Quite a while back – actually in 2010 – my incessant blather about aviation on the Triaxian Silk Forum (you can tell I'm an aviation nut, can't you. I was passing my pilot exam at the time.) made Linda (of TriS and HoT fame, Bineshii on ff dot net) challenge me to write a story that involves planes on Vulcan. It has been on my mind for a long, long time and I finally managed to start it. It is a special piece of writing for me, because Linda was my very first beta reader back in 2009. Everyone who has ever beta'ed for a non-native speaker will know what a difficult task that is. Her kind words and helpful tips made me confident enough to try more fanfic writing. Thanks Linda, this one's for you.

fast forward two years...

The above text was my introduction many, many moons ago. I posted a first chapter, but I had written myself into such a corner, I never found my way out of it again. I never found the inspiration to continue it and I started to feel bad, as Linda as my first ever beta-reader has a special place in my heart and without her kind encouragement at the time I would probably have given up on fanfiction before really starting it. Now, in 2014, I have found a wonderful beta-reader in Eireann, who is not only refreshingly and brutally honest whenever I come up with a rubbish or too radical idea (although she still apologizes too often for it ;) ), she also admirably puts up with my occasional lapse into rude language or generally just me being a buffoon. Bless you ma'am.

Not wanting to shirk the challenge from Linda, I started from scratch and after bumping the chapter back and forth twice with my beta I sat down finding myself quite amazed with what my initial idea had become. What had started as a draft, one that I was quite satisfied with in the first place, blew me away when I read what had become of it after Eireann had fine-tuned it and ironed out all the wrinkles that come with me being a non-native speaker. Eireann, I can't tell you how much that means to me, because I only had that experience once – when I read my very first chapter back in 2009 after Linda had put her hands on my very first attempt. You are both wonderful ladies.

As for the story. It starts right after the conclusion of the Vulcan Reformation Arc in season four. Like many other males of the species, I hate the useless and contrived TnT angst of season 4, effectively rendering Trip a pitiful doormat. That's why I take this AU immediately after T'Pol's shambles of a marriage is dissolved. This story involves planes, so you'll find some aviation related technobabble in it.

There will be two versions of this story. First there is the 'American TV Edition', where all the bed-sheets are L-shaped, so that his torso is bare in the morning while she's covered up to the ears like a nun. And there is the 'German TV version' where people in the shower are naked and the juicy parts are not faded to black, even if it is shown at 2pm in the afternoon.

With my muse on 'roids and the help of a wonderful beta-reader, I will get this done this time.