, travelling in her colorful dreams.


Santana smirked and Brittany soon shared the same wicked smile. The brunette headed out the girl's room, opening the door with featherlight fingers. She opened it just enough for her to escape through without too much light entering the room. Brittany imitated her girlfriend, and they both held their breath while pulling the door closed. They waited a second, listening into the profound silence. Santana threw another smirk in Brittany's direction.

Brittany grabbed her wrist and pushed her hurriedly towards their own bedroom. Surprised, Santana started laughing. Soft melodious sounds that sent butterflies swirling through Brittany's stomach.

"Shhh! You're gonna wake her up..." Brittany bit out through her own giggles, the ones she was trying to repress, as she started tickling Santana. "Shhhh!" She insisted, her breathing shaken by growing laughter.

Almost running and unmercilessly teasing each other, they made their way to the bedroom. Brittany assaulted Santana's neck with kisses and her hips with tickling strokes. They stumbled on the way, too thrilled to slow down now that they finally could enjoy a moment on their own.

They had waited for their private celebration all day. Santana had long since passed the will to care about her birthday. She was getting married. She would be marrying her sweetheart, her one and only true love. She had a birthday every year, but she would only be engaged once, and more than anything, she would only marry Brittany once.

Santana struggled to remain quiet until they had their door firmly shut. Brittany wedged Santana right up against it and, stuck on the wooden door, Santana couldn't stop fidgeting, freely able to laugh now that they were out of the danger zone. Brittany hurried to unbutton Santana's shirt, never stopping her ministrations on Santana's neck.

"Lock the door. We can't be safe enough," Brittany muttered between two kisses, taking a path down Santana's collarbone and freed shoulder.

Wedged against the door, Santana's fingers groped to find the key stuffed in the lock and turned it with urgency. Brittany lifted her up and rested her fiancée's thighs around her own hips as soon as the sound of the lock reached her ears. Santana let out a small whimper, throwing her arms around Brittany's neck to get some balance.

"God, I love when you do that..." Santana gasped out.

"I know," Brittany smirked through their kisses.

She held her tightly, and carried her to the bed to the soundtrack of Santana's delighted giggles. Brittany let her fall on the bed, making the covers wave on the mattress. She hurried to get her shirt off while Santana got rid of her own, both women throwing their clothes on the ground with rushed haste.

"I don't think I could have waited another minute," Santana admitted breathlessly as her eyes feasted on her fiancée's body.

It felt like sneaking around. And now with the door safely locked, it felt like they were travelling back to their little bubble of love, the one that had never truly left them over the years and would always stick in some corner of their hearts until they'd exhale their last breath together.

Since Charlotte had come into their lives, their time together as a couple had been drastically shortened. It was a little more than four years ago, and Brittany and Santana had barely begun to discover what being a couple in love meant once more. Charlotte was attending school now, which meant that Brittany wasn't tired as hell in the evening after having spent the day running after their beloved devil. When their baby finally wound down and went to sleep, they could have a little time together. At last... Now they were able to discuss things again, rediscovering their once long lasting conversations which had only improved their connection. They managed to watch movies again, listen to music together. But what mattered the most, by far, was that they finally could act as lovers did. Teasing each other all day and still having enough strength by night to satisfy themselves.

However, with the proposal that had only just taken place a few hours earlier, after a whole day pondering on what it meant, they'd furiously craved and needed each other. Exactly in the way they had fallen in love, years ago.

Brittany fell on her and kissed her, stealing all the air from Santana's lungs. She ran her fingers through Santana's hair and pulled her even closer. Taking a deep breath, she jumped to the occasion to unbutton her fiancée's jeans and make them slide down deliciously tanned legs. She hurried to discard them to the ground, and her own soon followed. Santana pushed her back against her with needy grasping hands, only to kiss her even more deeply. She just wanted to feel her already. Once Brittany was lying back, she slid her leg under Brittany's and flipped her over.

"My birthday, my rules," Santana let out slyly.

Brittany shivered with arousal. She hurriedly made her underwear slide down her legs and then welcomed Santana, unfolding her thighs and clenching them over her hips.

"Nah, nah, nah..." Santana disagreed playfully. She slowly slid a hand in between them only to free Brittany's grip around her by parting warm pale legs. "My birthday, my rules," Santana repeated as she let her hand wander dangerously low.

With a wicked smile, she slid expert fingers right along Brittany's core wasting no time. Brittany's calm and quiet breathing fastened in response. She resumed running her fingers through Santana's hair, waiting for the game to really start. Santana dragged her closer to her.

They'd both spent the better part of the day awaiting their own brand of snuggling. One thing was sure, Brittany had been ready to get her cuddles on since Charlotte had started nodding off over her plate at dinner. Santana and Brittany had played footsie under the table, and shared some looks that could tell a story. A very sexy and M rated story that little girls like Charlotte weren't privy too.

