Gilbert abandoned Roderich's mouth while Roderich caught his breath and started kissing down his neck.

"You know how long it took this package to come in the mail?" Roderich asked breathlessly. Gilbert only answered with a small "Mm?"

"Three weeks…I was going to get it from France at first but he was asking too many questions. Then Japan gave me a link to a website that he frequents—Mhp!" Gilbert had bitten down hard on Roderich's collar-bone.

"Less talk, more sex. I have been waiting three weeks for this…it felt like forever." Roderich blushed.

With a sudden surge of strength, Roderich flipped the positions. Gilbert's back clattered against the table, shaking it, and tipping the half eaten cake off the table. The moist cake landed right in the middle of Gilbert's chest. Both males stared in slight surprise but both recovered quickly.

"You really like trying to top don't you, Priss?" Gilbert taunted, pushing some cake off his chest onto the floor, and then paused before ordering "Clean it off."

Realizing the role that was forced upon him (Roderich didn't think that he would actually have to act like Gilbert's maid), Roderich answered politely. "Yes…my Lord."

With graceful fingers, Roderich unbuttoned Gilbert's white shirt while thinking distastefully: That shirts as good as ruined.

Gilbert's pale white and awesome body shown as Roderich slipped the rest of his shirt off and threw it to the side. Gilbert, being determined and wanting Roderich to clean cake off of something, took a handful of fallen cake and spread it down his body. Then Gilbert smirked up at the prissy maid.

Roderich sighed "Why must you always get yourself so messy….Master?"

Swirling his tongue very erotically, Roderich licked and ate up every piece of cake on his….erm…Master ending at Gilbert's waistband.

Immediately Roderich started unzipping and unbuttoning Gilbert's pants. When those were off Roderich smirked and slowly took in the sight of Gilbert's chick boxers.

"Lovely boxers, my Lord." Roderich commented.

"Shut—ehah!" Roderich bent down and started to suck on the outside of the boxers over Gilbert's growing erection. Unable to stop himself, Gilbert bucked his hips and growled "S-stop teasing me-eeh!"

In the most arousing motion ever, Roderich stopping sucking and pulled the boxers down with his teeth, looking Gilbert in the eyes the whole time he was doing it. Then he proceeded with licking Gilbert's full erection in one big motion ending over the sensitive tip earning a moan from the white-haired man.

Gilbert bucked his hips again, this time forcing his whole member into Roderich's mouth, almost making the man choke. But Roderich complied happily and began to bob his head in a hungry motion. (It had been like 3 weeks, yeah know? The man was sex-deprived…)

Gilbert's fingers ended up tangled in Roderich's brown hair as his back arched in pleasure. As Roderich continued to suck, lick and bite he could feel his own member throb, wanting attention, under the lacy maid dress but decided to ignore it for now.

Feeling Gilbert getting close, Roderich stopped and pulled away. Gilbert shivered lightly in pleasure as the cold air hit his wet erection that was already oozing pre-cum.

"Why'd you stop?" Gilbert demanded, panting.

"I won't have you cuming yet." Roderich stood up and pulled down the lace panties he was wearing (What? They matched the outfit!) and sat down a little bit in front of Gilbert.

Much to Gilbert's disbelief and shock, Roderich silently began to prepare himself by sticking his own finger inside himself. Getting used to the feeling, Roderich added another finger and began to scissor himself.

Gilbert just sat there staring at the aristocrat in slight awe; it was like all his wet dreams coming together into one! The scene made Gilbert want cum but he managed to hold on.

Roderich let himself let out a wanton moan that he had been holding in and deemed himself prepared for what came next.

Gilbert was about to flip their positions back to the original way when Roderich stopped him again.

Slowly, Roderich lowered himself onto Gilbert's erection. Once Gilbert's member was fully inside of him and comfortable, Roderich began to rock his hips against the man below him. Thrusting roughly upward; Gilbert could hear their bodies slap against each other as their bodies were both covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Roderich could feel the maid dress clinging to his chest and thighs as sweat was pouring out of his skin. Finding this more than slightly uncomfortable, he pulled the maid dress over his head leaving himself fully nude.

Now able to see Roderich's member that was throbbing madly for attention, Gilbert rubbed his body against it in yet another thrust.

Both men moaned and grunted as they pressed/thrusted up against each other; as if they couldn't get close enough to each other and as if they couldn't get enough of each other.

Gilbert felt himself about to cum but couldn't warn Roderich fast enough and came inside of him with a loud moan of "Roderich!" That set Roderich over the edge and came on their stomachs but this time calling out Gilbert's name.

Both panting heavily, Roderich pulled Gilbert out of him and laid beside Gilbert on the dining room floor.

"Now we need to get that dress cleaned…" Roderich muttered to himself more then to Gilbert.

Gilbert looked at Roderich hopefully "So we are using it again?"

Roderich turned his head away to hide the blush that was creeping up on his face.

"I never said that…"

"Well since we did what I wanted to do, tell me Roddy, if you could pick one outfit for me to wear what would it be?"

Roderich mumbled something unclear. "What?" Gilbert asked "C'mon you can tell me."

"A cop uniform!" Roderich blurted out, covering his face with his hands, feeling very undignified when admitting it.

Smirking happily, Gilbert said "Now was that so hard to say?" Without waiting for an answer, Gilbert scooped Roderich into his arms princess-style and carried him up to bed for a nap.

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