-Flashback to first day they met-

It was the day of the chariot ride. All the tributes were ushered back stage, waiting for their mentors to give them instructions before stepping into the cart. Marvel looked around excitedly, soaking in the cheering crowd outside. Also he was bored, just standing there waiting to be told how to react to the crowd. But then something caught his attention.

Marvel looked over at the red hair that glowed like fire. Its bright fiery fell in beautifully, effortless waves that looked like a sea of fire. And then he noticed the body and face attached to the hair. Her skin was silky smooth, radiating milkiness. Her face structure was strong and sleek, her nose having a delicate curve. She resembled much of a fox. Her body was petite yet toned. She had curves in all the right places and was revealed well enough under the ugly silver dress they wrapped her in. Marvel smiled at the sight, "Gorgeous," He breathed a little cockily. Glimmer turned around and smiled, "I know," She giggled and flipped her hair, thinking he was talking about her. He just rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the fox resembling girl. He decided her name was Foxface.

But before he could find Foxface through the crowd of tributes, his mentors ushered him and Glimmer onto their chariot and before he knew it they were jolted under the bridge of the door to be shown off to the capitol.

Everything had happened in a flash. There 15 seconds of fameā€¦ gone in a heartbeat. They rode through the Captiol and they cheered for the beautiful girl and the boy who threw spears, they threw flowers and money as they past. But then District 2 came out and all the attention was changed from District 1 to 2. Then they were stopped in front of President Snow to listen to his annual Hunger Games speech about how much they sacrificed. Marvel hadn't paid any attention, though he should since he's a Career, he should have been listening to every word! But something else had his attention.

After the speech they were taken backstage to greet there Mentors. Marvel ignored the "You guys were great" comments from everybody and tried searching through the crowd of colorful people to find Foxface. He searched peoples hair, most hidden under ridiculous hats, but then he saw it.

He shifted his eyes down from the blinding hair to the glowing green eyes. Her eyes were big lily pads that had hidden stars in them that twinkled like stars. He smiled and began pushing through the crowd to get to her but before he was even half way to her, her mentors started ushering her away.

-End of flashback-

-Flashback to first day of training-

Marvel stood over at the spears section, picking up a light weight spear, balancing it in his hands before aiming it and throwing it 50 feet away at the dummy, aiming and sticking it right into the dummies heart. He smiled and went to the back of the long line for another chance to practice at what he was best at. He crossed his arms and waited, dying of boredom. His calm green eyes wandered around the training center as he waited and then he saw her.

Foxface was alone at the climbing section. Her arms dangled from the ropes that were strung across the ceiling. Her face was determined to get across without falling down to the hard ground. Marvel smiled and walked over to her, remembering the night before how beautiful she looked at the chariot parade. But now her slender body was wrapped in a thermal training uniform that was similar to his. He saw as she struggled to get across, her arms shaking. He walked up to her and reached up to the nets, yanking it down. Foxface lost her hand position and slipped, her body fell forward, tumbling towards the ground. With a quick mind and fast reflexes, she reached up and gripped the net, holding herself up before she hit the ground. Marvel smiled up at her in amazement, "Very clever," he said as he walked up to her, reaching up and firmly grabbing her waist, slowly setting her down on the ground. She pulled down her shirt that rose up and cleared her throat, "Umm thanks District 1," She nodded before beginning to walk back and starting to climb again. Marvel laughed, "Are you really going to try that again? Well since we're both here my names-," "Not interested," Foxface cut him off, a teasing smile playing across her face.

The truth was, she was interested in Marvel. But she would never admit it.

"Really?" Marvel said in a pretend shocked voice, raising his hand to his heart in offense. "How bout we fight hand to hand and after I pin you down to the ground, you'll be impressed by my strength," He smiled crookedly as he challenged her, his green eyes glowing with humor.

Foxface raised her eyebrows at the challenge and laughed, "Fine,"

Her and Marvel walked over to a clear matt where nobody was looking, mostly cause it was over near the first aid kit and if anybody got injured they wouldn't want the others to think they couldn't handle it.

Marvel smiled as he circled around Foxface a few times, eyeing her. Foxface rolled her eyes playfully, "Are you going to check me out the whole time or we going to fight?" "Suit yourself," Marvel laughed before attacking her from behind, immediately pressing his forearm against her throat, crushing her windpipe. Foxface fought back, she swung her arms around, smacking Marvel in the face before elbowing him in the stomach. He released her and clutched over. Foxface smiled and put her arms up to block as she took a kick towards his head. He put up his forearm and blocked her kick, then reached out and grabbed her leg, pulling her off balance and causing her to fall onto her back with a big thud. He then dropped himself down to smush her but she rolled out the way. He outstretched his leg and trapped her there before she could roll away anymore. Then quickly he climbed onto her and pinned her down.

"I've caught you know Fox." Marvel smiled, leaning down closer to her. Foxface only laughed, "Not quite yet," She said before bringing her knees up and kicking Marvel in the chest. He flew back from the strong impact. Foxface tried to hide her smile as she quickly got up from the matt and ran over to a crowd of Tributes before he could chase after her. Marvel rubbed his chest as Peacekeepers marched over to him, their boots banging against the cement floor. "Is there a problem with you two?" The Peacekeepers voice was dark and booming. Marvel just shook his head, "No sir," He said, trying not to laugh as he spoke. The peacekeeper nodded and then turned to the others before they began walking away oddly. Marvel turned around and looked back at Foxface, seeing her still looking at him. He smiled and mouthed to her, "I'll catch you,"

Foxface smiled at that and shrugged disbelievingly before getting back into serious training. And so Marvel did the same. But the rest of time he never took his eyes off her.

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