It's been many days of solitary. The only visitors Ginger got where from her nurses, occasionally a doctor but none who he wanted it to be: Marvel. The medics didn't want Foxface leaving her room, wanting her to rest up. But really, the Capitol was keeping the two love birds separate so when they saw each other at the Victor interviews with Caesar Flickerman it would be more dramatic. Yes dramatic. The Capitol was wanting them to run to each other from across the stage, falling into each other's arms, a long passionate kiss, cuddling on the couch. The whole shebang.

Marvel on the other hand was not locked up in his room. He sat in the most expensive jewelry store in the Capitol, his elbows leaning on a mahogany table as his calm green eyes strained, zooming over all the pictures in the magazines that where laid out before him. Finally one caught his eye. He pointed to it, not even having to say anything the salesman already knew what to do.

Less than 5 minutes, the short salesman waddled back into the office, flipping the small velvet lid up to reveal a huge diamond ring.

It sparkled even in the dim lighting of the room, imagine how it would sparkle in the light. Marvel had been out all day, searching through tons of magazines and running around the Capitol, searching all the jewelry stores, looking and expecting all the rings they had. This was his 10th store searching and finally he had found one worthy enough to give to Ginger. He looked over at Zayn, his dad bank accountant. (Marvel had called his dad and told him he wanted to propose, finally finding the right girl. His father immediately sent over his accountant, telling Marvel to pick out whatever ring he thought was best.) He nodded to Zayn, who immediately whipped out a checking book to write out the check. Marvel looked back at the ring and smiled.

"This is perfect,"

Days passed and finally it was the night of the Interview.

Ginger twirled around in the mirror, her bright red hair in wavy curls that fell down her back, floating around her face. Her thin body was wrapped in a short, vintage white dress with a little red bow around her lean waist. Then on her feet she wore killer red heels, her nails painted white with red poka dots.

The theme of the outfit was that she was a young love struck girl who would kick ass for her man.

The door to the dressing room creaked open. She turned on her heels to face her stylist, a huge smile on his face as he saw her beautiful form. He wanted to compliment her on her beauty and ask her if she was nervous,but he knew she wasn't really concerned about anything. At this moment all she was focusing on was Marvel. He smiled, thinking he already knew the answer.

"Are you ready?"

Ginger nodded eagerly. She had been waiting for this for the past week now. She was about to see Marvel. She couldn't stop smiling.

Marvel slipped on his red blazer, quickly patting the pocket to make sure the ring was still there. He smiled at the thought of him and Ginger being married. He had waited so long to ask her and finally he would. He took a deep breath and shook off his nerves before walking out of his dressing room and over to the stairs that led up to the stage. Marvel peered up, seeing a white couch and a round chair. Caesar Flickerman was telling jokes, getting the crowd pumped up.

"Well ladies and gentlemen I think it's time. Please welcome our 74th Hunger Games Victors Marvel Quaid and Ginger Marysin!"

Ginger stepped onto stage, her heels click clacking as she walked. She waved to everybody, giving them a small smile, not really caring for them. Then there was a slight change in the audience, they all gasped and applauded louder. Ginger's heart stopped, knowing what they had gasped at. Her head immediatly turned to the other side of the stage to see Marvel climbing onto the stage, waving and smiling crazily to the crowd as they began cheering even louder.

This was it. This was what they had all been waiting for.

Gingers face broke out into the hugest smile as she ran as fast as she could in those heels and threw herself into Marvel's arms. He laughed and quickly embraced her, squeezing her. He frantically kissed her head and face, his hands moving up from her waist to her head to move all her hair out the way. His kisses quickly moved from her head to her eyes till finally he found her lips.

Instant Fireworks.

None of them wanted to end it but of course they had to, they were being broadcasted all over Panem.

Ginger laughed as she slowly pulled away, leaning her forehead against Marvels as he held her for a few more seconds. The crowd was in tears.