They were happy. More than they could understand or fathom. People had worried, their friends mainly, that welcoming a little one might rock the love boat and crackle this dream come true. But nothing of the sort had happened. This was mostly due to the set of rules they had laid down before Charlotte had been born. Rule number one; remain women before moms. They had tackled this task head-on with Brittany curling or braiding her hair during Charlotte's naps, and Santana staunchly putting her best makeup on every day, even changing diapers in heels which had never failed to make Brittany double over with laughter. Santana's main goal, now and into the future, was to become the hottest MILF her company had never seen. Brittany's main fear was to become a sloppy housewife, hiding all her artistic skills and mystery under a huge pile of laundry to this hadn't happened yet and, she'd vowed, would never happen.

Even if Charlotte had upset their hearts and life in the sweetest way, deep down, both of their soul couldn't stop singing as lovers to each other before mothers to their baby. Which led to rule number 2; their bedroom was sacred ground. Whenever Charlotte finally exhausted herself and slept like a log, they left their caring mom personas to meet again as women in love. They closed their bedroom door and locked themselves up in their own bubble of love, their "sexyland" as Santana used to call it. No children allowed, no baby sleeping in between and no Mommy and Mama. Just Santana and her Britt-Britt, Brittany and her Sanny. According to them, rule number two was the best rule they had ever come up with. Even if they were too tired for anything more than simply passing out in each other's arms; at least they were falling asleep as lovers and that was the best feeling.

Today was evidence of this. They had spent all day remembering every memory, how life had led them to where they were now and what the world had to offer them. They had mulled over their past, pondering on the day they had first met. Their first words exchanged, their playful demeanours from back then that had never really left them. The cuddles, the kisses and talks.

They had safely closed their door, sealing it with the spell of their attraction. They had fall in each other's arms with all the love they had. The ring around Santana's finger had reminded her all day of how she had never taken Brittany for granted. Brittany was like a butterfly, always flitting about, her mind always dancing through reveries and wonderlands Santana could never hope to understand, even after all these years. Brittany embodied passion, and the last thing Santana wanted was passion to leave her, or both of them . To keep their love burning like a pyre was their duty; warming it with incessant sweet attentions and tenderness. Brittany was finding the real tenderness in Santana's caring strokes and embraces. The way her fingers ran on her skin, the way her eyes kept reading the emotions traveling through her own features. The way Santana made her sway with her, when they were so close that Brittany could feel her heart thumping against her own chest.

Her love had no frontier whenever Santana's ministrations made her breathless and hot. Santana was holding her close with one arm, her other hand busy elsewhere. Considering the wicked smirk sticking to the luscious lips, Brittany knew, was sure, that Santana had something in mind. However, she had no heart for investigation when her own thighs started to tremble in anticipation.

Santana gave her a wet kiss. She gazed at Brittany's breast moving along the pushes she was making at her center. She carefully listened to the soft moans escaping the blonde's lips. She intensified, only to witness Brittany's features contort even more. She slightly parted from Brittany without slowing her pace. All she wanted was to do what she was the best at, showing the depth of her feelings without words. She instantly met Brittany's inquiring look fighting its way through her pleasure.

"Is this all you have for me, Mrs. Pierce?" Santana teased lovingly with a wink.

Delighted, Brittany chuckled. "Come back..." She murmured encircling Santana with her arms to pull her closer.

"I have better plans," Santana retorted around a smirk.

She pulled away from Brittany's embrace without slowing down her busy hand. Brittany's whimpers were suddenly tainted with something else than just pleasure. Santana kissed her way down between Brittany's breasts and her stomach.

"Oh no, not that..." Brittany blurted, understanding finally what plan Santana had in mind and already knowing it would be the end of her. "Not that, I'm gonna wake her up-"

"Keep it quiet then," Santana let out with a soft chuckle, kissing lower and lower.

Realizing she would have no say tonight, Brittany let a desperate moan from within her chest escape. She'd already guessed how hard it would be to attempt keeping herself quiet when Santana did what she loved the most. What they usually keep for nights alone, when the grandparents came to fetch the little demon for the night and left the moms to some personal time. But this time, Charlotte was well and truly sleeping just a few meters away in the adjacent room and Brittany had no faith in the walls of their bedroom to turn her moans into soundless cries.

When Santana finally reached what for her lips and tongue craved, she turned her hand to get the perfect position. She made herself comfortable, looking up at her writing panting mess of a fiancée. She giggled; Brittany's features were telling a story on how she was probably praying to God to actually manage to keep quiet. Laughing internally, Santana started licking Brittany's center with fierce determination. Brittany grabbed her hair and held onto a pillow with her other hand. Her face couldn't stop silently contorting. It wouldn't last long before Brittany would start losing it and they both knew it. As if fate was reading Santana's mind, Brittany buried her mouth in a pillow. Incessant moans escaped, barely quietened by the material. Santana kept doing what Brittany loved the most, things she had learned over the years to please her one and only true love. But today it was about more than just pleasing her, it's was about thanking her and giving Brittany a preview of what their first night as a married couple would be.

