Disclaimer: This is a transformative work of fiction based on the original creation of E. Kripke. Just for fun, not for profit. Thank you for your generous loan of your sandbox...


WOW: Remote – to be used with at least two meanings...

Word Count: 100 on the nose, baby!

Yemen would've been about the only more remote location they could have picked to hole up.

Dean wasn't happy, so Sam wasn't either.

"Really?" Dean huffed, throwing the remote across the room.

"Satellite was pretty sketchy even without the snowstorm, Dean. What did you expect?"

Dean just scowled and took another swig directly from the bottle, earning him a scowl from his brother.

"What the..." Sam suddenly burst out.

"Lose the Internet there Sam?" Dean needled.

"This is barbaric! I'm demanding a refund!"

"You couldn't have remotely believed you could stay connected this far from civilization... It's CANADA after all..."

A/N: I get a by for the Canada crack as I AM Canadian...