"We really should go sit down,"

"We should. But we should sit somewhere more private," Marvel whispered back playfully, holding her face gently. He just wanted to be alone with her, hold her, cherish her.

Ginger laughed, "I wish," She said before grabbing one of his hands and walking over to Caesar.

They each exchanged hugs before sitting down, getting comfortable. Marvel sat with one arm over the arm of the chair and another over Gingers shoulder while Ginger sat beside him, her legs draped over Marvels as she held his hand.

Caesar smiled widely.

"Welcome back!"

"Thank you," Ginger and Marvel said at the same time. Ginger laughed at their unison.

"So what's it like to be back?"

"It sucked!" Marvel groaned.

Caesars face contorted, his eyebrows pushing together in confusion.

"They kept me separated from my Ginger," Marvel finished before nuzzling Ginger. She smiled and turned her head, quickly kissing him on the nose.

The crowd awed.

"Now what about the Games? Where they as easy or hard as you thought? There was a lot going on particularly for you two. I mean he had to lie to the Careers and eventually kill them. He actually almost killed you!" Caesar said in astonishment as he pointed to Ginger.

She just nodded. "Oh yes. That was defiantly a mood killer," She joked but then grew serious. "That reminds me," She turned over to Marvel, letting go of his hand and placing them in her lap, fidgeting for a little. She bit her lip, her eyes focusing on her hands.

"In the arena, you had told me you loved me and... I never got to tell you how I feel." She immediately looked up into his eyes.

"I love you too Marvel," She said before kissing him.

His heart immediately went wild, skipping beats. He couldn't breathe. This was the perfect time. She had said she loved him to. They had survived the Hunger Games. They had fallen in love. They were now in love. Marvel was certain he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. This was the time to ask. His impulse took over.

"Ginger I have to ask you something," His hand went straight to his pocket for the ring.

"Wait! We have a special announcement," Caesar said in an excited voice. Ginger and Marvel turned their heads back to him, watching as he clutched at his ear to hear the tiny earphone. He nodded and finally let go of the ear piece.

"Has President Snow told any of you the news?"

They both shook their heads.

Caesar smiled even wider. "Do you want to find out? Who wants to find out?" He turned to the crowd, waving his hands to get the crowd excited.

They all cheered and screamed at the top of their lungs. He laughed and started counting down with his fingers.






He pointed a finger to the large TV screen above them. The Capitol seal immediately popped on before fizzling out and President Snow appeared.

"Welcome back. Congratulations Marvel and Ginger on winning, we are so proud to have you as Victors in our annual Hunger Games. This year, the Hunger Games was many things, adventurous, bloody, sexy, but most importantly different. This year we allowed two tributes to win. In exchange you gave us your word to serve for me and the Capitol. Well here is your debt. Ginger Marysin, you have officially been enrolled into the Capitols Military branch. After a few classes at the Academy in District 2 you will come back and work with me, helping protect Panem. Congratulations. And now a special announcement. As you all know next year marks the 75th Quarter Quell. Every Quarter Quell we always try to do something exciting. We were inspired this year by our remarkable and talented tributes. Our Game-makers have done the math and have found out all the favorite previous Victors of each District and have decided to bring them back for the bloodiest show is including Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason and our newest Marvel Quaid. Congratulations and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour,"

The TV immediately shut off.

The crowd exploded with cheers,clapping,whistling and fireworks.

Marvels hand immediately released the clutch on his pocket where the ring was. He turned over to look at Ginger, her eyes wide and panicing. President Snow had made her a secret spy while he had thrown Marvel back into the Games. This was not what was suppose to happen. They were suppose to pay him back by doing something, washing his car, train the tributes for next year, anything! But not have one of them go back into the Games.

Marvel was extremely talented with the spear but those other Victors are better, vicious. What if Marvel didn't make it out this time? How would him and Ginger have a happily ever after?

The odds were not in their favour.

To Be Continued…

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