"Ah…it's so good to be back home, eh Batta? After a few days being home, it still feels like we just got back!"

"That's right, captain. A fine job well done"

"You know Batta, you should find yourself a wife. You'll be a great dad, I'm sure"

"What makes you think that, my boy?"

"Well…you're kinda like a father to me now Dad's not around anymore"

"…Eoleo, I want to tell you something. I am a father"

"Batta, I didn't know that! For how long?"

"Well…it's a closely guarded secret of mine, and you're the only one who knows other than the mother of the child. Let's keep it that way, eh?

"You have my word. Now, don't be such a sore ass; tell me!"

"Hah hah! Well, you needn't know the name until the wedding"

"Wedding? This just gets better and better; how long have you been a dad for?"

"…Well, three weeks"

"Batta…you mean…"

"Yep…I became a dad whilst I was locked away in that dank cell in Belinsk"

"Congratulations! Oh wow, this is amazing news!"

"It's secret news, my boy. Nobody knows who the father is: I'm going to reveal to everyone tomorrow about the wedding and who the father is…"

"You're a sly one, Batta"

"Guess I am, eh?"

"A boy or a girl?"

"Boy. He'll grow up to be a fine, strong man"

"And his name?"

"…Briggs. His name is Briggs"

"…Batta, no…"

"It's the right thing to do, my boy. Your father is the main reason that I am the man that I am today. He taught me so much about being an honest pirate, to pillage for good intentions. To serve him and you as first mate has been the joy of my life, so in dedication, we named our little boy Briggs, after your father"

"Ah Batta…that's awesome…"

"And I know who I can count on to babysit little Briggs when I'm busy!"

"Hey, why are you looking at me like that?"

"I'm gonna make sure he starts calling you Uncle Eoleo, the same way you used to call me Uncle Batty when you were just a tot!"

"Hah hah hah! Hey, I completely forgot about that name! Maybe I should call you that on our next voyage!"

"Hey, catch!"

"What's this?...Champan ale?"

"A toast…to our survival, and your new love!"

"Eh heh…yeah, to that"

"Perk up, boy! This stuff practically saved your life, remember?"

"You're right…if I hadn't ordered this via that carrier pigeon, then it would have been curtains for us! Say, why the hell did it take so long for the ale to get to Belinsk?"

"Funny you should say that; I was having a chat with the captain of the delivery boat about the same thing. They say you ordered so much ale that they had to make more to match the demand!"

"But…I thought I only asked for 50 bottles of this stuff!"

"Fifty? More like five hundred!"

"What? I didn't write that down!"

"Well, according to the delivery captain, that's what you wrote. Maybe you weren't paying attention?"

"…You're saying a few seconds of not paying attention actually saved our lives?"

"I wouldn't tell everybody else about that"

"Heh, that's damn right. If anyone heard about that, I don't think they'd be impressed"

"Good thing the ale didn't go to waste. You're drinking one of the bottles now"

"Ah…the sweet taste of life. Doesn't get better than this. Jeez, everybody must have thought I was organizing a giant piss up in Belinsk!"

"…I got the feeling we'll be going back to Belinsk pretty soon"

"What makes you think that, Batta?"

"Haven't you heard? They say the Mourning Moon's appeared near Mt. Aleph"

"That's supposed to be a huge Psynergy Vortex, isn't it?"


"Urgh…I've had my fill of Psynergy Vortexes for the time being"

"Well, they say it's a pretty big deal and that leading countries and their leaders are meeting up to discuss it"

"…Sounds like an excuse to go back to Belinsk, eh?"

"You've caught my drift"

"We'll give it a few weeks. I wanna get used to home again before I set out anywhere. Remember, I'm the leader of Champa now. I gotta get used to meeting and greeting the citizens before I go vanishing to conferences I shouldn't even be at!"

"…But you're still going to go, right?"

"Hell yeah! We may not be pillaging or being 'pirates' as much as we used to, but there's one thing I still love doing, and that's living dangerously!"

"Just like your Dad…"

"And when the time comes to gatecrash, I want you there"

"Consider it done, captain"

"Good. Now, a toast. To life!"

"To life!"


I hope you enjoyed the story, I always wanted to give this pairing a proper go and not a one-chapter short story like before, so I'm glad this attempt came out as a successful churn with no writer's block. And now, for some trivia! About the origin of the story, I initially had the idea from a failed one-shot I tried writing on this pair after writing Successors, where Eoleo got wounded and healed by Sveta. I decided to make it five chapters following the same plot, expect Stamford would have been supremely confident, pretty clumsy and most importantly, without a machine to back up his plan. The aim was for Eoleo to stamp his coup out quickly by picking up the Herculean Axe, which he would have left in Belinsk by accident before leaving. I started writing the story whilst this was in mind, but when brainstorming ideas, I found that Stamford could potentially be a more cunning villain, so I decided to elaborate on the story, add Batta to give the Champan pirates an extra dimension and develop some of Eoleo and Briggs's seafaring past, and also added the whole section about Stamford's war with Sana and Bilibin. And to think that this story was going to be a short, quick flick? Well, I do write my quick flicks now and then, many are shown in my other stories across the Nintendo franchise. Give them a go for me, and bye bye!