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Hermione POV

That jerk! How dare he just come waltzing in and imply that I had missed seeing his sorry, freckled face in the weeks he was gone? How dare he? Granted, I had, not that I'd ever admit it. I had to watch my feelings more. I think Ginny was starting to see through me. She had looked far too happy her when she was too far away from Harry. Knowing Ginny and Harry, they'd try to set us up. Like that'd work. Ron can't see past the end of his long, freckled nose when it comes to these matters. I mean, come on, he has the emotional range of a teaspoon, for crying out loud. I stormed back to Fleur's rooms. Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. I whirled around, panicking, wishing for Ron to protect me… WAIT! Ron? Where did that thought come from? Right. Intruder. Oh, just Ginny.

"Hey, 'Mione. How're you?" Ginny sounded chipper enough.

"Alright." I answered carefully. "And you?"

"As good as I can be with Harry not right next to me." I laughed. At least one of us still had her humor intact. "Ron says he's sorry for it." Ginny said 'it' dramatically. "Whatever it is." She was obviously digging for information.

"You're not hearing anything from me." And she wouldn't. Knowing Ginny, she was up to something. Harry would no doubt soon be involved as well.

"Darn. Ron wouldn't say anything either." Ginny sighed. I stifled a giggle. I loved Ginny like she was my sister. Of course, if Ron and I ever married, she would be my sister, but that would never happen. "Did you see Colin's outfit today?" Ginny giggled to me after a few minutes of walking in silence. I pulled myself back to reality.

"No, what was it?"

"Oh, it was the funniest! He was wearing a suit identical to Harry's. You know, the tan one with the brown stripes?" I nodded. "Oh, Colin. When's he going to give up?"

"Most likely never." I answered. Ginny sighed.

"'Mione, that was a rhetorical question." Ginny looked at me oddly. "You're out of it today."

I just mumbled under my breath in response. Ginny didn't ask me to repeat what I said. Smart, that girl. "Tired." I responded to her comment.

"Sure, 'Mione." Ginny's voice was overflowing with disbelief. "Whatever you say." The topic was, thankfully, dropped as soon as we reached hearing distance from Fleur's rooms. Sure, Fleur is my friend, but Ginny doesn't like her much, and I can respect that. At the Tri-Wizard tournament, Harry saved Gabrielle, and Ginny's always had something against the two of them since. It didn't help that she had been appointed by Snape to help Fleur as a sort of maid.

"Hello, all!" Fleur called out cheerily. Ginny looked at me.

"What's gotten into her?" Ginny whispered to me. I shrugged.

"Hey there, Fleur!" If Ginny doesn't get a career as a Quidditch player, she could certainly become an actress. "How're you?"

"Oh, wonderful!" Fleur gushed. "Did you see Charles?"

"Um… yeah. He's my brother…" Oh, bad idea, Ginny.

"Your brother?" Fleur squealed, jumping at Ginny. Merlin, this was going to be interesting. "Will you talk to him? For me? Please?" begged Fleur. "Oh, please, please, please!"

"Um… yeah. Sure thing, Fleur." I could tell Ginny was taken aback by this sudden change in Fleur's demeanor. Fleur promptly squealed and started dancing around her room.

"Fleur, did you need help…" Luna walked into the room to see Ginny and I staring blankly at Fleur, who was waltzing around her room to music only she could hear. "Oh, my." Luna looked mildly surprised. "What happened here?"

"I told her I'd talk to Charlie." Ginny looked scared to say it, for fear of Fleur freaking out on us again.

"Isn't she wonderful?" Squealed Fleur.

"Yes, she is." said Luna, beckoning us out, in an I'll handle this manner. Ginny and I gladly left. We walked in silence to our separate rooms. Thankfully, Ginny decided not to bug me anymore about the Ron matter. I was worried for when she did.

"Good night, 'Mione." She said.

"Good night, Ginny." I said. I fell asleep wondering what was wrong with Ron.

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