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"Hey Roddeh~ is that cake your cooking?" Gilbert whined as he rested his head on the Austrian's shoulder. Roderich smiled slightly to himself and continued to mix the cake mix.

"Ja and its chocolate."

"My favorite! And just when I was hungry too!" Gilbert sneaked his hands around Roderich and hugged him close from behind while lightly kissing him on the cheek. This caused Roderich to blush lightly; he still wasn't quite used to having Gilbert as a…erm…boyfriend.

Roderich pushed Gilbert off him. "Okay, okay, get off me, it will be done soon. Go wait at the dining room table, Gilbert."

Gilbert sighed slightly in frustration as he walked off to the dining room. This Austrian has hardly let Gilbert touch him since they had gotten together! It was outraging! You can't stop the 5 Meters of Awesome! The 5 Meters of Awesome stops you….for about a week….of pain-in-the-ass syndrome…

The smell of fresh chocolate cake made Gilberts mouth water. He currently sat at the dining room table and very impatiently calling for Roderich. "Roderich, hurry up! I know it's done! I can smell it!"

"Don't worry I'm coming, I'm coming…"

Gilbert heard the noise of the short heels clacking against the wooden floor before he could see the petite Austrian in the doorway. Immediately Gilbert's jaw dropped.

From the maid hat firmly on his head to the hot stockings, Roderich was just…so…sexy.

Gilbert's eyes grew wide, trying to soak it all in and burn it into his memory.

"W-w-wha-" Unable to form a complete word at the moment due to shock, Roderich interrupted Gilbert's stuttering by walking over and sitting the whole cake in front of Gilbert.

Roderich smiled embarrassingly. "Here is your cake, Gilbert. I hope you like it."

The shock now passing over, Gilbert gave grinned and looked Roderich up and down openly.

"Oh I like it." This made Roderich blush and give a light cough.

"I meant the cake…"

Gilbert's face melted into a look of false confusion "Oh I did too…what did you mean, Roderich?"

"Never Mind…"

As soon as Gilbert turned back to the mouth-watering cake Roderich spoke up again.

"Wait; let me help you with that." In one graceful movement, Roderich was straddling Gilbert's thighs. Gilbert stared at the Austrian man in a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

"What has gotten into you, Roderich, I mean not that I don't like it but…" Gilbert let his sentence trail off and Roderich scooted closer, their bodies almost touching right against each other.

"What? You said next time we'd use a maid's dress right? I was waiting for it to get in the mail."

"I didn't think you'd take me seriously though!"

"Shut up! Let me feed you cake…" Gilbert thought of no reason to object to this and decided to let the Austrian man shovel cake into his mouth with a fork. Only he didn't. Roderich ate the fork-full of cake himself.

Gilbert started to object till Roderich strongly took hold of his jaw and kissed him. Forcing Gilbert's mouth open, Roderich pushed his tongue inside, feeding the Prussian mouth-to-mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Gilbert swallowed roughly. "That's some good cake." Roderich blushed and gave another embarrassed smile.

Looking down in dismay, Roderich said "Ugh, I got chocolate on my dress."

Gilbert smiled seductively "Well I guess we have to take it off now before we get more chocolate on it." Instead of being charmed by the line, Roderich frowned.

"I bet you got that line from Francis. So over used! I don't want to feel like I'm over used."

"Hey, hey! Maids aren't supposed to order their Masters around! It's unconstitutional!" Roderich grew even more red but this time with anger.

"Unconstitutional? What is this? America?" Gilbert swiftly moved the both of them down the floor causing Roderich to gape his mouth open in surprise.

"Ooo now my maid is talking back! Tsk tsk tsk…. What will I ever do with a disobedient maid?" Gilbert then began to pull the long white stockings off of Roderich, along with the shoes. "As sexy as these stockings may be, they must go~" Gilbert moved his hand up Roderich's leg.

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