I laughed so hard while writing this. Request from Jgirl911. Disclaimer- I don't own the Transformers, or Rapunzel.

Me- Starring- ~snicker~ Red Alert as Rapunzel!
Red Alert- Why am I a femme?
Me- 'Cause Ratchet is easy to bribe.
Ratchet- I tried to resist, but… ~sits in a fancy chair drinking the best high-grade and laughing evilly~
Me- Yeah… Anyway… Inferno as the prince!
Inferno- Uh…should I be concerned…?
Me- Nope! Sunny and Sides are playing as Red Alert's guardians!
Sunny- Stop calling me Sunny!
Sides- Yes! I get to be in charge of my little brother!
Me- Don't let it blow up your ego. I have Starscream as the evil witch!
Starscream- Do I get to cuddle with Red?
Me- No.
Red Alert- Thank Primus!
Me- Yeah…anyways, you all know what to do! Read and Review!

And now, the Transformers present their own version of...


Narrator- "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful femme, the most beautiful in the land! Every-bot loved her, and yet, her older brothers had hidden her away from the world for so very long. So she remained hidden in their little hut, for they were very poor. Everyday she stared out the window at the wilderness with longing.

On one particular day, her brothers were busy tending to their caretakers, who were both ill. And so, Rapunzel snuck out of the house to explore…"

"I love the outdoors!" Rapunzel declared as she walked along the paths in the woods surrounding their hut. Birds chirped and little animals ran around the path at her feet, entirely unafraid of her. She continued to walk, truly enjoying herself for the first time in her life. Here, she could be free of her paranoia and the feeling that every-bot was watching her and judging her every move.

Suddenly, a witch appeared from the sky! "Oh! A witch!" Rapunzel exclaimed. "Tell me, who cares for you?" the witch asked. "My older brothers take care of me, because my parents fell ill." "And what is your name?" "Rapunzel," Rapunzel responded, taking an uneasy step back. This witch made her wary, and she felt her helm horns starting to spark in her distress. "Ah-ha! So you're the girl your parents owe me!" the witch crowed. Before Rapunzel could react, the witch grabbed her and took off into the sky with her, taking Rapunzel far away from her family.

End scene 1

Red Alert- I can't do this! I hate being a femme! Change me back! And why do I have to be some kind of damsel in distress?
Starscream- I thing it rather suits you, Red.
Red Alert- Help!
Inferno- Hey, leave Red alone! *Proceeds to save Red Alert from the evil witch, Starscream*
Red Alert- Put me down! I can take care of myself!
Inferno- Of course you can. That's why you needed me to save you from Starscream.
Red Alert- ~Pouts~
Me- This is so strange…anyway, leave a review and tell me what you think of my first attempt at humorous parody! Keep in mind; it's a parody to the fairytale Rapunzel! This is my first time doing something like this; please review!