Summary: A 10 year old girl appears to the children and is later accepted as a government esper. But what does she have to do with the recent organization of espers' attacks, and what does the organization need her for?

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Chapter 1: Prologue

*pant, pant. huff, huff.*

A brunette girl of no more than 10 years quickly dashed down the halls. A determined look plastered on her face and she was not wasting any amount of time to look back.

"You idiots!" A voice roared from somewhere behind the child. "How could you forget to lock the door. *ungh (A/N an exasperated noise/grunt)* . What are you doing just standing around? Hurry up and catch her!"

The girl grimaced as she heard the voice. The voice belonged to the person she despised the most. The person that had confined her to this horrible and awful place.

*thump, thump*

Her chasers were getting closer. The child abruptly flung her hand forward and it glowed a bright and vibrant violet. The ground below her began to rumble and suddenly a pipe line emerged coated in the same violet as her hands. She then threw her hand backwards and the pipe followed her gesture and flew in said direction hitting her attackers square on.

"Almost there. Just a little more." she thought to herself as she climbed the staircase to her freedom. She could literally see the light. "The door!" before exiting something caught the child's eyes and she immediately changed direction to grab it. Collecting it, the girl rushed back to the door. "Locked!" She took a step back and raised her hand. The door suddenly exploded out of its hinges. Waiting no longer than a second, she exited the building and quickly took to the skies. The girl didn't know where she was going, but she was sure it was going to be as far away from here as possible. As far as the child was concerned, anywhere away from that person was a safe place.

Back in the building:

The child's captor (Boss) slammed a fist into the wall making a noticeable dent in it. Angry couldn't begin to describe what the person was feeling. One, a mere child had not only escaped from the organizations grasp, but had also caused a flood on her way out. Two, Today was the day the girl's talents were needed. Three, it was a careless mistake that gave the child her escape chance.

"Damn it! Who was in charge of watching her?" nobody owned up to it scared of what the consequences of a confession would be. After all, the child wasn't here only because she was a captive.

The boss sized up everyone that was present. "Nobody wants to confess? Fine! I'll just check the records. Meanwhile, I want everyone to start looking for the girl! And clean this pool up!"

Meanwhile, said girl was flying over a city. It'd been ages since she was allowed to fly in the sky freely without any other motives. She closed her eyes and opened her arms wide like a bird. The child flew a little higher and a little faster too. Before she knew it, she was looping and doing various other tricks in the air. A content sigh escaped her mouth and she opened her eyes to *bam!* She had hit something and was plummeting to the ground. "Dang!" She quickly activated her powers and slowed down the rate at which she fell though not enough. The child hit the ground hard and fell unconscious.

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