Gabe ducked a punch from Jo, scared. She snarled and threw another one at his face. It struck him, and he winced, but didn't do anything back.

"Jo, what's wrong!" he yelled as she tried to kick him.

"I caught you kissing Rosalie Miller, stupid! I knew you never liked me!" she roared, but it seemed like she was also very sad.

Gabe stood up taller. They were in the Homeroom classroom of their school, and everyone else had already left. "Well! After I caught you getting all close with that new kid, what did you expect!" he defended himself.

She crossed her eyebrows, annoyed. "All I did was pat him on the shoulder! Besides, he's my cousin anyway! He just moved here!"

He looked her in the eye. "You promise?"

"Of course, Dummy. You're the only dork I want." She said matter of factly.

"In that case… I'm sorr-" he was cut off by Jo giving him a hug on his chest, and leaned her head on his shoulder. This confused him; wasn't she always the mean one in their thing?

"Is something wrong? You're not this gushy normally."

"Just don't leave me again, okay? Stupid or not, you're my boy, right?" she asked, more softly then before.

He nodded slowly, comprehending what she said. A lifetime with Jo didn't sound all that bad. Then, as if to ruin the moment, Rosalie walked in the room.

"Hey Gabe, I've been looking for you, and-"

She stopped. She looked the scene up and down, and remained silent for a second. Then she came to life. "CHEATER! UGH!" and she threw a Pencil at him, but missed by a mile. She smacked the wall and slammed the door shut.

"That ruined it…" Gabe laughed softly.

"Yeah. Never been much for the gushy stuff anyway. Had to be sure, though." Then Jo smacked him in the chest. "That's for even thinking of cheating on me." She smacked him again. "That's for cheating on me with someone as ugly as her! Anyway, wanna go set a prank in Teacher's Lounge?"

Gabe grinned. "Race you there, bro!" and with that they set off down the Hallway, and out of the room.