The Organization has conquered yet another world. The world of Total Drama. However, amidst the destruction, twenty-two teenagers (plus Chris Maclean and Chef Hatchet) had miraculously survived and were scattered across the many worlds that had existed. Through sheer willpower and the assistance of the time ghost, Clockwork, Gwen, Owen, Bridgette, Geoff, Trent, Duncan, Courtney, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay, Tyler, Heather, Katie, Sadie, DJ, Cody, Ezekiel, Noah, Eva, Beth, Justin, and Izzy had found each other and were transported to a new home and a new unfamiliar world where they would be safe for a while. But unknown to everyone except for Clockwork, fifteen other teenagers had miraculously survived the destruction of their world. But will they make it out okay?

(Through his time window, Clockwork watched as the twenty-two kids he had saved were lounging about in the rundown old house he dropped them off in.)

Clockwork: They will thrive. I know they would.

(Through a second time window, Clockwork witnessed his own world, particularly the city of Amity Park being crowded and overrun by ghosts of all shapes and sizes.)

Clockwork: And I know a certain someone who also help them.

(The time window changed displaying a certain ghost boy flying across the barren field. As he was watching all of these events, a man in a white lab coat suddenly transported into his lair.)

Clockwork: Good to see you again Professor Paradox.

Paradox: Clockwork. I see those children have made it out in time just like you said.

Clockwork: I'm surprised you didn't know they would be alright.

Paradox: I was just humoring you, Clockwork. You seem to be lacking it around this time.

Clockwork: Please, I'm not completely devoid of humor.

Paradox: Duly noted.

Clockwork: I know you came for a reason Paradox. Now talk.

Paradox: I'm just wondering what you plan to do with the others who are still lost across the multiverse.

(Clockwork turned to the time windows again and immediately saw pictures of a whole bunch of other kids from the same world as the Total Drama teens.)

Clockwork: My part is over. I said I would transport all twenty-two teenagers to a safe location, and I did. The others on the other hand will have a much different story to follow. And I am confident that they will succeed.

Paradox: Say no more. I shall keep a close eye on them. And I promise to try not to interfere too much.

Clockwork: What difference will it make? The Organization has already sent the timeline skewing out of control. What is there to lose?

Paradox: Quite right. Well, wish me luck.

(In a flash, Paradox had disappeared. Clockwork went back to watching the time windows, but another presence had interrupted him.)

Clockwork: And don't think I don't know you are here either.

(Right behind him, the purple chameleon monster turned visible.)

Randall: Aw, come on! I wasn't even making a sound!

Clockwork: You should know me better than that Randall Boggs. I know everything that's about to happen and will happen.

Randall: Then you know what I'm going to do now!

Clockwork: Indeed.

(Just like that, Clockwork simply handed his time staff over to Randall.)

Randall: Wait. That's it? You're not gonna fight me for it?

Clockwork: I'm no fool. I said I knew what you were about to do. I'm just here to enjoy the show.

Randall: HA! It's your loss time freak!

(Randall opened up a portal and disappeared into it while Clockwork just smiled.)

Clockwork: No Randall. It's your loss.

(From out of a closet, Clockwork pulled out a second time staff and held it tightly.)

Clockwork: And this show is just about to get interesting.