Summary: A 10-year-old girl appears to the children and is later accepted as a government esper. But what does she have to do with the recent esper organization's attacks, and what does the organization need her for?

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Chapter 7: Haruko's Father

"I'm guessing they had a divorce, and Aya got custody" Minamoto continued.

"That doesn't make any sense. Don't they usually give joint custody between the two parents?" Shiho reasoned.

"Let's go find out!" Kaoru exclaimed. She was already tired of sitting here and wanted to get out. "Do we know where he lives?"

"Umm…12345 (insert Japanese street here) Tokyo."

"That's only 5 blocks away." Aoi pointed out.


"She refused to take the limiter off, but I was able to deactivate the GPS on it. Everything else on the limiter works though." Sakura told her boss Aya.

"I see. I hoped she'd be willing. I'll go talk to her." The Anti-government esper leader then walked into her room where Haruko currently was. Her daughter was laying on the bed watching T.V. It seemed she didn't notice the new occupant in the room, but there was a visible displeased look on her face. Aya reached for the remote and turned off the T.V. "Haruko." She called gently.

"Yet another fun thing you take away from." Haruko angrily replied reaching for the remote. When her mother pulled it further away from her frown only deepened. "I thought you wanted me to be happy?"

"We need to talk. I'd like you take that limiter off. If you really want to wear one, then I have one for you here."

"What if I don't want to? You won't let me see them again. This is the only thing I have to remember them by." She literally screamed at her. "Anything I want you always deny me. School, the arcade, everything."

"That's because I don't want you to get hurt."

"How am I supposed to get hurt at an arcade. Even if I was bullied at school, I could just use my ESP on them."

"That's thing. The reason I home schooled you is because the government doesn't allow espers above level 2 to go to school. Same at arcades. They think that we'll cheat or hurt the other children. I don't want you to experience what I had to go through as a child."

Haruko was speechless. All this time she thought her mother was just depriving her of fun just because she could. She had never thought about the fact that maybe it was the government's fault she couldn't do all these things. "What about The children? They said they went to school."

"That's because they're working for the government. It's compensation for their work. To think you have to work for the government before you get an education is just horrible."

"What about their supervisor? He doesn't seem bad." Haruko was starting to lose faith in the government, but she wanted to believe it was all just a lie.

"Just wait. As soon as The Children start acting up he'll take action." Aya brought out a folder from the bedside table. It was simply labeled Past Supervisors. Opening it up she took out a few pictures and laid them out in front of her daughter. The photos showed various men and women injured, traumatized or teleported into a building of some sort. "These were the supervisors for The Children. As you can see they couldn't handle The Children's outbursts. Eventually the government took action and sent her." Aya took out a picture of a women with brown, shoulder length hair who was wearing glasses and had stern expression on her face. "Her name's Suma and under her direction, and the governments, they created these limiters."

The next object brought out was a limiter that was the splitting image of the one Haruko had on. "It may not look different, but it has a very new…feature." She took out a remote and pressed a button. The limiter instantly emitted large volts of electricity. The child on the bed instantly jumped back at the sight. It was easy to tell that the device was producing more than enough electricity for one person, talk less of a 10-year-old child. "Anytime they were bad they received this shock to put them into place."

"No way…"Haruko said in total disbelief. Was it true? Was Minamoto just being kind till they acted up. But he issued the command to protect me. She tried to reason to herself. What if was just to keep another level 7 esper with the government?

"I know it's hard to believe and after your brief episode with them, but that's how all normals are." Aya calmly explained trailing her hand up and down Haruko's back in a soothing manner.

"What about dad? I've never seen him before. He's an esper right?" Aya's face instantly darkened at the mention of him.


The Children and their supervisor landed in front of a western styled house. Minamoto casually walked up, The Children in tow, and rang the door bell.

A handsome looking man who was slightly taller than Minamoto, answered the door. He had deep brown hair and light green eyes that seemed almost out of place on his light complexion. "Yes?"

"I'm looking for a Koji Irie." Minamoto explained.

"Yes, that's me. Would you like to come in?"

"Sure. We'll only be a minute." Koji stepped aside and let the group in closing the door behind them. The Children took off their shoes at the door and bowed slightly to the man before continuing into the house.

"Polite kids you got there." Koji commented before walking into the kitchen. He brought back a tray of biscuits and some sweets.

The Children blushed intensely at the comment shrinking into the seat that they had taken temporary resident on. "They're not mine. I'm just watching them."

"Oh, sorry then." Koji took a seat opposite of them. "So what do you need me for and some ID if you don't mind."

Minamoto took out his B.A.B.E.L. ID card and showed it to him. "I'm Minamoto of the research department and recently became a supervisor. I'm wondering if you can tell me anything about Aya Ito and Haruko Ito."

The man's face noticeably darkened at the mention of the name. "So she's causing trouble eh. I'm glad I kicked that filthy esper out when I did. And of course got divorced." The room became deathly silent after Koji's statement. "To think I married an esper. I can't believe it. And Haruko Ito was it? That's probably her child. No way am I taking claim to helping the esper population grow. They should go live on their own. They're not humans they're monsters. Nothing more nothing less."

"Esper are not Monster!" Minamoto exclaimed standing up. He knew The Children were thinking the same thing as him and were already ready to counter, but he made sure to act on it first. Who knows the trouble that could be caused if they acted first. "They're just normal people who are living life just like the rest of us!"

"Yeah, well it's because of them that we're having trouble in the world. They can cause all kinds of destruction wherever and whenever they want. Don't you think something is wrong with that?" It was then Koji saw that the limiters on The Children arms. "They're espers?" It was more of a statement than a question. "Out. Now." Though it was said calmly there was an obvious undertone of hate and disgust in his voice.

"We were leaving anyway." Minamoto stated sharply glaring at the man. He now understood why he hadn't gotten any custody over Haruko. He didn't want her to even be born. Minamoto was glad on some level that Aya had gotten custody. Though he'd rather Haruko be with someone who didn't run an Anti-government group, anyone was better than this man.


"Haruko, don't ever mention him again word. Your dad, if he should even be called that, is a man who despises espers with a passion. He's a normal that donates to anti-esper groups, and the only good thing he did is you and he won't even take responsibility for that. He said he did not want to help increase the esper population in any way whatsoever."

To say Haruko was surprised was an understatement. She was stunned into complete silence. Even her own father didn't want her. A few droplets of tears ran down her face to her chin at this new revelation. Slowly she moved a shaking hand to her wrist and undid her limiter and handed it over to her mother. Her mother that she had despised and hated for almost her entire life for keeping her here. But in reality was just protecting her from people like her father.

Aya took it gently out of her hands and wrapped a new one that was violet just like Haruko's ESP color. "I'm sorry mom. This whole time I doubted you and everything." Haruko cried before quickly flinging herself around her mother. As soon as her daughter wrapped her arms around her she was in full on mother mode comforting her. "It's okay. As long as you understand now, It's alright."

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