The way she made her shake, the way she was feeling her inside and outside, felt like the best love and offer in Brittany's mind. Her heart raced and her throat was scorched with want. She wished she could have held on a little longer but with Santana playing pitilessly like that... she had no way out. When Santana teased her lower stomach with her free hand, strokes that left her skin feeling a glowing fire, Brittany let go of everything, only to grab Santana's hand and desperately and stick it to her own cheek. Moaning her love in the moist palm, Brittany knew she was only a few seconds away from relief. She played with the ring crowning Santana's fourth finger. As if she needed confirmation, her body entire body cried out to affirm how wonderful their marriage would be.

Suddenly, warmth started to glow from the deepest parts of her body. She sucked on Santana's fingers, pathetically trying to be as quiet as possible as she felt herself melting under her climax.

"Fuck... oh fuck..." Brittany let out breathlessly.

Keeping quiet was such a torture. Santana ignored Brittany's pleading, focusing instead on pushing her completely into ecstasy. She stroked even more carefully, pushing in and out even deeper. Brittany curled her toes and buried them in the mattress with a low powerful groan.

"Fuck Santana! Oh..." She cried out, as her orgasm ripped through her like a tornado.

Santana pulled away, smirking, and put her hand flat on Brittany's center so the blonde could finish enjoying her delight peacefully. In response, the blonde relaxed against the pillows, eyes shut and breathing heavily. Santana took the hand Brittany was no longer holding and dried her mouth with the back of it. Happy and sated, she laid back beside Brittany and cuddled her for a while. When Brittany finally opened her eyes to gaze at her, Santana softly removed her hand and snuggled into her embrace.

Brittany welcomed Santana with her best smile, her most tender look. As Santana smiled back, Brittany lovingly pushed some black locks that had fallen over her eyes behind her ear. She made the cuddle last, stroking Santana's cheeks and neck with loving attention. Minutes went by with the sound of their happy breathing as the only melody. They gazed at each other as if it was the first time they were seeing each other, eyes travelling to her every feature, every detail.

"What are you thinking about?" Santana inquired, watching as Brittany seemed to hover in another realm entirely.

"I'm picturing you with pearls in your hair," Brittany admitted, the idea coloring her mind with shiny jewels in ebony hair under a large stained glass church window. She had spent all day flipping through images of Santana wearing white. "And I'm taking them off, one by one," she joked, plucking imaginary pearls from Santana's dishevelled head with a gentle grin.

Santana smiled wide, feeling cheesy and loved. She snuggled in a little more closely, "Do you want me to wear some?"

"No, I want you to wear whatever you want," Brittany sweetly whispered.

"I want to be perfect for you..." Santana simpered. If Brittany imagined her this way, then she wanted to resemble and trounce Brittany's imagination.

Brittany pushed her on her back; it was her turn to snuggle in Santana's arms. She rested her head in the crook of her neck. "You'll be perfect anyway," Brittany cooed.


Brittany pulled back a little to look up. She immediately understood that Santana was already flicking through weddings looks in her mind, eyes riveted on the ceiling.

"Before you torture yourself with fashion, we have something more important to do before..." Brittany said teasingly.

"What?" Santana smiled, eyes flicking back to her.

"The date," Brittany let out in a whisper. "There's no wedding without a date..."

Santana bit her lip in thought. "Right."

Picking a date on the calendar seemed so lame. They could do better than that. Santana flickered through all the months a year was made up of, trying to find something that rung a bell.

"Hold on," she blurted.

She did her best not to let go of their hug while she opened a drawer of her bedside cabinet. Brittany parted a little to let her do so, watching as Santana grabbed a little box, whose corners were torn up and whose lip wasn't really straight anymore. With no force, she made the lip jump, and flipped through little papers in the box.

"I got it!" Santana breathed happily under Brittany's inquiring look.

Santana pulled out a little ticket. The black ink had faded and it was almost impossible to read. Santana held it up towards the light, hoping it would help to read better. Focusing hard, she deciphered the shadows on the ticket.

"What is it?"

"The first ticket you ever gave me," Santana admitted, still focused on reading. "October 4th," she announced proudly.

"You did not keep that during all of these years!" Brittany chuckled, surprised.

"Yes, I did..." Santana smiled cheesily.

Brittany kissed and held her more tightly, laughing. "That's just cute, I mean..." Loving chuckles shook her. "October 4th, it's settled then."

Silence filled the room. Santana put her precious and fragile treasure back in its case. She closed the box and put it on the cabinet, eyeing it in a sort of adoring and amorous way. She took a deep breath, as if she were inhaling the clean oxygen from the top of a mountain.

"We're getting married," Santana realized out loud. The declaration hung in the air and made Brittany beam.

Santana chuckled in astonishment. It just felt too good to be true.

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