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"Out of all the people, why does Kenzi have your number Norn? What did you do to her? Answer me or I will find you and make you answer." Dyson spewed in a rage far seemingly from human.

"Dyson, Dyson" repeated an old withered voice, "Is that how you treat and elderly who has retrieved and returned your love? I would be a bit more considerate if I were you"

"Kenzi is the one that retrieved my love, you have done nothing! That human has done more than any Fae would expect from humans. If any harm comes to her, you will be the first one to disappear" Dyson said in a low bloodcurdling tone. His eyes began to shift into it's wolf form.

"Now, now Dyson, I suggest you play nice. After all, you are the one to blame for her condition!" the Norn's voice began to rise, "had you not sent her to me, she wouldn't be in this predicament and neither would I! But then again, your guilt will be a pleasing emotion to observe."

"How am I to blame? Stop deceiving me with your lies and-"

"What, the human didn't tell you!" cried the Norn delightfully as she cut off the furious Dyson, "That human came to me to retrieve your love, remember! In her foolish human thrill, she knocked over one of my precious tar bottles, and one of the last at that."

Dyson began recalling the book, "…The black willow tar…"

"Yes, yes the black willow tar, it fell on the hands of that clumsy human. A shame, but I suppose I had no more use for it anymore. It's your human who is in trouble, and in pain." Dyson could sense the smirk that the Norn had put on. He knew that she felt enjoyment out of this. It was her revenge.

"Pain? What do you mean pain?" Dyson further interrogated.

"The black willow tar has a rather unique consequence and effect, or as I call it a gift. It causes changes within the body but many know not what. Before changes can appear, a great deal of pain is experienced. Many pass away in this pain but many few have survived and succeeded with this change."

"The past week…are you the one she went to look for? Is that why she disappeared?"

"Once again yes. She would not tell me but I do imagine that her pain exceeded to an excruciating level, one that she couldn't even cope with. It even so went to change her behavior, or so I am informed. She was in desperate need of help and I refused to help but her persistence wore me out so we made an exchange."

"What exchange!" Dyson feared that Kenzi had given up something of importance to her the same way he did before.

"Now wait Dyson, don't get ahead of yourself. I gave the girl many remedies to cope with the pain, in a sense you can call it a Fae morphine, but she wouldn't end there so I gave her ancient scriptures so she can see what she has gotten herself into. Of course they won't be of much help."

"What's this exchange Norn? You haven't answered my question"

"The human herself can tell you about the exchange. In any case, it will only be valid if she survives. I believe that the days she has been missing, she was frantically looking for a cure, a way out, since none of us know what this "change" really is. I guess the human exhausted and gave up which resulted in her going back to you foolish Fae. It's none of my concern now"

"Then I am to blame for her condition… Why didn't she tell me! What did she fear?" Dyson began to feel a pang of remorse at the pit of his stomach.

"Dyson, I believed you to be wise but in the end you are as pitiful as any dog. That human feared that you could not cope with the guilt that she would inflict once she told you. She went to retrieve your love because she cares deeply for you. Had you not "complained" and "whined" to that human, she would have never done this." The Norn had sighed and continued on with her rustic tone, "Nevertheless Dyson, you will feel an anguish of guilt and your human friend will continue writhing in pain. My end of the bargain has been fulfilled"

"Norn! What do you-" Dyson noticed that the line was dead. He tried calling back but the number had now ceased to exist.

Dyson crumpled the paper, tossed it aside and stared at it for a minute or two in the darkness. He then began to head back to the house to confirm the Norn's words. An expression of guilt, sadness and anger overcame him as he reached closer and had to come in terms with the damage he had done upon the innocent, fragile human who only had the best interests of not only him, but all her friends in her thoughts. This was going to break him.


Both of them sat down on the couch. Dyson was sitting on the right of the couch, looking down on the floor, but then he noticed Kenzi, who sat far, far on the left.

"Kenz, why are you sitting so far away" Dyson asked puzzled.

"It's not that you have cooties or anything D but… it's just that I'm not that great with, you know, all this emotional stuff" Kenzi began to scoot farther acting as if Dyson was going to suddenly jump her.

"Kenzi, get back here" Dyson looked directly at Kenzi this time "why didn't you tell me anything? If not me you could of at least told Bo or Hale. I understand if you don't want to tell me."

Kenzi began scooting closer after he realized the expression on his face. It reminded her of the time he lost his love. The time he couldn't come to terms with anything or rather anyone.

"I didn't say anything D 'cause I knew you'd become like…" Kenzi then motioned his entire body, "..like this. All guilt trip and everything. You had enough of that."

This time Kenzi sat right next to Dyson but in criss-cross form. She was about to reach for his shoulder when suddenly her arm began to burn. The sensation started to reach her entire body. Her face and her eyes began glowing in pain. Dyson then started to notice it as well.

As Kenzi clutched her arms and got off the couch, she banged into the table and immediately Dyson grabbed her face, trying to calm her.

"I feel like I'm gonna-" Kenzi couldn't finish her sentence and released herself from Dyson's grasp and headed for the bathroom, which Dyson followed.

"Where, where is it!" Kenzi began searching the cabinets frantically "I know I kept that Norn voodoo here somewhere!" Kenzi collapsed on her knees.

Dyson then found the concoction in the top shelf of the cabinet, which was oddly labeled 'Norn Voodoo Meds', but he figured that's what it was. Dyson then changed his stance to match hers and helped her gulp down some of that dark liquid while patting her hair back. Kenzi began to sway and Dyson caught the petite before she could fall.

"Thanks D" Kenzi managed while feeling the pain withdraw.

"Norn Voodoo Meds? Really Kenz?" Dyson lightly teased trying to make Kenzi feel that the pain didn't bother him much as Kenzi would think, but the worried expression on his face told otherwise.

"Not know D…" Kenzi could barely manage a fight and Dyson could feel a cold sweat escaping her.

Dyson grabbed Kenzi gently and then carried her to the sofa. As he laid her down, he saw her eyes open and her gray pupils were dilated.

"Thanks Dyson. Haha.. I shouldn't have kept it on the top shelf, right. I was just trying to hide it from Bo.." Kenzi then shifted her head away from Dyson, feeling not embarrassed but ashamed that she needed his help, which is what she was trying to avoid.

Dyson then grabbed her face and connected his forehead with hers making a little thud.

"Ouch D, I don't have a forehead of steel you know." Kenzi stated as their foreheads touched, "What are you do-"

"You're the bravest human that any Fae has ever known" Dyson declared without removing his gaze.

"I know D, you already told me that before remember?"

"I know but you deserve to know that you are the bravest human, and a friend anybody could have. Bo, Hale, Trick, Lauren, even me. Don't change who you are"

Kenzi then wrapped her arms around Dyson and gave him a squeeze, "Thanks D."

Her arms then moved down to his face, grabbing each side.

"You know D, you should shave. You're getting a bit grassy don't you think. That definitely won't keep the ladies coming" Kenzi said with a big grin.

"I'll get to it…eventually" Dyson replied back with a smile. "Now, tell me about this exchange."

Kenzi sighed. "Here we go again."

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