Some Secrets

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Bo arrived at the Dal just in time to catch the two cops before they left. She stopped Dyson and Hale at the door with a look of restlessness on her face. She looked behind them, around the Dal but didn't find her anywhere. Then Hale caught her attention.

"What's happening pretty lady?" Hale asked Bo with a killer smile while Dyson asked the same question but through a "what's up" head nod.

"Ha-Have any of you seen Kenzi? It's been 6 days and she's been missing and I can't find a trace of her anywhere." Bo asked nervously in fear that something has happened to Kenzi.

"She's still not back?" Dyson asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

Bo recalled the last time she saw Kenzi and told both of the guys that she was acting a bit strange.

Hale then gave Bo a curious look. "Explain, in terms of Kenzi, strange?"

Trick then joined the conversation along with Lauren who was speaking to Trick earlier at the bar counter. They seemed to be having a serious discussion about the light Fae but as soon as they heard Kenzi's name and the word "strange", if she couldn't get any stranger, they rushed over.

Trick asked the group, "what happened to Kenzi?"

"She's been missing for 6 days and was acting very strange before that. Strange as in she stopped playing robot hookers and eating cereal and instead was reading and pacing back and forth numerous times. She also seemed extremely tired and would talk on the phone for hours with someone I don't know. I hoped it was boy trouble but I don't think "boy trouble" would lead to her disappearance." All of a sudden Bo's face turned into a death gaze, "I swear, if the dark Fae or Morrigan hurt or threatened Ken-"

Instantly Dyson stepped in front of Bo. "Bo, nothing like that would ever happen, and it won't happen because Hale and I will find her "

"Yea, lil' mommas tough and we'll find her so stop being so worried. You can count on Dyson and me. I'll use my lady killer siren skills if I have to" Hale said with a smile trying to hold back his concern for Kenzi in front of Bo. After the incidents with the Garuda, he couldn't imagine Kenzi getting hurt like that again.

Then Bo suddenly panicked, "But, I'm not with Kenzi and what if something happens to her! I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. She's like my sister."

Lauren put her hand on Bo's shoulders. "Calm down Bo. I'll also try to find her. Plus, I'm a doctor so no worries if she's hurt, which.. won't happen by the way."

A smile formed on Bo's face at the realization of how much everyone loves Kenzi as much as she does.

"I really appreciate it you guys. Thank you"

"Alright let's cut the chit chat and start looking" Trick said taking command

"Tricks right" Dyson took a step forward and smirked, "Kenzi could be anywhere and who knows what trouble that human might get herself into. Best we find her at the earliest."

Trick closed up the Dal for the day and the group gathered, ready to go on their search for Kenzi. All of a sudden, someone walked into the Dal.

"We're closed. Sorry come back to-" Trick stopped halfway upon seeing who it was.

"Yo, Bobo…and friends" Kenzi asked awkwardly as she realized that they were huddled in a group, looking like they were about to go on a life altering mission.

"Where ya guys goin? Another job? Dammit! And just when I came back. Great"

Everyone just stared at the silver eyed Goth, speechless, waiting to hear some sort of excuse of explanation out of the petite's mouth.

"O…K.." Kenzi said as she faced their silence.

She walked up to the bar table and sat down.

"Hey Trickster, fix me up a shot. A giant glass of beer would work too or something that would wake me up" said Kenzi casually waiting for Trick to come over to the other side of the counter.

Bo then furiously walked over to where Kenzi was sitting and slapped her hand on the counter centimeters away from Kenzi.

"Where the hell have you been!" Bo spouted furiously.

"Yea lil' momma, we've been worried bout you like crazy" backed up Hale.

"Nowhere really. I was just.." Kenzi trailed off for a while then got back to reality, "visiting people and places. Here and there. Nowhere special"

"Nowhere special? Nowhere special!" This time Bo was yelling. "You couldn't give a call or leave a note? Kenzi, you've been practically gone for a week!"

"Calm down with the bitchin Bo. I love you but calm down. Let's talk about it later okay. I'ma head out."

Realizing that the zen in the room was in some serious hoodoo, Kenzi got up and began walking for the door swiftly. All of a sudden a masculine figure stopped Kenzi in her trail.

"Where do you think you're going" Dyson asked in a cold low voice as he blocked Kenzi from leaving.

"Home. Where else would I go?"

"I don't know, since you practically were missing from "home" the past 6 days", Bo yelled from across the room.

"Hey D man, as you can see Bobo is losing her head over this so before this gets ugly.."

Kenzi tried to slip past Dyson and as soon as she did, Dyson growled and grabbed her wrist and pulled it up to his head length. Gripping her wrist tightly, he pulled her closer to him.

"Explain Kenzi. We've got all the time in the world"

"Please Dyson" said Kenzi using Dyson's full name which shocked him. "Not today. I'm really tired. Please" Dyson released Kenzi's wrist.

Dyson watched Kenzi walk out the door and began to get annoyed at the fact that the human who would always help him out and him to she was not revealing anything to anyone, or to him at the most. Dyson felt that if Kenzi wanted to keep it from Bo to make her happy, she should at least tell him about it since they now established mutual trust between each other after the whole Norn chapter. It made him, not angry, but rather disappointed.

The group sat down at the bar table wondering what just happened. They were baffled at the thought of where she could have been or if something has happened to her to make her like that.

"So what do ya think Doc?" Hale asked hoping for it to be medical related.

Lauren took a deep breath and looked at everyone and the silent Bo just standing there. "Honestly, I don't think something happened to her in that sense."

Bo suddenly broke her silence "In what sense? A medical sense? Why, did she tell you something?"

"Do you think something happened to Kenzi that she's not telling us?" Dyson asked seriously looking Lauren in the eyes which is something he normally doesn't do.

Lauren then sighed. "I simply think Kenzi has a secret. Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want us to know, hence the word secret."

Trick looked at Bo and said, "Don't worry Bo. It's probably something personal. She'll tell in time"

"Maybe." Bo said looking at the floor. She then looked up. "Thanks, all of you for willing to help. I'm going to check on Kenzi"

"Wait Bo. Let me come with you. Something's bothering me about Kenzi" Dyson said walking with Bo out the door. He wondered what this secret was really about.