Chapter 1 - The End

So this is my first try at a full length Fanfiction. This was originally supposed to be a Klaine fanfic, but I was laying in bed thinking about this and Sebastian kept popping up so finally I yelled at him that "Fine, have it your way!" and now it's Kurtbastian. I don't know how long this is going to be, I'm thinking 10 chapters, but knowing me it could end up being 30.

Like other Kurtbastian fanfics, this first chapter is me getting rid of Blaine in a sort of (hopefully) reasonable way.

This chapter is really short. I actually have a feeling that they all will be pretty short. I don't really get how to write a 17 page chapter, mine usually end up being 2 or 3. Anyway, I've already started writing chapter 2 & I'm hoping to update this story about once a week, maybe more depending on how much inspiration I have to write.

The title of this story, "The Events of Before" should kind of be explained throughout this story, but I will post the meaning at the end of the fanfic.

I really hope that you like it. I'm kind of proud of what I have so far (in a totally weird "this sucks" kind of way).

Anyway, chapter one:

This is the moment before The End. The moment when everything that Kurt has known for a year and a half changes. The End, the moment when he is tossed out to find his own way, and in the process finds himself a very unusual friend. The End begins now.

Kurt sits quietly reading a magazine, pressed against Blaine who is listening to his iPod, enjoying the warm safety that the shorter boy brought. They sit like this for hours, enjoying just being in each other's presence. Since graduation just over a week ago, this has become their daily routine, just excising together as much as possible before New York happened they would be separated for the better part of the school year.

Blaine turns to look at Kurt, then, sighing heavily and looking sheepish, uttering the words that would change everything that Kurt has known for the past year, "Kurt there's something I need to say, something that you need to know. Before I begin I want you to know that it isn't because of anything that you did. I love you, I will always love you-" Kurt begins to panic, tears threatening to overflow. He knows what's coming, he can see it in the other boy's eyes, "I just...with you going to New York new year. Kurt, I think that it would be best if we broke up."

Kurt lets out a choked laugh, sniffling quietly. He shifts away from where he and Blaine were sitting pressed together, the safety and warmth gone just like that, "Why now? Why not at the end of the summer? ...Why at all?"

"Oh Kurt." Blaine makes a move to wipe the now falling tears from Kurt's cheeks, who flinches away, causing Blaine's hand to fall back to his own lap. "I thought it best now so that you would have time to move on from this, us, and be ready to get back out there by the time you get to New York. I think it's best for both of us if we end it now."

Kurt looks at the wall behind Blaine, feeling numb. "What if I don't want to move on? You're taking the easy way out and you know it. You aren't willing to fight for us. 'No one can touch us'? No one can hurt us? You just broke my heart, Blaine...I think you need to leave now." Kurt gets off the bed and opens the bedroom door, waiting for his boyfriend (ex boyfriend) to get out of his damn room and leave so that he can mourn the loss of his first relationship in peace.

Blaine walks slowly toward the door, "Call me, or text me, when you're feeling up to it. I think that we should talk about this, discuss it, get it all out in the open."

Kurt nods, never looking at Blaine, and not really processing what the other boy was saying. Blaine steps hesitantly through the door before turning back around, "I am sorry."

If Kurt had of looked at Blaine he would have noticed the tears running down the shorter boy's face, but he doesn't. Instead he shuts the door on Blaine and throws himself onto his bed, broken sobs ripping from his chest.

After Kurt has cried himself out, he lay with his face buried in a pillow, sheets still smelling like Blaine, and he realizes something. He realizes that he doesn't need Blaine. If Blaine can simply throw away something that they have worked so hard on, Kurt can do that too.

So Kurt does just that, he get's off the bed, changes his sheets so that he won't be reminded of the other boy. He changes his outfit, fixes his hair, and walks out the door.

He never does call Blaine.

Kurt doesn't make it very far though, on his quest for "moving on", More like throwing away, he thinks. He's been driving around Lima for about half an hour when he automatically pulls into the Lima Bean parking lot. Kurt finds a space and hops out of the car India when his phone buzzes.

From: Mercedes (2:31pm)

Hey boo, do you need to talk?

From: Kurt (2:31pm)

About what?

Kurt knows full well about what, he's simply wondering how she knows already. He certainly didn't tell anyone, and it's been less than a few hours since it happened. His phone buzzed again as he reaches the doors.

From: Mercedes (2:32pm)

About you and Blaine, Tina told me. Apparently Blaine drove to Mike's.

And that would explain things.

From: Kurt (2:33pm)

No. I don't want to talk.

Kurt puts his phone on silent as he reaches the counter, places his coffee order, and sits down at a table in the back corner. As he sits quietly, trying not to think too much about everything that he has just lost, Kurt watches the time slip slowly by. 2:45, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00. At 4:00, Kurt gets up and leaves.

For the next week Kurt fields calls and texts fields calls from Blaine (who wants them to "work past this and be friends"), and avoids contact with anyone other than his family, even then he tries to say as little as possible. Over the past nine days Kurt has cleaned everything that reminds him of Blaine out of his room; out of his life. It's made things slightly easier, even though Kurt still refuses to think about anything. Staying numb on the situation is his coping mechanism, for now anyway.

Every day at 2:30 Kurt enters the Lima Bean, and every day at 4:00 he leaves. He manages to sit quietly and avoid not thinking about everything that happened, as well as not run into anyone he knows as now that the weather has turned hot and humid, no one comes for coffee anymore. It's exactly nine days after Blaine broke up with him, at 3:34 on a Wednesday, that Sebastian Smythe walks through the door of the Lima Bean. At 3:34 his entire life begins again. Even if he doesn't know it yet.